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Lindsay and Me


It was a sunny Los Angeles afternoon, and I was laying out on the terrace of my parents' Beverly Hills mansion. Suddenly, my dad called out to me.

"Gemma! We're going out for dinner, wanna come, we're going to the movies afterwards."

I lazily stood up and walked into the cool shade of the kitchen.

"No thanks, Daddy. Can Lindsay come round for a sleepover?" I asked, crossing my fingers.

"Sure, sweetie, no problem." He replied, winking at me, and I went to go call her.

Half an hour later, she arrived wearing a slightly see through maxi dress, her long blonde hair loose down to her waist, and her 19 year old body looking more gorgeous than ever.

"Hi, gorgeous!" she whispered sexily in my ear, grabbing my ass sneakily. I smiled back and went to kiss her, but stopped dead in my tracks when my dad appeared around the doorway.

"Nice earrings!" I gasped, disguising any signs. My dad still thought I was a virgin, and had NO idea what things i got up to when he and Mommy were out!

"Well, we're off, Princess. We'll be a few hours, but there is money in the kitchen for a pizza or whatever." He said, putting his jacket and hat on.

My mom appeared all dressed up and soon they were gone, leaving me and Lindsay standing in the hallway. We cheekily looked at each other and wasted no time. I grabbed the money from the counter, and through on some flip flops, not caring that i was still only wearing a bikini. We ran all the way to the little sex shop on the corner of a small deserted street, just 10 minutes away from my luxury home. The owner was used to our little visits.

"What do you wanna get today, sexy?" Lindsay asked me dribbling over the HUGE vibrators and dildos. I looked at the $40 in my hand and walked over to the Sweet Treats. I grabbed a handful of chocolate packets and worked i had $35 left. I looked around the colourful shop and was drawn to a massive vibrating strap on. With that, we had $15 left and Lindsay chose a lesbian porn DVD. We giggled and ran all the way home and when we got into the living room, we wasted no time in pushing each other to the ground and getting naked. I stripped out of my bikini, and let my dark blonde hair out of its ponytail. Linday slowly pulled her dress of, to reveal her beautifully tanned, slim body, and perfectly round tits. I stared at her pussy, already swollen and dripping juices. I giggled and pulled out 3 chocolate packets, ripped them open and poured them allover her body, knowing she was sensitive on her stomach. I pinned her down, slowly placing my wet pussy on her clit. She slapped my ass, which my clit go crazy. I moaned and leaned down closer, slowly starting to lick the chocolate off her thighs, and flat stomach. I kept going until i reached her tits. I rolled my tongue around her erect nipples, making her screech and laugh in pleasure. I was feeling so horny.

"Here, she said, pinning me down now and tearing apart the strap on. "How much do you want this inside you?"

"Mmmm, alot! I want it in my pussy now!" I screamed, laughing.

"your going to have to earn it slut." She shouted back, knowing that turned me on. She leant down and put her long pink tongue on my hard clit, before standing up and turning the TV on.

"How about we watch a little porn while you earn your cock." She squealed, the strap on now around her tiny waist and standing up hard like a pole.

She pressed play on the DVD player, and 2 blondes, just like us, popped up and were rubbing their pussies together, screaming for more. Lindsay looked at me deviously and walked over to me.

"On your knees, slut!" She said, guiding my mouth to the rubber dick, now vibrating hard against her clit.

I grabbed with my hands, and spat on it. I put it in my mouth and started sucking it hard, the vibrating getting harder on Lindsay every time i put it in deep.

"Oh yeah, you little whore!" she screamed, orgasming hard, falling to her knees. "Ride me now!" She yelled.

I put my leg over, and slowly placed the rubber cock in my pussy, screaming with the porn stars on the DVD.

"Oh, make me cum, baby!" I screamed, riding up and down, my tits bouncing.

"Oh, yea ride me hard!" She yelled back, rubbing my clit.

We came together, collapsing in a heap, and giggling. We lay there for an hour, kissing and fucking more, before my parents got home, and they still never know a thing!