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Long Distance


Me & Derek, *boyfriend* were talking one night, that night it was the same as usual, since it was long distance, i got use to this, we always talked on AIM. It's okay sometimes I guess, i've been with him a couple times, only about 5 since he took my virginity, but he only does sweet things, it annoys me so much. I like it hard, fast, really dominated, you know, him taking advantage of me. Usually in these stories you hear that they're using chains & whips, i'm not that freaky. But I do like being tied up & blindfolded.

So anyway, we were talking, for hours, then I sent him a picture or something, saying would you do this to me? It had a picture of a girl tied up w/ a gag thing in her mouth, he just bluntly responded, "no." I was immediately turned off again. He just went on talking about how his life was, but all I could think about was his dick, I wanted his meat so badly, but I wanted him to fuck me harder than any other time. I needed him to tie me up, & get hot from my weak body.

He started rambling something about how the tests at school sucked, & guys kept telling him how hot I was, & that they'd bang me so hard. Without thinking, I responded to that, "Maybe they should," it took him a little longer than usual to respond, & he got really pissed, "What? Why?" I responded, already having what I would say typed out, "Because atleast they'd fuck me the way I want it, unlike you, you're always doing it the sweet way, i'd fuck any guy who wanted to give me the best senstation ever, because you fucking wont," this time, he typed like speed lighting, "Oh yeah?" "Alright, just wait, i'll give you what you want. & You're not gonna like it, but i'll leave you begging for more," he signed off before i could respond.

I was brushing my teeth the second it happened, my dog, cornillieous started going crazy, barking so loud, & it sounded like someone was coming into my house. I got really scared, but slightly excited, as a wave of pleasure spun up my spine & down my clit. Just like the rest of those dumbshit whores in horror movies, I went into the living room, & walked toward the front door, which was still locked & everything. My excitement slowly wore off. I heard someone in my kitchen, I ignored it, not ready to get my hopes again. So I sauntered off to bed, wishing that there would be someone in my doorway. I wandered back into the bathroom, to turn the nightlite on. I've been afraid of the dark since I was a little girl. Right when I started walking out, something on my shelf fell, I hadn't noticed that my bedroom door was slightly cracked open. I picked up the fallen picture of me & Derek. I stared at it for a second, then set it on the shelf.

As I turned back to my bed, I felt a cold blade against my neck & a hand with a leather black glove on, then a muffled voice next to my ear, "Do anything, or scream, i'll fucking kill you," I was just as excited as I was terrified, there was a storm outside, & the power went out, including the only light. I started getting more & more turned on, I moved my hand back to feel a slight buldge in the masked man's pants, I started grouping it, he pulled the knife away, moaned softly, then pushed me onto the bed. I landed on my stomache, my ass was facing him, I tried to crawl away, but I felt a soft cloth around my wrists. He was tieing me up! I felt so excited, i felt my panties slowly get soaked.

Feeling horny, I started to kick, he flipped me over, holding the blade to my throat again, "Don't fucking move," then I was picked up a little thrown down onto my bed, he got on top of me, grabbing my right wrist, then tieing it up, & repeating untill my legs & arms were secured to the bed posts. He wripped off my little gown, sending shivers down my spine & tingles up my clit. He looked at my body for a second, then got out another thin piece of cloth, then tied it around my eyes, so I couldn't see. He pulled his hands away after making sure it was tight, I felt his hand move up my thigh, when he noticed that I started to pant a little, he stopped, making me wish he would keep going. He pulled down my silk panties, revealing my hairless mound & wet pussy lips. I felt his dick on my thigh, which only got me more & more excited. He got off me, & cut the panties with his knife, pulling them off.

Suddenly he touched me softly in all the right places, caress my skin so gently, makin me tingle more & more. Moving his hand past my waist, his big hands stated rubbing my pussy lips & sticking his long big fingers between them, his thumb was teasing my clit. The second I started cumming again, dripping from my vaginal walls, he pulled his hands out, & rubbing my cum along my clit, just making me cum more. He get between my legs beating off his dick to my little pussy. As he started to move the head of his dick inbetween my wet pussy lips, he moved up & down slowly, I was moaning to the sensation building up inside me, right before he was about to cum a little he got out from between my legs & he wouldn't do anything else but let me beg for him to come back. As he stood at the foot of my bed i could hear him beating off to me, I was begging for him to just come back & touch me one last time.

I had begged for him for a good 5 minutes, wanting him to cum on my naked body so badly. Just when I couldn't take it anoymore, he stood beside me, stroking faster on his hard big dick from what I felt, a good 3 inches atleast, I desperately wanted to know how long, feel how long, taste how long. I heard him moan, then I felt the warm sensation of his cum along my thighs & hips, I moaned as if I was having a major climax. I wanted to taste his cum so badly, just the thought got me so excited, I felt him move over me on the bed, his dick brushing my tummy a little, turning me on so much. He was over me, I didn't know what he was doing until I felt a warm substance all over my breasts, he rubbed it in, then placed his mouth over my nipple. Sucking & biting ever so slightly, I got chills, the excitement just burst inside me & I spasmed everywhere, my body went into convulsions.

He never stopped sucking, just calmly moving over to my second breast. This time sucking a little harder, biting less, I rolled my eyes back into my head, the cum was dripping down my pussy & inner thighs, his dick was inbetween my thighs, I heard the slight moaning, & little vibrations coming from his mouth as he felt me cum. He brings a hand down & jacks off one last time, it wasn't long before he shot his load all over my pissy, he starts pulling his mouth off, soft complaints came from my mouth, but they just sounded like soft pants of "stopp" His hand moved down my stomache, tracing my belly button, I felt the sensation coming back, the excitement, there was something familiar about this soft touch, but I ignored it, just enjoying this, his hand moved down and started stroking my clit, I felt the warm cum on his hand, he first stuck in two fingers, going hard & fast, making me scream in pleasure, then 3, making me scream & moan in pleasure & in pain.

I started cumming from all the teasing, I yelled at him, from the excitement, the adrenaline, & the pleasure, "JUST FUCK ME! I WANT THAT SEXY FUCKING THICK LONG MEAT INSIDE MY TIGHT PUSSY! FUCK ME TILL YOU CANT FEEL YOUR DICK, YOU FUCKING KNOW YOU WANT TO!" From my amazement I felt the head of his dick at the entrace of my pussy. He waits for a few minutes, the anticipation was killing me, when I heard breathing near my ear, he whispered, "Boo," then shoved all what felt never ending 10 inches of dick inside me, I nearly screamed, but his mouth was over mine right as I was about to. His kiss was soft, sweet, & it was electrifying. His dick was moving so hard & fast I met my orgasm sooner than expected, but he didn't stop. His mouth released mine, then he bit down so hard onto my neck, making me bleed, then he sucked so hard, making me scream.

He's fucking me the hardest now, i'm screaming & moaning, panting & sweating, cum covered my body, it was squirting from where his dick was pumping my pussy. I tell him, "Stop, get off me, it's hurting!" I felt a warmer liquid, he was making me bleed, oh god, how long has it been? Long enough for my hymen to grow back? Fuck! He just yells at me, "Shut the fuck up & take what I give you, fucking slut," this turned me on so much, I arched my back, realeased a moan louder than anything ever before, & I started to push his dick further in, wanting so much more, I felt him explode inside me, he was moaning, so was I, it was hotter than any other experience, or story i've ever read.

He stops, leaving all 10 inches inside me, then to my surprise he sticks his fingers in, & immediately hits my g-spot, I scream in pleasure, my scream was faded from all the other noise I had made, I realized I was losing my voice, so if I needed help, I wouldn't be able to call for it, he laughed & moaned at my cum squirting everywhere again. He pulls his fingers out & grabs my hips extremely hard, leaving bruises, not pulling out once, he moves my hips around his huge meat & I realize who he is, from the soft touch, the kiss, the whispering, the hard but gentle sex, I realized it was him, & just said as loud as I could, "Ahhhhh fuck me baby, I love your dick! Keeeeep doing thattt, oh god, i'm gonna orgasm all over your dick more than once, over & over!" I start cumming, feeling the orgasm hitting me.

He moves my hips faster, & starts cumming inside my tight pussy, he leans over & places my tits in his mouth once more, his tongue ring was playing with my hard nipples, my voice recovered a little bit, I started moaning louder, he stops again, leaving his dick inside me. He leans over me, "I want your ass, but I dont wanna pull my dick out," I scream as an orgasm erupts through my entire body. I start panting, but manage to say, "there are other things, you can use, to fuck my, ass!" He smirks, from the laugh I could tell he was pleased, I tense up & cum shoots everywhere again, it drips down his dick, hitting his balls. He starts pounding my pussy harder & harder, then he whispers, "how about a couple fingers?" I cant even speak I start panting softly, "ohhh...goddd, yessss, finger....fuckk...my....asss!" I feel his cum shoot in me again.

I moan, "Derekkkkk!" so loudly, loving the feeling of his dick inside me, stretching me, pumping me so hard & good. He sticks one finger in hard & out hard, just keeping a rythem, I moan louder & louder, he sticks in two, then three, moving his dick just as fast as his fingers, creating a simple rythem inside me. He unties me, & pushes my ass up, then sticks his dick back into my pussy, fucking me from behind, making me go crazy, he never takes off the blindfold. He's finger fucking me while fucking me & I feel just wave after wave of cum & orgasms crashing over me. He finally stops this, & pulls his fingers out, I knew he was about to cum from the way his dick got so hard inside me.

He cums up & down my asss, then he just thrusts all 10 inches into my ass, I scream from all pain this time, he's moving so fast & hard, his balls smacking off my pussy lips, thrusting my hips harder onto his dick. I scream at him, "FUCKING ASSHOLE! Put it back in my pussy!" I pulled forward, trying to release his hands from my body, moving to get his dick out of my ass, but I feel his warm strong arms against my hips, pulling me back. I feel him climax in my ass, I moan so loud, & then I move, knowing he's weaked by the pleasure erupting from the climax. I can't take it anymore, I thrust backwards shoving his dick into my pussy once more, having the strongest orgasm ever, screaming louder, moaning louder, panting harder, sweating more, cumming so fucking much.

I collapse forward, my body quivered, cum was dripping from my already soaked pussy. I was sore, he took the blindfold off, & kissed me. He grabbed me in his arms, "I dont want anymore, please, i'm serious this time," he just replied, "I just want you in my arms, I need to protect you," then he pulled the covers over my freezing & warm body, we fell asleep next to each other, sweat drenched, & sticky. We'll be taking a shower in the morning ;]