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New Found Fuck Buddy : Part 2


Continuing from the before story...

They were all taking off their clothes and waiting for us, they just sat there rubbing each others cocks through their underwear. ‘See not so bad’ I told Ethan and as I looked down I saw his cock hardening.

They all saw Ethan and I with not much on, Ethan grabbed my hand with nervous, as he did my cock hardened, even though it was only a light touch, it made me want to come. All the other started coming closer, except the twins, they were naked (except tight boxers with 9 inch bulges) lying on top of each other making out, which was soo hot. Matt slapped Keyhan’s ass and Keyhan tackled Ethan do the floor and started kissing him in ticklish, for once in his life since being ‘out’ he was laughing. Matt and I were standing there, watching when he grabbed my ass, I looked at him straight in his grass green eyes, and kissed him on lips. I knew he had been bi since term 3, but I had managed to restrain myself until I got my Ethan cock. I knew Matt was still a virgin, including in making out, that was the first kiss he had ever had. Straight on his lips. I carried him into my bedroom and lay him on my bed. While we were ‘entertaining’ our selves, Ethan and Keyhan were now incredibly comfortable, especially because they had each others cocks in their mouths. James and William (the twins) were now in full anal, they were complete sluts. Nobody know’s about what they do when they get home, all we know is it is kinky.

Back to Matt and I, he was lying on the bed, squirming around, so I grabbed his waist and lay on top of him, kissed his lips and slowly shoved my tongue in his mouth. We made out for 15 mins before I went and sucked and bit his nipples, he started moaning. So I shoved my hand down his pants and felt that 7 incher, I went down and rubbed his balls, perfectly shaven, and as smooth as his bubble butt. I started wanking his cock. It was so easy, my hand and his cock was so slippery, this was the best lube in the world. He looked at me with those sexy eyes and mouthed 'I'm gonna cum'. So I shoved my lips around the head and wrapped my tongue around and around until he finally came in 3 thick streams of pure white goodness, he was panting and moaning as I continued so shove his cock deep into my throat. He then said 'I've always wanted it up my ass'.

I pulled out my 9 inch cock and dangled it in front of his face and told him to suck it and rub my balls, he happily complied. 5 minutes later he was still there, in out, in out. Until I pulled his hair and he hornyishly screamed, then I threw him on my bed, flipped him on his back, held his sexy, sporty legs up in the air, one resting on each of my shoulders and I slowly stuck my cock into his tight little asshole, he was moaning with pain and almost cried, until he suddenly screamed out with joy. 'UUUUUUUUHHHHHH' he screamed. I knew this mean't I hit his G-spot. I kept on fucking him until I was ready to CUMMMMM i flicked out my cock from his virgin asshole and shoved my entire cock into his cute little mouth. I filled him up with at least 3 shot glasses full of cum. 'WOW cum is sooo salty and nice, I want more!!!' this was hard to understand over his panting and the cock in his mouth.

We made put for a while and then went for a shower together. During the shower I helped him re-shave his cock and helped him, for the first time, shave his asshole. Cute little thing, just had to shove a dildo in there.

After our second fuck in the shower (Matt loves getting clean and dirty at the same time) we went back to see the others. They had managed to tie up Kehyan and were pumping him for all the cum he had. Ethan came over and kissed me on the lips and asked Matt if he would take his place as the dildo stuffer. Ethan explained that they had already done the soggy cookie (4 people start wanking and last one to cum on the cookie has to eat it), apparently he lost, he blamed me and my earlier cum draining. He love the taste of cum so much he invited the twins to come and have a 3some with us. They happily obliged.

More in the next story...