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My Favorite Cousin


SO my cousin Natasha and I have been best friends forever and we have been attracted to each other for a while now. We told each other everything. even our feelings for each other. Well on my eighteenth birthday she decided we should go camping. With my new truck my parents just bought me and the boat that her parents have had for a while. She was already nineteen and her parents didn't think nothing of it, we borrowed the boat all the time during the summer. Well, when we got there she said she had a surprise for me waiting out on the lake, but we had to get ready first. so like usual she went up to the porta-potties to get her swim suit and over clothes on and I set up camp.

Since I always swim in my cut off jeans. I didn't need to get prepared for anything. When she came back I noticed that she was wearing a mesh over shirt with her swim suit on underneath. Natasha has  a slim waist with 34D tits a Beautiful bubble butt. I tried hard to not let her see my erection.  When we got out on the boat she drove like usual her parents didn't really like me driving the boat. we always had respect for them. She found the most secluded little steam just large enough for the boat to fit through. She knew the area well. She told me to close my eyes. So I obliged thinking when I open them she will have pulled out some bud light or whisky for us. When she let me open my eyes she had both a fifth of jack and a case of Bud Light. But what I didn't expect was to find she had taken off her Bikini and top but left on her mesh over shirt. Immediately my prick got hard. She said Happy birthday Jake. I am your present this year.

I asked her if she was sure. She opened a bottle of bud brought it to me and sit down on my lap. She smiled wide when she found she was sitting on a seven inch cock. She asked If I would like to get a little more comfortable. I just shook my head still in shock. Well, When I took off my cut off jeans she saw my cock and started licking her lips. when I sat back down next to her she hopped up and got on her knees and started sucking my cock. First it was just the head. She sucked on the tip for a little while then she slid in about half. She was slow about it to make it last longer. Then finally she deep throated the entire seven inches. I think she may have even fit a nut in there. She was very rapid with it after that. She gagged a couple times but didn't let it slow her down any, it felt great. I let her know when I was about to come and she slid it all the way down her throat and help it there she gagged twice from that but held steadily down on me, and then I came down her throat. she swallowed every little bit of it. then came up and started making out with me.

I went a little limp for a few second but recovered once I started messaging Her perky little nipples through her mesh. top. Finally I ripped the mesh off of her body. and bent her over the back of the seat. and she started saying "give it to me in the ass Jake, I want you in my ass." I didn't even let her brace herself I positioned my cock to the entrance between her two beautiful bubbles. and rammed it all in hard. She started screaming "oh my god. uh uh uh" I never gave her the chance to recover. As I slid back out the third time in Her ass convulsed, and hard It hurt but felt great. After about thirty minutes of that I came inside of her. She turned around and said lay down on your back. I did as I was told. She got on top of me positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. And slid down slowly. Her pussy was so fucking tight she had to wiggle to get all the way down the first few times.

Until we both lubed the hole with our previous cum. She stayed steady and slow for a long time for that one. Until I sat up she started to moan again, and started she said she was gonna cum so I laid her back and pumped her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. While sucking on her tit and kneading her other nipple with my fingers. We came simultaneously, her pussy convulsed harder than her ass had before and I fell back out of energy after that. She flipped around and started making out with me again then we fell asleep on the boat that night. Natasha and I meet up every chance we get now to fuck each others brains out. and it get's better each time.