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My Big Brother


I'm Sarah and I'm 18, my parents died a few months ago in a car crash and it's just me and my brother left, my brother is 5 years older than me. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes, and I'm a C breast size. When mum and dad died I needed a lot of comfort that night and my brother Mike was there.

"Hey Sarah, want some tea?" Mike asked, I just shook my head, I didn't want anything. We were at his house, and I was sitting on his couch. He pat my head, he was clearly sad as well. I buried my head into his chest and started sobbing. He lifted my chin and kissed me. I was shocked, my oni-sama kissed me? "shit, I'm sorry" he said quickly. "it's fine, just one more time..." I said, and he did, kissing me more rough, not as gentle as the first. "I want you" he said. And I let him carry on, he was taking off my underwear and clothes, he started licking and fingering my pussy. So good, I was moaning. he took his clothes off and saw his dick, it was huge, 9 inch long. I sucked it hard.

He then placed it inside my pussy, it was a little sore but good at the same time. In and out again and again, for ages, it was my first time but It still felt good.

After that night I started to feel a little better but was still grieving. Months past, as a birthday treat he pulverised me, he started to get possessive, he said if I didn't become his sex slave he would not speak to me ever again, but I wanted to become his slave. So whenever he felt like having sex I HAD to come to his place and have sex with him. It didn't matter what I was doing I had to, so every day rough amazing sex. And hopefully it will never stop...