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My Slave

I trust this letter finds you well. A room has been reserved for you at the St Ermins Hotel, just down from New Scotland Yard for this coming Thursday. You are to take the afternoon off from work and travel up to London on your bike. You should arrive at the hotel no later than 4.00pm. You will be available for work on Friday if you wish. You will not require any luggage.

You will wear your leathers to travel up to London with only your favourite underwear underneath. I will know if you disobey me. You will park your bike at the hotel and check in. You will find further instructions in your room.

I look forward to seeing you again


You re- read the letter over and over, a mixture of emotions running through your brain. It's true that you enjoy being his slave, submitting to his will. But the defiant streak in you wants to break free, to disobey, but is that only because you enjoy the punishment he gives? Your stomach tightens as you succumb to your desires. You know deep down that you will go. What has Master planned this time?

You arrive at the hotel at 4.15, despite taking several risks and exceeding the speed limit you are late. You know that he despises lateness; you also know that your excuses about the traffic will fall on deaf ears. Having parked your bike you walk up the steps and into the lobby. Taking your helmet off you approach reception and give your name. The lady behind the desk gives you a card to fill out with your details, having done this she hands you a key and an envelope. Your room is 216 she explains second floor and right out of the lift. You walk toward the lift opening the letter as you go.

Welcome Alice

I will know what time you have checked in, reception here are very efficient and they will tell me. I hope for your sake you arrived at or before 4.00pm. You know how I abhor lateness.

In your room you will find the clothes you are to wear tonight. Prior to dressing you will prepare yourself fully.

At 6.45 pm you will be in the lobby of the hotel, do not be late. The doorman will know you. He will call you when your taxi arrives.

Until later


The reminder about your lateness sends your stomach rolling over; you know that you will be disciplined later. You kick yourself mentally for not leaving just that little bit earlier. In betrayal of your mind you feel the heat between your legs as your body responds to the thought of your Master's hands smacking your bottom.

The lift doors open and you step out onto the second floor. The room is easy to find, the electronic key slips into the lock and the door clicks open. Pushing the door open you step inside.

The room is cool and smells fresh, on the bed there are some clothes.

A simple black dress which you think will probably stop just above the knee. The dress has no sleeves. There is a box which on opening you discover a black lacy bra and a black silk thong. There are black hold up stockings and at the foot of the bed a pair of black court shoes with a three inch heel. A smaller box catches your eye on the bedside table, rushing over you open it. Inside there are two items, firstly a black silk choker, a new collar for you to wear. Secondly there is a small vibrator, a note says

"I have the remote with me!"

You check your watch, you still have plenty of time. You strip off your leathers, and realize that the effect of the motorbike ride and the anticipation of the evening to come have made your pussy very wet. Pulling the thong over to one side you gently touch yourself, your clitoris is enlarged and very sensitive. You know that you shouldn't and that if Master were to find out he would be furious, but you cant help yourself, your fingers are already probing inside your hot channel. You lie on the bed, your fingers pumping your pussy, your other hand snakes down across your belly and begins to massage your clitoris. The feeling is amazing as your orgasm begins to build. Your fingers move faster and deeper inside you, you can hold back no longer as with a load moan you come hard, your juices gushing out on to the bed.

You lie there for a while as you come down from the peak.

Slowly you get up from the bed and move into the bathroom, you start to run the bath and notice the oils and bath foam lined up neatly on the shelf. You know what your Master likes and what you need to do. A smile crosses your lips as you think of Masters cock deep inside your ass. You reach for the enema and begin your bathing ritual.

Wrapped in a large towel you walk back into the bedroom, and notice the wet patch from where you lay earlier as you climaxed. There is no way that Master will not notice that, and you did not have permission to come. "Shit shit shit"

There is no time to worry about it now, you are running a little late again, quickly you slip on the thong and place the small vibrator in place, the bra and stockings next and finally the dress. It fits every curve perfectly.

Finally you step into the shoes; the heels push your calves up, giving extra shape to your legs. You check out how you look in the full length mirror, your hair, oh my god in the rush you had all but forgotten about your hair. Quickly into the bathroom and using the hairbrush that Master has left you brush your hair so that it hangs gracefully down over your shoulders. The collar goes on next and the ensemble is complete, once again you check your look in the mirror.

You walk into the lobby from the lift, heads turn to stare at you, you know you look good and sexy, the admiring glances serve to heighten your state. You sit down near the doors. You watch as taxis drop off their fares outside the hotel, you check your watch, its not quite 6.45.
A taxi draws up outside, the driver speaks to the doorman who looks through the glass. He walks through the doors and approaches you. "I believe this is your Taxi, miss"

He helps you in and you sit back. You notice the meter isn't on and as if the driver can read your mind, he turns and says "Some geezer stopped me and told me to pick you up, paid me as well"

You smile at him and wonder if your Master has said anything about you to the driver.

"Where are we going?" you ask.

"He said you'd ask, but 'e told me not to tell you either, said you liked surprises, he told me to be there at 6.50 on the dot and to call him on his mobile if you weren't there."

"You didn't call did you?" you ask with thoughts racing through your head of what Master would do if he found out you were late.

"Nah, you was on time so there was no need. This man then, he some relation is he?"

"No he is no relation, and to be honest it's none of your business" you say with a steely voice but a smile playing on your lips.

The cab slows down outside a restaurant "Here we go then Miss, Enjoy your evening"

You smile your thank you as you step out of the cab.

The small device next to your clitoris suddenly buzzes into life, causing delicious sensations to run through your pussy. With difficulty you turn and as steadily as you can walk into the restaurant.

"Good evening madam" purrs the hostess, "do you have a reservation?"

"Err no" you reply, "I'm meeting someone"

"I'll take it from here Natalie" a mans voice from behind you "Your table is this way madam." He walks past you and you follow. As you approach the table I stand to greet you, smiling.

The Maitre d pulls your chair out and you sit down. "Thank you" you smile at him and as he leaves your eyes raise to mine. "Good evening Master. Do I meet with your approval?"

"Good evening Slave, you look perfect, the dress fits you well."

I reach into my pocket and put a small unit on the table, "This controls the device you are wearing, I will use it randomly throughout the evening. However you will not achieve orgasm until I say, do you understand?"

"Yes Master," you reply, wondering whether it would be better to tell Master now that you have already had one orgasm earlier, or let him find out later when he sees the wet patch on the bedspread. Maybe it would be dry by the time you got back to the hotel.

"I have taken the liberty of ordering your meal for you, I trust you don't mind..."

"No Master that is fine, I know that I will enjoy anything you decide for me tonight," you reply with a coy smile playing on your lips.

I reach for the small control unit and press the button, again the small device next to your clitoris buzzes into life. Your mouth opens slightly as the feelings intensify; you grip the arms of the chair as your breathing becomes shallower. Your eyes close slightly as you feel the wetness grow in your pussy.

The waiter approaches with the first course, so I take my finger off the button, you lick your lips as the vibrations stop and adjust yourself in the seat.

The waiter places your plate in front of you and looks appreciatively at you; he places the second plate in front of me. You look back at the waiter and smile. "Madam," he says with a small nod of his head as he moves away from the table.

"Mmm, maybe I should invite him back to the hotel later so he can find out what my slave is really like, should I do that?"


"No what?" I snap back at you.

"No Master, please don't, I am your slave for you to do with what you will, please don't give me to another!"

"But you're flirting with him, he likes you, I can see that, I will think about it..."

"Please Master, don't,"

"Alice," I say softly, "as you have just pointed out, you are my slave and will do what I want, now eat your meal."

I know that I have no intention of inviting the waiter back to the hotel, but it's all part of the plan for tonight.

The first course finished the waiter returns and clears the plates and pours more wine.



"May I go to the toilet please?"

"No Alice, you may not"

"But Master, I need to go"

"Are you arguing with me young lady?" I say as I reach and press the control unit sending more vibrations coursing through your pussy. The feeling of your full bladder coupled with the vibrating unit is causing unbelievable sensations, pain and pleasure.

"No Master," you gasp.


"When the vibrations stop, then you may go to the toilet."

"Yes MMmaster."

I watch you closely to ensure that you neither come nor wet yourself. For a minute or so neither of us speaks. Finally I switch the unit off, and say, "You may now go to the toilet my little cock slut, but no playing with yourself in there."

"Thank you Master, may I be excused?"

"Yes," I reply standing up and moving behind you to pull the chair out to assist.

I watch as you walk away from me towards the ladies, I return to my seat and just before you reach the door I press the button again and then let go. I watch as your step falters.

As you return to the table I again rise to greet you, and assist you with your chair. The waiter pours more wine and asks if we are ready for our main course.

I tell him we are. He goes away and reappears carrying our meals. His eyes are fixed on you, its clear he likes you, but you do not acknowledge or encourage him this time, fearful that I might carry out my threat.

We concentrate on our meals, passing the occasional comment to each other, the small unit next to your clitoris has been set to low and continues to pulse lightly, not enough to cause intense sensations but enough to keep you in a constant state of arousal.

The main course over I call for the bill and suggest to you that you might like to visit the ladies again.

Once outside I call a cab and speak to the driver I open the door for you and help you inside. As the cab pulls away I slide my hand up your leg and touch you through the thin silk of your thong. I can feel how wet you are. I put my wet fingers to your lips and obediently you take them in your mouth to clean them. The cab stops and I get out, I assist you to leave the cab and I pay the driver. We are standing outside the hotel; your motorbike is parked nearby, gleaming in the light from the hotel lobby.

We enter the hotel together, I instruct you to go to your room and prepare, I turn and walk over to reception. As the lift doors close you see me talking to the young lady who checked you in. Your stomach starts to turn over, as you remember that you were late checking in. You enter the room quickly and slip the dress off; hanging it up in the wardrobe, you quickly check your look in the mirror before disappearing into the bathroom. Master likes you to smell fresh. You know you have to hurry, you must be on the bed when he arrives. A quick brush of your hair and back into the bedroom, you lie back on the bed with your arms down by your sides and wait. It is not long before the door opens and your Master walks in.

I am carrying a small overnight bag, which I put on the unit next to the TV.

"Stand up," I say without turning round, "you may undress me."

"Yes Master." you reply standing up off the bed and walking over to me. You drop to your knees and begin with my shoes and socks, placing the shoes neatly together with the socks inside. You stand up and slide my jacket off my shoulders, placing it on the bed. You undo my tie and shirt, removing the cufflinks last before that too joins the jacket placed on the bed. You reach for the belt on my trousers and unbuckle it, sliding it out of the loops, then having undone my trousers you slide them down my legs and I step out of them. You start to pull at my boxers but I grab your hair and pull you up.


"I don't think so, not just yet, don't you have something to tell me?" I ask as you gasp with the force I exert on your hair.

"Sorry Master," you whimper "what should I have told You?"

"What time did you check in?"

"About 4.15 Master,"

"And what time did I tell you to check in?"

"No later than 4.00 Master..."

"So you were late and thought you could get away with it!"

"No Master I didn't thin..."

"No excuses, pass me my belt!"

I let go of your hair and you reach over to the bed and pass me the belt.

"Now hang the rest of the clothes up."

You start to hang the clothes up on a hanger from the wardrobe. I undo the bag and take from it a length of cord.

"Come here and turn round, put your hands behind your back." As you comply I tie your wrists together tightly so that you gasp as the cords bite into your flesh.

"Kneel down."

As you kneel down you look up at me, defiance gleaming in your eyes.

I sense that unless I act quickly you will start to rebel. I grab hold of your hair and force your head back. "So slut, you thought you could get away with not telling me?"

I twist your hair round my fist so that it's even tighter and pull you up so you are standing in front of me, I push you forward so that your knees are pressed against the bed. So that you don't fall, you kneel on it. I roughly push your head down onto the duvet so your backside is now up in the air. "Stay like that and take your punishment, bitch."

As I take the belt and fold it in half, I notice that the thong has slipped in between your pussy lips which are pink and exposed.

I raise the belt and bring it down hard onto your buttocks, as the leather hits your flesh you scream, the noise reverberating round the room.

"If you scream again slave I will be forced to gag you, do you understand?"

"Y..Y..Yes Master,"

Thwack! The belt comes down hard again; a red stripe is evident from the first lash. After six hard strokes, I reach forward and rub the round globes that have bright red weals over them, caressing and kneading them. I walk round to the side of the bed and sit down so that I am near your head. I whisper to you,


"Is there anything else that my slut deserves punishment for?"

"Yes Master," you reply "I brought myself to an orgasm earlier without your permission, and I'm sorry Master."

"Why did you that?"

"I'm truly sorry Master; it's just that at the thought of spending a night with you, I got so horny that I felt that unless I came I would explode."

"I see. And did you not stop to think how your blatant disobedience would make your Master feel?"

"I was driven by my lust for you Master...I, I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry Master."

You sound sorry, I think to myself. Or perhaps you are just scared about what I might do to punish you.

In reality, you have done yourself a favour by confessing. I had noticed the slightly stained patch on the duvet whilst you were on your knees removing my shoes. I had given you the opportunity to own up, and you had done so.

I get up from the bed and move round behind you. Taking a firm grip on your shoulders I pull your body gently upwards until you are kneeling upright again. Still behind you I smooth your hair; as my hands move down your neck I can feel how tense you are, knowing that the time for disciplining you further is not far off.

Finally, I speak. "Well, you're a good slave for admitting your transgression to your Master, but it cannot go unpunished can it, my sweet little slut?"

You shake your head slightly. "No Master."

"Hmm, let me think...How can I teach my little cock slut a lesson...?" I wonder to myself aloud as I cross the room. I sift through the bag on the cabinet searching for something to focus your attention. I glance over towards you to find that you have turned your head and are looking in my direction.

"Face the front slave!" I bark, and your head snaps back into position as though it is on elastic.

I pull from the bag a miniature black leather paddle. Only about eight inches long, but it delivers a wicked sting when used correctly, particularly on sensitive parts of the body. Just right for teaching my little slave to think very carefully before touching herself without My permission.

I walk over and stand behind you again, then slowly reach round in front of you with the paddle, stroking it down your chest between your breasts; I drag it around your stomach in a circle, watching your muscles tighten, expecting me to strike. I pull the paddle up again on the same route, watching your breasts rise and fall as your breathing becomes shallower with your anticipation.

I place the leather rectangle next to you on the bed, and gently pull at the bonds on your wrists, loosening them until they fall away.

"Turn around and lay back on the bed. Legs apart, raise your knees up, and put your hands behind your head." You do as you're told, shifting quickly into the desired position like a good little slave. I stand and savour the sight of you laying there, spread out before me. Your pussy lips are pink and glistening – I know from experience that merely the sound of my voice, my orders, can cause you to become dripping wet. It almost distracts me for a moment, but there will be plenty of time to play with you once the punishment has been administered.

"Now then slave; if you will insist on letting your hands stray to areas that you know must not be touched without my permission, then I think the best course of action is to give you a punishment that you will think of whenever you find those hands wandering. Don't you agree slut?"

You wet your lips and swallow nervously. "As you wish Master. You know what is best for Your slave."

I smile to myself. It's amazing how obsequious you will be when on the brink of punishment. I pick up the paddle, and with no further warning, strike the inside of your left thigh. You gasp, and a bright pink mark begins to appear straight away.

"Only five more for this leg my sweet, and then the other gets the same treatment. If you move out of position or cry out, the stroke will not count. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." Your voice is a whisper. I know how much you fear thigh spanking, and how difficult this is going to be for you. But that makes it a good test of obedience as well as a punishment.


Crack! The second stroke sounds incredibly loud in the confines of the room. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for you) I have a pretty good aim, and I landed the stroke further along your thigh towards your knee, slightly overlapping the first. I lay on the next two in quick succession, again overlapping them slightly towards your knee. Your whole body jumps as the paddle lands, but your hands stay put, as does the position of your legs, and you don't make a sound.

I stroke the paddle over your reddened flesh and see you wince slightly and grit your teeth. I tap the leather gently on your skin, letting the tension build, then suddenly with another crack! I lay the final lash directly across the already tender area. You gasp again, and force your legs wider apart in order for you to stop yourself from closing them.

I repeat the procedure with your other leg, but this time start closer to your knee and work my way back. In between the strokes I take a few short moments to watch your thighs tremble as you struggle not to move, and to listen to your loud breathing as you try not to cry out. You have obviously focussed yourself on lasting through the punishment, and your concentration has worked.

"Well done my sweet little slave. You have pleased me. Stay there just a moment longer." I reach out and gently brush a few strands of hair away from your eyes. "Don't worry my sweet. Your punishment is over and you are forgiven," I say as I notice the slightly worried expression on your face.

I walk to the mini bar and take out a bottle of still mineral water. I pick up a glass and return to the bed. I roll the ice cold bottle over your still-smarting thighs, and you moan at the calming effect of the low temperature on your hot skin.

"Does that feel good slave?" I ask, all ready knowing the answer.

"Oh yes thank you Master," you sigh happily, and wriggle slightly, but you don't move out of the position that I ordered you into earlier.

"Sit up," I say, and climb on to the bed behind you. I open the bottle of water and half fill the glass. Reaching my arm round to your front I put the glass to your lips and tell you to drink. We have a long night ahead of us, and I don't want you becoming weak and dehydrated. I want to be able to enjoy my slave to the full.

With my help, you slowly sip the water until the half glass is empty. You lick your lips and say softly, "Thank you Master."

"You're welcome, my slave." I can sense that you are calm and relaxed now; it's time to start playing. I gently unhook the bra and slide it down your arms and off, casting it to one side. Still behind you I idly play with your left nipple – my fingers are cold from holding the chilled bottle, and it soon becomes hard under my touch. I turn my attention to the other, watching with a smile as it too stiffens from my ministrations. You moan softly with the pleasure from my gentle caress, and I notice your hips rising and falling, ever so slightly, as you become more aroused.

I get off of the bed, and pull a chair out from the small dressing table. I place it at the foot of the bed and sit down. You remain on the bed, facing me.

"It seems that I made a good choice with the lingerie – you look absolutely delectable. However, I would like to see you naked now. Take it off for me slave."

With a wicked grin on your face, you crawl; cat like, to the foot of the bed where you stand on the floor only a couple of feet away from me. You place a foot on the bed and start to slowly roll down the hold up stocking. You run your hands over your thigh, obviously enjoying yourself as well as the little show that you're putting on for me. All too quickly the garment is removed, and the only thing that stops my disappointment is the fact that I get to see you do it all again. You start to repeat your actions, slightly bolder this time, and more sexual – if that's possible.

The stockings gone, you stand before me in just the thin silk thong. You teasingly hook your fingers in the waistband and start to inch the material down, agonisingly slowly, but intensely erotically. I'm a proud Master as I watch your display. I know that you have the capacity to be extremely shy, and I have spent some time training and helping you to realise your sexuality, to become the powerfully sensual, sexual person that I see before me.

Finally the last item of clothing (if something that small can really be referred to as such) is discarded on the floor, and you are completely naked in front of me. I stretch my arm out and slide my hand between your legs...I see your eyes close as my finger gently strokes across your outer lips...

"Look at me slut. You are to look directly into my eyes..."

I see a slight blush on your face as your green eyes meet and hold the gaze of my blue ones...I continue to explore your pussy gently with my first two fingers. When I am satisfied, I stand up and hold my index finger to your mouth. Straight away you start to suck contentedly until it is completely clean of your juices. The other finger I put to my own lips, and savour the taste of you, my sweet slave.

"Back on the bed my slut. Your Master has a task for you."

You shuffle back on to the bed, and shift around so that you are kneeling. Your legs are apart, and your hands behind your back, as I have taught you.

"Now, I have taken great care, and time, in training you to discover your own sexuality. I have helped you to learn what feels good for you. Would you agree slave?"

"Yes Master." You don't hesitate to reply, and nod your head as if to reinforce your answer.

"Good. Then your Master wants to see what the results of his training have been. I will sit on this chair, while you entertain me. Play with yourself for me. You may touch yourself anywhere that you like – take yourself right to the edge, but do not come. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"When you feel that your orgasm is near, you will tell me, and I will decide your fate from there."

"Yes Master."

I seat myself back on the chair. "Begin the show, my sexy little slut."

You raise yourself up higher; still kneeling, but no longer sat on your legs. You run your hands up your torso and cup your breasts. You squeeze them gently, perhaps even reservedly, at first, but gradually the lust starts to take over and you get rougher, pinching and twisting your nipples. Your left hand snakes down your body and your fingers eagerly dip between your legs, a couple of them probing into your hot, wet channel. They reappear glistening with your juices, and you moan out loud as you run the fingers over your clitoris, making it slippery and even more sensitive.

You keep your fingers still, and start to move your hips to create the friction you desire. Your breathing is shallow, and your leg muscles are tensing repeatedly as the waves of pleasure travel through you. I briefly consider reminding you of my orders, but decide that you should not need a reminder. Besides, I don't think that you would dare disobey me after your punishment earlier.

You start to move your fingers over your clit again, every now and then pushing them back into your dripping pussy. Your other hand is still working on your breasts, pulling and pinching hard at your nipples, and then it too moves down, and you push two fingers as deep as you can into your channel, pumping them in and out whilst you rub and pull your clit. A red blush is spreading across your chest, and I know you must be getting close. Sure enough, right on cue,

"Master, if I continue I'll come, please let me come!"

"Not yet my little cock slut. Stop touching yourself." Your hands don't move at first, and for a moment I think you are about to disobey. "If I have to move your hands myself slut, there will be trouble..."

At the warning tone in my voice, you force your hands away from your pussy, and place them behind your back. You become slightly more composed as the intense feelings ebb away.

"Well done slave, you may learn the art of self control yet. And a very nice show you gave your Master."

You smile slightly and glance at my barely-disguised stiff cock, before looking up at me shyly. "I'm glad that I have pleased you Master – and if You will allow me, I would like to please You further."

I stand up and take a step towards you. I cup your chin in my hand and gently pull your head up to look at me.

"Really? And how would my sexy little slut like to please her Master?" I see you blush slightly again, and smile to myself. I know that you have never done this sort of thing with anybody, and that somehow makes it even more fun.

"I'm waiting for an answer slave; tell me what you want..."

You blink a few times, and I can see you putting together the sentence in your head. Finally, it comes out.

"I want to...to take you in my mouth. I want to suck your cock, if it would please you Master."

I slide my boxers down my legs and step out of them. My cock has been raging to get out of its confines ever since I saw you walk into the restaurant this evening. You shift on to all fours and lean forward, opening your mouth to receive me. I allow myself a small moan of pleasure as I revel in the warmth of your mouth. I rest my hand on the back of your head, guiding you gently.

You gradually take more of me into your mouth, but I resist the urge to thrust all the way down your throat – it's a technique you're still learning and I don't want to rush you.

Quite soon you're sucking in earnest, and seven of my eight inches are sliding into your mouth. As you bring your mouth to the tip, you increase the tightness of your lips around the head, which you caress with your tongue. My hand twists further into your hair and I increase my grip, making you moan around my cock, which in turn creates an unbelievable sensation for me.

You release me, and start to lick my entire length luxuriously, most definitely enjoying yourself. And then when you next open your mouth and take me inside, it's with a new.........hunger. Hunger is the only way to describe it as you suck me furiously, almost as if your very life depended on it. Feeling the time is right, I place my hand back on to your head and hold it in place, then start to thrust my hard cock into your mouth. You gag slightly at first, then I feel the muscles in your throat relax and I slip with ease all the way in. My head falls back and my eyes close. This moment is golden, I think to myself.

I think back to how you confided in me your lack of sexual confidence. The way you told me nervously, over the phone, that you were worried that you wouldn't be "enough" for me, as you put it. I did my best then to allay your fears, and it seems that I've been proved correct. Yes......I'm a very proud Master indeed.

Your sucking has slowed once again to long, luxuriating strokes – just as well; I was beginning to wonder how much longer I could hold out. I slide my cock from your mouth, and smile as your eyes stay fixed on it, your tongue resting at the corner of your mouth, like a hungry animal.

You're raised up on your knees again, and I reach out and pinch your nipples, increasing the pressure until you gasp.

"Lay back slut." I push you gently; just enough to send you off balance, and you tumble backwards (very gracefully). You lay on your back looking up at me; your dark hazelnut hair fanning across your face, a slight blush on your delicate features. I crawl on to the bed, positioning myself over you.

"Do you want my cock, slave?"

You just nod, seemingly lost for words. I allow my demeanour to harden slightly.

"Your Master asked you a question, slut, now answer me properly."

"Yes Master, I want your cock, if it would please you." I know that you love to hear my gentle reprimands – it just turns you on even more.

"Then relax my little slave, and let me take you to heaven..."

I nudge at your tight, wet hole with my cock, softly seeking entrance. I look into your eyes as I push my cock into you. You gaze back at your Master, a low moan slipping from between your lips as I fill you.

"You like that slave? Feeling your Master's cock buried in your tight little pussy?

"Oh, yes Master....I love being your cock slut......" You moan as the sensation of being filled so full sends amazing pulsing sensations through your body. I lean down closer to you, supporting my weight on my hands, I whisper right into your ear – another little trick that I know drives you wild with lust.

"And that's what you are isn't it? My sexy little cock slut? My horny little bitch?"

"Oh god....yesssss......mmmmm.....oh please.....please fuck me harder Master..."

Gentleman that I am, I can hardly refuse you and I gradually increase my pace, thrusting harder and faster. Your hands grip at the bedclothes and any ability of coherent speech leaves you as you feel your orgasm build. You know that you must not come without My permission, and with no alternative, you begin the delicious ritual of begging Me to allow you your orgasm...........

"Master?...Master please -."

I know straight away what you are going to ask, and for once I'm looking forward to denying you.

"So soon? No you may not come slave." I've slowed my pace slightly by now – the only trouble with getting you so worked up before I fuck you is that you do tend to start asking for your release very quickly. I'm usually fairly indulgent with you, mainly because I love watching and listening to you come. But not tonight. Tonight I want to keep you balanced on the edge.

I slow my pace even further, enjoying the feeling (and the sight) of you thrusting up to meet my every stroke. I summon my willpower and withdraw from you completely. You moan in protest at losing my gift.

"Now now slut – don't be greedy," I chide you gently. "On all fours my sweet." I see your eyes light up with pleasure at being ordered into your favourite position, and you assume it in a flash. I kneel behind you and guide my cock once again into your wet, welcoming channel. You gasp, and then moan low in your throat as you feel my entire length slide into you. I start to fuck you shallow and fast, and when I reach underneath you and gently begin to rub your clit, you scream. A totally animalistic sound – a raw cry of pure lust...

I fuck you gradually deeper, revelling in the feeling of your hot, tight pussy gripping me as I pump in and out of you. I take my hand from between your legs and rake my nails down your back, and as I do so, you purr. You actually purr! I take great pleasure in the sound.

"Touch yourself my slut. Go on, play with your clit..." As I give the command I stroke the back of your neck gently, making you squeal and thrust back on my cock even harder.

You don't need telling twice. You lift your arm and begin to rub furiously at your clit, taking in air sharply, every other breath a moan of ecstasy.

I reach out and take hold of your hair, pulling on it until your head is dragged backwards and your back is arced beautifully. I notice that you seem to have maintained an even level where your orgasm is concerned, and that your senses are perfectly balanced. It's clearly time to step up the pace. I start to talk to you...

"You love this don't you slave? Your Master fucking you from behind like this – pulling your hair and commanding you to rub your clit, treating you like this, punishing you... you're such a little slut aren't you? MY slut..." My voice is low, and you moan louder with every sentence I know that you love to be spoken to in this way, and I'm more than happy to indulge you. Your breathing becomes ragged again, and I can tell that the pressure is building. You gather your senses enough to speak:

"Please Master...please may I come..?" You manage to gasp out as I slam my cock deep into your pussy.

"Hmm, I don't know...I'm sure you can beg more sweetly than that slave, what do you think...?"

The words are hardly out of my mouth before you're asking again.

"Oh Master, PLEASE. Please let Your slut come! Please Master, let me come, please let me come for You -."

"Come with me my slave...come for your Master.."

You again scream out loud as your orgasm suddenly engulfs you. I thrust into you right up to the hilt as I come, and I know you can feel the jets of my hot fluid as they sear into you. You're still begging as your senses are assailed by the sheer pleasure of coming after being denied for so long.

I stroke my hands over you as we come down from the peak. You're moaning softly now, contentedly as I guide you down on to the bed again. I kiss you softly, all the time running my hands over your body.

"Mmm...such a good little slave. You have pleased me this evening. At least I will have pleasant images to entertain me whilst I sit here tomorrow and work."

You smile coyly and gently stroke my forearm. You have a real thing for them for some reason. "I'm happy that I have pleased You Master. So You have to work tomorrow? Poor Master."

"Poor me indeed. At least you are returning to work as well." I kiss your nose, then draw back to find you giggling. "Is something amusing slave?"

"Kind of. It's just that, seeing as it was Thursday I thought I'd take the rest of the week off, so I could stay on tomorrow and keep you company if you'd like Master..."

I do love my slave's ingenuity. I reach forward and gently squeeze your breasts.

"I must remember to reward you for your forward thinking," you smile smugly, then it turns to a distinctly more nervous smile as I add, "and to punish you for not telling me sooner."

"But first, my sweet, I think we both need to rest."

So saying, I turn out the light, and pull my sweet slave close to me as we drift off together.