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My first time with my virgin best friend of many years

After we finished soccer practice my best friend Justin grey said that he would give me a ride home. I accepted and we left and got into his car. He started talking about his ex girlfriend who was pretty hot and he started to get a boner. He was still a virgin at the time. So when we got to my house he was practically masturbating in the driver seat of his car and stopped when I got out of the car. When he drove off I almost collapsed with the heat that I felt between us. I had always assumed that he was gay but I had never confronted him about it.
Later that Night I got a text from him asking me if I wanted to hang out later that weekend. I said yes and told him that I was going to bed. When I woke up o had a text message on my phone from him that said "hey I just wanted to let you know I was going to be a little late picking you up I have stuff to do around town first. I stress to get ready just package my clothes a tooth brush and some deodorant. About half an hour late he was at my door to pick me up. We walked out to his truck and started drivig to his which is about half an hour out of the town I live in. When we arrived I told him that I was going to the bathroom.

I walked out and back to the living room, he was not tere anymore. I looked around the house and found him laying in his bed covered by a blanket and a magazine sitting beside him. He didn't see me standing there so I just watched to see what he was doing. I saw the blankets he was laying under move up and down right around the crotch area. He picked up the magazine and it was a gay porn magazine. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back and moaned quietly. His hand stopped moving he was breathing deeper. He sat still for a couple minutes then got up and pit the magazine in one of his Night stand doors and closed. He got out his bed with no clothes on at all.

He walked towards his closet on the other side of the room and saw me peeking through the door
"why didn't you just come in" he said as he walked towards true door " I could have used a bit of help" he sounded a bit to eager to have sex with a man. Instead of replying I walked up the stairs and out side. I sat on his front deck and waited for him to come out. My dick was still hard from watching him masturbate and wanted to go masturbate but Sid nit want him to find out about me doing itthis could jst make him even more horny. When he came back up stairs he wasn't wearing a shirt and just had on some basketball shorts. He sat down right beside me and put his hand on my thigh. I hesitated at this action but got more and more comfortable as we sat there.

The night went future and we got to talking and found out that me and justin both were thinking about wanting to have sex with eachother so we put on some porn(gay porn) and we both started to get hard, I looked over as Justin was playing with himself under his shorts. His dick was not all that big maybe 5 inches. Him playing with himself made me get rock hard and I started to pull my jeans off exposing my partly tight boxer briefs. He was wearing boxers and yu could see his dick sticking straight up where as mine was against my stomach ans you could see the shape of it.

I stood up and so did Justin we both slid our underwear down to our knees and then let them fall to the floor and kicked them aside. We were both masturbating slowly. Jusin stopped and looked over at my 7inch uncut cock with trimmed pubic hair. I looked at justins crotch and he had a 5 inch cock that was cut and with a full plush of pubi hair.

He reached his hand over to mine and moved my hand away from my cock. He wrapped his hand around it slowly moved to his knees.

"I have wanted to so this for a long time." he put his mouth on the head of my dick and slid his mouth halfway down. By now my dick was throbbing from how horny I was. He stopped and licked all the precum from the head and licked his lips before he had a chance to go back for more I stood up a he got on all fours and I mounted him and started to hump him furiously. My fat hard cock sliding in and out of his tight virgin hole. He was moaning louder then ever and let out one big cry of pain and stopped for a minute I was still inside him and we stood up and bent forward against a wall his hands planted and feet spread apart. I started to hump him again and felt his hands grab my ass and squeeze tiff from all of the pain. After about half an hour of hard and fast humping I came into his ass and I let out a moan and pulled out of his ass and salt down on the floor in-between his legs.

By now his dick was half limp and I helped him get it hard again. I wrapped my mouth around it and slid it all the way down to the back of my throat and held it there feeling him getting harder and harder. I pulled it out of my mouth and stood up he was expecting me to turn around to get anal but instead I walked away and went upstairs closet followed by my horny buddy with a small boner. I walked out the house and out on the front portch and put my hands on the railing and waited for his arrival. I felt something go Ito my ass and a liquid against my cheeks. Right after it hit me his dick pushed into my ass as hard as he could.

"what was that?"
"I pissed on you, I needed some form of lubricant," he said stupidly as he was pumping away at my ass. Right before he came he stopped and Caught his breathebit I would let him I pulled his dick out with my hand and started to stroke it with my hands and my mouth. He let out a couple good moans and the came all over the deck and the window. Judging by all the sperm that he let out of his little sac it seemesld like he was holding onto it for a while.

Later on the night, while we were still naked, and coolly dinner, Justin went into his room and returned with some more porn and a box of condoms. We turned the oven off and ran down to his room and fuxked for a couple of hours until it was late.
We sat on the couch just outside his room and watched a movie still naked and cuddled up the couch. Right before thinking about going to bed I asked if he wanted to Rick once more and he agreed.

I flipped Justin so that he was laying on his back in his bed with his legs in the air like he was giving birth. I spread his cheeks apart and began to stick my tounge a d fingers I to his ass. After a while I started to kiss him all over and gave him a big hickey right on the neck. He had his eyes closed but was still awake he was trying to concentrate on not blowing his load all over the place so I quickly, still inside his warm ass, grabbed a condom from beside us and slid it on his dick only one more left. He let out a sigh of relief and let out five huge squirts of cum into the condom. I started to pump his ass harder and harder until I came collapsed onto of him.

I was breathing heavily and noticed something sticking out his dresser drawer. It was a vibrator. Iwaited until Justin was asleep and grabbed it. I slowly slid it up his ass and made sure he was still sleeping, he was, I put the vibrator as far as I could up and the turned it on. Still sleeping he smiled a little bit and began to become very hand and precum all the head of his dick. I stood over top of him and slowly lead my ass down his dick. I felt it hit my ass and I pushed it in. I fell asleep like that and when we woke up theme next morning we decidedto jab a shower and go and buy moe condoms. His parents werent suppose to be home all weekend.