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Learning the Ropes - Chapter 1


Chapter One - Sue's Introduction

She didn’t understand why her husband was so insistent on this.  She had finally agreed 3 days ago to this and now she was having second thoughts.  Sue really didn’t feel right about this.  Ron had asked her about this in the past, but it never went anywhere.  She wasn’t sure why she had agreed to this now, but here she was. When she agreed, she could tell that he had become excited that they were finally going to do this.  He said he had to buy “some things” before they could proceed.  She didn’t know what he had to buy and didn’t care, but he had his little bag of goodies.  She was very uneasy and unsure about where this was going.  She was also upset that they were even at this point in their marriage.  She felt they had a good sex life.  They had sex often and they enjoyed each other immensely.  Why were they at this point?  The more she thought about this, the angrier she became.

She heard him coming down the hall.  As he came into the bathroom, Sue saw that he had 2 chairs with him.  He put them down with each chair facing the other.  He grabbed his bag and pulled out some rope.  She could see that there were several peaces that had been cut to lengths of about 4 feet long.  He handed her the ropes, she took them and looked at them.  Next he brought out a blindfold.  He smiled at her as he took the rest of his clothes off and she could see that he already had the making of an erection.  He sat in one of the chairs.

“Are you ready” he said.

She didn’t answer.  She just stood their holding the ropes, not sure what to do.

“All you need to do is tie my legs and arms, then use your imagination on what to do next, it’s up to you”

Ron put the blindfold on.  Sue dropped the ropes on the floor and kneeled down next to him.  Grabbing one rope, she started to wrap it around one ankle and tied it to the chair.  He moved his leg and the rope came off.

“You need to tie it tighter, so it doesn’t come off” he said.

She grabbed the rope and wrapped it several times around his ankle and the chair leg and pulled hard.  If he wanted it tied tight, she was just in the right mood to accommodate him. 

“Is that too tight?” Sue asked.

“Feels just right.  I can’t get out of it.  Do the others just like that.”

Sue tied the other ankle then stood up and moved behind him.  She tried to decide the best way to tie his hands.  Taking one hand she wrapped the rope around the wrist and then the other one.  Then she looped the rope around itself several times between his wrists.  With the rope that was left, she tied it to a chair leg.  He would not be able to move.  She was still in that mood, and felt a little satisfaction in her handiwork.  Moving around to the front, she sat in the second chair facing him.  She studied what she had done.  She thought he looked a little silly, sitting there naked, with a blind fold on, with his arms and legs tied.  He had a full erection now, so it was obvious he was excited.  She was glad someone was.

She thought for a second on what to do now.  His legs were spread open, his penis sticking straight up in the air, and his balls resting on the chair.  She lifted a foot and placed it on his balls.  She used her toes to knead them.  She liked to play with his balls.  They were warm and soft.  She would lie next to him at night and play with them as they went to sleep.  But she really didn’t understand why he wanted to be tied.  With a blindfold, he couldn’t she her.  She liked it when he looked at her, it made her feel sexy.  She felt that she had a nice figure and she knew men liked to look at her.  Sue had caught men watching her at work or at the store.  So why would her husband not want to see her when they were having sex.  It didn’t make sense to her.  And he would not be able to touch her.  She really liked to have her nipples licked and pinched when she would cum.  But now he would not be able to do any of that.  This made her push her toes into his balls a little harder.  It caught both her and her husband by surprise that she had done that.  She knew she had hurt him a little.

“Oops, sorry, you OK?”

He swallowed.  “I’m OK.  I think your getting into this”

Sue narrowed her eyes as she looked at him.  Getting into this!  I don’t understand this at all!  It’s all about you, she thought to herself.  What about me?  How am I supposed to enjoy this?

Sue removed her foot from his balls and just sat there thinking.  This was his fantasy, not hers.  But she was determined to go through with it.  Once it was over, that would be it.  They tried it and didn’t like it.  Her mind was made up.   She leaned forward and took his penis in her hands. She moved her hands up and over the top.  She then used her right hand to move his penis down towards the chair.  She then let go of it.  It sprang back and hit his stomach with a slap.  She did this a few times.  Then she leaned forward and licked the top of his penis.  She could taste him.

Sue sat up.  She could see that he was disappointed that she did not continue with what she was doing. She did it again. That will teach him.  I get to decide when he cums she thought.  She did this a few more time.  Then, something strange started to happen.  As she saw that she had total control of this situation, she found herself forming an idea.  Didn’t he say that she would be in control and could do anything she wanted to?  She was stunned at what she was thinking.  This was beyond anything she had even come close to before.  Why was she thinking this?  It was not right.  As she sat there, she studied his position, trying to formulate a plan.  She thought it was do-able, but would take some effort.  She made a decision. 

Sue stood up.  “I’ll be right back.  Don’t move.”  That made her giggle, how was he going to move?

Sue left the bathroom and went down the hall.  She was nervous, her hands were even shaking. Why was she feeling this way?  She hadn’t felt this way in a long time.  Would she really go through with this?  She could feel her nipples against her bra, it felt constraining.   She took her bra off and threw it on the floor.  That felt better.  Her nipples were standing straight out.  She couldn’t believe how excited she felt.  She found what she was looking for and started to run back through the hall to the bathroom.  Her breasts were bouncing up and down, which excited her even more.  As she entered the bathroom, she realized that she had only half what she needed.  She placed the small stool next to the chair her husband was sitting on.  She needed something else.  She went into the bedroom and grabbed 3 large pillows.  She then placed them on top of each other on the other side of the chair.  She didn’t know if this would work or not.  She stood there for a second contemplating how best to do this.  She bent down and kissed Ron.  Her tongue moved over his lips.  She reached down to his penis and stroked it a few times.

She straightened up and took her panties off.  She noticed that she was wet.  Everything was set.  Hesitating, she thought she should back out of her plan.  This was not like her. She took a deep breath.  She went to the stool and stood on it.  She compared her height now to her husband.  She thought that everything would line up right.  She then stepped over her husband and stood on the pillows.  She almost fell but regained her balance.   She was now straddling her husband.  It would work.  She bent down and placed her hands on her knees. She could still back out and he would never know what she had almost done.  All the time they were married, they had not done anything close to this,  not that he hadn’t tried to before, but she had steadfastly refused and had told him that was something they would not ever being doing.  She was sure that he hadn’t even thought of her doing this.   It was then that she looked in the bathroom mirror.  She could see the two of them. The position the two of them were in surprised her.  She studied it for a second.  She was going to move forward with her plan.

Sue reached behind her with both hands and grabbed her checks.  She pulled so that she was open to her husband.  She was only a few inches away from his face.  She moved back until she felt him.  Ron moved his head back.  She knew he was trying to figure out what was being pushed into his face.  He slowly moved forward and buried his face between her checks.  She closed her eyes, not believing what she was doing.  She wouldn’t let him touch her there is any manner before.  Now, she had his face buried.  She felt something warm and wet.  It sent shivers through her.  She almost moved away.  She tried to relax.  He was moving his tongue around, exploring, and getting bolder.  She was also.  He hadn’t touched her anus yet, but had come close.

Sue realized that she was really enjoying this.  She let out a low moan.  That gave Ron the signal that he was on the right track.  He became bolder. She felt his tongue cover more area, press harder in to her.  At this point, she knew she was past the point of no return.  She needed him to lick her anus.  She bent forward even more, and rotated her pelvis and pulled even more on her checks.  This gave her husband a clear shot at her anus and he didn’t hesitate.  The fist time he touched it, she inadvertently moved away.  She quickly regained her composure and moved back to that tongue.  She had to have it.  This time, as his tongue touched her, she moved into him.  She was completely committed now.  As his tongue swirled around her anus, she couldn’t believe how good it felt.  It was warm, wet, and in that most private spot.  She had to cum.  She had to cum while he was licking her.  Reluctantly, she let go of her right check and found her husband was still able to reach her.  Then she let go with her left hand.  He was still able to lick her.  She ground herself even more onto his face.  She found her clit and started to strum it with her finger.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet.  She squeezed her nipple with her other hand.  As she neared her orgasm, she pushed even harder onto her husband.  He must have realized that she was close, as he tried to put his tongue into her anus as far as he could. 

Sue started to cum.  She was moving her anus up and down on that tongue, trying to capture it.  There was a deep moan in her throat.  She thought she would faint.  Then she was done, - spent.  She moved away and stepped down to the floor.  She was sweating from the experience.  She sat on the chair for a moment to regain her composure.  She looked at her husband and could see this big smile on his face. 

“I couldn’t have thought of something like that.  Where did that come from?”

Sue now felt a little embarrassed for what just happened and for enjoying it as much as she did.  “It just came to me.”

She now felt that she could do things with him tied that she would never have thought of doing before.  Why was that?  Was it just because he was tied?  Did that make such a big difference?  Was it because she was in total control, that it was her decisions on what was to happen and he could do nothing about it?  Maybe he was right; they were in a rut and should try different things.  She would have to think about that.

Sue reached over with her hand and started to gently stroke his penis while all these thoughts were going through her head.  She then realized that she was using the hand that she had just used to make herself cum and could see that there was a slight coating of her cum on his penis.  Great!  She thought.  Now what was she going to do.  She was going to give him a blowjob but not now.  Not with her on him.  If she started to wash it off, how would he fell, especially after what he just did for her?  Sue was mad at herself for not paying attention to what she was doing.

Sue got off the chair and kneeled down between his legs, still stoking his penis.  She laid her head on his thigh and watched as she moved her hand up and down.  She studied his penis.  She had never really looked at it before.  Not close up.  She studied how it looked.  She thought about how many times he had been inside her.  About how she liked to licked it.  But now, it was like just her and his penis.  She saw the veins as they stood out.  How the tip flared out just a little.  She found that she really liked how it looked.  She moved to kiss it, but stopped.  She was on it.  She knew that he had told her before that he liked the way she tasted after he had used his tongue to make her cum, but she had always thought he was saying that to make her feel good.  Ron couldn’t really like it, could he?  Then she thought about how she felt about how his cum tasted.  It wasn’t bad, nothing that she would order off a menu, but she didn’t mind his cum at all.

Knowing that Ron couldn’t see her, Sue moved closer to his penis.  She could just take a little lick, and if she didn’t like it, he would never know.  As she moved closer, she could smell herself.  She slowly stuck her tongue out and ran it over the tip of his penis.  It jumped to her touch.  She knew it wouldn’t take much to make him cum.  She also found that the taste wasn’t bad.  She was even surprised that she wasn’t repulsed to the taste of her cum.  Even more surprising, she found that maybe she liked it.  She tried again, this time she put him in her mouth and gently started to suck on it.  She then sat up and thought about this.  She found that she liked it.  That shouldn’t be.  This was getting even weirder.

She wanted to try something.  With her left hand, she reached between her legs and ran her finger around her pussy.  She was still very wet.  She then ran that finger over the top of his penis, placing a fair amount of her cum on it.  This would be the true test.  She bent forward and licked it up.  She moved her tongue over the top.  She found that yes, she did like the taste.  She did it again, this time putting more on his penis and not just on the top.  She put him in her mouth, and was sure to suck it all off.  Then she moved her tongue up and down the entire length of his penis, to get any of her cum that she had missed.  She knew he had no idea what she was doing and found that excited her.  And what she was doing was driving him crazy.

Sue pulled her mouth away and made herself more comfortable.  This time she used her finger to get some of her cum, looked at it and instead of putting in on his penis, she put her finger in her mouth.  She looked at her husband while she did this and thought “If you only knew what I’m doing right know.  Licking my own pussy juice”.  She again used her finger, only this time, she started to rub her clit, she wanted to cum again.  As she started to cum, she saw her husband turning his head from side to side, trying to figure out what she was doing.  She found that she was really beginning to enjoy this.  She could do whatever she wanted, and he couldn’t stop her, and his not knowing what she was doing even though he was right there only excited her more.

She came.  She now had more cum.  She put more on his penis and started to suck and lick him in earnest.  She kept reaching with her free hand between her legs and bringing that precious gold up to where she was working.  She spread it along his penis and licked it off, then got more.  She continued this process without stopping.  Then he was at the point of orgasm.  She deftly placed her mouth over his penis and applied pressure.  That was all he needed as he started to fill her mouth.  She normally swallows his cum, but this time she didn’t.  She had more plans.  She let his come flow out of her mouth onto his penis.  She kept her mouth on him until he was done.

Sue moved back and continued to hold his penis.  Her hand was now covered in his cum.  She playfully squeezed the tip of his penis with her other hand and watched him jump.  She did this a few times.  She liked to tease him like this after his orgasms.  She then took her hand and placed a small dab of his cum on her left nipple.  She had tasted her cum today, and she felt it only fair that he taste his.

She stood up and cupped her breast with her other had.  She then directed her nipple to his mouth.  He eagerly licked her nipple.  Then he moved away and licked his lips.  She smiled.  Did he know what she just did?  She put another little dab on her nipple and moved it to his lips again.  This time he didn’t lick it immediately. 

“Lick it” she said.

Ron stuck his tongue out and again licked her nipple.  He didn’t move away and spent more time moving his tongue around her nipple.  She liked this.  She moved away and this time put a fair amount on each breast, so that he would need to lick more than just her nipple.  As she brought her breast to his lips, he dove in.  He was licking like it was a frosting on a cake.  When he had cleaned one breast, she supplied him with the other.  She was really enjoying this. She had no idea what it felt like to be in complete control of another person like this and she was finding that is was not only exciting, but it made her feel powerful.

When Ron had finished cleaning the second breast, she said “Let’s see how you like this.” 

Sue then obtained what cum was left from his penis and rubbed it on her breast, then she was able to get some of herself from between her legs to add to his.  She then presented her breast to him again.  “Be sure to clean every bit”.  He was more than happy to comply.  While his tongue was busy with her instructions, she was able to tease her clit one more time to orgasm.

When she was done, she leaned close to her husband where she could see his face, and traced his lips with the finger she had just used.  When he opened his mouth to lick his lips, she slid her finger into his mouth.  She whispered in his ear, “Doesn’t that taste heavenly?”  Ron nodded his head up and down while sucking on her finger.

Sue knew that there had been a change in their sex life.  She had discovered that she enjoyed immensely what they had just done.  Being in complete control allowed her to lower her inhibitions she found.  She never dreamed that she would have done anything close to this before.  As she looked at her husband, tied with that blindfold, she suddenly saw herself in that position.  Her legs tied, unable to move, her hands behind her back, making her breasts stand out, helpless.  She trusted her husband, and knew Ron would not hurt her.  But not being able to see what he was doing, and being totally helpless, would be an adventure that she felt she would at least try.  She didn’t know if she would also enjoy it, but thought she might.  Especially after today.  She did know one thing though, the next time she tied her husband, she would not be so timid, and will have planned for some more adventures.