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My Dream Cum True

It was the summer holidays, and i was at home, longing for some action. I hadn't ever had full sex, but just the kissing-sucking phase. So i was looking for a guy to fall in love. I had decided early on that i'll lose my virginity to the guy i loved.
It was then, that one of my brother's friends came to stay at our place. I had been having a huge crush on him for a long time, so i was excited. He was very fair, a little shorter than me and had the best butt i had ever seen. I loved a juicy butt.

All that day, i hanged around him, catching looks at his buns and crotch whenever i could. I think he noticed it, because he told me to bring a lungi- a one piece wrap around clothe- for him to wear. I obeyed, of course. That got me really excited! When i came back, he had stripped off his jeans and undies, and stood naked in the room. God! his cock looked so tasty, even though it was flaccid! i had to try really hard to not grab it then and there! He looked at me, then smiled his dazzling smile. I went weak on my knees, and had to hold the bed. i ran out of there, lest i fell down and embarrass myself in front of my angel.

Then i got braver as i came to know that my brother was not coming back tonight, as there was no bus! how lucky could i get! I got bolder, so started to touch and stroke, at first very gently, his butt whenever i could. When he didn't object, a started to press on them lightly. He just seemed oblivious! And during dinner. my hand was on his crotch, just feeling the warmth there. I was so horny!

Whe it was bed time, i wanted to sleep with him, but mom made me got to my room to sleep, and him to my bro's room. I was crestfallen, but how could i show it! i was still closeted!
So i decided not to sleep, but wait for everyone to sleep. I plugged in my Ipod, and startred to listen to some good, sexy songs.

I must have nodded off, because when i got conscious again, it was close to two in the morning. Damn!, i thought, and slowly started to creep to his room.

He was sleeeping, on the side of the bed. I sat on the floor, next to the bed. As i knew he had no undies, my hands slowly moved to ghis crotch. When i found the warm softness ther, i started to press lightly on it. It got warmer, and noticedly erect. Then, his hands grabed mine, I sat there, stunned, unable to think what to do!

And then, he pulled my hands and kissed my palm. I couldn't believe it. He sat up and guided my stunned self to the bed. Then, i got my senses back. I grabbed his cock, which was hard as rock now, and started to move it up and down. We kissed, and i loved the taste of it. It may not be honey, but sure was the best aphrodisiac. I started to lick his chest, his nipples and worked my way to his belly button. He arched in pleasure, as my tongue lapped up his strong bely. i slowly moved to his cock, and pulled it into my mouth. It was the tastiest cock i had ever had!. While i worked on his cock, he was fiddling with my Boy too. Oh the pleasure was so GOOD!