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My First Time and my Heartbeat

Hello my name is cindy, I'm 18 and I thought I would share this experience with you. it opened the door to my sexuality and made me realize how pleasurable sexual arousal is and opened the door to my attraction to men.

I'm a very attractive women with moderate ,very pointy cone shaped breasts and an attractive body and face. I have sent my pictures to some modeling agency's and they are starting to call me back for interviews. I keep my pussy unshaved also with no tattoos or rings or anything like that. I haven't had really any sexual experiences because the boys at my high school are immature and dont attract me.

I was vacationing with my family in California for 10 days and after jogging 5 miles on the beach I decided to loosen up for a massage at the hotel and spa. when I opened the door and entered the room I was shocked and surprised. The masseur was the most attractive looking man I had ever seen, he was very muscular and built with a chiseled face like the david statue. He was wearing boxer shorts and a tank top. He looked about upper 20s or low 30s.

my heart usually beats very slow because I am in excellent shape. but I never felt my heart react that way in my chest before. The minute I saw him I could feel the tip of my heart start thrusting violently under my right breast and the pumping begin to pick up very forcefully. My heart is very healthy and strong so it felt like a rock was throwing itself against my breast with each beat. Its like my heart was trying to tell me this man is very arousing to me.

I just really came in for a massage so I undressed to my bra and panties and started to lay down on the table on my stomach he began to massage my back and the back of my legs for about 15 min and by that time I could feel my heart beating more violently each passing minute. I could almost feel the table shake from its violent beating my pussy also felt very wet and I could feel my clitoris throbbing under my pussy lips with each beat of my heart.

By this time I couldn't wait to even have him tell me to flip over, I immediately turned on my back by myself as he started to massage my stomach and glide his hands around my pussy that was still covered with my panties, I looked at my breasts. they were actually blowing up with each incredibly forcefull beat of my heart, I could see them filling up the cup of my bra and turn into swollen cones on my chest, my skin under my ribcage was undulating with each beat of my heart and I could see what actually looked like my heart pushing up against the wall of my chest with each violent beat. 

I never even really saw an erect penis before, but it definitely looked like his penis was fully erect and trying to push out of his boxer shorts. I could see the beautiful shaped head and rippling hard shaft clearly through his thin shorts. I never before was even interested to want to touch a man's penis let alone see one, but I really could not take it any more. I must have lost control but I grabbed for his penis pulling his shorts down, his huge fully erect penis sprung out of his trousers, it was so big and beautiful and it was like it was controlling me. It must have been 7 inches long, veins all through it and rock hard. his balls were very hairy and big too.

I felt so helpless, I began to caress his huge penis, I could feel the huge shaft throbbing in my hands and that got me even so more aroused as I touched his balls. I could see his penis jerking up and down I guess with his own heart pounding.

He knew at that point I wanted him so he ripped my bra and panties off my body. I couldn't believe my breasts could get that big and pointy and my heart was beating like I had just ran 5 miles uphill. It was literally shaking both my breasts noticibly with each incredibly violent beat. I never felt my clitoris in my life throb so violently too
it felt like it was going to leap out of my pussy.

I really dont like what happened next but I couldn't stop him at all, I felt his penis push inside me and start to thrust back and force.
It felt so good as the warm erect penis kept pushing back and forth inside me, I wanted to pull it out but I couldn't, I didnt want to get pregnant but the pleasure was unbearable. Again, uncontrollably I lifted my legs and began to try to wrap them around him, I kept trying to spread my legs wider hoping his penis would go even deeper in me. After about 5 minutes of his powerfull thrusting I could feel the muscles in my body tighten and my vagina inside start to spasm, this was my first orgasm and I never thought my human female body could give such pleasure to me. I really felt my poor heart was going to explode at that point, the force and strength of each beat was scary.

I could feel his penis also at that time start to pulsate inside me and a warmth of I guess semen shower into my vagina. He started to withdraw his penis out of me at that point. Finally my heart began to slow down and the forceful beating finally stopped. After, I lay on the table another 5 minutes.

Once I regained control of my self I really didnt like what had happened. He tried to talk more to me but I said I had to go back to my parents and we left California 3 days later.

I felt really ashamed of myself that I had lost such control of my body
but the event I had with the masseur really turned me on to men and made me realize that I am turning into a mature women now.
I know if I see a man that attracts me now, I won't be afraid of sex and I will look forward to the intense pleasure it can give a women.