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Locker of fuck

My name is andrew. im currently in my final year of high school Something i havent told anyone is that im gay but this is how people knew.

It all started last period we had just finished pe and it was a friday. everyone was getting changed i got a look of breyden wow wat a hottie all of a sudden i got a boner so i went into the stall. after i got changed, aaron was there. aaron was a tough kid fat but strong,long brown hair peirced ear and tall. may not sound attractive but i loved him.
"why u gettin changed in there andrew why not with all the other guys?"

I was nervous so i said "Theres a gay kid and i didnt want him looking at me" i thought i convinced him but than he said "But thats you i saw u get 1 from breyden" "oh no thats its natural size" i said i quikly ran for the door. He beat me locked it and blocked it He pushed me to the benches

He started punching me in the stomach. Than he stopped dropped his pants and undies and tried to get it in my mouth i rejcted it incase it was a test. He started rubbig it in my face i pretended to be hating it but i loved it the feel of his tip. than he stopped got his fist and opened mmy mouth and forced his dick in it he strted mouth raping me it felt good he forced all 7 inches in the feel of it growing in my mouth was amaizing. he suddenly ejaculated his cum running down my throat was great. he undressed me "thats right im gay" i didnt say anything i was shocked often u wouldnt expect anyone to be gay in high school. he went in saying he went to alot of pool parties and noticed other boys and liked it.

He got me undressed and layed down on the bench lifting me ontop of him. He opened his mouth and we started making out the feel of our two tongues twisting liking eachother him grabing my head dorcing me closer.
"HOLY SHIT" it was jake he was tall athletic,, black hair i sort of liked him to he was hot.

he was standing in the window aaron got up i was noked to the ground aaron said "i was getting changed and this faggot raped me" "Oh thnk god" jake said. I couldnt believe he was believing it. he jumped down looked at me and started punching me in the face. My mouth was bleeding. Aaron was punching my stomach where he did last time. Than they both pushed me to the bench. Jake unzipped his pants hopefully for another blowjob but he started peeing on me. I'm not gonna say i liked it but anything coming from his dick. than he said "Lets teach him not to fuck with us" aaron just stood there. Jake grabbed my sides digging his fingers deep into my skin he sat me up and layed ontop of me and started making out with me, liking the blood out. Sorry he wispered in my ear i contined puting my tongue in his mouth he got undressed and and pushed me to the floor he was some how still trying to seem tough to aaron

He grabbed my sides. I could hear spit on his dick. oh no i wanted aaron as my first i thought to my self than he slowly put it in it felt ok at first but than he rammed the whole thing in. It hurt so much but than it felt good the feeling of it going in he kept doing it. Meanwhile aaron started to slide his cok in my mouth. I liked aaron he was nice. Thsn i felt jake cum in my ass. This felt amazing the feel of it go down my rectum he started finering my ass and than pushed aaron aside and made me lick it. I had to say it felt nice. Than we all got dressed. Than as i was about to walk out Jake said "How would u like to do this more often" "uh what me and aaron replied" Jake wnet in explaining this scheme to whore me to make money i rejected firs but than he said he would tell everyone he was gay and people often believed him.

And so this started the business of me being a male prostitute. *** Please post reviews for more my stories!