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Love thy neighbor

Hi I am Jaus, 23 yr old self employed man. This story happened on my 18th birthday. My neighbor’s son had come from Italy to stay at his father’s place. When he rang my bell my mom said I would be glad to show him around our small town. Since he was new I was his only friend and we hung out a lot. He was 19 yrs old, well built and very crude. He wouldn’t waste a opportunity to check out a girl on the street. I caught him a couple of times and reprimanded him to show some class. He shrugged me off and we had a small fight, it soon went physical and since I was the sissy I got a few blows from him.

For 2 days we didn’t talk to each other until the 3rd day his father came over to apologize on his behalf. Placing his hairy hand on my shoulder he said Jeuvani was a little arrogant since he didn’t wanna come here at first. I went over to his house.

‘Jeuvani.’ After a few calls he replied saying he was in the shower. I sat down oo the bed, and deceded to rummage through his drawer. Inside I saw a cd. I put it on the player and in I saw a nude Jeuvani masturbating. I was eyeing his huge cock, was about to touch the screen when felt a hand over me. I turned around and saw Jeuvani, his huge cock throbbing out of the towel around his waist.

'So that’s why you don’t look at girls?’ he grazes his cock around my face. Humiliated I got up to leave when he grabbed my hand and pushed me on the bed.

‘Relax I won’t tell your mother’ he sat astride me. I looked at him shoot loads of cum on the player. ‘Even my girl didn’t get so excited after watching this.’ ‘I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.’ I said touching his tough hands. ‘Jealous’ he smiles, ‘But she’s in Italy and I miss fucking her’ he got up and closed the door, laid all the curtains and walked over to me. I try to act busy.

‘I got some homework to do.’ He plays along ‘Ok’ and puts on his pants. The interval between him removing his towel and wearing his pants gave me a hard on. It was so sexy. It was small, soft but so cute, tiny hair around the base, I wanted to lick that thing when he interrupted my fantasy. ‘See you tomorrow.’ Surprised, he didn’t try to stop me I walk to the door ‘Nice video though.’ ‘Thanks’ he smiles and as I try to open the door he attacks me from behind. ‘Aooch!!!’ I blush .

‘You’re one nasty boy aren’t you?’ he squeezes his hands between my chest and the hard door and presses my back against the door. ‘Oh my baby. Hmm.’ ‘I gotta go. I got homework to do, lots of it.’ ‘I’ll teach you homework’ he lifts me like a typical Husband Wife honeymoon movie though my husband is sexier and gently places me on the bed.

Naked on top of me he kisses my nipples, pulls them hard, sucks the hell out of them. ‘God you’re such a slut’ he licks them. ‘Today’s my birthday.’ I whisper in his ears. ‘Oh really, the lets make this special’ he walks to the computer and turns on the camera, seeing my skinny, hairless naked body on the monitor raised my modesty. ‘Oh no please don’t’ I said covering myself with the blanket. ‘Relax, it’s only for the 2 of us’ he pulls over the blanket and kisses me on the lips, tongue to tongue. It was amazing. ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ he teases me. ‘Why are you interested in him?’ I ask him. ‘I was just wondering whether does he have a sister?’ I pat him on the shoulder.

Seated on his cock I allowed him to kiss my neck his hands still pulling out my nipples. I spread my legs wide giving him the signal. I looked at him with hope and lust in my eyes, then he pointed at his 7 inch cock and pushed my head down. I got a little intimidated at first seeing it, I’ve never done this before. ‘Oh I’m gonna make you do a lot of new things’ he said with a grin. I got a little afraid but before wasting any second he seduced me further by grazing his cock around my lips. I gave in that instant and began sucking that huge shaft of his. ‘Hmm’ moans ran down my body by sucking his manhood, he placed his legs on my shoulder completely dominating me. By then I had traded self respect for desire to have sex.

His cock was getting harder and hotter, I sucked his balls, ‘Yummy’ I said loudly without realizing what the Italian guy would think about me. ‘I’m about to cum’ he said, I removed my mouth from his tool and softly felt it with my fingers. It was shivering, I cuddled it.

Before I could suck it again ‘KNOCK KNOCK, Jeuvani is everything alright?’ came his father’s voice. A chill went down his spine as his cock shrank within minutes. We were both naked in the room and quickly wore our clothes while his angry father was knocking the door.

‘Just a sec dad’ cried Jeuvani and then wearing just his pants he opened the door. ‘What the hell have you been doing inside?’ he walked in, seeing red marks on my chest he asked ‘What’s all this?’ ‘Abbb’ I stammer for an excuse. ‘His girlfriend’s great’ says Jeuvani. ‘We were just talking about sex and stuff.’

‘The son could talk about that with his father’ I was amazed at his guts and it also increased my crush on him, he was a true man. ‘Then why are you shirtless?’ ‘C’mon dad , I didn’t believe Jaus could make a girlfriend, he was showing me his sex life.’

He wore his shirt ‘I’ll go call mine dad’ he went out of the room closing the door. His father walked to me. I don’t know why but I didn’t feel the need to wear a shirt in front of him. ‘You gotta a girl?’ I nodded. ‘I thought you were gay.’ He sat on the bed and pulled me besides him with his hairy hands, he had so much hair I could see it bulging out of his T-shirt. ‘Tell me about your girl, even I miss my wife over here.’ ‘Where is she?’ I ask. ‘In Heaven.’

He stretched his arms ‘God I miss her’ and while bringing them down I felt his right hand feel my back and he places it just above my ass. ‘What’s this?’ he turns on the computer screen and plays the video.

‘Whoa’ he sees the video of me sucking hi son’s large dick. And I’m caught. ‘I have to go.’ He grabs my hand just like his son ‘I didn’t see you climax there. Why let it stay inside?’ he didn’t lift me sweetly like his son rather the 40 something man kissed my neck standing at the door. He pointed on the bed. A little afraid I soon complied, I undid my pants.

'Show me that ass.’ I turned around and flaunted my cheeks. Lay on the bed as coy as I could covering my body with my hands. Hs removed his clothes I could see the bear, he was like those truck drivers my favorite fantasy. He walks to me, spreads my hands apart and lies on top of me. His chest against mine, God, I moaned. He 70 kg body was heavy but it was worth it.

‘I have to go Sir’ he lie on top of me, smiling at my face till he began kissing my cheeks, then he went down to my chest and bit it, licked it. The sore by his son were hurtful but this was fucking bad. I couldn’t push him away since his strong hands had full control of my hands. And when he bit my navel I knew why he held my hands. He turned me over and presses his palm against my back, kisses the neck. ‘God. Like father like son.’

He laughted, I could feel something down my ass. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Shut up you bitch.’ He put his cock inside my hole. ‘No don’t.’ ‘Yeah man’ Shoving his cock inside my asshole he was also milking my nipples. It was painful but he didn’t care and I liked it. ‘You like it don’t you’ he shoved it deeper. I was shouting when he covered it with his huge hand.

After 5 minutes of fucking he took me for a shower where I applied soap on his hairy body. ‘Have you ever thought of shaving it?’ ‘Have you ever thought of not shaving it?’ he laughs back. ‘Hmm’ I clean his ass and in the pretext of cleaning it I try to fuck him. ‘Who’s the man now?’ I try to fuck him but it’s not fun. ‘It’s a man’s job’ he holds my shoulder and brings me in front of him, kisses me tightly on the lips, tongue to tongue.

‘Hmmm’ he slided his hands down my ass and presses my cheeks. Then he pushes my head down ‘Suck it.’ ‘I suck his 9 inch hairy cock. ‘Oh yeah man suck it raw.’

‘Knock knock. Dad are you there?’ I get up look at his father. ‘What’s going on?’ Smilingly he opens the door naked and lets his son come in. ‘Your mom told today was your birthday, we decided to make it special.’ Jeuvani undressed himself and hugged me ‘I knew you were gay the day I saw you eyeing the waiter’s butt in the restaurant.’ Embarrassed I look down but the father lifts up my face ‘There’s nothing to be ashamed. Celebrate it.’

They both took turns fucking me, at one point I was sucking Jeuvani’s shaved cock and getting fucked by his father’s monster. ‘Oh yeah I like it.’

After drinking both their cums I got up and pulled my shirt but the father didn’t allow me to wear it. ‘Your mom’s out for work, you’ll be staying here for 2 days.’ ‘And 2 nights’ continues Jeuvani. ‘You both?’ ‘After his mother died we came really close, we’re more friends that father son.’ ‘My dad bought me my first girl on my 18th birthday.’ Those 2 days were the best days of my life, I got fucked, sucked, enjoyed sucking their nipples.

Once Jeuvani's dad took me over to his friend’s place and left me alone there in the pretext that Jeuvani wasn’t well. Alone in a strange man’s house I was petrified but the man supported me by using a lubricant before fucking my ass. Dad (that’s what even I would call me) came to pick me in the morning and after seeing him collect money from the man I got infuriated and blasted out of that place. Never did I went over to Jeuvani’s house.

Next month in school I saw the boys laugh at me behind my back. I entered the washroom and saw 4 guys inside. They were staring at my body. Until one of them pulled my hand and pulled me towards himself. ‘Call me daddy’ said the 6 ft guy. ‘I looked around.’ A guy removed his cell phone and I saw my ass getting fucked by a blurred man though from the hair I could sense who it was.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ I ask Jeuvani in his house in front of his father. ‘Look son we can explain.’ ‘Then explain’ ‘We wanted some money and.’ ‘C’mon man what’s the harm?’ ‘Don’t touch me Jeuvani.’ ‘Look Jaus, we can’t do anything now. Even if we pull back the video it’s been downloaded by 5000 users.’ ‘I’m going to the police.’ ‘Enough you slut’ his father pulled me over and kissed me on the lips. ‘Let me go’ I cried. ‘Look baby, you’ve been done with. If you go to the cops you still won’t be able to take back the proposals, so why not enjoy it.’ ‘What if my mother finds out?’ ‘Then come to Italy with me’ says Jeuvani, ‘I’ll tell your mom you’re coming for a small vacation and then we’ll say you got a nice job.’ ‘As a gay prostitute?’ I ask. ‘Hey’ the father walked towards me ‘Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it? Now come on I need you to soap my back’ I follow him in the bathroom ‘And also suck my cock.’

In Italy I got fucked, sucked and Man it was awesome. Strangers fucking me, Jeuvani made me dress up like girls at times, or girly boys in pink shirts and tight pants in front of rusty truck drivers. At times he wouldn't have the taxi fare and the driver would talke me alone for a long ride.

‘God’ the sex was awesome, I got laid over dozens of times. Soon I realized I was being paid less by Jeuvani so I switched him for an old man with a 10 inch cock. He paid me more but also made me work more. I would sleep in someone else’s place and wake up in some small car, eat pizzas seated on a old white man’s lap and share wine with a jock and his bad male friends.

But when he sent me over to a homophobe to suck him before he marries a girl, I decided to go back to Jeuvani. He hugged me on seeing me and said he missed me too and from now on won’t sent me over to anyone else just him and me. ‘Really?’ ‘NAH… you’re my golden goose’ he smooched me.

My mom called saying she was about to remarry. On her wedding I got fucked by 2 of my uncles, though you can’t blame them, I seduced them by showing my sexy ass. My cousin walked to me saying he liked what he saw on Net and likes to upgrade himself. Since I would be leaving after a week and my mother got married I would be alone in my house for some time. I told my cousin to move in with me. He didn’t like Jeuvani and his father but next morning I saw him sucking his cock. I thought of joining but then didn’t want to steal my him his share of pleasure.