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My First HomoSexual Experience


My first bisexual experience happened about 7 years ago. I placed an advert and someone interested responded to me... I wasn't looking for a quickie, that doesn't do it for me... and my first experience lasted around 5 hours! His name was Mike, he arrived at my flat around 10pm, and was greeted by me wearing just a bathrobe... We sat in the front room on the sofa looking at each other. He was about 45 and I was 37 at the time I think. We had a few drinks of wine which lasted about an hour, good enough to have a conversation and get to know each other, we were enjoying that... After an hour I got up and told him that I was going to my bedroom to get changed for him, and told him to strip off whilst I was gone... I arrived back to the front room wearing just my 5" gorgeous high heels and nothing else! My cock was fully erected and with my poppers in one hand I took a good sniff... there was Mike standing completely naked and with an erection too... he was fully shaven, not a single hair on his body, nice, mmmmmmm.... I walk up to the huge mirror in my front room and start to do sexy poses for him, which turned us both on even more...I then go up to him, bend down, with my tight little ass in the air and start to play with his hard cock, I suck on it, whilst stroking his hairless body, what a huge turn on...I then stand up in front of him and he starts to go down on me, he was a very appreciative person and enjoyed what he was doing as much as I did...after a while I lead him to the 3 seater sofa and tell him that I want us to do a 69 on it, we 69 each other on the sofa, both of us licking and sucking each others erected members and licking and sucking each others man-pussies, mmmmm, so lovely, I couldn't believe my eyes as to what we were doing, it was a dream cum true...

After spending a while 69ing each other, I grab his hand and lead him to my nest(bed) or (bedroom). I had it all prepared, no real lighting, just lots of candles everywhere... We get into bed and start to caress each other, touching every single part of each others body... Mike was the same as me, he liked fucking and liked being fucked, it didnt matter what it was, though at the time of placing the advert, I was the one that wanted to be fucked, so after a couple of minutes discussing this, whilst we were still fondling each other, I told him that I was the one that wanted to be fucked, he agreed without a problem at all... I put some low volume music on, take a sniff of my poppers and tell him that I was ready for him to enter me... I got on my hands and knees, still wearing my high heels of course, he placed his face behind me and started licking my recently cleaned pussyhole, (by the way, I had an enema before he came to my flat as I like to be squeaky clean for the occasion), he pulls his tube of lube and starts to gently lubricate my tight hole, inserting one finger, two fingers, three fingers, mmmmmm,(I wish that I had asked him to fist me!). When my hole was an easy target, after the poppers, lube and fingers, he put on his condom and penetrated me, wow, the feeling of another man inserting his cock inside you is, phewwwwwwww, I haven't got the sufficient words to describe it!!! It's just amazing, it feels wrong, dirty, degrading, such a fucking turn-on... a million times better than inserting dildos, vibrators and vegetables!!!!!!!! My story hasn't finished yet, but he fucked me for about 3 hours, in every position that I have fantasied about!!!!! Im on all fours and with my legs spread wide, Mike is making love to my ass, in a gentle way, just how I had imagined it, fantasied about it, wanted it... He doesn't want to hurt me, that wouldn't be good for any of us, he asks me all the time if Im OK, I like that, I feel reassured, I trust him, that's very important.

He takes me from behind for a long time, I was the one in control, even though I was being the submissive one... After a while I tell him that I want to try a new position, he agrees...I ask him to lay down so that I can sit on him, this time facing him, I straddled him, grabbed his erect cock and gently inserted it into myself, like I had done many times with my vibrator, carrots, cucumbers and bananas, inserting his cock inside me whilst looking at each others eyes was incredible, I felt such a whore, and I loved it!!! I started to ride him slowly, I was more in control in this position, it was great, looking at him and going up and down at my own pace, my hands caressing his body, his tits, his neck, it was glorious!!! After a while I wanted to try a similar position, but with me facing his feet and riding him, beautiful position, possibly more for Mike because he gets to see how his cock penetrates me, in and out, in and out, in and out, I loved it too, apart from the pleasure that I was getting from riding a gorgeous hard cock, I was also getting the more dirtier pleasure of thinking about what Mike was thinking, mmmm... amazing!!! My next fantasized position was to follow... we take a small rest, laying next to each other in bed, stroking each other, and talk about what we have done, both of us enjoyed it as much as each other. Mike is a long stayer, I think to myself, great, that means that we can spend the night acting out all my fantasies...mmmmm.... We talk about how it was for each other about what we just did, I tell him that he wants to cum, that I want to kneel in my high heels before him, for him to hold my hair, and to fuck my mouth until he cums, when he is cumming, I want him to masturbate himself in my mouth, so that all his hot cum is filling my mouth, I want Mike to shoot his load, to cum in my mouth whilst we are looking into each others eyes, how horny is that???

And I also want him to call me a "fucking dirty little cum slut" whilst he is doing all that!!! Another way, I tell him, is that when he is about to cum, I want him to shoot his hot milk on my bum, around my asshole so that I can rub it in my tight, freshly fucked and wet pussyhole with his hot cream, mmm!!!!! We get up, I take a sniff of some poppers and Mike does too, my long wardrobe is all mirrored, I want to stand up in my sexy black heels, arms stretched up facing the mirror, legs apart and Mike to caress my body, lick my recently fucked ass, mmm, myself looking at the mirror, every now and then taking a sneak look at Mike licking my pussyhole, I was in heaven, I tell Mike to penetrate me now! He comes up behind me, in exactly the same position as I was, and inserts his erect member inside me, both of us looking at each other in the mirror, we fuck like that for about 15 minutes, slowly and hard fucking, Mike caressing my whole body, up and down. BY THE WAY, I HOPE THAT I MEET SOMEONE SIMILAR TO MIKE ONE DAY FOR REGULAR MEETINGS LIKE THIS, I LIKE TO STICK WITH THE SAME PERSON!!! After another little rest and chat, I get up and ask Mike if he wants me to give him a little slutty show whilst he masturbates in front of me, great idea he says, he lays in bed touching his cock, I take a sniff of poppers, put the dance music a bit up and start do give him a show, me in front of the mirror, dancing, playing with myself, caressing myself, inserting a dildo into me, watching in the mirror at Mike masturbating, mmm, I felt so dirty and slutty, I loved it!
After a while, I was ready to cum, I wanted to cum, Im feeling soooooo horny, I told Mike that I wanted and needed to cum, I asked him where he would like me to cum, he said that he didn't mind, anywhere that I wanted to, I told him that if that was the case, I wanted to cum in his mouth, he loved the idea, I knelt in front of him, looking at him I masturbated to the point of no return, he opened his mouth wide and looking at him, I filled his eager mouth with hot and creamy milk that I had been saving since he contacted me a week ago!!!

It was heaven! He didn't spill a drop, even though I partly came around his mouth and lips, he managed to swallow it all and licking his lips with the needs of wanting more...!!! After me cumming heavily into Mike's mouth and watching him swallow all my man juice, we relaxed a while, both lay back in bed, stroking each others cocks and body, it was Mikes time to cum, I sucked him, I let him fuck my mouth, his cock deep down my throat, my lips wrapped around his swollen full of cum ball bag, I lay on the bed, still in my slutty heels, legs wide open, pussyhole stretched and he came, his hot creamy man juice splashing onto my asshole and bum cheeks,my hand rubbing it all around my hole and ass,it made me feel slutty, but feeling slutty is a good feeling! I turn around and watch Mikes expression of pleasure, kneel down in front of him and clean his cum soaken member with my eagerly awaiting tongue, delicious!!!
That was my first bisexual experience with another bisexual man and my last one. It lasted about 5 hours. I would love to have a repeat of this experience!