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I got home early one afternoon and heard the shower it must be Dee the woman who lives with my wife and me.She is ten years younger than we are five four redish brown hair and a great body.She got out of a bad marriage and we gave her a place to start over.As i walked down the hall i saw the door was open a couple of inches i just had to peek ! I looked in at the mirror and saw she had one leg up on the edge of the tub she was shaving her leg.As i watched she stated to shave her pussy not leaving a single hair.I could feel my dick starting to come to life.When she was done she let the shower wash away the soap and hair.As she turned off the water and got out she saw me in the mirror.She told me to come in and said you saw me now i want to see you.I felt my face get red as i slowly removed my clothes,i said i was sorry .She said not as sorry as you will be.She told me to put my hands on the shower rod and took a pair of pantyhose and tied my wrist to it.

 She leaned close to me and whispered don't go any where and laughed as she left the room.A few minutes later i hear the door close behind me that was the only thing i heard before i felt the belt slashing against my exposed ass maybe twenty fast hits. I begged her to stop.after ten more she did.Dee moved to the side of me i could see she had a black vibrator about eight inches long and thick she was pouring baby oil on it.I asked her not to use that one me i promised never to peek again.She said i still owed her for today,she moved behind me and started to rub her toy up and down my crack.After a couple of minutes i felt pressure as she started to push her monster in my virgin ass.I thought it was going to split me open!She worked her toy in slowly at first then faster and harder after about ten minutes she said it's all the way in and turned it on.She reached around and put a leather shoe string around my balls and dick.Dee gave it a slight pull just to show me how she could rip them off if she wanted too.She went back to fucking my ass with her toy,every once and awhile she would tug her string.

 Dee told me she would untie my hands but if i did not do as i was told she would pull the string.she pulled her toy out and untied my hands.She led me to the bedroom and got on her hands and knees still holding the string,she told me to lick her asshole.I slowly spread her cheeks and licked between them .She pulled the string and told me to use my tongue like a dick ,i put my tongue in as far as i could and swirled it around in and out slowly.She gave the string a tug and said faster i had no choice i plowed in and out for at least ten minutes i felt her body tighten up a few times and knew she was cumming.

Dee rolled over on to her back and told me to lick her pussy it was soaked with her juices.I spread her lips and licked and sucked the wetness i sucked her clit into my mouth and acted like it was a little dick i was giving a blow job too.She came again more juice to lick up.After fifteen minutes or so she said i only had a few more things to do so we would be even.

She tugged the string as she told me to jerk off on her tits and pussy. At this point i would do anything she wanted,i started to stroke my dick she never looked away from my eyes as i stroked faster and faster.She smiled as the cum burst out on to her breast trailing down to her pussy,i milked the last drops on to her clit.She told me to clean up the mess i had made,i did not move fast enough she gave the string the hardest tug yet.I licked her tits clean and then followed the trail down to her pussy as i was cleaning around her clit she came again.After ten minutes she was cum free.She got up and pulled me into the bath room.She told me to get in the tub and lay down she climbed over me and spread her legs,piss came flying out down my chest spilling over my body towards my still half hard dick.She laughed as she climbed out ,untied the string and turned on the shower.Now we are even she said .So remember if you peek you have to pay.I know i will peek again as soon as my ass recovers.