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My classmate Tim


It was one boring Tuesday at high school and I had a test that I needed to study for. It was 13:50 pm waiting for the bell to ring so we can go home, as I sat there my classmate Tim whom I had fantasies about came up to me and said hey jason, I replyed saying Hey man, we made a little conversation thats when he asked me do you wanna study with me today? Gladly I replyed ok thats fine.

 Then bell rung and as we made way to the library, we got there finding that it was fully packed. So I decided to invite Tim to my house, without no hesitation he agreed. We walked to my house finding that my mommy was out to the grocery shop and she left me a note saying she'll be back at around 6 in the evening, I politely invited Tim to my room and he sat on top of my bed, I offered him something to drink but he said he was fine.

I sat next to him asking him questions on what he thinks we'll write about tomorrow? He blurted out maybe it'll be sex, and we shared a laugh. As we continued to talk I removed my shoes and laid on top of my bed with my legs wide up showing my nice bulge. Without wasting time I felt a hand moving on my left thigh, rubbing me slowly, I asked him what was he doing? He said he was waiting for this time for months now.


I stood up walked to my door and locked i came back to find Tim having a huge bulge in his pants. I thought to myself this is a dream come true, he stood up and we kissed each other slowly my hands over his back and his hands over my back, we paused as we striped each other untile we we're standing there in our briefs, we went back to our kiss slowly he went from my neck, to my nipples then he ended up in my cock, without waist of time he pulled down my briefs and my black 9 inch sprung out.

Hmmmm he said nice. Then i felt his warm mouth slowly playing with my heard a minute or so he was going up and down on my cock i moaned that i'm about to cum he said hold it, he came back and kissed me and whipered to my ear its your turn now I slowly went down to his bulge although he wasn't that huge i pulled his briefs down to reveal his 7.5 inch black cock. I slowly started to work on him gliding in and out of my mouth, then he moaned fuck me jason fuck me, I laid him on my bed then I spit onto his hole to lube it. I slowly entered the guy i dreamt about.