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He was slumped over his desk as the teacher once again let us watch some sciency program on the projector. I stared at his legs, oh they were sexy, if only I could lick all the way up them, OMG my boner was so big. He looked like he was staring at me, so I stared back into his eyes. He flicked his eyebrows up and down, which made me even bigger. He then made a kissey sound with his lips, which I thought was a joke so I did it back, he then winked and that made me wonder if he was serious.

Going back about 8 months, I was this awkward, I had always had this thing for a boy, originally in my French class but now in everyone of my classes, his name was Ethan. We weren’t really friends but he knew my name. We had to sit next to each other in music, which was once a week. The only really alone time I got with him. Any way during this time, we talked but I got embarrassed really easily. He had a best-friend called Matt, who I absolutely resented because he always had him to himself,as far as I knew they were hanging out all of the time at lunch, etc. But we will come back to him. As the terms went on at my school, I didn’t get much better until after, term 2.

Ethan and I started sitting next to each other in a lot more classes, in assembly every morning, which made me really hard because his soft, silky smooth, tanned legs HAD to rub up against mine. By the end of term 3 we were just like good friends, we acted like retards around him. Term 4 came around so quickly, a week before the exams, I found 3 places which makes him really horny and he didn’t mind me touch him there, his elbow, which I would rub for ages and he would make really horny faces, and the front and back of his knee, which we both loved. All I could think about during the exams were him and his body.

Back to now, sitting in the back of the massive class, staring into his eyes I felt like we were the only two people in the entire world. There was no one behind us or next to us, just us at our bench, so as my hand was resting on the desk, I could see his hand getting closer and closer, until...IMPACT!!! He was holding my hand, finger entwined around each other. His face went red in embarrassment, but I didn’t pull away. This gave him a puzzled expression. I had seen him do this to another boy in my class before, they punched him in the face, so everyone now thinks he is gay, so they ignore him, everyone except Matt, Me and another boy called James, who was the tough, but incredibly hot guy. So, because we had James no one bothered us, that and I had the money to have them beaten to an inch of their life at the flick of a wrist with no consequences.

Back to Matt now, despite the fact I had hated him for the first 2 terms, we had grown a close bond to each other, it all started with a conversation in MSN, when he, out of no where, started talking to me, well for the rest of that night we talked and talked, even at dinner we were texting each other, until we finally went on to the question game. I asked him if he had any deep dark secrets which he would not usually not tell ANY ONE. I got one back, telling me not to tell anyone. All it said was ‘Secret 1: I lyk penis ;)’. This made me ultra hard, because I thought he was sooooo hot. So the next day and from then onwards we were best friends, but not with benefits (at that point).

Returning to the class situation, we moved our heads closer together and started talking, we then got broken up by the bell. Now was lunch time and because was second to last week of school we got around 2½ hours. So I went and hung out with my usual friends, until I saw Ethan walk past looking like a sad loner with no friends. I said bye to my friends and went and went over to Ethan, we could hear them yelling out ‘faggot’ and things, so I gave the next 7th formers that walked past a 20 each and told them to go beat the crap out of those guy over there with no questions asked. I asked Ethan why he was so sad, he said he needed to talk to me but there was no where safe he could, so I said I had a place.

There has always been a secret in our school that no one knew where it leaded, except me, I had gotten it purpose built for somewhere to relax, and shoot people with a paint ball gun. There was a one way window facing out onto the bottom field. The room was built into the side of a cliff. So I tool Ethan into the lounge facing with the window, and asked him what he wanted to say. He told me I’m not allowed to get angry, I said there was no way I could. Then those words flew out ‘I think I’m gay, and...well I like you, in a like like way’.
I sat there quiet fora few minutes, there were a few tears coming down his face. So I went over and sat next to him, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, then licked the tears off his face. I rubbed his legs. Finally, the feeling felt so good, like rubbing a cloud. He then kissed my cheek, and I kissed his lips, he pushed me over, so I was lying down on the couch, he stripped his top half for me, there was this tanned body, no six-pack just perfectly toned. He then pulled off my shirt and kissed around my nipples, I pulled him down and nibbled lightly on his nipples. Our hot sexy bodies were glued together, we were making out for more than half an hour, when I whispered in his ear ‘You have no idea how long I have been holding out for this’.

I was feeling up his hot sexy ass, when he pulled a wrapper out his pocket, I took a closer look and noticed it was a condom. ‘You dirty little boy’ I whispered.

I then pulled out a hidden draw from the couch and showed him about 60 different packets of condoms, they were all different, from cherry flavored, to gingerbread and coffee flavored, and there was an equal amount of different lubes as well. ‘I’m dirty? Look at all this stuff you have!’ he sad as he squeezed my nipple. I asked him what he wanted to do first. He told me he wanted to do basic 69, so I told him to choose a condom type and a mini-bottle of lube and come to the bedroom. He picked mint condoms and fire lube. The condoms leave a deep burning in you that feels orgasmic, and the fire lube is the slipperiest you can buy. We sat in the bedroom making out for 5 mins then I scooped him up and took him too a room, it had padded walls, and nothing else, I told him to lube me up and I did the same to him, I then told him we now do sexy wrestling, it was impossibly hard to do, just like our cocks, I finally pinned him down and I pulled down his boxers and saw this shaven 8 inch un cut cock, right in my face, I told him I wanted to be on the bottom for 69.

So he went on to and I felt him grab my cock, he was just jacking me off, I thought he meant blow-jobs and stuff, so I caught him out and shoved his cock in my mouth, he moaned so load after five minutes of me sucking his cock, he lightly bit my cock, so I pulled part his ass and shoved my fingers in there, until I poked his G-spot, I felt him bite a little harder and I knew what it meant, I shoved 2 more finger in there and a sudden but of sticky white happiness flew into my mouth, followed but another two streams of the goodness, I then cumed all in his mouth, we started to make out again and we were swapping the cum from mouth to mouth, until we halved it and swallowed, I just lay on top of him and we were both just moaning and panting. I asked him what he was doing tonight, he said nothing, cause everyone hated him, so I invited him over, little did he know, I had invited 4 other friends of mine, all gay, over.

They were to come later, so Ethan and I dinner and made out on the couch of my private hotel room (the size of a medium suburban house(like the hotel room from The Hangover(that was an awesome movie(haha the naked Asian guy)))). Then the doorbell went and my 4 friends came in, Ethan pulled me into the kitchen, grabbed my collar slammed me against the wall and ordered me to get these guys out, half of them ‘hated’ him. I slowly took his hand and led him into the living room, where Matt, the HOT blond friend, with the 7 incher, James, the SEXY muscly guy of our team, Keyhan, the black one with the mammoth cock and the 6-pack and William, James’ identical twin, YAY TWINS. They were all taking off their clothes and wating for us, they just sat there rubbing each others cocks through their underwear. ‘See not so bad’ I told Ethan and as I looked down I saw his cock hardening.

And the rest will come in my next story, in a week or maybe longer.