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Love in small town USA.


Being gay in a smalltown is the most difficult thing to have to go through as a teenager. With an old fashioned family like mine, it was that much harder. Other than me there were no other gay people in my town, let alone my tiny hig school. I always planbed to move as far away as possible for college. I hide my sexuallity since i realized I was gay, so I lead a seemingly normal life. I wasn't much of an out cast because of sports. Most girls found me attractive. I was about six foot tall, had long dark brown hair, green eyes, and a lean build. I had nice sized arms, and a tonned body. My skin was a light tan due to my fathers Italian blood, and I had a nice broad smile. Even though I fit in, my life always seemed a little..empty. I figured what I really wanted was someone to share my time with; a boyfriend. But, that was going to be hard in high school. I thought it was damn near impossible until i met him.

I drove to school on the first day of my junior year, and everything seemed as if it were going to be realitively normal. I went in the main building and got my things for my first hour from my locker. When I walked into the classroom my eyes scanned across the room for seats. I took a seat in the fourth row, a sea of over acheivers between me and the teacher. The bell rang and class began. About ten minutes into class the door opened and a tall boy walked in, a small smile on his face. He handed the teacher a note and she told them to take a seat. My jaw practically dropped when I saw him, my heart thudding in my ears. He was byfar the most gorgeous boy I'd ever seen. He was about my height, same lean built, sandy-brown hair, and bright blue eyes. He made his way through the rows and took a seat next to me. He looked at me and smiled, causing a small blush to form on my cheeks.

Throughout the whole class I snuck as many glimpses of him as I possiblely could, an when we had to do group work I happily volunteered to be his partner.
"I'm Vander, by the way." He said as we began to fill out the sheets we'd been given with a smile.
"Garrison," I said softly, smiling back warmly. "You new to town?" I asked, knowing very well he was.
"Yeah, I'm from California." He said, looking up at me.
"California?" I said with awe in my voice and a pinch of jealousy. "I've never left this town." He said, shaking my head.

The rest of the day went amazingly. Because he didn't know anyone, I suck aroud Vander the whole day and luckily we had all the same classes. He invited me over to hang out after school, and I accepted eagarly. The whole drive to his house I debated on telling him I was gay before decided against it. I didn't want to weird him out of anything. While at his house he showed me pictures of his hometown and his friends, the first thing I noticed was all of the girls; he had to be straight. It was a deep dissappointment, but I didn't voice it. I was crazy to think I'd find such a great guy and he'd be gay.

Over the first three months of school Vander and I had become good friends, maybe even best friends. When christmas break came along his parents annouced that they were leaving town for a week, and my mother offered yo let Vander stay with us. This excited me, because every moment I could spend with him was amazing. He showed up at my house that friday with his things, grinning happily.
"Ready to party?" Vander teased, following me up to my room where he set down his things.
We spent most of the day watching movies and playing video games. That night around eight my parents left to go out with some friends, leaving the house to Vander and I. While watching a movie on my bed in my room I felt Vander turn to me.
"Garrison, can I talk to you for a second?" He said quietly, his voice sounding slightly nervous.

I looked at him and smiled, nodding softly. "Sure dude, what's up?" I asked, lifting an eyebrow.
"I've been..hiding something from you for a while." He whispered, looking down.
I felt my stomach drop at that, feeling slightly hirt. "What is it?"
"Urgh..I don't know how to say this.." He said, rubbing his eyes with his palms.
"Dude, just say it." I said, looking at him curiously.
"Okay..Don't be mad, and don't be freaked out. But..dude, I'm gay. And, I really, really..really like you." He said, putting extra emphasis on the last 'really'.

I stared at him for a long moment, my eyes on his face. He saw the look on my face and shook his head, his hands now shaking.
"I'm sorry..Please don't let things get weir-" He began to say, but he was suddenly cut off.

I pressed my lips against his and began to kiss him deeply, his hands lifting up to his cheeks gently, holding his face to mine. He set his hands on my waist and began to kiss me back, pulling me slightly closer. The kiss grew deeper by the second, and both of our breathing began to pick up. The passion behind the kiss made me grow as hard as a rock, the bulge in my pants growing. I became slightky nervous, I was a virgin and I wasn't completely sure how this was meant to work. The was thing i wasn't nervous about was my dick. I knew I was blessed. I had a full, this eight inches and with a nice pink mushroom top head. I kept my pubes cleanly shaven. Vander pulled away and began to kiss my neck, sucking deeply at the skin. I moaned out into the darkness of my room, my hands gripping slightly at the front of his shirt. His lips continued their way down my neck until they reached the collar of my shirt, his hands finding their way up my sides. He pulled his mouth from mine and began to take my shirt off. I seized the oppurtuity and pulled his over his eyes, my eyes taking in every part of his chest. He set my hands on his chest and laid him back in the bed, straddling his hips. I leaned down and began to kiss his neck and chest, stopping briefly on his nipples.

I sucked them deeply before moving down his stomach, kissing every inch of his skin I could reach. As I kissed his skin I reached down and began to stroke his hard dick through his jeans, the fabric becoming slightly damp from his leaking precum. I could hear him moaning, sending pulses to my crotch. I slowly un did his jeans, slipping them from his hips with help. I began to kiss his boxers, sucking his balls through the fabric. His fingers slid into the back of his hair as I did so. I lifted my head and met his eyes before pulling his boxers down, dropping them to the floor. I was taken aback by the nine inch monster before me. It was thick and uncut, viens pulsing under the skin. The sight of it made me moan. I went down on him right away, sucking deeply at his head. He began to moan deeplu, his legs quivering slightly. My mouth worked it's way down as far as it could, sucking deeply a it did so. I returned to his head and stuck my tongue in his foreskin, swirling the tip of my tongue around slowly. After a moment I returned to his shaft, licking and sucking deeply at his raging dick. Soon he began moaning my name, telling me how much he liked that and asking me to be dirty. That request turned me on instantly. I sat up on mh knees and stroked him slowly, looking in his lust filled eyes.

"You like that baby? You like it when I suck your dick?" I purred, my thimb playing with his head. He moaned a deep yes and I continued on. I sucked and sucked until I felt his body tighten. He took each ball in my mouth and sucked as I stroked him quickly, gis load quickly spurting on my hand and his chest. He moaned out loudly, his body shaking and convulsing as he finished. I pulled back and sucke his head until he fell limp in my mouth.

He quickly sat up and switched out positions, lying me on my back. He undid my pants and slid them off with my boxers, grinning as my hard as a rock dicl sprung out of my jeans. He engulfed my whole cock in his throat, humming softly, sending vibratuons through my body. I felt my pubes brush his lips, my balls on his chin. I began to move my hips back and forth, face fucking him slowly. He moaned quietly, but allowede to carry on.

"Oh baby, yes, yes, right there." I cried out, already feeling as if I were going to blow. He sucked deeper, fondling my balls gently. I felt the jizz brew in my balls beore slowly erupting into Vanders throat, a low groan falling from my lips. He swallowed as much as he could, the rest of my pearly white liquid dripping down his chin. He leaned up and began to kiss me, sticking his tongue in my mouth allowing me to taste my warm salty brew. I felt his boner pressing tightly against my leg and I knew he was ready for more. I began to stroke him as we kissed, wanting him to be as hard as possible. I pulled my lips away and looked up at him.

"Fuck me..I want to feel your hard cock in my tight virgin ass." I moaned, seeing the excitment his eyes. He returned to my cock, rubbing it as he began to eat my ass, his tongue probing shallowly. I moaned as he began to finger me; one then two, then three. He twisted them in my glory whole, still stroking me.

"Got any lube?" He asked, sitting up on his knees now, stroking his own member. I reache over and got a bottle from my top drawer of my bedside table, handing him the bottle. He poured some on his hand and began to lube up his cock, then my ass hole. I bit my like as he positioned himself at my asshole, slowly pushing his way him. I cried out in pain as he entered, my fingers clenching the sheets. He leaned down and kissed me, pushing himself in further until he was in completely. I moaned as pleasure began to fill my body. Vander began a steady pace of thrusts, moaning with each entry. I began to jack off as his speend built up, until he was pounding into me. I moane his name out as his balls slapped against my ass. Sweat formed on our bodies, a scent of musk filling my room. I knew when I felt his speed slow He was getting tired so I slowly let him slip out of me. He pushed him onto his back and sat on his dick, allowing his cock to slip back in me. I reached forward and grabbed my headboard, boucing on his length. The bed made small thudding noises as it hit the wall, our moans filling the space. It wasn't long before my ass was seeping with his cum, and I stopped. I stayed on him and jacked off, spurting all over his face and chest. We both sat there a moment before I crawled of him and we began to cuddle.

After a quick shower and small suck session for the boner I popped during it, we stayed like that the rest of the night. We talked a little about our feels towards eachother and made it offical as a couple. We cuddled and yalked all night, and even when my parents came home screaming mu mood wasn't ruined. I told them flat out I liked Vander and I was going to date him. They didn't take that very well and threatened to kick him out, but I knew they wouldn't and they'd get over it. I returned to my gorgeous boyfriend and we both fell asleep.
We've been together going on three years and we're both starting our second year of college back in California and our love is just as hot and amazing as it was that first night.