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Before I begin, this is not a sequel to my first story. That is still underway but I need ideas. Please give suggestions in reviews of either stories and enjoy. If THIS story reaches five reviews i will make a sequel.And I hope it does because of the ending

Patrick pulled up in his van at the school gates. He collects me everyday since we moved in together. He's 23 and I'm 18. We met when I asked him to do some jobs around the house a year ago. I live on my own coz I'm an only child and an orphan. He came over and one thing led to another and the next thing I know, we were having sex in every room of the house. He is gorgeous. 10 inch dick, hairy chest, muscles, hairy legs, great kisser and his arse is made for being fucked. We agreed we would be versatile and not have bottom or top. Any way, I got into the van and he asked me about my day and stuff. We lived out the country and I watched as he drove by our house. "Patrick. You missed the turn off!" He smiled and said "I need to check something in this field." He drove into this wide open field and parked the car. I tried to say soemthing but he had shoved his lips on me so fast I didnt get a word out.

Once I realised what was happening, I took his face in my hands and kissed him back. His tongue was beating my mouth and his lips were all over mine. He pulled away from my mouth and started sucking on my neck leaving a massive hickey. He took his shirt off and was wearing an old blue vest that he wore on our first 'date'. He kept kissing me, panting in animal lust and ripped my shirt off. He moved down to my nipples and stomach licking and sucking. I took his vest off and rubbed his chest and pinched his nipples. He jumped up and got out pf the van. I joined him. We went around to the front of the van and continued.

We were panting and moaning loudly but no one could hear us. We kissed hard and battled with our tongues. Patrick pushed me to the ground and lept on top of me. He started licking my neck, all the while moving up and down, his chest hair brushing off me and his hard cock wanking up againt mine. I flipped him and moved down his chest, kissing his nipples, raising his arms and licking his sweaty pits. I latched onto his arm and left a hickey on him. I found his belly button and sent my tongue in. He loved that. He was laughing and moaning in pleasure.He stood up and pulled of his trousers and exposed his tight briefs with his cock head poking out from the top. He tore his underpants away and throw them into the distance. " i hate those fucking things. I prefer having my dick out all the time" He sat me up and straddled my chest. He rubbed precum onto my lips and shoved his cock into me.

I moved up and down, licking evry bit of it. He was panting " Oh...oh god yes.." I moved up and down faster and faster until he pulled out. He tore my trousers and boxers off and lifted my legs up. He didnt say anything. He winked at me and poked his dick in my hole. It didnt hurt anymore coz I had it done so many times. He moved it in steady but fast enough and knew exactly where to push. I felt a surge go up my dick. I wanked it in sync with his hard dick pounding me. He was moaning and twisting his face as I felt his dick widen and fill with his juice.He had gone so fast I was starting to get burned from the grass under me. He pulled out and yelled "Oh shit shit shit" and his cock exploded with a white thick goo. It landed right on my chest and abs.He collapsed on top of me and lay on my cum covered chest. He looked up and smiled. "I think I love you" and he kissed me. I pulled away from him and felt my cock grow and swell and I needed some room.

He put his mouth on my dick and I yelled "OhhhhhOOHHUhhh" He ate every but of cum. He looked up at me when he was done and smiled. I said "You really do love me. I love you too" I pressed my lips against his cum covered mouth and kissed him with such passion and love. We lay in each others arms on the grass and after a while we got up and drove home naked. It was so horny. Before going in, we went over to the trampoline in the garden and I started fucking him. It was so funny watching him bounce up and down while I pounded him. I was ready to cum when we heard someone behind us cough. Patrick got up and said "It's Paddy." I turned around and saw our neighbour Paddy stare at our naked bodies. I noticed he had a massive boner. He said "Don't stop. That was horny." Patrick said "Sorry. Done for the evening. You can watch tomorrow" We went inside and went straight to bed.

We got up early enough and went to the trampoline and saw a shirtless Paddy on the fence waiting for us. We said nothing and got right into it. It was awkward coz we were being watched so we stopped after 5 minutes and started talking to Paddy. He said " I always wonder what you two are doing at night coz all I hear is ye yelling and moaning." Patrick said "It's called sex. Are you gay or just a perv?" Paddy said "Straight but I'm turning gay if it means I can watch ye fuck." Patrick smiled and said "We're flattered and it would e nice to have a gay neighbour but you know you can join in if you want" Paddy's face lit up. "Can I?" I said "Sure. Come over at around five and bring some lube." He ran inside and we got back to business. I kept thinking What will having three lovers be like?