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My Dog Roxie


When I got my dog I was 18 and she was a labrador puppy. She was the cutest little thing, and always use to lick everything. The one day i got the idea when she was about 2 I was home alone and started to get dirty thoughts watching her lick herself. I called her over and pulled of my pants, and gave her my hand to lick at first then drew her close to my cock so she could smell it. She started to lick it, and it felt great. I was so turned on I almost became an animal just wanting it real bad.

While she was licking my cock I reached around and startd to play with her pussy. At first she got nrvous and scared, but after some persuasion she started to become acustomed to it. I finally got her on her back, and stuk my cock into her little pink pussy. It was real tight at first, and she squealed in pain, but soon enough it loosened up. I was Pumping and Pumping she was loving it, and i got the feeling of blowing my load. It had to have been the biggest load of my life. I then got up and put my pants back on petting her. Knowing that she liked it, because she was wagging her tail real hard. Ever since that day We have been lovers, and fuck almost everyday. I would have to say that she s mans best friend.