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Lusting after lust


Today a man walked past me and I fell in love, for ten minutes. I cannot remember what he looked like or if he was handsome, plain or downright ugly. I cannot remember whether he was well endowed or not. All I know is that, I would have followed him forever.

He was young and slim of waist. My eyes feasted on the look of that butt, the cheeks of which were full and beautifully rounded. They were separated nicely by the centre seam of his trousers as the young man moved. My heart sang with lust and became saddened as he disappeared from sight.

I could not stop myself; I changed direction and increased my speed. Yes, I caught a glimpse of him. I almost ran to catch up only to slow down when that butt was once again in full sight. I did not know where we were going. As we climbed a set of steps which made the cloth creep up his arse crease is when I suspected he was wearing no underwear. I followed him around a corner and he was gone, nowhere to be seen. Dejected I walked back the way I had come. To my surprise he stood in my path.

Confronted like this I was afraid, looking around me, I realized he had led me into a sort of no man’s land the area was of mainly closed down shops, was it fight or flight. Body wise we were evenly matched; it was the age that was the difference, I was maybe ten years older. I stood my ground and smiled. His aggressive stance relaxed and he smiled back. I should have remembered he was handsome and certainly well endowed also by what I could see my following had aroused, more than anger?

Seeing where my gaze was directed, the young man placed his hand over the front of his trousers and moved his fingers around the outline of his shaft, so I could see its shape better; through the fabric, he asked whether I wanted it. What could I say that I was scared and had never done it before! Once again, I could not help myself I nodded, yes.

Moving nearer he took me in his arms and whilst kissing me he guided my right hand down inside his trousers and for the first time ever I was holding someone else’s cock, funny thing it was my cocks reaction that I felt more intensely as though through my hand I was receiving a powerfully charge. Next he undid his trousers and let them fall to his ankles so exposing all, as indeed he had no underwear on.

Letting me go from the embrace, I fell to my knees, and in that position he pushed my head downwards towards his cut shaft head, which was by then oozing pre-cum. Using my tongue I tasted his cum although bitter it was not unpleasant, before I could savour more. He had forced his shaft into my mouth; I protected his penis from my teeth by overlaying them with my lips. I almost gagged as he pushed forward down my throat and proceed to fuck my face. I did my best, till overcome with his sperm I had a coughing fit and he took it out.

Grabbing me by the belt he pulled me up and whilst kissing again he undid my trousers, this time he had me on my hands and knees bum up. He then mounted me Doggy style, once he entered my hole which hurt like hell, he really went to town and started riding hard, I tried to get him off me but he pumped even harder, he would not stop, I ended up laying on the ground ,he followed me down still fucking. It got better when his cum lubricated my hole, slowly I got use to it, I began to like it, I think he came three or four times, I’m not quite certain about that as my mind was blown by then. All I know is after having had his way with me it hurt when he then extracted his still hard shaft and without a word he left me laying there crying and feeling like shit, in that street of derelict shops.