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Nightly Routine


Her chestnut hair fell over her face as I grabbed the back of her head. She let out a moan and began to move faster. I felt myself wanting to cum. Her beautiful breasts danced before my eyes. I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I felt her nipple tense and harden as I gently played with it with my teeth. She began to thrust her whole body back and forth on top me, so that I had to put both of my hands on the bed behind me to remain sitting up. She threw her head back and put all of her energy into it. Both her hands where on my shoulders, so she could use me as leverage to thrust back and forth, forcing my penis deep in and all around. I could feel the innermost parts of her vagina. As she let out a long howling moan, I could feel her pussy contract with orgasmic delight. I could no longer refrain from cumming. I grabbed her hips and moved her faster. She collapsed into me as I started to cum, gushing again and again into her.
Our bodies slowed down, like a train coming into its station. Her mouth found my neck. Fresh tingles of excitement rippled all throughout my body. I felt my penis still throbbing, deep inside her, as the walls of her vagina squeezed like lips sucking me off. I lied flat on my back, and she was still riding me, her knees on either side of my body. She seemed to be thrusting back and forth on me harder again. I stretched back and grasped the curved metal bed frame with both hands, and pushed up, deeper into her dripping pussy. A pleasant squishing sound ensued from our heated movements.
"Oh honey, you’re awesome." She breathlessly muttered.
"You are. I love you so much."
"Can I ride you more?"
"Oh yeah, Please do."
I held firm to the bed frame, and lifted my pelvis as high as I could. She instantly responded and started rocking back and forth with a hunger that was fresh again. I watched her beautiful body shake with pleasure, her creamy skin the soft color of moonlight in our dark room. My dick stayed deep in her, and she was rubbing her clit hard into my pelvic bone.
“Yes, yes, yes." I said as I pushed up more, I felt so deep. As she moved back and forth I stayed just as far in her. "Ohhhh…"
"Oh, ohhhh…" she began to gyrate faster. She took left hand and began to rub herself, at the point right above where I was inserted in her. Her body spastically danced on my penis now as she reached around and slipped her finger into her anus. Her orgasm seemed to explode all at once. I love watching her orgasm. With loud grunts and gasps she writhed in ecstasy, until she could no longer stand the intensity of the pleasure, and slowed to stillness that was only disturbed by the sudden twitch of involuntary muscles and her pussy throbbing with orgasmic contractions. Her breath came slow and heavy. Her face was still fixed with the expression that is totally unique to orgasms. I love that expression. It depicted something that if seen by some alien species that had no concept of sex might have been deceiving, but actually was a result of the most intimate of pleasure.
After a minute she calmly lay on my chest.
"Thank you,” she whispered. Her eyes where closed.
"Thank me? Thank you. You’re awesome." I felt refreshed and alive.
"We should probably get cleaned up." She tilted her head up to look in my eyes.
"Yeah, I think so. I need a shower."
"Mmmm, yeah that sounds good. I have to pee." She jumped off, dripping a little mixture of pussy juice and cum onto my leg. I lusted after her fine behind and she went off to the bathroom.
When I reached the bathroom, she had just gone pee and finished wiping. Her naked breasts had pink splotches on them from my kisses.
"You can go ahead and shower, I think I'll wait till morning." she said, and kissed me as she left the bathroom. The sight of her in the bright bathroom lights, her nude form and messed up hair from our bedroom romp, was already turning me on again.
I turned on the shower and jumped in. My penis was still erect from the sex, and as the hot water hit it I had to steady my self against the wall as orgasm like feeling ripped through my body and my legs weakened. The water felt so good on the head of my cock I felt like I was ready to cum again. I grabbed the soap and turned around so the hot jet stream of water was hitting my back, which felt like a massage. I lathered up my hand and took cock and began to rub it. Being already warmed up from the sex, and with the memory of the feeling of her pussy still fresh in my mind, I started to pump my cock as vigorously as I could. I moaned quietly, as my hand jerked up and down on my hard penis, feeling every inch of it. I put my head back into the water, feeling the burning water on my scalp and rubbed faster. I needed to cum. I could feel it just beyond the threshold of experience. I squatted down, and while I still pumped my cock with my right hand, my left hand found my anus and I pushed it in just a fingernail length. I began to rock up and down as I pumped away at my body, moving my finger around in my ass as fast as I could while jerking my throbbing penis at break- neck speed. Orgasm came as a huge blast, which rocked me off my feet and onto my knees. I just stayed there on my elbows and knees, as my penis ejaculated and then kept trying to squeeze out juice even when nothing more would come. I noticed the hot stream of water on my back, and lifted my butt up to catch the water in my anus. It felt incredible. I almost started masturbating again except I heard a voice call to me from inside the bathroom.
"Honey? Are you ok? I heard a noise."
I stood up and turned off the water. She pulled the shower curtain back. For some reason she was still naked.
"Mmmm, you look good." she said. I saw her eyeing my still erect cock.
"Let me see that.” She said hungrily. She got down on her knees outside the shower and firmly grabbed my penis. With her other hand she reached around to play with my ass. I squatted down a little to allow her access. Then she licked the tip of my penis. I had to steady my self by holding onto the shower curtain rod. The tip of my dick felt incredibly sensitive to the touch. With a "rrrrrr" sound she took my whole cock in her mouth. Holding onto the base of my penis she sucked in and moved her head back and forth with amazing agility, her lips keeping tight on my penis. She kept her mouth on my cock and continued sucking, using the hand with her finger in my anus to steady my body where she wanted it. She took her other hand and began rubbing her pussy. I watched her wiggle and hump her hand, and she furiously rubbed her clit. Meanwhile she was sucking my cock fingering my ass. I felt like I could cum again, but she finally broke away as the need to focus on her own body took over. She tilted her head to the side as her face contorted again in orgasmic delight. She had two fingers deep inside her and as she came she gushed all over the bathroom floor.
"Oh yes honey" I said as my breath came in deep gasps.
“I want you so bad."
"Take me please,” she said as she turned around and got on all fours. I jumped out of the shower and almost slipped on her pussy juice that soaked the floor. I got on my knees and grab her thighs. From there I lunged deep in. "Ugh!" she yelled and I gripped her thighs and slammed deep into her, again and again and again. Her pussy was dripping and ready. I pumped harder and faster until we both came again.
We collapsed on the ground next to each other, laughing.
“Let’s do this again tomorrow night, honey.” I said.
She raised her head up and rested it on one elbow. Her face looked flushed.
“We always do, don’t we.” She smiled.

The End