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Nipple Clamps


We've made a deal. In exchange for my incredible ingenuity at creating cunt watering orgasms, you've surrendered control of your nipples. Whenever asked, of course. They are mine to tease and please. I can suck them, flick them, rub them pinch them, pull on them, tickle them, torture them, anytime I want. You go bra-less in thin silk blouses, opening your jacket for dinner, letting me lust after thier hard appearance. Sometimes you wear thin cotton things letting their dark appearance show through.

I crave them; you expose them completely in the car for the drive home. I fondle them with one hand, tweaking and pinching and rubbing and carressing -- I make you reach down and get your sticky dew to rub on them.

At home I tie your hands out of the way and plant my cock deep inside you as I scratch and suck on them, using my fingernails I elicit a delicious squirm. Exiting, I suck and lick your clit, your cunt and your bottom hole, using my thumb and fingers where my tongue isn't. You moan with desire and I build you up, then rub oil over you, build you up, then scratch your thighs, build you up, and stop. Persperation drips down your face as I apply nipple clamps.

You grimace and twist slightly, opening your legs for more, humping the air awaiting more pleasure. I wait, pull on the chain until the pain nearly overcomes the desire, and kiss you deeply and thrust deep inside of you until you again clench my cock and try to milk it. I withdraw, and lick lightly, quickly, rubbing my thumb between your cunt and asshole, circling each rim in turn. You are tense, on the edge, crying for relief, and I tease you and tease you and finally plunge my thumb deep into your ass as I suck your mound way into my mouth and flick your clit with my tongue without mercy.

You scream and scream as it builds and yank on the arm ties and beg me not to stop and I don't. I work my thumb in and out and with my other hand pump your pussy and as I release your nipple clamps you have another.

Unbound you reach exhausted for my pounding cock but I turn you away, then over. I work my way into your ass and I play rough with your breasts, making you squirm against my cock until I too gush long and hard with pleasure.

We sleep for now.

There will be many more times; ice and candles and tobasco and rings and ropes and whips and chains and all the many myriad ways of pleasure taken with a dose of playful pain. You, of course, have your own contract with my cock.