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Joes Outdoor Adventure


It always happens when I drive. My mind just outpaces the road, and I find myself dreaming. This time it was much worse, since I had just gone a week without a good orgasm, so you can imagine my mood and my dreams. The road was very back country, and wound through some incredible scenery - hills, forests, and tall pines. A creek played tag with the highway, crossing in several places. As I drove I kept fantasizing about being naked in the woods. My free hand began to rub my hard member through my jeans, ohhh. I thought about just casually walking through the pines wearing only my sneakers. The risk was turning me on, and as I unbuckled my belt my cock shifted in my jeans to an erect position, still growing harder by the second. I fully unzipped and opened my jeans to give some freedom to my pulsing hard on, but it demanded more!

Just as I was beginning to really get heated up, a pullout appeared on the right, with a hiking path for exploring the forest. It was twilight, but that kind that only comes in the mountains, where it takes a while for the sun to set, so it stays in a half glow for about an hour. Oh yes, this is exactly what the doctor ordered, and it was deserted!

I hit the brakes and slid into the lot, parking right next to the opening in the fence to the path. I took off my shirt, and just as I began to kick off my shoes, headlights came around the corner and lit up the trees. I dove back in the truck as a car sped around the bend, it's headlights catching me safe inside my vehicle for a second before they continued around the curve and down the highway. It was obvious that I would need to time this right or else I would be caught naked in a federal park! The thrill of it made my cock scream for freedom! It did not matter, I was going to do it! And I would even leave all my clothes behind, wearing only my shoes for walking down the rocky path to the cool running creek.

I quickly shed down to the buff, and stepped out. The ten feet to the fence seemed to be a mile, and I just knew that a ranger or sheriff would come around the curve any second. But I walked, with my hard cock leading the way in the cool night air. I strode to the fence and went through to the mountain trail. It was my night! Naked and alone, I began to stroll down the path, my cock twitching with anticipation! Little did I know that I would get so much more than I bargained for that night!

As I stroll down the path in the twilight, my cock feels like it is on fire from the slight chill of the mountain air. Wow, naked in the great outdoors, and it's all mine! The creek is running and I stroll up to it and sit on a large boulder that rises up at the waters edge. The heat of the day is still in the stone, so it's a warm bed for me to recline on. I kick off my shoes and slide into the cool stream. It hit's my balls like a hammer, the chill running straight through me, like electricity. I stay in the water long enough to get used to the temperature and then I begin to rub my balls under water. I keep up the rubbing with my left hand, while my right is busy exploring my chest, and running down to my shaft. Fully aroused, I begin to get out of the stream when I hear something that causes my heart to stop!

While my attention was focused under the water, the sound of the stream must have masked the approaching couple. They were laughing and half-running as they approached the stream. In the twilight they did not see me, and I sank down i in the pool area so that the water covered me from the neck down. It was pretty obvious that they were drunk and horny. The guy was well built, with short hair and what looked like a tight body. The girl was a knockout! Short blonde hair with a slender build. Her grey shorts were covering a tight ass, and long tan legs completed the package. Her white shirt was halfway up so I could see her nice abs and just a glimpse of those huge tits which the guy was cupping under her shirt. They were standing next to the rock that I had put my shoes beside, and they were really starting to go at it. Only eight feet away I was under the water completly nude and watching the whole thing! Oh Wow!

My hands went to my penis, which had softened up quite a bit due to the shock and the cold water. As I voyeured I could feel the blood start to harden up the shaft again. I began to slowly squeeze the head of my dick, with the tip between the fingers of my hand as I watched the couple make out.

He bent her back as he lifted her shirt and unclasped her bra in one smooth motion. It was over her head and lying on the ground right next to my shoes! But they were too hot to notice anything as mundane as shoes when her glorious tits were exposed! He went from one to the other licking and sucking the nipples until they were hard and bright red. Her moans and gasps were really turning me on as I continued to fondle my cock under the water.

He slid lower and pulled down her shorts to reveal her shaved cunt, which he began to nibble around as he leaned her back on the boulder. His tongue worked it's magic as she thrashed around and rubbed her tits with one hand while grabbing his head with the other and thrusting into his tongue for all she was worth!

By now I was super hard again, and the water was once again warm to my acclimated body. I stroked as I watched and listened to the couple only feet away from me! This was an incredible turn on, and I had to slow my pace so that I would not finish before the show was over!

As he ate her pussy, she arched her back and put her hands over her head on the rock. Suddenly she lifted her back off the rock in this gymnast back arch thingy as she pounded her cunt into his face. Her tits were large and proud and her head was hanging upside down with her eyes closed. She was incredible and was almost close enough to touch. I stroked harder as she began to orgasm, thrashing about with abandon her back arched and hair falling around her upside down head. Her mouth was opening and closing like she was sucking on a cock and it was driving me crazy as I stroked my rock hard dick under the water a few feet away. I was almost to the point of daring to rise up and go to her when suddenly she collapsed on her back as the crest of the orgasm passed through her body.

Her boyfriend then stood up and walked around to her, his hard cock pressing against his walking shorts. He kicked off his shoes and took off his shirt to reveal a nice chest. I could only admire as his shorts came down to reveal a huge bulge in tight red bikini briefs. Wow. This was getting better and better. Her energy was returning as she rolled onto her side and sat up, her tits bouncing into his balls as she positioned herself right in front of his package. She began to lick and suck his balls right through the red underwear. As she nibbled on the front, her hands tugged down his bikini in the back until it was caught by his cock on the front side. She moved her hands around and slowly unleashed his penis.

I was enthralled, jacking off my own cock and watching his beautiful shaved cock getting the royal treatment from this naked goddess right in front of me! The excitement of the moment was almost more than I could bear. But things were about to get really good!

Oh God, I can't stand it! Here I am in the water completely naked as the beautiful nude blonde strips off this hot stud's bikini briefs to reveal a throbbing, beautiful shaved cock! She pulled down his red briefs, and began to run her tongue under his balls, working upward to the tip of his cock. My cock was in my hand and I was pumping for the ride of my life as I watched the couple just a few feet from me. My head was the only part of my body outside the stream, and I had not been spotted by the pair as they shed their clothes and began their frolicking right there -- oblivious to my presence. The voyeur in me was really having a great time, but at the same time I really began to feel like I should let them know I was there. But then again, I was naked and obviously had been jacking off under water, so how would they react?

Just as I began to slow down and ponder my situation something amazing happened... The blonde opened her eyes and they locked right on to mine! I guess I had not been as clever or clandestine as I thought, she knew already that I was right there in the water watching her suck that cock for all it was worth! Wow! I gathered my courage and did the only thing I could do at that point, I stood up. Water cascaded down my body and off my rock hard cock which was swollen and red by now. The air on my body felt warm as I approached the girl who kept her eyes on me and her mouth on him. He was not aware of me, since I approached from behind him and due to the fact that this chick had his dick swirling around in her beautiful mouth driving him crazy with desire.

I approached her and reached down to cup a breast, tentatively and trying to be gentle and yet confident at the same time. I did not want to freak her or him out, but I could not keep my mouth off those huge tits any longer! I turned on my back and slid onto the rock under her to suck her nipples as she slurped on his pole. My cock was straight up in the air and throbbing with arousal. I felt a hand on my cock and looked up with one tit in my mouth as I met his eyes. He didn't seem too surprised to see me either and he softly stroked my shaft in the way that only another guy knows how to do. It takes one to know one, I suppose, but damn it felt good.

But the best was still to cum!

There we were in the outdoors, all three of us naked and getting it on! I was sucking the blondes totally hot tits, and she was giving the stud a blowjob which was out of this world, as she slurped on his hard shaft and licked his shaved balls just a few inches from my face! He was alternating between rubbing my balls and stroking my shaft. He was very good, and I was hard as stone.

The blonde slid off the rock and into the stream, and me and stud wasted no time in following her into the water. This was incredible and so HOT I could not believe my luck! Water rolled over her body and she reached for my dick, sucking on it so good. He worked behind her and plunged into her deep enough for her to gasp in delight. I could not keep my eyes off his dick, working in and out of her pussy. The water line was just below his balls, so they kept splashing in the water. Her tounge was really working on my shaft by now and I thought I was going to explode! Suddenly he pulled out of her and climbed up on the boulder by the edge of the stream, his cock right in my face! I did not think twice, just slid that monster in my mouth and did to him what she was doing to me! It did not take long, and I felt his balls tense up for just a second before a huge jet of cum splashed into my open mouth. Just then I shot my load all over the blonde who was rubbing her pussy below the water as she came with a loud moan. Covered in warm cum, and totally spent I fell back into the stream, joined by the girl who continued to rubher tits against me as she continued to cum again.

Not a word was spoken as the couple grabbed their clothes and strolled off into the woods. As I had left my clothes at my car, I just laid back on the rock for a few minutes. When I woke up it was cold, but my cock was rigid again, with the memories of an incredible evening outside!