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Karen Returns


Pat my wife had gone away for two days seeing her mother who was ill, and as I was home all alone Karen rang to say John her husbands my mate was away and could she come round so I could carry on showning her what making love was about instead of just having sex.
As you will know if you have read any of my letters Karen and John come round and we have a fuck evening now and again but a few weeks ago Karen came round and I made love to her nice and slowly which John had never done he is the roll on roll off type, and as Karen had never been with anyone other than John she was amazed at what love making was like.
Any way Karen came round and as she came in I took her hand and kissed it working my way up her arm acrossed her shoulder and up her neck ending up licking and kissing her ear,karen gave out a soft moan as I did this.
Closing the door I lead her into the front room and pulled her close to me and kissed her gentley on the mouth rubbing lightly behind her ears karen moaned and pushed her tongue into my mouth her hands came up and pulled open my shirt she placed her hands on my chest taking hold of my nipples and squeased them hard making me moan this time,(i do like my nipples squeased) Karen squeased and pulled them my cock getting harder and harder inside my pants.
I took a setp back and took hold of Karens hand and lead her up to the bed room where I had got all the play things I was going to use on the sexy lady Karens eyes poped open when she saw the big Virbrators and asked what was the funny shaped one for I told her it was a butt plug and she was going to have it in her arse before the day was out, "O" my god she said I have never heard of such a thing and I have never had a vibrator use on me either, I pulled her close once more and kissed her and when we parted I said well my dear there is a first time and by the sound of it you will have many first times to day.
Standing close to her I undone the buttons her top peeling of her shoulders and letting it slip down her arms and onto the floor Karen was wearing a bra that uncliped from the front so I lent forward and kissed down from her neck and down acrossed her well formed breasts licking between them up to her neck and back down again.
Karen closed her eyes and moaned I slowely undid her bra and slid this from her so it joined her top on the floor, Her inch long nipples were rock hard all ready and I bent forward and took one in my mouth and the other between my fingers and while kissing and sucking on one was twisting and pulling at the other switching from one to the other every now and again, Karen cried out "O" my god thats fucking wonderful please dont stop that I was not goning to do .
I slowley got down on my knees and while holding onto her wonder firm tits and rock hard nipples with my hands I kissed further down reaching the top of her jeans that fitted her like a second skin, I let go of one tit and with my free hand undone the button and zip and lowered her jeans to the floor where Karen steped out of them to revele the smalest thong it just covered her slit I carried on kissing her down acrossed her thong and I now let go of her breasts and placed her hands on them so she could carry on where I had left off. I used my hands to ease her legs open and kissed down the inside of her leg and back up and down the other making sure a spend a while kissing her thong as I crossed it each time.
I reached up and took hold of each side of the very small rope like sides of her thong and pulled ripping it of her and throwing it acrossed the room I put my head close to her now bare pussy which she kept shaved I could see drops of her fanny juice shining along the slit and I gentle blew up and down her slit making her shiver as I did so, I moved closer and could smell the musty jucie this made my cock even harder and it was still traped inside my jeans but I new it would not be long before it would be free.
I stuck out my tounge and just touched her slit tasting her jucie as I did so Karen pushed her self forward onto my mouth shoutting come on you fucker lick me stick your tongue into my make me cum,don't keep teasing me like this.
Well how could I say no I forced my mouth hard against her pushing my tounge into her hole lapping her juice as fast as I could my tounge filcking her clit as I did running my mouth up and down the whole of her slit I placed my hands on her bum and pulled her hard aganist me Karen was still playing with her tits nipping her nipples between her fingers her whole body was starting to shake and I had got to know that this meant Karen was not far from cumming so I got a finger and made it wet with her fanny juice and moved my hand rond and pushed my finger in her bum slit and found her hole, Karen was now shaking her head from side to side screaming Yes Yes suck me you fucker and as she started to cum I ramed my finger into her arse Karen came so hard it was a job to drink it down when she was done her legs gave way and she ended up in a heap on the floor.
I puled my finger from her bum and got up and took hold of her and pulled her up and laided her face down on the bed standing back I undressed and then knelt crossed her legs so my cock was resting in her bum slit and my hand on her back , I reached acroeed and took hold of some oils and gave Karen a full body massage she siad that she had never had that done before either and found it very sexy and relaxing by the time I had finished she was on her back facing me and she had had two more orgasms I told her to turn over again and raise her self up on her knees.
Karen did this without question and I took hold of the butt plug and lubbed it up and I lubed her asre with my fingers starting with one finger then two by the time I was ready to incert the but plug Karen was not far off cumming again I slowly pushed the butt plug in and Karen had taken at least 3/4 of it when she said it was staring to hurt so I eased of a bit and I knew that Kraen would thing I was going to take it out so would relax but 1/2 way out I just gave one hard push and the plug just shot in fully she shoutted you fucking sod i laughed and said well it's in and what dose it feel like ,Karen started to move her body in a round sort of motition and started to say MMMMMmmm not back now it's in so next I got a Vibrator and puched this into her now dripping cunt this had no trouble entering her and she took the full thing a full nine inches, when I turned it on it started not only to vibrate but to pump back and forth sending Karen into melt down she was now screamming at the top of her voice, Yes Yes "O" fuck I have never felt anything like this before "O" fuck yes while she was enjoying I I pulled out the butt plug but a bit more lub on it and ramed it back in making her cum again, I was kissing up and down her back while she was being fuck by this big vibrator and then I moved behind her again removing the butt plug once more.
Karen though I was just doing what I had done before but not this time instead of pushing the plug back in I replaced it with my now acheing cock.
I placed it against her bum hole and pushed and as the plug had opened her up it just slid in and karen screams yes yes thats it fuck my arse god that feels good fuck it you fucker hard come on hard.
I took hold of her hips and started to ram into her with each stroke I pushed harder and harder each time I pushed I ramed the vibrator in further to Karen was Orgasmimg again and again, her cum was runing like a river down the inside of her legs. I pulled from her and she said "O" god please don't stop Dave But I then removed the vibrator from her cunt and ramed it up her arseshe took the whole nine inches of it I told her to turn over onto her back and while she did did I wiped my cock clean and then got down between her legs and started to suck and lick her like fanny juice would dry up and this was the very last ever. Karen was shaking over and over her legs wrapped round my head pushing my face so tight against her, forcing my mouth hard on her cunt I darted my tounge in and out of her hole.
I finaly came up for air and moved up and my cock just slid into her and karens legs wraped themselves round my waist and pulled every little bit of my cock inside her we started to fuck hard and fast our bodies must have been a blur i would think as we slamed into each other both of us shouting dirty things at each other Karen came again and as I felt her cunt grip my cock as she came I could hold on no longer and with one last hard push I held my cock into her as far as I could make it go and I enptied my balls of cum filling her hot wet fanny we kissed and when we got our breath back she said she never had felt anything like it in her life and did not know sex could be so fucking great and give so many feelings.
I while later after we had slept for a while I carried her to the shower where we washed and made slow love again in the shower,as Karen left walking like her legs would not hold out for long said if it was ok with me she would be back for more as she would never ever get john to make her feel like that, I just smiled and said any time love any time.