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My Brother Tom


My name is Jan, Jan for Janet, this happened about ten years ago when I was just coming up to sixteen.  I'd been curious about sex ever since my body began to change, I liked what happened to me, my lovely breasts and how my fanny changed and became so sensitive when I played with myself.  I discovered how much better it was when someone else did it to me when I was on a sleepover with my best friend when I was eleven.  After that I just got more and more interested.

Anyway one Friday evening Mum told us that she would be out all day from early the next day.  When I woke she was gone, I was feeling very sexy and had played with myself for a bit before I thought of my brother Tom.  Tom and I got on great and I'd always wondered what his dick was like, I had never seen a boys thing.  The more I thought about the more I thought that he'd get excited if he saw my fanny.  So I got up to spend a penny and then washed myself down there and taking my nighty off I went into his bedroom.  He was asleep so I got on his bed with him, that soon woke him.

He said, 'What do you want, Jan?', he sounded rather cross.  'I thought you might like to see this,' I replied.  He turned towards me and realised that I had nothing on, I lay back and spread my legs.  I saw the shock on his face as he looked at my naked fanny, I reached between my legs and drew my fingers over my fanny.  'Christ Jan!' he said.  'Don't you like it then?'  I asked him.  'Of course I do,' he spluttered.  'You can feel me if you like, just take your pyjamas off and show me your dick and you can do what you like,' I told him.

He thought about it for a moment then throwing the bedclothes back he removed his pyjamas.  His dick was standing straight up, 'There,' he said, 'this what you want to see?'  'Yes!' I gasped.  He put his hand between my thighs and felt the lips of my fanny, 'What do I do?' he asked.  I showed him and he was soon getting me thoroughly aroused as he played with me and I with him after he'd shown me how to wank him.

We both got very excited, I got extremely wet and my fanny swelled and opened up, I showed him my clit.  His dick was all wet on the top and had a funny, but not unpleasant, smell.  He kissed me, 'I'd love to put my cock up your cunt, Jan,' he said panting with excitement.  'Yeah,' I replied, 'I'd like that too.'   I lay back my legs wide apart and getting between them he pushed his cock, as he called it, against my fanny.  The knob was actually between the lips, I put my hand down and put it against my hole and he pushed.  It didn't hurt but it needed several pushes before I knew it was in, then he slid it right up inside.

'Oh God, Jan, I'm going to fuck you!' Tom said.  'Go on, go on!'  I urged him.  He pushed so far up me that I felt his big balls against my bum, then he pulled back and thrust in again.  He did it several times, I loved it and urged him on to do it harder.  He did this for a minute or two then gasped, 'I'm cumming, Jan!'  The next moment he rammed into me then, as he pulled back, I felt a hot fierce spurt inside.  It happened about five times before he slumped on me gasping for breath.

I rolled him off feeling his 'spunk', as he called it, oozing inside me, that's when I suddenly realised that I could get pregnant!  I jumped up, 'Wa's the ma''er,' his voice slurred.  'I got to get that spunk out of me,' I told him. I don't want to get pregnant.'  I knew that Mum kept an enema in the bathroom, I went in and turning the bathtaps on I searched for it.  Adjusting the temperature of the water I got in and proceeded to squirt warm water up my fanny, I saw the spunk coming out in sort of strings.  I kept on until I was sure it had all gone then got out and dried off.  I had really loved the sex so I told Tom to go in the bathroom and wash his cock and that he could fuck me again as long as he didn't cum up me.  After that we did it several times.

I had a real guilty conscience afterwards and when I was able to see Mum on her own I told her what I'd done.  'You're a very silly girl, Jan, you ought to know better.'  We talked about it and the upshot was that a couple of days later she took me to see our lady doctor and I was fixed up with a diapragm.  I didn't fuck Tom again, I realised that doing that was very wrong but there was a very nice man I knew......