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One Time Affair


God…he’s cute, she told herself. He wasn’t looking at her but she was looking at him. She watched him, often as he walked around, and studied all of his body. Nice hair, really cute eyes, and his body…ohhhhhhh his body she thought… It’s to die for she told herself. And it was. Probably a lot more then she knew. She stared and she watched and she ogled all the features she could see as he walked around or sat down whatever her good looking stepbrother did. Yes, he was going to be her stepbrother.

In her mind, she wondered, what if this, what if that…she thought about a lot of things. Yes, she did. She thought about her and him, dating, but she also thought about that next level between a guy and a girl. Ohhh wow, she told herself. Could that ever happen? I mean…he is good looking. He’s a stud. He’s polite it seems. She thought and she thought about it but then he finally stood and walked out of the room. Wow, look at his ass too.

She smiled as he walked away. Two days passed. Her mother had told her she and her new step-dad were leaving to go out on a short vacation and asked if she’d keep an eye on the house instead of going to her dads. She said yes and asked if anyone else would be there too. Her mom said Jeremy, her stepbrother, could stop by here or there.

Jeremy, she told herself…Jeremy…really she thought. Oh god…oh god…yes…ohhh yes, yes…yes. Her heartbeat sped up. Her face felt flush. Yes, do stop by…do come over she thought. I’d love that. I’d really love that she thought.

“Hi” she heard while thinking about him. She didn’t realize he’d actually come up to her. “How’s it going?” he said politely. She looked up. Ohhh what a smile…what a…ohhh man, god…he is sooooooo darn good looking she told herself. “Hellooooo?” he said again in a bemused tone of voice.

“Oh hi…uhhh…”

His smile, it was terrific, she told herself. His eyes, his teeth, his hair…don’t look…do not look at his body. He’ll know and you don’t want him to know Amy. You can not let him know you’re hot on him. He sat down in the other chair and he began the banter with his stepsister. “So you’re…what…20, 21…maybe 22?” he began. “Yeah…that’s it…I can see it you’re… Oops, I am so sorry…what an idiot I am…I shouldn't be asking a good looking woman like you how old she is.”

All the while, here she was, proud that he thought she was 20 or even 22 when in fact she’d just turned 18 three months back. Yeah, okay, she has a nice figure. She has nice boobs for someone her age. She has a sweet trim waistline and great hips as well for a girl so young, but he didn’t see it at all. Or maybe he did and he was sweet-talking her all along. Either way she did not mind.

“No, I’m only 18 as of…well it doesn’t matter. How old are you?” she said. He told her. 25…you mean you’re 25? And he’s talking to me, she thought. He is speaking to me? She finally smiled. “Hey, I’ve got to do something, alright…I’ll talk with you soon, okay?” He said sure and she got up. She went to her bedroom and closed the door.

“Oh god…yes… Oh my god yes,” she said to herself as she looked herself over in the mirror. “He talked to me. He…talked to…me” she exclaimed. She smiled, pushed her hair back off her shoulders, and she then looked at her breasts. She smiled some more. “Ohhhhhhh yeah, don’t fail me now” she said as she pushed them up…don’t fail me now.”

Two days later the package came. It was her first one. Her very first one. She could not wait. She grabbed the scissors. She cut the tape. She pulled open the box. Ohhhhhhh my god, she thought as she lifted it from the box. Wow, she told herself as she held the item in her hands. She felt it with her fingers as she wondered what it would feel like. Her eyes closed as she held it. She smiled while holding the long undulated tubular piece between her hands and fingers.

“Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh” she told herself as she felt how it felt to her. “I can’t…I can’t imagine” she began. “I can’t even imagine what…what this… Ohhh wow” she went on to say. She looked for the batteries. “No batteries at all? Come on…oh here they are.” The vibrator dropped in her lap. She was afraid it might break as she picked it up quickly. She then began reading all its instructions as she all of a sudden began to grow horny about doing it. “Oh…here we go” as she unlatched and twisted off the battery section.

She started to undress pulling off her slacks and then her panties leaving everything else on. She turned it on. She knew from reading the instructions it had different strengths. There was “Quiet.” There was “Subdued.” There was “Medium.” And there was “Maximum.” Amy turned it on “Quiet.” “Ooooooohh, now that’s nice” she said as she rested it against her legs but not on her pussy quite yet. “Mmmmmm, I wish you were here too Jeremy” she went on to say with a smile lying on her lips. Then Amy turned it up a notch as she continued to rub it along her inner thighs. “Oh…ohhhhhhh yeah, that’s better” she murmured as her head craned back and her eyes closed.

Amy wanted to know what it felt like on her tits so she reached up with the vibrator in hand and placed it in between them. “OH…WOW… NOW THAT’S COOL” she exclaimed. And it was only on the second level. She wondered what it would feel like if it was on medium. She ripped off her top but left her bra on. She switched it to medium. “OHHHH NOW…NOW THAT’S AWESOME” she said loudly. And it was awesome. How it made her tits feel…she knew what she wanted. She wanted to get off. “You’re my newest best friend” she told it as she looked at held it in her hands.

But it was time. She lowered it. She let it barely touch her pussy’s lips. Mmmmm ohhh and her eyes closed as her back arched and her legs spread out. She rubbed it along her pussy and her eyes slowly closed, again. She breathed harder. Her breasts rose and fell. Her heartbeat increased as she began feeling the effects of the new vibrator on her cunt. She was ready, she told herself, but never having done this before…after never having one of these inside her…she had no idea whatsoever how it would feel.

“FUCK…OHHHHHHHHH MY…OH FUCK YES” she screamed as it pierced the initial layer of her pussy’s walls. Her heart rate increased. Her breathing took off crazily. “She let it remain where it was inside her pussy as it vibrated the outer most walls. Her legs were already spread out as if someone was on her and fucking her brains out. She already loved how it felt and she hadn’t even gone down inside herself yet. “FUCK…OH FUCK YES…FUCK…FUCK ME…FUCK ME MORE…YES” she screamed again and again. Her body was stretched out and already she was truly enjoying how it felt inside her pussy. She pulled it out and she turned it off.

“God Jeremy…can you do that too?” she said wearing a smile on her face. She knew she hadn’t really done anything at all with it but she couldn’t wait to call Molly, her best friend either. She pulled out her phone as she lay naked on her bed. Seeing as nobody was home she’d left her bedroom door open. All alone, she called Molly.

“Hey, guess what?” she said. She told her about the new vibrator and how it felt. She didn’t tell her she didn’t achieve full orgasm with it yet, but that didn’t matter. She just had to call and tell her. And as they were talking, Amy heard something. She heard it clearly. “Oh…god…wait” she said as she hopped off her bed to close her door. “There, I had to close my door. I think Jeremy, my stepbrother walked in.”

“He walked in to your room…like he’s there in your-”

“Nooooooo” she said cutting off Molly. “He walked into the house but the door to my room wasn’t closed. I’m all naked.”

“Sooooooo” Molly said. “Let him see you like that… Maybe you two can…you know…get it on” and she giggled.

“Yeah…you should see the guy. He’s a hunk Molly and I mean…he is a hunk, a good looking guy if ever there was one. He’s older, he’s a stud, and he’s got eyes and hair and a smile to die for. I mean…ohhhhhhh Molly…Molly…yeah, I guess” and Amy giggled, “I’d do it with him.”

There was a silence. Then Molly spoke up. “So get dressed. Go out and see him…say hi to the guy. Does he like you?”

Amy said she thought he did. They talked a while at the party their parents had. Molly asked how old he was. She said she thought he was around 25 or so…she wasn’t sure. “But he did sit and talk with me. I love his eyes…heck Molly, I love all of his body I think.”

“Then go out there…go say hello” she came back. “Go get him to come into your room. Okay” she said and she said goodbye and hung up.

Amy sat on her bed, naked. Finally she did what Molly told her to do. Once dressed, entirely, she went out and into the main part of the house. There he was. In the kitchen and he was wearing some kind of uniform. Ooooooohh a man in a uniform, she thought.

He heard her walking out of the hallway and turned around. He had on a smile for the ages or so she thought. Ohhh god, the guy is handsome. He is so dang cute. Oh, I have to get myself one of them…him… Ohhh, I wish I could.

“Hey there” he said. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Uh yeah” she said. “I’ve been here almost all day long” she told him. She wore the cutest smile on her face. She instantly fell in love with her stepbrother. Everything she saw on him- His hair, his eyes, his smile…his chest and how it looked with that tight uniform shirt he had on too…ohhhhhhh god…I could kiss him and lick him and…and oh my god I could…what am I saying, she thought. “So just getting off work are you?” she said. He said yes. She asked what company he worked for even though it said it right on the uniform shirt. He told her and took a tall glass of water over to the couch.

“Come on over…sit down” he said.

She hesitated due to he was older and much better looking then her or so she thought but he seemed so sweet and so nice nothing was going to prevent her from being around this guy. She came over and sat. Once she did, she felt it. The sizzling vibrations ran through her. Her legs, and her pussy, felt it too. She started to tighten up her thighs. It, whatever it was, was running rampantly throughout her body.

“You alright Amy?” Jeremy said.

“Um, yes…I think so” she told him.

“Only reason I ask is because…well you have…you have this weird look about you.” He stood up. “Here, lay down…let old Jeremy give you a back massage. I’m great at these” he told her. “Honestly, I am.”

So without thinking she laid down on the couch. And before she knew it, his fingers were tending to her youthful tender shoulders and her back. She especially loved it when his fingers lent their time on her maturing hips. “Uh ohhhhhhh…Jeremy…ohhhhhhh that is…that is soooo nice. It’s…it is so great” she said.

And Jeremy knew it would be. He loved massaging her young curvaceous back but when he started back up her sides, when his fingers needled up towards the cradles of her arms, he slowly inched his way inside her body… Just enough so that his fingers could feel the farthest tips of her boobs.

“Uh ohhh…Jeremy…umm you just” but she didn’t say it.

He knew what he’d done but he told himself he’d done it perfectly. And he did it to the other side as he felt her boob again. She slightly jumped off the couch and at that same moment, Jeremy smiled. “Is everything alright Amy?” she asked.

“Uh yeah, everything is perfect. Your massage…it feels uh great” she said. Ohhh, do that again. I loved how that felt…how you massaged me like that…how you touched my tits. “No,” she said looking up at him, “that was a great massage.” Now if only you had any desire to come with me to my room…check out my knew vibrator with me she thought to herself.

“So” he began to say as he unbuttoned his shirt and sidled his body next to hers which was lying down.

She then sat up but next to him. She smiled. She looked at his chest underneath a t-shirt he had on. It was also tight like his uniform shirt. God, man oh man, he is like built like some kind of body builder she told herself. I mean look at his chest… He’s ripped. Oh my…I could but just then her eyes closed. He saw them close. He smiled too. When she opened her eyes she saw his smile.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Uh yeah” she said but then blurted out. “I ordered…I bought a vibrator. Wanna see it?”

He simply stared at her. Like what girl, what female ever tells a guy these things? He’d love to see it. He’d love to watch her do her thing with it. He even convinced himself he’d help her with it too. “Umm you what?” he said.

“Oh uh nothing” she said correcting herself.

He knew what he’d heard. Yes, he’d love to see it. Should he say yes? Should he, he asked himself again, and again. He smiled and he looked into her eyes. Quietly he said to her as he looked her directly in her eyes. “I heard you. I mean, I did hear what you said, and I heard it clearly. You know something…I don’t know one woman, one girl,” and he shrugged his shoulders as he spoke, “who would ever tell a guy that…so why’d you tell me Amy?”

She looked down. She couldn’t tell him. She was embarrassed too. He wanted her to know it was okay, it was alright that she’d said that to him. “You know something…I think that’s cool. I mean it too. I’ve never and I’m being totally honest with you” which he was “I really don’t know anyone who has any…who has one and uses one at all. I wish I did kind of. If I was dating someone, which I’m not” and he wasn’t “I’d want to tell her I’d love to do it on her myself.” He wasn’t the least bit shy about saying it. He looked her in the eyes as he told her too. He wanted her to say she’d love it if he’d do it on her.

But she was still looking down at the floor. He stood up. His hand reached out and took hold of her chin, lightly. He pulled her chin up so she’d look up at him. She looked into his eyes. “Amy…I’d love to see it. I would actually.” He paused as the two gazed into one another’s eyes. “I’d even… I’d even do things for you…to you…with it, if you wanted me too.”

There was a hint of a smile at the corner of her lips. She didn’t know she let it be known but he’d seen it. He saw it right away. Quietly while still looking at him she said “Okay.” She stood up and took his hand without confidence in her hand. “Come with me” she said to her stepbrother. He followed her to her bedroom. Once at the door she stopped. The door was closed. “It’s a girly girl’s room.”

“All the better?” he said.

She turned around. She looked at him with hopefulness. “Do you…uh do you like me or something?” she asked.

“Um yes…I think so. Is that alright?”

“REALLY…YOU MEAN IT” she said with exuberance. He smiled and nodded. “OH GOD JEREMY… I MEAN THAT IS LIKE…OHHHHHHHH MY GOD” and she flung her arms around his neck. She looked into his eyes. Without any forewarning she locked her lips onto his. It felt great to her. He didn’t really kiss her as much as she kissed him but either way, she loved it. She loved kissing her stepbrother a lot. Still, she realized what she done and backed off. “Oh, I’m so soooo sorry. I shouldn’t have done that to you” she told him.

“No, that was okay. I mean it was fine. I don’t get chances very often to get unexpectedly kissed by a really pretty girl, like you” and he didn’t either “but it felt neat. It felt great to be honest. And maybe just maybe it’s a lead in to something bigger and better?” They stared at one another and before he knew it, she was giggling and he was laughing too. They then entered the room. He liked it and he told her so. “So…you’re telling me what then?” he asked. He wore a smile.

As he looked around at it, she sat down at her computer. She wanted to show him a few items she’d been looking at. He watched and slowly walked up behind her. He felt much taller then her as she typed in the site. She smelled nice. She smelled really nice, he thought. He smiled as he looked down at her from behind. She looked cute. She looked vulnerable too. She looked like someone who wanted to be felt up from behind as well.

“See here…look at this… I wanna get this here” she told him and he looked at the enlarged version she was showing him on the screen. She turned her head around. Wow, she told herself…god is he good looking or what she realized. God, look at him. He even seems more handsome then ever, she’d been telling herself all along. And she went to another page once she looked back at the site. “This one too…I’d heard about it but this one well here let me show you.”

She was about to stand up and get it out. Suddenly she felt them. Uh oh god…oh…my… Her eyes closed. She felt his hands. They were on her shoulders, first, but they began to descend. OH SHIT…SHIT YES…OH MY GOD, she kept telling herself. Wh-what is he… OH FUCK YES…YES… TOUCH THEM. Her eyes closed. She could feel his fingers and his hands and they were lowering themselves down closer and closer and even closer to her breasts. Her breathing increased. He simply stood behind her and let his hands feel her upper body. Amy couldn’t wait much longer.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…my god” she cried out. He grabbed hold of them and squeezed each one lovingly. “Ohhh my god…ohhh my god…yes” she’d said but she wasn’t sure she meant it. Yes…oh yes… “OHHH YES JEREMY…TOUCH ME…HOLD THEM…DO THAT AGAIN…AND AGAIN!”

He felt her up, outside her shirt, and as he did he smiled. They felt tremendous. Her boobs were awesome to him. “I love how they feel Amy” he said softly.

“Really…you do?” she said.

Her back was straight and her shoulders fell backward making it easier for him to reach over and down in front of her to feel her smallish pert tits. He kept feeling her boobs. She was about ready to say it to him. Should I…should I say it to him, she wondered? Instead, she simply pulled it out of her pants and she pulled off her top. He watched as his hands stroked her boobs.

“Do you uhhh like my tits Jeremy?” she asked.

“Oh uh yeah…I like them…I love your boobs a lot” he replied.

She sat smiling and he stood behind her, feeling them still. She loved how his hands felt on her tits. Her eyes were closed and he saw they were and that was when he came around her front. He took her hand and he led had her stand up. She didn’t know what was next but followed him. He took her to her bed. She sat down but he told her to lay down instead. She did as he told her. Laying with her head on her pillows, he climbed on to the bed himself wearing a simple smile. She loved that smile of his. Ever since she’d met him she had. One leg here, another leg there, and he was over her and looking down on her body. She didn’t move. She let him do his thing.

Jeremy leaned over and as he did he smiled at her. He told her how beautiful, how cute she was, and she smiled and giggled and thanked him too. She felt warm all over. He was going to…she didn’t know…feel her boobs, again. Oh god, yes she thought. Feel them all you want to. Once she thought it, it seemed to her she was about to put out. She lifted her body, her tits in his direction, but he told her to relax and not worry.

“Ohhhhhhh…I love that” she said as he laid his hands atop her tits.

He then moved his hands around and around and gently caressed her boobs. Regardless that her bra was still on, he totally enjoyed feeling the younger girls tits. She was cute, which she knew she was, but to have this guy, an older guy doing what he was doing was magnificent. Her eyes began to close. He watched them close as his hands not only rubbed and squeezed her boobs in a loving manner but for him to be the one doing it, now that was something incredible.

His hands dropped. They moved off her boobs and caressed her tummy next. Loving it as much as she did, she showed her emotions by physically getting into it. Her head swiveled around and around. Her body moved up and down off her bed as he rubbed not only her tits and stomach, but she felt him straddling her sides too.

“Weren’t you going to show me that new toy of yours?” he finally asked.

She opened her eyes and as she did, she thought to herself… Fuck the toy…just do it with your fingers and your tongue as well. “Oh uh…yeah…uh sure” she said unexpectedly. Since he was on top of her, he’d have to get off, but she didn’t want that. She loved that he was on top like he was. “Can uh you uh get it for me? It’s in there…in the drawer.”

He reached over and opened the drawer to the nightstand. Yes, there it was. It was big and clear and to her it was as beautiful as any vibrator might be, but to Jeremy the thing looked quite advanced. He couldn’t believe how new-tech it looked. Seeing as he never had one or ever would use one in his life of course, to him it was an honor and a pleasure to even hold one in his hands.

“Wow, you bought this?” he said.

Even he wore a smile. She then was proud of herself for buying it when she heard him say that. And with that said, she went on to say “Want to watch…how it works” as if to hear him tell her yes a million times over. “Would…you do me…a favor?” she said. She was now a little scared, a little worried, but to do it in front of him and for him…it would be a huge thrill. He said yes. “Take these off would you?” She was both excited as hell and at the same time worried something else would happen. She simply wanted him to be there while she gave herself an orgasm.

He took them off. She was nervous. She closed her eyes as he stayed positioned above her. She took her time. She was still anxious as hell. But he watched her slowly place it down in between her warm lovely thighs. He grew excited too. He felt he could almost feel the explosion within her as she placed the monster like vibrator down against her panties. Her breathing hadn’t increased, yet. But he watched as his insides went haywire.

Oh god, I’d love to do that he thought. Oh god, I want to feel her too he told himself. Oh my…shit…I wish I could do that for her…to her he was thinking. What guy wouldn’t?

“Wanna do it?” she said.

“Uh what?” he asked. He blinked his eyes and shook his head as he watched her move the vibrator around, inside her thighs. She asked again but wore a worried look as if something was wrong. “Oh umm yeah, sure…I’d uh love to” he told her.

She handed it to him. The thing felt weird and crazy and he didn’t know how to feel as he placed it up against her panties, up against the crotch of pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH” she moaned.

He couldn’t believe it. Did what he just do create that? Was that a result of what he just did? He continued. He wasn’t letting up now. No way, uh uhhh he told himself. This was way too cool. Did she love that all that much?

“MORE…MORE…DON’T STOP” she cried out.

He looked up at her face. It seemed as if she was in agony but it also seemed as if she loved it too. Oh god, I’m making this happen to her. I wonder…I wonder if I could… No, she won’t want that…would she? Oh my god…now that would be…

“Amy” he said. “Umm…can I take these off?” he blurted out.

“Yeah, please” she said without any reservation. “You want to eat me out too?”

What…what did she just ask me, he asked himself? “Um oh uh…I’d love to… I mean if you want me too that is” and she said yes so he removed her panties. She was golden underneath. She was shaved and virgin and she was stunning and everything a man wants from a woman. “What’s wrong?” she asked looking up at his eyes.

“Oh um nothing” he said. “It’s just that…I um…you are…I don’t know how to say it.”

“Don’t know how to say what?” she said.

He looked at her body. Her bra was still on but the rest of her…her nice flat tummy, her maturing hips, and her sharp looking pussy…and then her legs too…all of her to him was awesome. “I’m like hornier then…ohhhhhhh man Amy…oh my god” he went on to say.

His statement floored her. She couldn’t believe what he’d said. “Can I see it…you…yours?” she asked, her eyes wide and keyed up.

He smiled and nodded, happy to oblige her and he rose to remove his pants. Ohhhhhh, she thought, the guy is a hunk. He’s so damn good looking…everything about him “smelled” or looked wonderful. She even wondered…are we going to like do it? She had no idea but she didn’t care. He was there, in her room, and he was almost completely naked with her so to make it seem more like they were, she reached behind herself and took off her bra. He looked and smiled and nodded. He told her he really truly liked her boobs…and a lot, he had said. She smiled and reached out and took his hands.

She then placed them on her tits. “That…that feels” and her eyes closed as she felt his hands on them “so darn good Jeremy” and then he leaned in. He not only kissed one of them but he sucked on it too. “OHHHHH…WOW…YEAH…YEAH…YEAH WOW” she cried out. He did it again. He kept doing it too. Then she pulled him down on top of her and whispered to him “Put this inside me, would you?”

He took it and rubbed it along her lips of her pussy. It felt great. She weaseled and jumped and he continued doing it as he smiled. Finally, it entered inside her. His cock became harder. And as it did, she noticed its firmness. She wanted to take hold of it. She wanted to hold his glory in her hands. She didn’t know whether to masturbate him or maybe even suck him off. She looked into his eyes for an answer but he didn’t offer any. So Amy, as he poked her inside with her vibrator, jacked off his cock for him.

“I think…oh damn Amy…I think I’m going to…to explode” he said.

“You mean…like you’re gonna cum…like now…like on my hands, on me?” she said.

He nodded. “Or would you…do you want me to go inside you instead.” She didn’t know. She never had a guy’s cock in her before. “Sooooooo, like what would you like? I mean if I don’t then I’ll just cum all over you, I think. But, I’d sure love to feel your insides too” he told her.

She was intensely excited about the chance to have sex with her stepbrother, a great looking, sweet guy, and would he kiss her too? That was another good question. He hadn’t yet so she asked. “Do you like kissing when you do it?”

He stared at her. He hadn’t even thought about it yet. Everything’s happened so fast he thought so before anything else occurred he leaned in and he kissed her lightly. Then he kissed her again. And then when he did it again, her arms came flying around his neck, and she went wild on him. He couldn’t believe it. She loved kissing. What person didn’t? He got into it too as his cock raged on. They were rolling from left to right but all he wanted was to have good old fashioned sex with the girl.

“I gotta cum” he told her. “I hafta cum, badly.”

“Then jack it off. Make yourself cum. Cum on me…all over me. I’d love that at least” she replied. “I want to make…have sex with you, but this is just as good” and she took hold of it and began delicately yanking on his raging erection.

He moaned and he groaned and before either knew it, he exploded all over her belly, her tits, and up into her face. Still he never got the chance to have good old sex with her yet. “Wow, like I never…I never realized how fun, how exciting something like that could be” he told her. She told him she didn’t either. She looked at the clock and then asked if he wanted to do it later that day because she did. He then realized it was wrong and he shouldn’t be doing what they just did at all. “Just one more time, okay…no more then.”