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My Lover's Daughter


I was stationed in Germany several years ago and had a German woman as my lover.  She had lost all her family in the war and worked at our base as a civilian.  She was blonde and blue eyed and hated the Nazis who had brought devastation to her country.  One day I asked her if she had a husband, she told me that she hadn't, but with that certain look in her eyes told me that she was very lonely.  That is how she became my mistress.  Anna was a great and very sexual lover, she had a good figure and wanted sex all the time.  She had a daughter, Marta, conceived  with her first lover when she was sixteen.  Marta was now just turned fourteen and a real stunner.

This girl had a fabulous body which I had seen in Anna's flat as she swanned around in her bra and knickers.  Anna must have noticed for she said,  'You would like to fuck my Marta, Rollo?  It would be alright  the age of consent in Germany is fourteen and I think she is desperate for sex like I was at her age!'

'God,' I thought, 'who wouldn't want to fuck a gorgeous young virgin like Marta?'  I was thirty-nine at the time and I knew that Marta liked me and knew that I fucked her mother.  I was always bringing them things that they couldn't get at the time, like rood and clothing.  Indeed I'd had my sister send sexy undies out which they both wore.  I had seen many such pretty youngb girls in England but would never have touched one there because of the age thing, nevertheless, like a lot of men I cerainly yearned to.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I told Anna that I'd love to fuck Marta, but only if the girl agreed.  'You shouldn't worry abouty that,' Anna, told me, 'she has already told me that she wants sex and because you fuck me she wants you!'  'Okay then,' I replied.  We arranged that the next time I had a weekend off I would spend the whole time with them.

This soon came around and I was soon at the flat, both mother and daughter were so excited that they had already bathed and had only dressing gowns on.  I had a quick shower and we went into the bedroom, both woman took off their gowns and I had a good look at a naked Marta for the first  time.  What I saw made me groan inwardly at her beauty.  She was a well developed girl with full breasts, so firm that they didn't move even when she walked, they had little pink nipples and aureoles.  My eyes had already taken in her well-proportioned figure and  lovely legs, now I looked between her thighs where a prominent mound displayed about an inch of her neat cunt lips.

As I looked at her she stepped forward smiling, 'Dear Rollo, I want you here!' she said, touching herself between the thighs.  My cock was already standing, I am well endowed with a thick seven and a half inches and she took hold of it and began moving her hand up and down.  I kissed her, she responded passionately and I caressed her beautiful breasts.  I steered her to the bed and, with her mother watching, started to kiss her breasts, then I kissed and sucked those little stiff nipples.  She made a little noise and pulled my head against those oh-so-firm breasts.

I slid my hand down over her flat stomach and cupped her mound, my middle finger rested in the little valley between her cunt lips.  While still sucking her nipples I eased her legs apart and began to caress her cunt.  She became slippery very quickly and my finger slid inside, I pushed it into her love canal and fucked her with it.  She gasped.  Then I withdrew my finger and felt for her clit.  It was a sizeable projection like the tip of a baby's finger.  I continued to caress it as I slid down her body until I could tease it with  my tongue, this time she did cry out, not in pain but in extasy.

After a few moments she lifted my head, 'No more!' she gasped, 'Please just do it to me!'  I mounted her as she spread her legs wide, my cock was just between her cunt lips.  She kissed me, she was breathing heavily as I pushed inside her.  There was no obstruction as I slid my cock deep into her, she grabbed me tightly.  I began to fuck her gently, she was oozing cunt juice and was easy to fuck.

'Do you like it?' I asked.  'I don't know, it's strange but it's thrilling too!'  'Don't worry, my darling, every girl feels strange the first time they do it.  Rollo will do you lots more and you'll get used to it, won't you Rollo?'  'Of course,' I replied.  I started thrusting gently instead of just easing myself back and forth, Marta gasped, 'Oh, that makes me feel...oh, I don't know, but I don't want to stop!

It didn't last long in all truth, taking the virginity of an extremely sexual and tight young girl was too much for me.  'I'm going to cum,' I gasped.  'It's alright, Rollo, let her feel it, I will deal with it afterwards.'  By the time Anna had finished speaking I was on the point of cumming and, with a groan, I shot my load deep inside my fourteen year old lover.

I flopped on top of her gasping for breath, she cuddled my head, 'Ah so, that was my first time.  I will have to have more!' she said.

She did too.  That day she watched me fuck her mother and learned a thing or two no doubt, the following day I fucked both of them as I was to do on many occasions afterwards.