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One Night Kink


We had gotten a hotel room. Cheap for what we had planned that night. We met at a bar called Hydrate. She walked right up to me and slowly slide her fingers up my arm. The tingle alone gave me a hard-on. She had a short black dress on with long high heel boots.

"I love your tattoos," she said following the design with her nails. "Can I see."

I smiled as I lifted up my sleeve and made sure I flecked. Getting a tattoo up my arm was the best idea I ever had; chicks love it! We talked, drank, and flirted from then on. After three shots, she was grabbing my crouch and I her ass. I couldn't wait to feel her tight smooth skin with that dress off. I even lost track of the conversation, but she was asking if I had any fantasies.

"I don't know," I laughed and check out her breasts. "I like it kinky, maybe to do it someplace sleazy like a hotel room or something."

"Oh really?" She licked her lips driving me crazy. "I like it kinky too. If I help you with your fantasy, will you help me with mine?"

She even winked and I didn't even have to think twice. "Hell yeah!" And we started making out and grinding at that point up until we busted through the hotel room door.

"So do you like this?" She asked throwing her bag onto the floor grabbing at my pants.

"Oh yeah!" I said pulling off my shirt.

She then dropped my pants and exposing my hard cock. That's when realized how chilly it was and I anticipated our body warmth. I reach for her dress, but she stopped me.

"Ready for my fantasy?" She said pushing me back toward the bed.

"And what's that, babe?"

She slapped my bare ass causing me to jump a bit.

"Get on the bed." She said and I quickly jumped back on the bed causing the old metal springs to creak up and down. She dropped down to her bag, unzipped it and starting pulling out rope.

"Wow, you just carry that around?" I laughed and watched as she approached me. "Um, is that for you or me."

She just smiled, took my hand, and started tying the rope around it. "I've never done this before."

She pushed me back down onto the bed and started tying it to the bed post. Pretty tight too. She then walked around and worked on the other hand. When she finished, I pulled at my restraints and I was bound pretty tight. Then I saw her pulling my leg to the corner and wrapped the rope around my ankle, she pulled hard and tied it to the bed post stretching my legs completely out which kind of hurt. I felt my heart race, and I was able see down her blouse, keeping my cock hard. "So this is your fantasy?"

"Part of it," she laughed and finished my other leg. I couldn't move at all.

She then reached in her bag and pulled out a gag, and crawled on the bed over top of me. "Do we really need that?" I asked, my heart still racing.

"I'll have you moaning so loud, you'll need it."

I was still hesitant. How was I going to suck on those tits? But then I feel her vagina press up against my stomach. She wasn't wearing any underwear under that dress! I dropped my mouth open and she shoved the gag right in and tied it tightly around my head. It even hurt and I tried to speak up but I was muffling at this point. She got off of me, I watched her light up a cigarette. She walk around me, watching me like I was a piece of her work. I stared back at her, even a little scared until she turned and pulled off her dress, revealing her perfect ass. All she wore now was those boots. She bent, showing it off. I pulled at my rope; i wanted her so bad. She pulled out a horsewhip, some more rope, and a razor. My heart jump, maybe skipped a beat. She slapped the whip down across my chest, making me jump again.

"You ready for some fun, big boy?"

I tried screaming but everything was muffled.

Now let's tame that beast of yours."

She took the rope, wrapped it around my balls and tying my cock up tight. I screamed and pulled at my bonds, but nothing but the feeling off the rope gripping around my cock.

"I told you I'd make you moan." She picked up her whip. "Now let's disciple that stallion." I scream NO! But she whipped down on my balls. I screamed into my gag and squirmed. She actually took pleasure in it and went to town on my cock. This bitch was crazy! She then picked up the razor and froze there on the bed.

"Now for the grand finale."

I started pleading into the gag. She climb on top of me and held the razor to my balls. After a playful wink, she cut the rope freeing my cock.

"Should I trim some hairs while I'm at it?" She slide the blade around my piece.

My head hit the pillow, my heart racing. Her breasts followed the blade though. Finally show wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked. The pleasure shot out into my limbs as I started moaning into the gag with bliss.

"Better?" She asked. I quickly nodded "Now let's ride that stallion."

She climbed up, letting my penetrate her, and she started riding. Harder and harder, grabbing my pecs, digging those nails in me. It felt amazing. I moaned and trembled like nothing else. I bite into my gag. She road me to I finally let my load go into her, ending in a climatic orgasm for the both of us.

We each took a moment to catch our breath, and she climbed down off of me. "That was amazing" I thought as I laid there. I watched as she lite another cigarette, her body still looked amazing. I couldn't wait to join her and tell her how amazing it was. She stuffed the whip and razor back into her bag, picked up her dress and started putting on her dress. It was a shame to to see that beautiful body get covered up. I looked at my hands, still bound and wondered when she was going to untie me. She finished dressing, packing, and even checked herself in the mirror, like I wasn't even there.

I started muffling, and when she looked at me, I indicated that I was still tied. She walked over to, sat down next to me, and instead of untying me, she kissed me directly on my gag.

"Thanks for helping me with part of my fantasy," she said getting up. "It was hot."

"What!?!" I was confused. Wasn't she going to untie me!?! I screamed into the gag and jerked at my ropes. The bitch picked up my clothes with her bag and headed for the door. I muffled as much as I could, bouncing my naked bound body on the creaky bed. She opened the door, shut out the lights, then gave me one last look and wink "Oh, and I love your tattoos" and she closed the door.