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My growing up


Well I am 21 now, and I had to sit down and tell someone about my past few years,
it seems like a dream, a nice dream.

I am 5ft 10in tall, I have a lovely figure 36B cup and a size 12, in good shape, and when this story starts I had long shoulder slightly blond hair, however now with highlights I am very blond, after all, they say the boys like blonds….
It started many years ago when I first had my periods, and found out about what makes a girl work inside and outside. I discovered that lovely feeling one got from massaging between my legs in my private place; I soon mastered it to get this terrific sensation and explosion between my legs and deep inside my cunt, I always enjoyed it so much, unlike a lot of girls I masturbated quite often, I used to do it in the shower, in the bath, in bed, in fact some really queer places.

I soon found out about boys and the reason for that thing that hung between their legs, I first thought it was so ugly, and found it hard to understand. I was about 15 before I first felt it against me all hard, we were dancing at a school dance, and he was hard against me, I liked him a lot and we had been sort of chasing each other for ages. It made me all excited and when he offered to walk me home I accepted eagerly. We went walking home together and soon stopped in a quite place in the nearby park and kissed, We both got excited and he touched me on my breasts as he kissed me, and then after a while his hand went down to my cunt and it was so nice, I needed that feeling again by then

Then his hand was under my dress and I was very excited, he was rubbing my cunt through my knickers and I felt so sexy I thought I was going to cum straight away. But when he took my hand and put it on his cock that he somehow had taken out, I got a shock at first, it felt so big in my hand but it felt so strange and alive I slowly took hold of it, I knew that boys pulled it to make themselves cum so I started to pull it, his hand came around mine and he directed me as to how he liked me to hold him, and pull him. His hand was fingering my cunt and I was now getting very excited again, I liked pulling him, it was a really strange thing to be holding, it was soft, yet hard, very warm and powerful.

His hand was pulling my panties down out of the way so his hand could get at my cunt properly, his fingers were inside my wet cunt and it felt unbelievable, it was the first time this had happened, then he was shifting as he tried to point his cock closer to my cunt, I was so excited I was just going with the flow, I was moving my legs as to let his hand more room and was aware his cock getting close to my cunt, he took my hand away and he was holding himself, he started to move his cock against my cunt, My panties had fallen to my ankles, I was waiting and willing to let him take me, I was so excited and needing my first experience, and then he made this noise, I felt hot cum shoot at my cunt and down my legs, he was after cumin before he got into me, it was all over for him in a minute, and he soon forgot about my passion, my needs,

He said sorry about 10 times and I tried to reassure him it was O.K. I felt sorry for him really, but I was so unfulfilled, my first real close encounter, something I had thought about happening a 100 times or more over the past years, we walked home to my house and I went to bed to finish what he had started, I had a lovely orgasm and collapsed asleep feeling happy, I was totally disappointed with boys and did not have another close encounter with a man for years.

My story moves to when I was just 18, I was drinking beer and vodka by now and went out with the girlfriends every weekend, we all got on so well together and boys were our target but we rarely split the group to go home with them, really we were out for a fun night and did not want to be distracted with going home with the boys, anyway they all seemed so immature.

One weekend a new girl joined the group; she was a good friend of one of the girls, but had been away at boarding school for over 3 years, Tina was her name, she was lovely and I got on great with her, we clicked at first sight, she was a laugh, great fun and had me laughing all night, and drinking a lot, she was so pretty and looked very sexy, she was really sexy and many boys tried talking to her,

Later when the bars was closed, 4 of us went back to my house, my parents were away and did not mind me having girlfriends back, but were not too happy about bringing boys back which we never did anyway. We sat around and had another beer and chatted and laughed, then very late I showed the girls where they could sleep, the other 2 girls went to one twin room and I showed Tina to another room, A little later Tina knocked on my door and asked if she could stay with me, I said great, as girls we often shared the bed and it was nothing new, My bed was a double bed and quite large, I offered Tina a night shirt,

I went into my En Suite, and did my teeth, take off my make up etc, and got into my nightshirt, not the best make up removal ever as I was a bit dizzy from all the beer, I came out to find Tina waiting to go to the bathroom, she was wearing just her thong and passed me in to the bathroom, I noticed how nice she looked , lovely breasts and a beautiful figure , the clothes she had been wearing all night did not do her shape and figure justice, she looked really nice, shorter than me but about the same size otherwise

I jumped into bed and sat up waiting for Tina, I looked in the direction of the bathroom, I shut off the bedroom light and after a moment I saw Tina in the bathroom the door was almost open and she was standing with her back to me she looked really lovely her thong cutting into her ass, and she did have a lovely ass, she had a lovely back and legs, as I looked at her I felt a slight tingle between my legs, her body moved ever so slightly as she took off her makeup, and it was exciting to watch her naked standing there, her ass pronounced by the thong, I felt lovely between my legs and wished I was alone as I could feel myself, anyway she turned and caught me staring at her, I turned my head away as she came out, still only in her thong, I thought she was going to put her nightshirt on , but she stood by the side of the bed put the light back on and slipped her thong off, I could see her hairy cunt as she pulled back the covers and she jumped into bed next to me,

She said she never wore anything in bed and did I mind, I said no of course not, and said that In fact I rarely wore anything myself, I turned with my back to her and she turned out the light, she said good night and snuggled up to my back, she felt warm against me, and I thought it was unusual for a friend to snuggle up quite so close, but I felt comfortable with it, even though she was naked, it sent a strange feeling through my body
I said good night, and she said what a wonderful night she had, and I was a lovely person, with that she kissed the back of my neck, saying thanks for everything and having her to stay over, I said it was lovely to have her stay. She snuggled closer to me and brought her legs tucked under mine, her naked legs touched mine all the way up to my ass, my night shirt had moved up a bit and I could feel her hairy pubic pressing against my ass, I could feel her heat and the hot breath against my neck she was so close to me, I also felt a heat between my legs, my body was taking pleasure from her, I froze and said nothing, thinking this feeling would go away, but no, it got more intense, and I am sure my breath quickened, she must have been aware that I liked her.

I was feeling her breasts hard against my back, I was aware of her nipples through my night shirt, and I was sure they were swollen and then her hand came around me to hold me, I said nothing and pretended to be almost asleep, she held me just below my breasts and stayed still, I thought she too was falling asleep, then I felt a little kiss on my neck, it sent shivers down my body, then another, she was gently kissing my neck, it was driving me mad, my cunt was swelling up, as were my breasts. What was happening to me, it was outside my control, it felt so wonderful, so sexy, and unbelievable to have this girl turns me on so much.
I stayed still as possible, afraid she might feel my breasts swelling, as her hand was so close to my breast, without thinking I moved my legs, my cunt was wet I was not sure what to do, I hoped she was falling asleep and had not noticed my excitement. I was not sure was she just been friendly

But then her hand went to my breast, slowly but gently she cupped my breast in her hand, my nipple was swollen and she was now aware I was sexy, she was kissing my neck now with more passion and her fingers were taking my nipple and gently squeezing it, it was fully swollen now, she reached inside the top of my night shirt to feel my naked nipples, she teased them between her fingers and they were fully swollen now. I just moaned without stopping her, She was taking me to passion ever so gentle, not to frighten me; she was a good lover I thought.

Then her hand went down and up under my night shirt, her hand went to my tummy and she gently eased me to turn over on my back, I did as she wanted and turned to lay on my back, and her hand caressed my tummy, going in circular motions up to my breasts and down to my little panties, her head came over mine and she kissed me ever so gentle on my lips, I was taken back by this as I had never kissed a girl before, and I turned my head away from her, I was so sexy and my cunt was aching to be felt, I did not have long to wait, her hand caressed my mould with my panties on .
As her hand went lower down I opened my legs without even thinking about it, her hand went down and felt my wet soft open cunt, I moaned with pleasure, she knew I was available for her pleasure, so she just started to take my panties off, I lifted my ass so she could get them off easily and they slipped off my legs, she then took my night shirt off, I helped her.

She found my mouth again and when I tried to turn away her hand came up and gently turned my head back to her mouth, then I found it was o.k. And I started to kiss her in return, I was beyond control and my arms reached out to take her against me, I held her against me as we kissed, her hand had found my very wet cunt and her fingers were fingering my clit, then her fingers found my wet opening and she started to slide her fingers into me, I was kissing her with real uncontrolled passion and I felt like I was going to cum, realizing this she stopped fingering and kissing me.
We lay in each others arms for a while, she was giving me the odd kiss as her hands caressed me, I never felt so good and so sexy in all my life, then she moved her mouth to my nipple’s and she kissed my breasts with tenderness and sweetness, something I never found in a boy, and her face was so smooth, my nipple’s were so swollen and so enjoying this attention, I felt such a woman, it was making my cunt so excited.

Then I did something I would never have thought possible, my hand went down to her cunt, she was waiting for me, she opened her legs to let me get at her, she was open wet and wanting me, my fingers found her clit and soon it stood proud against my fingers, she was moaning and kissing me, I liked the feel of her cunt, It was so much like my own, like jelly but warm and very wet, my fingers wanted to feel her opening and I went down her cunt to find her, my fingers slipped in to her as she said Yes Oh yes, My fingers dripping with her sex.
It was a great feeling, I was pushing 2 fingers in her hot cunt, it was fantastic, and she was moving her cunt against me as my fingers probed her.
Then she was pushing my head down I went to her breasts and started to suck her nipples, but she kept pushing me down she wanted me to kiss her down there. Her leg came around me as I moved down her body I was kneeling far down the bed my head in-between her legs, my first time ever been down on anyone Male or Female
I went closer and closer she opened her legs more for me, my mouth found her mould, my tongue started to taste her there and it felt sweet, I moved down through her hair to find an ocean of sweetness and my tongue found her clit, all wet and wonderful, she had a big clit it was risen to its full size and I was so gentle with it, I was doing so well for the first time going down on a woman, my arms under her legs pushing them forward, suddenly I wanted it all, my mouth went to take her whole cunt, I went down to her wet opening and I wanted to taste her inside.

I pressed hard against her, my tongue went in to her, it probed as far as possible, it was an unbelievable feeling, then suddenly she started to hold my head tight against her cunt and she started to vibrate against my mouth, she was cumin, having an orgasm against me, her love juice started to flow from her to mix on my mouth, she jerked hard against my mouth lifting her ass off the bed as she exploded in passion, her hands pressing my head hard against her cunt, her legs squeezing my head, I was taking her cum in to my mouth, it was lovely to feel her so wet, then as she slowed down I rushed forward to kiss her mouth, we kissed with desire as she tasted her love juice from my mouth, little vibrations still came from her body as I kissed her. Her hands were around me holding me tight against her as I lay on top of her; our breasts squashed together; our bodies wet with perspiration from passion. I pushed my cunt against her mould and could feel her slowly climax to an end.

My cunt was still ready to explode with desire, then Tina pushed me gently on to my back and kissed me, her hand went to my cunt and soon she was fingering me, she was so beautiful, If it had been a boy he would have been finished, but luckily it was Tina, she knew I still needed to cum and she was loving me, the first time I ever felt someone loved my body so much, the first time my body was made to feel so alive,

I could not hold back and when her fingers were playing with my clit I started to explode, her fingers went into my exploding body she probed deep inside me as my body rode her fingers, I kissed and gasped at the same time,
She said, “Yes baby yes”
I experienced a deep orgasm better than I had ever had before, My cunt shuddered as the climax exploded after trashing about I slowed down, and Tina took her fingers out of me, she brought her fingers to my mouth and slipped them in to for me to taste, I did not realize what she was doing, but I knew from the taste that it was my own juices and I was still sexy enough to want to suck her fingers, she then kissed me again and we lay back exhausted, we both started to fall asleep, she kissed me goodnight.

The next morning I awoke to find myself cuddled up close to Tina, the night before came back to me, and I was happy in myself, I did not feel uncomfortable with what had happened and I was quite surprised by that! , As I lay there she awoke and smiled, she said “hi”, we just moulded into each others arms, we were so warm together, we felt so good together, so loving, so natural,

She asked me was it my first time and I said yes, she asked did I enjoy myself and I told her It was so wonderful, we kissed a little and caressed each other, it did not take long before we were fingering each other, as we kissed we caressed the beautiful places that brought so much pleasure to us the night before, or fingers found each others G. Spots, we moaned together, we kissed with passion, it was the greatest lovemaking I had ever experienced, each move she made brought more desire and love for her , she was the first person to bring my body to life.
We were aware we were getting close to cumin as we moaned we whispered
“Yes Now Yes Now”
we both started to cum together, it was like we had been used to each other, as if we knew how to cum together, we both had a lovely orgasm, my body seemed to float as it shuddered inside, my mind was so smooth I came and I became aware that Tina was cumin also, we kissed again as our orgasms came together to an end, we lay side by side, lovers now and for a long time to come,
Happy So happy.
Content so Content…
Together so Together
It was a long time before I ever went near a man again……………….

Part 2……………………………………….

Tina and I have had a wonderful 12 months as friends and lovers, we had such a happy time, we were discrete as living in a small town is, as everyone already knows, Gossip! Therefore, for the sake of our families we tried to be discreet as possible,
We went on many romantic weekends to get as much time together, we traveled to some lovely places and had love and passion all weekend, we looked lovely together and the only problem was, where ever we went, the local boys were chasing after us, so we had to be nice, and show that we were not interested as we had 2 lovely boyfriends at home. We enjoyed our lovemaking and got to know each other’s bodies so well, we knew how to please each other our lovemaking got better; our orgasm’s got longer, so we were tender yet passionate and we fell so much in love.
Tina had a commitment to go to college and she had been waiting for a call to U.S.A. to go to a higher college there, when it came we were devastated; she did not want to take it, but I made her go, she wanted me to come with her and I could not, I wanted to so much, but we promised we would get together every chance we had and I would visit her on holiday and she would come home sometimes, it was only for 3 years, we spent the last week almost together, we went away for 4 days and we cried so much, we both changed our minds so many times, she not going , then going, me going and staying, oh! In the end, we made sense and did the right thing.
Tina was gone, I cried for days, and I felt very lonely and vulnerable, she phoned me every night, and I her, but it was too expensive and we agreed to make it twice a week.
Within a month, I was going out again and having friends to meet again. I had been masturbating almost nightly, and Tina was doing the same as she told me in her letters, but we missed the bodily contact, the cuddles the kiss’s the holding, and the heat of each other’s bodies.
I was out one night and feeling very lonely, we all had a few drinks; I was sitting near this couple I had noticed many times in the past, but had never spoken to them, they had moved over to my end of the seating and she turned to me to say hello! She was very pretty, dark hair, lovely face, and about 28 years old, her husband looked about the same, it turned out he was in fact 31, sounded old to me, anyway she and I had small talk for a while and then she asked did I ever do any babysitting as they were always looking for a sitter as they both led very busy business, and social lives.
As I was saving to go to America to see Tina, I said yes! And she said she would get in contact when she needed me, she said it would be in two day’s time if that suited, I said O.k. and over the remainder of the night we became good friends and exchanged phone Numbers, she said she would confirm tomorrow. Her name was Ann and her husband Gary, he did not say much, she and I chatted a lot and she mentioned she had often noticed me before and I was with a girlfriend, I explained that had been Tina, and how she had gone to the states. She said we were great friend from the looks of it, and she said it must be sad to have a friend go so far away. I said yes I miss her a lot, we chatted a lot and then we all went our separate ways.
The next day she phoned to say she needed me the following evening and I said great, I got directions and said I would be over by 8.00p.m.
I got there by a lift, and she was ready to go out, her husband was out playing squash and when he got back, I could go, they only had one child, he was 4 and a lovely boy, very well behaved and a nice child, very easy to look after, so I thought I was lucky to find a nice job like this. She was going to a meeting and would not be home until late, but she was so happy to have me. She looked lovely, all done up and dressed so good, she must have lovely clothes.
I played with the boy for a while and then he got tired and I put him to bed, he went to sleep very easily, and it was great as I had so much time to my self. Of course I was nosy, and ventured into Ann’s bedroom, I knew it was as her clothes from her day were still on the floor where she stepped out of them, I looked around and soon found myself peeking into the wardrobe, and having a look at all her clothes, she had some really lovely clothes, lots of them, dress’s, skirts, gown’s, suit’s, I could not help feeling them and having a good look at them, she had some lovely sexy things.
I had a look in her drawer’s and all her panties and bra’s were of a very good quality, very sexy, and she had mostly thongs, all her knickers were small fit, even thought she was the same size as myself.
She had so much underwear and suspenders and stockings, even some Basques and some lovely fun stuff, I thought how lucky she was to have so much money, I suddenly got a shiver, I was doing wrong and left the room fast, I found it exciting, but went downstairs and watched television, about 2 hours later Gary came home, he was sorry for been late as they went for a beer after playing Squash, he paid me for my time and it was good, it was well over the normal and I was very pleased, he offered to drive me home as it was not to far away , So I walked and it only took 5 minutes it was early so there were plenty of people on the road , and we live in a good area. So I did not mind.
Early the next morning Ann phoned to apologized for Gary not getting me a taxi Home, I assured her it was o.k. In addition, as it was early I did not mind, she said she had the day off and was I doing anything, I replied no! And she suggested I call over for a coffee and a chat about the babysitting, and to get to know the house a bit better, she would show me where everything was, as I was so free and needed company I said yes I would be over soon.
I dressed nice and did my make up, so as to make a good impression; I walked over and got there about 10.45 a.m.
She answered the door and as usual looked stunning, she had a skirt on and a loose top, very casual but nice, she looked so well and of course mature, she was after all 9 or so years older than me.
She was so friendly and we went to the kitchen the baby was playing with some toys, and I said hello to him, she would put him down in a while to get a nap, and we could have a bit of peace to chat, she made coffee, and we sat down while he played
She said she would show me the house later, but had I been happy with last night and was I happy with the wages, I said yes, everything was perfect and she said I would get more the later I stayed, I said great
We chatted about everything, the usual women chat, make up and clothes, shoes, hairdresser, underwear etc. she chatted about her Job which was intense.
She was a clothes buyer for some shops and it often meant dinner meetings, and having to go abroad the odd time, she often stayed away and would I mind sometimes staying overnight if it arose, I said yes, no Problem I could stay overnight anytime once I knew a few days in advance. I thought now I know how she has so many beautiful clothes, She told me sometimes the Factory would give her a present of garments as a sweetener hoping that I would buy their range, the same with all the underwear, she told me she had so many clothes (I already knew)
We went and took the baby upstairs to bed, and he settled down straight away.
She invited me into her bedroom to show me some of her clothes, she said I was about the same size, and she had some clothes she was not going to wear and she had only worn them once, and would I like them, as she would only throw them out, I just said Yes! Of course, I would be delighted; she started to go through some shelves and took out some skirts, God! She had so much, she asked what size I was and I told her a 12, she said perfect that is what I thought.
She said try this on and lets see how you look, passing me a skirt, I was dressed in slacks and was a little embarrassed about taking them off to try on a skirt.
As a clothes buyer she was obviously used to it, so I slipped my slacks off and I stood in my panties which were clean and good.
I put on the skirt and it fitted me perfect, it was short enough for me, and she said lovely and what lovely legs I had, but that top does not match as she got out a new top to match, here try this on she said.
I took off my old top and was only in my bra before slipping on the new top, I felt at ease now with her, she came and adjusted the top on my shoulders as we both looked in the mirror.
She was standing behind me, she said I was beautiful, and what size bra was I, she then got out some new bra and said this will give me a better shape, and it was very important to use my assets to the best.
She lifted off my top and stood behind me as she unhooked my bra, we were in front of the mirror and as my bra came off my breasts fell out, she remarked what lovely breasts I had and they deserved to have a good bra.
Her hands caressed my breasts as she helped to put the bra on, and my nipples rose instantly, and she helped me to tie the bra and said that was better, showing me how the cleaverage was better than my old one,
Her hands were under my breasts lifting them up showing how good they were, my nipples got full size when she touched me and it was quite obvious to me as well as her that they were aroused, but she was right, I looked much Better.
Then she got me another top, we tried on a lot of clothes, and she even tried on some new stuff she had, she got me into a lovely evening dress to see how I looked, it was very low cut and had a low back.
I put it on, she was also trying a new dress, as she stood only in her thong, she looked so good, a lovely body, exciting body, her breasts were perfect, lovely pointed shape.
She saw me looking at her thong that cut into her vagina and I got so embarrassed, I suddenly realized we were both almost naked and yet it felt so easy. In comparison to Tina, she was a little bigger, been older she had developed and had bigger hips, but she had a lovely figure
I pulled up the dress and she came over behind me as I looked in the mirror, she said No! You can not wear a bra with that dress, and with that she slipped the dress off my shoulders it fell to the ground as opened my bra, it fell off me exposing me almost naked except for my panties.
She said hold on! You must wear a thong, as the shape of your panties will show through the material of the dress.
With that she got a very small thong, she stood behind me and pushed my panties down as she did her nipples and breasts were touching my back, I felt a shiver down my back as like old times, it felt good.
I was so wet between my legs, I was now naked and very conscious, I lifted my feet as she slipped the thong on my legs and pulled it up she pulled it in to shape as I just stood there unable to move.
We both stood in front of the mirror, she behind me, she looked in the mirror saying I had a beautiful body, the thong was cutting into my soft wet vagina and had started a passion down there. I was rigid with anticipation it was easy to see my pussy was wet and excited
I just stood there unable to move, my nipples were swollen and so were my breasts, and then she put her arms around me, she held my breasts, she was kissing my neck, I just stood there without protest and she pulled me back against her breasts.
I closed my eyes, her hands roamed down to my tummy one hand went back to my breast as her other hand found my hairy cunt inside my thong, her finger explored the crevice and found me so wet; she kissed the back of my neck,
I moaned and her finger danced in my wetness sending tremors over my entire body. Getting weak I leaned against her, then I felt her turn me around to face her, she said I had a wonderful body as she pulled me into her arms, I just melted into her, I needed to be held so much, I needed her badly,
Her hands were around me and stroking my back going down to my ass, our breasts were squashed together; I could feel her nipples press into my soft breasts; I was weak at the knees. She found my mouth and started to kiss me, as if it was Tina, I responded so easily, I returned her kiss; soon she was guiding me towards the bed. As I lay down she pulled my thong off, took her own thong off and laid down next to me kissing me again with desire and passion
We laid there and soon my passion took over, my need drove my mind, I searched out her wetness and soon my mouth was feeling her soft vagina, I was licking her cunt, getting as much in my mouth as possible, she cried out with passion as I found her clit.
I was well trained in been gentle with a woman’s clit, her legs opened wide to let me have her, I was so wanting, my desire was so great and I had missed this for so many months, I need her as much as she appeared to need me.
We made love for some time, it went on and on with intense passion we were naked, hot, and in throws of sexual abundance. I pleased myself from her body, pleasing her at the same time, as well I knew, again we were both experienced as lovers, her with men as much as women, my passion had only experienced women really, I had yet to taste the full strength of a man in me.
Our desire to please drove us on and on, and soon it was going to cum to a finale climax, We both started to orgasm together, our bodies rocking to our sexual explosion inside our vagina’s, our mouths molded together in passion both uttering sounds as we came together.
Our mouths parted as we both moaned our passion out loud, coming from deep inside, the sides of my vagina griping, but nothing to grip, getting so wet as it came to an end, slowly we both came to and end and we stayed still for a moment before Ann spoke first, saying, she hoped I was happy,
I said “yes! Very Happy.Oh! Thank you Ann”
We got in under the covers and held each other, she kissed me a lot, Ann asked about Tina, saying she was sure Tina and I were lovers, I told her we had been lovers or over 12 months.
Ann said she had often seen us together and had wanted to be with me for so long, but she was waiting for the right time to come like now. She really wanted me and often thought about me in bed with Tina, she had wanted me in her bed and had thought of me while making love to Gary her husband
She held me tight saying she was happy that we were in bed and she enjoyed me so much, she told me I was a great lover, and all the time with Tina had made me know how to really treat a woman.
And I made her so excited, we chatted about our been together and soon we were kissing again, we really caressed each other with expert fingers touching the sensitive parts of our body, like we were lovers for a while we knew where to give the most pleasure to each other.
Our fingers exploring deep in each other, searching and finding our G-spot, making each other cry out with passion, it was not long before we were cumin again, filling each other with fingers as we came, wetting our fingers and griping them with our contracting vagina’s.
It was so good and after we relaxed and we were happy, she told me, she had not been with a woman for over 8 years.
We talked about her Gary, she told me about making love to a man, how good his cock was and it filled her up so much, she explained she was Bi sexual, she did like cock in her and she loved to suck his cock.
She went on to tell me a little about his desires, she said he likes to wear her knickers, but as he was bigger than her she had bought him some larger one’s for his birthday. He would wear them when they went to bed, and he liked to make love to her wearing them, she said she did not mind and found it exciting; she liked the feel of them against her ass as he fucked her.
Her young son Liam, who was after waking up and calling “mummy.” brought us to our senses! She ran off with her dressing gown to see him and I got dressed.
I put on the new thong and bra she had given me and I felt so good, so relaxed, and all my stress was gone, we said our goodbyes and I went home with my new underwear and clothes, we had been together for over 3 hours, yet it seemed like much shorter.
Ann and I got together a few mornings a week whenever she was off, she would wait for me in bed and she even gave me my own key to her house, I would let myself in and she would be waiting in the bed for me, all sexy.
I was paid for babysitting; I often stayed overnight as sometimes they both stayed away. Gary, Ann, and I were good friends. Ann even took me with her one night on business and we stayed in a lovely hotel. Gary was lovely, very friendly and always teasing me, I often looked at him and thought of him in his silky French Knickers, which Ann had showed me one day. It did not turn me off him; it just made him more interesting. He was a good-looking man, well built.
One afternoon Ann phoned me to say she had to go away urgent and would I mind babysitting this evening as Gary had a meeting and then had to go to a stag party, could I stay overnight as Gary may be out all night as the stag party was out of town. I said O.K. I would be over as arranged at 7.00 to let Gary off.
I arrived on time and Gary was ready to go, he said everything was in order, he had left a bottle of wine in the fridge, there were some new Videos by the T.V. he headed off and I took Liam and we went to the front room to unwind and have some fun. I ran upstairs to put my night bag in my bedroom to find a little bag on the bed, a note just said “wear and relax,.” I took out a small silky Nightie, very sexy slightly see true and a matching thong, it was in Pink and had a lovely lace trim, very narrow straps, I thought how lovely and I would try it on later, I said thank you Ann, she must have wanted me to feel good.
Some time later Liam was tired and I put him to bed, I settled down to have a look at T.V. and watched some general shows on MTV, and then I went up stairs and had a look at the nightie.
I had a shower and then went and got into the little set that Ann had left me, it was very sexy low cut showing a lot of my breasts, and just about covered my ass and felt as sexy, as the thong cut into my vagina.
It was so nice and I looked stunning, I went down stairs as I had the house to myself and had a glass of wine, while I watched a Video, it was a romance, very steamy and turned me on , some times I was thinking of Ann and my finger strayed between my legs, I was so sexy in my new outfit and wishing Ann was here, then I had more and more wine , until it was finished, it made me very merry as I was not used to wine.
It as about 11.00 p.m. and I went to the kitchen to have a look for something else to drink, I found some Vodka and proceeded to have a glass with coke, I went again to the kitchen when the movie finished, and got another glass of vodka.
As I was pouring the coke into the vodka the door opened and in came Gary, I got such a fright I screamed, he shouted “Sorry.” he said he had called my name but I had not answered, he was over to me and holding me as I was weak with the shock
I came around slowly and he said have a drink, I took a good long drink of the Vodka coke, and then it struck me, I was standing there almost naked, he had a arm around me comforting me, he realized it at the same time and left go of me, I said
“Oh sorry Gary I have to put something on.”
He said do not be stupid I was fine, then he said I looked lovely, my head was spinning from all the drink, and he poured a Vodka and Coke for himself, he took our drinks and guided me into the front room.
Come on he said have a drink with me, I went but I almost fell as I got to the sofa as I was unsteady from all the wine, he caught me and sat me down. He sat next to me, I said I thought he was not coming home tonight, and he said he did not bother going to the stag, but wanted to come home to be with me.
He said he was glad I was wearing the surprise he had left me in the bedroom and he was delighted I had it on me and I looked so sexy. I said I thought Ann had bought it for me, and he said no that he had bought it for Ann, but she had so much that he decided to give it to me. I did not know what to say. I was very embarrassed and soon I felt almost naked as my nightie was showing my thong, I said I think I had better go to bed. He said no wait a little
then he leaned over me and kissed me, I got a shock,
I said, “Gary No!
And he tried again, I turned away from him, saying “No Gary.” as I did he turned my head back and kissed me again, he held my mouth to his and I started to let it happen, he was kissing me and then I opened my mouth and his thong darted inside, I started to respond. I felt sexy from been almost naked and all the drink.
I was kissing him and his hands were on my breasts, I was all wet below, I could feel the heat between my legs, then his hands went up under my nightie and he was feeling my naked breast.
I felt him play with my nipples which were fully expanded, then one hand went down to my cunt and his fingers found it all wet, he was making me so sexy and his finger started to slide in to me, at that I panicked and said
“No Gary; No sorry Gary.” Ann Ann!!
I got up and went upstairs to the bathroom to get away; I went inside and locked the door. I looked in the mirror and I was almost out of my nightie, it was low cut and showed most of my breasts, I felt between my legs and I was open and wet, so excited, I wanted Ann then and there,
I went to the bathroom and my head was spinning, and thinking how I could face Gary again after letting him Kiss me and feel my body, in the end I went out and the lights were off down stairs.
As I passed Gary’s room, the door was slightly open, I saw him naked by the bed getting ready for bed, his cock was sticking out very straight and to me it looked huge, He was holding it and pulling it, I quickly passed his room and went to bed.
My hand went to my wetness and my fingers played with my clit, I was very sexy, I could still see Garys cock in my mind and the feel of his fingers on me made me so nice.
After a few Minute’s the door opened and Gary came in asking was I asleep, and I said no! I looked up and saw him in the light from the hall, he had a dressing gown on, he came over and sat on the side of the bed, He said he was so sorry for what happened, he went on that I had looked so beautiful and sexy in my nightie, and I reminded him so much of Ann.
He could not help it and he had too much to drink after the meeting. He took my hand and held it, he went on to tell me he had wanted to kiss me for so long, and I was so beautiful and again he was sorry, he said he would love to have Ann here tonight,
I said I did not mind and to forget it, he asked would I say anything to Ann, I said no! He pleaded with me not to tell Ann,
I said, “No I will not say anything to Ann.”
I felt sorry for him, With that he leaned down said thanks and kissed me, It sent a shudder to my cunt, I did nothing but just accept it as a good night kiss, he said goodnight and started to get up, but sat down again saying could he have one more kiss,

I said “O.k. just one more.”
He leaned over me again and kissed me this time slowly and nice, I did nothing as it dragged on a little, then my mouth responded automatically it moved to accept the kiss, I found I was kissing him, and our mouths were pressing hard together.
My body was responding, suddenly my hand came up around his head to hold it to me as I kissed him, it was now getting passionate, sensing I was so sexy and wanting, he laid down next to me outside the covers.
As we continued to kiss I turned to face him, his arm went around me and pulled me towards him, we were together, in a state of passion, I was not going to stop him, he realized he was winning the battle, and then his hand went down my back. I was moaning as we kissed, he did not rush me this time, he was gentle moving his hands over all my back sending signals to my cunt,
Wanting him, his hand moved my nightie up as his hand found my ass and thong, he moved and he was out of his gown and then he came under the blanket ,
I said “Gary Ann! What about Ann,.”
He said “Shhheee forget about Ann.”
I said “Gary I am a virgin.”
“Gary I have never been with a boy.”
He Said “Shheeeee Baby. You need a man not a boy.”
He Kissed me and my resolve was gone, he was naked in bed with me, He was so much bigger than me and when he pulled me to him I felt so small against him, his hard cock was pressing against me, it was so hot so very hot.
I was more relaxed this time and out of control, I could feel his hot cock against my leg, it felt great and had been a long time since a cock had been so close to my cunt.
The last time was with that school friend and I had also wanted it then, but he came before he went into me, I now had the same desire for it again and I knew this time it would be different.
My hand went to hold it and he really moaned when I did, he was so big, just as Ann had said, he started to call me baby and a great lover, and his hands were removing my nightie. I helped him and then his hand went to my cunt, his fingers found me so wet, he just pulled the thong off me,
I was naked with him our bodies pressed close together, he was so powerful, a big older man with a big cock, God!! Ann’s husband, it was so mad, so exciting to be in bed with Ann’s husband, feeling his hand on my clit, his fingers probing me, he asked in-between kissing did I want him,
I just moaned, “Yes oh yes.”
He pushed my legs wide open and started to go over me, his cock went to my cunt and then asked was it my first time,
I moaned “yes.”
He said “Oh God, how lovely, I will make it so good for you baby, oh yes so good baby,”
Then his cock started to slip in to me.
He kept saying “Yes Baby Yes now baby now.” It pushed my cunt open as it went inDeep
I was not sure what to expect, I was not a virgin in the true sense as Tina and I often used Vibrators, his cock was moving into me, and it was an unbelievable feeling I thought I would burst. It was so easy for him as my body had prepared the passage with my love juice’s, his cock squeezed in, it was rock hard yet soft, he moved ever so slow.
It seemed to fill me up inside, it was fantastic, so easy I thought it would never stop going into my body. Then he directed my legs around him, holding him, it was an automatic reaction from me to want to keep this big member in me, he started to pull back and I thought I was going to lose this hot cock in me, I liked it so much, my first time,
But just when I thought it was going to come out, he went up my vagina again, each time he seemed to go more in me, and I could feel the head of his cock come against the inside of me. Then he got into a steady movement inside me, sliding up and down me, I loved it and moaning with such pleasure. I did not want it to stop; I waited a long time for this, it was the greatest experience yet.
He was saying something, I could hardly hear him, I was caught up in this passionate embrace so much, he was asking was it good, I shouted yes it was good, he said I was so sexy and he wanted to have me hard,
I just said “Oh Yes,”
He moved faster in me, he lifted my legs high and pushed them back towards my shoulders, my clit was feeling his cock as it passed in to me, his fingers went to play with my clit and then without warning, I felt this huge orgasm start to cum, I shouted I was cumin and
He said “yes baby yes baby yes baby.”
I exploded inside, the best ever, my inside went into convulsions as my cunt held his cock and gripped him inside as I exploded my orgasm, my hands were around his shoulders, and my legs wrapped around his neck. I thought I was going to pass out, my heart was racing, I thought I would die with so much pleasure going through my body, he slammed his cock in me as I came, and came, he really fucked me, it was the biggest orgasm I ever had and it went on and on, then I found my orgasm was subsiding , he stopped pumping me,.
I had forgotten about him and had not even thought about him cumin,
So I said “darling you cum please, cum,.”
Then he slipped out of me, I wanted his to stay in me, but he took his hand and he was pulling his cock, he was kneeling over me. and with that he exploded and I felt his cum shoot, the first cum hit my tit and then all over my belly and cunt, it was so hot, I did not mind.
I was still having little aftershocks from my massive orgasm and I loved him cumin over me, my hand went to my belly and his hand also, we both rubbed his cum all over me. Oh fuck it was so good, I could not believe what had just happened, I had just lost my virginity to another woman’s husband, a woman that I had spent so much time making love to, now I had fucked them both. His cum all over me, and I loving it, I was now a cock wanting woman and could not understand how I lived without it so long.
He laid down next to me, he said he was afraid to cum in me as he did not want to make me pregnant, I told him there was such a thing as the morning after pill and he should cum in me if he wants, and I was now so relaxed and feeling wonderful,
He asked would I like to feel him cum in me and I said yes I would love it.
Ann was right he was a good lover with a lovely cock, he said come on into his bed as it was bigger and we would sleep together better, he got up and I followed him, we got into his bed! God Ann’s bed, it felt strange but exciting, I was in her bed with her husband, covered in his cum, the same bed I had made love to her so many times.
I was loving it, it made it so exciting, like the forbidden fruit, we cuddled together, and soon he were excited again, I was wide awake and so was he, we did so much the next hour.
He was a great lover, he knew how to please a woman, we had a 69 for ages, he loved to suck me out, I sucked him so much it was some cock to suck and almost choked me a few times, but I pleased him so much, it was great to suck a man, so much control.
Then I got an idea, been unfair and using the knowledge that Ann had given me about Gary, I said wait a second and ran back to my bedroom, I found the silky nightie and brought it back to bed, he asked what was I doing and I said just lie back while I massage you.
I put the nightie over his lower half and started to massage him with it, he moaned a little and I said I like to feel you through this lovely silky material, I asked did he like it and he said yes, he said he adored it and keep going.
I massaged his cock and it got rock hard then I wrapped it around his balls leaving his cock stick up, I moved and straddled him, I lowered myself over his cock and with my hand pointed it to my cunt. I lowered down and it slipped in me, I went all the way down, and said oh that is nice, I like to feel that silky material around your cock.
He filled me up so much, and he pushed against me making sure he was fully up me, I moved up and down him and he moved against me, it was great I loved it, his hands were up massaging my tits, my nipples hard and proud.
I leaned forward to let them drop to his mouth, my hands each side of the pillow, he sucked my breasts and he must have tasted his cum on them, it had dried by now, I did not want to orgasm yet.
As I could feel it welling up inside me, and I thought he might cum, so I slowed down, after a while I stopped and lay down again.
I rubbed the nightie all over his cock and he loved it, I said I liked the feel of silk so much, he said he did too, I said men are unlucky as women’s knickers are so much nicer and sexier, he said ye it is unfair, I said I would love to have him in knickers.
he said yes it was a nice thought, I told him it was a pity but mine were too small to share with him, and then asked had Ann any big ones, and with that he said he thought Ann had some French knickers which were bigger and he went off to a drawer, I knew it was his own stash, and he came back to bed , I said Oh these look big enough and so sexy and I started to caress his cock with them, his cock felt lovely rubbing them with the silky knickers and he was loving it, then and I put them down to his feet, come on lets try them on I said, he said No, I could not wear knickers, I said “Shut up and put then.” , Lift your ass I said and pulled them all the ways over his cock, they were plenty big enough and his cock was lovely and sexy inside them,
He loved them on him, and he seemed to relax, but he was excited and so hard and sexy, I laid next to him kissed him and caressed his cock with his knickers, I said he was so pretty in them, I said I wanted to be like him and wear some also.
I went to Ann’s drawer, and got out a pair of Ann’s nice lacy panties; I put them on and got back into bed.
I read a story once of a cross dresser, who was in the closet for years and all he wanted was to be accepted by his wife, share his desire with her, and to have her see, and be with him, while he dressed in underwear.
I thought this is good for Gary and I liked making his desires come through, when I was back in bed, he started to caress me on my panties. and I knew he liked the feel of silky things a real classic sign of a cross dresser, I said these are Ann’s panties and he said they are lovely, especially on me, I thanked him and kissed him.
I went down, slipped his cock out the side of the knickers, and took it in my mouth, I sucked it deep and with my hands, I caressed his knickers and his balls, I thought he was going to cum so I stopped. I asked him did he ever wear them with Ann and he said Oh No!
I thought! I know better.
We caressed each other on our knickers getting more excited all the time, I told him how sexy he made me wearing knickers that made him so happy, I told him I wanted to have him in knickers when he was fucking me
It was unfair but knowing what Ann had told me, I wanted to be better to him that her, and with that, I decided to go further
I told him I would love to be in bed with him in a lovely long satin lacy nightie, he moaned oh yes, and I said yes but one on you as well, he moaned a little and I whispered that would be so sexy, real sexy, would he like that,
He said very quietly “Yes.”
I pretended not to hear him and said again would you like that,
He said “Yes Oh yes.”,
“Good.” I said! “I want you in a nightie.”
I knew I was now in control of this man, thanks to Ann, I knew what buttons to push to make him happy, I told him the next time I wanted him to make love to me in a nightie and French knickers. I asked him to promise to get a lovely long silky lacy nightie and we would dress up and make love, he again moaned yes as I kissed him and held his cock. I believe when a woman is holding a cock; they will do anything you ask, within reason.
I said, “Will you dress in underwear with me please say yes.”
, He said “Oh Yes baby Oh thank you.”
I said, “I will make you so pretty Gary,”
“I will dress you in nice undies Gary darling.”
He was so excited I knew he wanted me now, and I wanted him also, so we headed into a very passionate state, we held each other tight, and I kept pulling his cock through his knickers, his fingers were inside my knickers, Ann had told me he liked to have her from behind with her ass in the air.
I told him I wanted to be fucked from behind, and then I told him to kneel up, he did so, I turned and he came behind me, I cocked my ass in the air as I also kneeled forward.
I felt his fingers pull my panties to one side to expose my wet cunt, then I felt his cock slip in, God it was good, he was so deep in me; he held my hips as he pulled me into a comfortable position.
My head went down on the pillow, as my ass was high in the air, as he fucked me gently. I could feel his knickers against my ass, it felt good, he was getting faster, and he shouted at me to finger myself. I did as I was told, I needed to do it, as I was almost ready to cum, then he said faster,
Then he said “I want you baby, I want to fill you.”
I shouted “Yes Gary fill me Fuck me baby.”
I was about to cum; I thought he was going to come out of me
and I shouted “stay in me darling.” “Please stay in me.” and then “oh fuck me darling.”
He then started to cum,
He shouted “Baby Oh Jesus.”
As he came, I was after exploding and I was shouting
“Yes darling I love your Knickers.”
He shouted, “Yes baby thank you.”
I felt his cum shoot deep in me, he was pumping his cock in me, really hard I thought I would fall, but I wanted it like that, I pushed back against him as I came, my orgasm was so intense, it was so unbelievable, my inside’s were on fire I was contracting around his cock.
I was able to sense it expand every pump it made, gripping it in my cunt, then he slapped my ass it was most unexpected and stung but it made my orgasm last a little longer, my cunt sucked the last drop from him. I wanted all this love juice in me, it was my first time and I wanted it all every drop, it felt so hot inside
We slowed down together, then he went still and I could feel his cock getting smaller in me, he moved slowly and then his cock slipped out, I just collapsed down on the bed and he lay behind me, he put an arm over me and kissed my back saying “go to sleep my Baby go to sleep.”, he was behind against me, his limp cock inside his knickers that felt so warm, they were the last words I remember until the morning.
When I awoke the next morning, I was alone in the bed and the room. I heard him downstairs with Liam; I came to my senses, showered and got dressed.
I put on my face and gingerly went downstairs, he greeted me with a hot coffee, and a big hello, I was all shy but he put me at ease, he came over to me held my hand and asked if I was O.k. about last night.
I said yes it was fine and I enjoyed it so much and something I would always remember, I gave him a little kiss and said thanks for a lovely night. Liam was in the other room so he took me in his arms and held me for a few minutes, then I said I better go, and he walked me to the door, I turned and said “This is our secret please.”
He replied, “Yes our secret.”
**********The story goes on…..

It was 2 days before I was back in Ann’s house, this time Ann had returned and phoned me, saying thanks for babysitting the other night, but she needed to see me this morning, I went over, wondering what would happen, had Gary told her anything, but No! She only wanted me in her bed, I was glad and enjoyed been in bed with her again, however it was so strange to be kissing her cunt in the same bed that 2 days earlier I had been sucking her husband wearing French knickers. It was so horny, I noticed he had changed the sheets, I would think so as they needed to be changed after the sex we had while she was away. It was nice to be in Ann’s arms again we had such beautiful sex and lovely orgasms.

As we lay in each other’s arms I chatted to her and we got on the subject of Gary, I mentioned about him wearing French knickers as she had told me, and she confirmed that he did, I said maybe he is a bit of a cross dresser, I said did he ever wear anything else like suspenders / or a nightie, and she said no that he only liked to wear panties and French knickers, I remarked how nice that was. And she was lucky he was so open with her.

About 2 weeks later Gary phoned me to say he wanted to see me in Private provided I wanted to see him again, I said yes I would meet him again, and he said the reason he phoned was because Ann had just been told today a new collection of clothes were ready for viewing and she was going away this evening. She would be away overnight and he wanted me to come over, I said O.k. I would be over about 9.00. I was excited again to go to him.

I got dressed nice; a low cut dress quite short and very see through, A little thong, and no bra, really very sexy, almost naked, I felt so free in my body, I had to put a jacket on as my parents would think it was sluttish which it was really, but I was so exciting inside, I went to Gary’s about 9 and he answered, we went to the front room and we were alone, young Liam had gone to bed and was fast asleep. He took me in his arms, and kissed me, he took off my coat and was trilled I was dressed so sexy he had his hands on me straight away. I was ready for that and wanting,

We parted then and he asked me to have a drink, I had a Vodka and Coke, We sat and I could tell Gary was after a few, he was a bit merry and full of hands, he wanted to touch me so much and really I did not mind, he was so masterful, so older and more mature, and he was married which made it so forbidden. After about 3 drinks and a lot of little kissing, I put my hands on his crotch, I started to kiss him hard and then I whispered in his ear, was he a good Boy and did he have his little French knickers on, shyly he said yes, I said What a good girl he was, and he was very excited as I opened his pants to expose his satin clad cock, I started to pull his pants off and he was suddenly so vulnerable, he was shy and passive, I told him to stand up, he did and I slipped his pants off, I lifted his shirt off and he stood there in just his French knickers, I noticed they were new looking and had lovely lace edge all around, I told him he was such a pretty girl , he smiled happy. Then the phone rang, it was Ann she was phoning to see how everything was going and how was Liam, as he chatted to her, I got on my knees slipped his cock out the side of his knickers, I started to suck his cock, It was full stretch and he had a job to keep his composure, as I took him deep, I looked up at him as he enjoyed it, I thought of Ann and was really loving what I was doing to her husband, I was a bitch really. He said a very hasty goodbye as he thought Liam was after waking,

I then lifted my dress off and we were both almost naked, as we embraced I whispered in his ear had he got the nightie I asked him to get, he said yes, it was in the bed room, I took his hand and pulled him upstairs, in the bed room he had it all prepared on the bed, 2 lovely nighties, one for me as well, I was shocked at first as I did not think he would buy one for himself, but me as well, he stood there, shy, so I looked for the big size and told him to turn around, I noticed the French knickers he was wearing were the same colour as the nightie, I lifted it over him and he helped me to put it on him , It flowed right down to the ground and was so silky , it was full shoulder, short sleeve, it had lovely lace all around the arms and at the bottom, it had a cut out in the middle and lovely bow in front ,it was so feminine, and I told him to turn around as I looked at him , he was so sweet and so shy , I then put on my one and it fitted me perfectly, he said the French knickers were there as well , so I lifted up the nightie and took off my thong and put them on, they were so nice lace edge and so sexy, My first time ever wearing French knickers.

We held each other standing and our hands caressed our bodies, kissing our passion then I took him to the bed and we laid down, we floated against each other, the feel of the silky nighties was so intense, so exciting and so warm, I told him how lovely he looked and I wanted him to take me, just like this, both of us dressed in our French knickers and nightie, he was happy I accepted him as a cross dresser, I told him I would have lovely times dressing him in underwear and we had some special things to get him into yet, he got excited, he asked what did I mean , and I told him I would love to feel his legs in stockings, and we would need suspenders to hold them up, he said nothing , and I asked would he like me to dress him up in suspenders and stockings , he said Oh Yes please,

He got more passionate then and started to really feel my cunt, probing me, I told him again “what a lovely girl he was” and I wanted him to be nice in undies, then I wanted him in me, I laid on my back and he got in between me, I searched out his cock through his knickers and guided it to my cunt pulling my knickers to one side, he slipped into my aching wet cunt, it was wide open ready to accept him, he pushed all the way in, God it was so great to have his cock again, I waited too long for it, I would have him sooner the next time and not wait 2 weeks, I pushed against him all the silky material made it so much smoother, our bodies sliding against each other, my legs going around him pulling him into me, he was pushing hard in me, deep in me, his cock pounding against my vagina wall, then he sensed my passion getting uncontrollable,

I shouted “Is it as good in me as Ann, please tell me”

He shouted “Oh yes better baby Yes baby” Yes better”

I said “Am I as good in bed”

He said, “Oh better baby, you are such a fuck Oh Yes baby”

I said, “tell me, tell me more please”

He shouted, “Oh baby you are better” “your cunt is softer and tighter”

“He went on “You are a better ride and you understand me better than Ann”

“Yes baby I want you often” he shouted

I said, “You like to dress in silky undies darling

I will dress you nice, I will make you such a nice girl”

“Oh Yes please” he shouted

I said “Yes darling Fuck me hard, darling fuck me.”

I said in passion “Love me darling Love me”

He said, “I love you baby, I love you” “I am fucking you hard baby Hard baby”

You are a bitch baby, a fucking slut, and a bitch!”

He was pumping my cunt it was hot from him

I said “Oh yes, tell me, Tell me, talk dirty to me, yes”

I was out of control; I loved to have this older man in me fucking my brains out.

He said, “You was a dirty whore that needed to be slapped, I will be your master and fuck you at will,”

I screamed, “Yes Oh Gary yes master” “ be my master and fuck me anytime”

He said…“You bitch take it hard”

I shouted, “Yes now you bastard, now, I am cumin!”

My orgasm started, I screamed with passion, my vagina really exploded this time, and it was so intense, my ass lifted to push against him as he drove into me, I heard his shout,

“Now you bitch, Now you whore, cum Now baby, Fuck you”

And I could feel him cum in me, his cock expanding as he came, I gripped him tight with my vagina, my legs held his and my arms wrapped around, we were as one as we climaxed, when he came, it drove me more and I got a multi orgasm, He kept saying

“Cum you bitch, keep cumin”, he slapped my ass hard very hard, it drove my orgasm longer, it went on and on, again with him matching each trust of his cum, the heat inside, the wetness coming from my cunt, his cum, my juice, he drove deep into me and stopped, getting the last of his cum deep in me, god it was the best ever, he was such a ride.

When it was over he collapsed on top of me, I held him tight I loved to hold him in me as his cock got small, I wanted it to stay big in me, but it shrank and slipped out. I felt so happy and satisfied. We turned to face each other, I said thank you and thank you for loving me. We cuddled together sleeping like babies, we were so warm and comfortable in bed in our nightwear.

We made love again early in the morning, I was happy to make up for all those lost years of sex with a man. Then we showered together, we washed each other for ages and then dried our bodies together. As we chatted we were still sensuous, we lay naked on top of the bed, it was very early and Liam was still asleep, he told me to go on the pill, I agreed as the morning after pill was not the best idea. This meant we were going to be lovers,

Ann came into the conversation and I said how wonderful she was and what a nice body she had, I told him how lucky he was to have such a lovely woman in his bed every night, he said yes he was lucky, and it would be even better to have two lovely women in his bed, I said “Oh Gary you are a typical man, everyman’s dream to have 2 women in bed together”. He said it was just a thought, I said Gary it is a nice thought and I would love to have all 3 of us in bed making love together, but I am afraid your wife is probably not a lesbian, even though I did think she did fancy me, he was excited to hear that and asked how did I know, I just said little things, he asked me did I like her in that way, and I said I had thought of her as she is so beautiful she had made me excited one night in bed when I thought of her in bed with you.

I told him I did see her naked when she was changing her underwear once, and she has a very exciting body, I said she made me very excited watching her, and anyway I thought I was a bit Bi sexual, and I would love to be naked with Ann, he agreed and said it was a pity, he would love to have the 2 of us in bed

I said leave it with me and I will see what I can do. He said really.

I said you are making me excited again now talking about Ann in bed with us, shut up and fuck me, he did!

I devised a plan of action; I thought of the 3 of us Ann was the more innocence, so I built it around her, I told Gary Friday night that he and Ann were to have a nice dinner and to make sure she was dressed very sexy, he was to make sure they both had a good few drinks, and I would turn up to visit late. I told him I thought Ann fancied me and I was going to try and see if I could get her into bed as I fancied her and I wanted the 3 of us in bed, He was very excited and thought it might work,

I told him in the mean time to talk a lot about me, and that I must have a lovely body, and to say that he thought I was a little into women and how lucky a women would be to go to bed with me.

I told him that after a while he would say he was very tired and go to bed making sure Ann and I had a drink before he went. I told him to fake sleep and to make sure he snored when and If Ann came to his room, I told him what to do after that, and we both hoped it would work.

The Night arrived

I turned up rather late and said I was just passing and said sorry for interrupting their evening, they both would not hear off me going away and Gary put me sitting next to Ann while he went to the Kitchen to get a drink, She whispered that she was so happy to see me and she was even a bit horny, she was dressed very sexy. Short dress, I touched her thigh quickly and caressed it for a second, she had a low cut blouse on with out a bra, it was quite see through and I could make out her nipples very easy, I said I better give Gary a hand to bring the drinks and went to the kitchen, he was waiting inside the door and grabbed me and kissed me, I said Hey! Wait, I told him she was very nice looking and I thought she was very sexy, I really fancy her, I will try my best to get her in my bed, Oh! Great, he said let’s go in with the drinks, I said a few more drinks would fix it I think, and he said they were after 2 bottles of wine. I told him to kiss her in front of me and to touch her a little

We had a good chat and a laugh, from time to time her short skirt rode up and her panties were in full view of Gary, he looked at me and I winked, When I thought she had enough to drink I winked at Gary, I went to the kitchen and Gary moved over next to her, I peeked in the door and he was kissing her passionately and his hand was on her cunt, I walked in and it was a bit before they saw me, she was a little taken back and adjusted her skirt as Gary took his hand out, I said sorry, and they both said no, it was O.K. Gary said how very tired he was and he would leave us girls and he would go to bed, he got us 2 drinks before heading upstairs.

Ann and I were quite close together and I leaned over to her and kissed her full on the mouth, she was very sexy and responded straight away, I stroked her thigh and my fingers found her cunt, it was Wet and she wanted sex so much, we kissed and cuddled, I opened my slacks for her hand to find my wet cunt, we were getting very passionate, and I said I wanted to stay in the spare room tonight, she said Yes I could, we caressed some more and then when she was very wanting I asked her to come to my bed for a cuddle , she said she wanted to so much and wished Gary was away , I said he is fast asleep by now and it would be just for a little while , I took her hand and stood her up , I held her against me tight and kissed her passionately, saying please come to bed with me please I want you naked , I said “you must come to my bed”

She was moaning O, yes Oh, yes, My hands were under her skirt caressing her ass, I slipped my hand inside her panties, and I was so sexy, I had to be careful I did not cum, I told her to check Gary when we got up stairs, as we went up I was behind her with my hands on her ass keeping her in a high state of passion keeping her desire for sex high, we went to their room and looked in the dark room, we could both hear Gary snoring, he was even over doing it a bit, I thought, I pulled her hand and guided her to my bedroom, we got in I turned off the landing light and left the bedroom door slightly ajar I just had the bedside light on.

I Kissed her as my hands slipped off her skirt and top, she stood there in just her panties, I helped her to undress me, her back was to the door and I could see Gary looking through the little opening in the door way, I was naked and leaned back to kiss her breasts, her hands were caressing my head and then she pulled me to the bed, we lay down and I made sure she was on the side with her back to the door, we kissed and my hand went to her cunt, I laid her back and opened her legs for my fingers to probe her cunt, I knew Gary could see what I was doing, as I slipped my fingers into her, she was moaning ,

I said “I would love to have Gary in the bed fucking you”, she just moaned, so I said would you like Cock, she said “Oh. yes”, I was afraid she was going to cum, so I slowed down, My signal to Gary to come into the bed was when I turned off the bedside light, I thought it was time, my cunt was aching for his cock and she was fingering me now as we kissed.

I turned off the light, as I knew he must have been bursting to join us, With a little light from the bathroom I could see him making for the bed, I had her turned to me holding her tight and kissing her, my finger was playing with her clit, (I had told Gary to take her straight as he got into bed,) he laid down and he quickly slipped his cock in her cunt from behind, it took her about 10 seconds to become aware he was there, she stiffened as he rode into her, she then panicked and I said its “O.K darling its only Gary, as I tried to hold her tight, she shouted No! No! And with a struggle she jumped out of bed naked and ran off to her bedroom, Gary said sorry to me as he sat there unsure what to do, I touched his arm and said Just go to her, she got a fright, go now as she is very sexy and wanting you, he turned down to kiss me, and we kissed for a second before he was aware how sexy I was, he laid down and kissed me passionately for a minute, then his hand went to my wet cunt, and I said “No please go to her, we have not lost yet” He said O.K and went out of the room,

I thought that was the end of that, and got under the bed covers, In a little while later, Gary came back to me to ask me to go to her as she was crying so much and asking his forgiveness and saying she did not know how to face me again for what he and she had both done to me, I told him to wait a while before coming back to us and I would go to her and talk to her.

I went into the bedroom the light was off but there was a lot of light from the landing coming into the room, I could hear her sobbing as I went to the bed, I sat down and touched her,

I said “Shhhh its O.K. Ann Its O.K.

She sobbed and said how sorry for what Gary had done, I whispered to her that it was O.K. and I did not mind, and I had often dreamed about been in bed with them both, she was still crying and I leaned down and kissed her head, telling her it was really O.K and not to be angry with Gary, he loved her so much and he was not angry for us been in bed together, she was starting to stop crying, I laid down on the bed next to her, she was under the covers, I put my arm under her head and she snuggled into me, I stroked her hair and gave her little kisses on her forehead. She stopped crying and I said Poor Gary, it must have been such a shock to find us in bed together, I am lucky he did not throw me out of the house, she said yes and asked where is he now, I said I think he went for a drink of water downstairs

I was getting excited again and I turned her face to me, looked her in the eye and told her I loved her, and I liked Gary very much, and I would hate for anything to come between them, I kissed her lips gently, she whispered Thanks! And kissed me back, she was getting nice again, so very quickly I stood up pulled the covers to get in next to her, I said I am chilly out here and cuddled into her, we held each other tight and I told her it was O.K and kissed her she was pressing against me hard, as we kissed, her hands were holding me, our breasts were hard against each other, she kissed me she told me she loved me, I said yes Darling and you love Gary also, she replied yes Oh, Yes, I said Yes darling you can have us both.

I could hear Gary coming, she pulled back a little from me, I said Its O.K, we just say we are chatting, we both laid on our backs side by side, Gary came into the room and went to her side of the bed and just sat down, I spoke first and said I am sorry Gary for what happened and it was all my fault,

He said “Its O.K.”

She said “Gary I am so sorry”

Gary said, “ No Ann there is nothing to be sorry for Darling I love you so much”

He bent down and kissed her, she responded to his kiss this time, my hand was caressing Ann under the covers, also, I moved closer to her, I kissed her neck, Then I got her hand and directed it to Gary, she reached out to him and touched his arm, My hand went to her cunt and I gently fingered her clit

I then said, “Gary get in and make up with your wife, I am going off to my bed and leave you too alone” he got in so quick I had not moved and her arms went around him to hold him tight against her,

Gary was saying “its O.K. Ann Its O.k.” I love you Darling” as he held her, his hand came around her and he touched my breast and held on to my arm, he started to kiss her and I stayed as I was, my hands started to caress her ass, and her back, his hand came over me also and pulled me tight against her, my breasts hard against her back, I caressed her and kissed her neck and could feel her getting excited.

His hand met mine as I went to finger her cunt again, his cock was there also and I caressed it as his fingers went to her cunt, his cock was so big and hard and I wanted it so much, I stopped feeling him and I pulled her hip turning her lower half around, my fingers found her cunt and she opened her legs for my hand to explore her, she was now really moaning, and out of control, she was now been made love to by her husband and her lover, he was kissing her and she was on her back now, I was lying next to her my fingers playing with her fanny, he moved down to kiss her breasts and I went to kiss her mouth, then after sucking her nipples hard he went down to her cunt and she opened her legs wide to let his head in-between her, his mouth was kissing her cunt and he turned his body around with out leaving her cunt, he was in a 69 position, she sought his cock with her mouth and soon she was sucking deep, my cunt was aching for a good fuck and soon he moved his head over to my cunt and I willingly opened my legs for him , he sucked me so good and from all the practice we had already he knew where to turn me on,, she sucked away at his cock and moaning all the time , my fingers replaced his mouth on her cunt and we kept her very excited.

Then he turned back to kiss her mouth and we both took turns kissing her and caressing her, I kissed Gary over her mouth and then she would pull his cock, he told her to kiss my breasts, she did and as she sucked my breasts, he got her to get over me, and then to move down to my cunt, her eager mouth found my wet fanny and she lapped me with her mouth he got her into a kneeling position as she mouthed me, I could see him get behind her and then he fucked her from behind, she was moaning loud as his cock fucked her, I was holding her head hard against my wet cunt, his hands caught my legs and lifted them high and opened them wide, giving her plenty of room to mouth fuck me, I knew I would not last much longer , it was the most amazing experience ever, knowing his cock was going into her and her mouth on my cunt, it was so exciting, I was starting to cum and I shouted I was going to cum , with that she stopped mouthing me, he pushed her down next to me to kiss me , Gary lowered himself in-between my legs, his cock quickly slipped straight home into me deep, as soon as his cock went into me I started to orgasm I was so wet and open, I shouted as I came, Ann’s mouth kissed my cries , saying “Yes Darling Yes” then she said “Go Gary go, oh yes Darling yes Fuck her good make her happy” Gary shouted as he came, Ann said “ Fuck her Darling Fuck her hard”

This drove him on and he beat his cock hard, Deep and fast into me, he really fucked he, he pushed me up the bed it was so intense

I could hear him cry out as he came in me, I had heard it so often before, (If Ann only knew,) I had a massive orgasm, my body jerked violently inside as I devoured his cock sucking each shot of cum from his cock, pulling him deep in me, as he came, Ann was kissing me, and turning to kiss him, as he slowed and started to come from me, she went down to his cock and took it in her mouth, it was getting small but still giving little tremors as he finished,

Gary said “Suck it darling, taste us Darling”

She loved the taste of us, then she laid back and I kissed her, tasting our love juices from her lips.

It was her turn and quickly we turned her on her back, Gary’s fingers went to work on her cunt, I kept kissing her and Gary was kissing her breasts as he fingered her, she moved so passionately as he finger fucked her cunt, I pushed his head and he dropped to lick her cunt, his mouth was eating her, I was telling her we both loved her and wanted her, and in seconds she was screaming out as she climaxed, I kissed her cries and called her name, telling her we loved her, saying “Cum Oh Yes Cum” she had a long orgasm, she pushed her cunt hard against his mouth as he sucked her wet fanny sinking his mouth hard to taste her love juice, and then slowly the shudders came to a halt , we were all fucked, she turned to me and held me, Gary came to the other side of me and cuddled close to my back, I could feel his damp limp cock against my ass, Ann was fading fast, and so was I, Gary said goodnight girls.

In the morning I was awoken by Gary’s cock inside me, he had slipped in to me as I lay asleep, I felt this lovely sensation as he moved ever so gently in me, he was trying not to wake Ann, he was aware I had woken, as I squeezed my legs together to make it nicer and I pushed my ass back further to make it easier for him and nicer for me, I was looking at Ann as he moved in me, she was on her back, her breasts were lovely and her nipples so inviting, I was so excited, I wanted to reach out and suck them, but I knew he was so excited just doing me.

Gary moved a little faster as his mouth kissed my neck, I did not move as I did not want to wake Ann, Gary was so big and hard again, he moved so deep and gentle, I felt him go so deep up and down my vagina, The now familiar feel of his cock, his movement increased in speed and I knew he was getting close to cumin, he was doing his best not to shake the bed to much, then he paused for a second when he was fully up me he went tense, I felt Gary shoot his cum in me, his mouth hard against my neck muffling his passion cries, his teeth deep in my neck, he trying not to wake Ann it was so lovely to feel him get such satisfaction from my body, I was so content as his cum filled me up, feeling his cock expand as he pumped me of his fill, I moved once back hard against him but then stopped as I thought Ann stirred.

I loved it like this, looking at his innocence wife next to me as he fucked his cum in me, I felt so warm inside, he slowed and stopped and he just lay there, I wanted his cock to stay nice and warm in me, but after a while it slipped out, he kissed my neck as we both fell asleep again I thought! He had fucked me twice and had not fucked her yet,

The next morning I awoke to find Gary gone from the bed and Ann just waking up at the same time, we cuddled together and before long we were making love again, we both had a lovely morning in bed, and we looked forward to Gary coming home to us, we dressed up special for him that night, What a night…