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Sarah's Awakening pt.1


That day started off the same as any other. I was 17 it was the first day of summer vacation. When I awoke I could tell that the day was going to be a scorcher, my tank top was already plastered to my skin and it was barely 9 am, so I decided to spend the day by the pool. A went to my dresser and removed my bathing suit, a sexy chocolate brown two piece with a halter top. Now I had never been a extremely skinny girl, I stand around 5 foot 9 inched tall and I have always been on the chubby side, but I had curves in all the right places, in the past year my breasts had blossomed to a full D cup that filled out the top of the bathing suit nicely.

I took my suit and when into my bathroom to shower. I was feeling a bit frisky, and though I was a virgin I was far from innocent, I had been pleasing my self for years, I decided to have a bit of fun in the shower, I let the water run as I slipped out of the tank top and panties that I normally sleep in and stepped under the steaming water. Standing with my back to the water I wet and then started to wash my long waist length hair. I then grabbed the wash rag and soap and began to lather up. I ran the soapy rag over my arms to my chest, ran the rag over and under my full breasts. I drag the rag lower and soaped up my belly and moved onto my legs, avoiding the area that was aching for my attention.

When I finish soaping up I let the water wash over me removing the soap, running between my breasts, over my belly, my hands start to follow the path of the water, starting with my breasts, my hands start to caress my breasts. My fingers find my nipples and I start to play with them, rolling them and pinching them between my fingers. My right hand starts to move down my body to my mound. Suddenly the bathroom door opens and my eyes fly open and I quickly remove my hands from my body.

'Sarah, sweetheart, are you about finished with the shower I need to get ready for work.' I hear my father say through the cracked open door.

'Yes papa, just about to step out of the shower now.' I answer him. I hear the door close and sigh in frustration; my relief would just have to wait. I quickly towel myself dry and slip into my bathing suit. I gather my towel and dirty clothes and drop them in the hamper on the way out of the bathroom.

'Papa, Im out of the shower now.' I yell at the top of the stairs.

'Thanks baby girl, I will be up in a minute.' He answers me.

I continue down the stairs and grab a beach towel out of the closet down stairs,

'Im going for a swim papa.' I say as I head out the back door.

I head towards the pool and spread out my towel on a chair and lay down in the sun to tan. Soon I heard Papas car start up and leave. I decide that since I have the house to myself Im going to take my top off and tan to avoid lines. I quickly discard my top and lay on my back in the sun.

As I am laying there relaxing I hear a sound coming from the bushes the border our yard, I listen closely and hear the sound again. Its a man groaning. I smiled to my self, our neighbor Ryan had a habit of peaking through the bushes at me when ever I swam in the pool, he must be peaking at me. A sudden thought occurred to me, slowly without alerting him that I knew he was there I adjusted myself so that he would have a better view of my body. I decided to push my luck and hooked my fingers in the waist band of my bathing suit bottoms and pulled them off.

I knew that Ryan now had a good view of my naked body as I relaxed in the sun. Closing my eyes I started up again where I had left off in the shower, one hand moves to my breast and the other moves down my belly to my mound, already dripping with wetness. My fingers enter my wetness and seek my clit. I moan low in my throat as my fingers find my clit and start to slowly stroke it.

My desire is heightened by the knowledge that Ryan is a few feet a way watching every movement, more quickly then I would have imagined I feel that familiar sensation that means release is coming. The sensation starts in my toes and spreads up my legs to my throbbing mound, my fingers move faster and faster as I feel myself cumming. Then with a loud moan my fingers are bathed in my juices as wave after wave of sensations wash over me. I fall back on to the chair and bask in the afterglow. Off to my side I hear Ryan give a muffled groan, and I realize that he has pleasured him self watching me. I smiled at the thought that I had that much power.

This is my first story please comment. I am planning on making this a series all about Sarahs sex adventures