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Sex with my Cousin


my cousin kalai is 5 years elder to me and. I have always had a liking for her. She is married and had been trying to conceive a baby for two years. She has good assets of 36-32-36. I used to admire her body whenever I am with her and used to masturbate thinking of her. Her husband is a business man and he is always on tour. I know that she is deprived of the good fucks that she deserves. One day I went to her home in the afternoon when her husband was not there. She welcomed me as usual and offered me a drink. She was chatting with me when suddenly I had a glimpse of her cleavage. There was immediate blood flow in my cock and it grew making a tent in my pants. She noticed that and said that I am naughty. I got the signal by now that she is for hot me. After a small chat she went inside the kitchen and I sat next to the computer to browse the net. I went through some porn sites and was watching a video. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned back and she was standing next to me with lust in her eyes. I turned around and she kissed me and there was passion in the kiss indicating the need for a hot fuck. I took her to the bedroom undressed her while kissing and made her sit on the cot. I opened up my pants and let my cock out. she was surprised by the size of my cock.

She held it in her hand and started stroking it. It grew even larger. She slowly took it inside her mouth and sucked it I enjoyed the warmth inside her mouth every bit. I then held her head with my hand and stroked my cock inside her mouth. She enjoyed every bit of it then I made her lie down and went between her legs. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and fluffy. The fact is that I love fluffy pussies and I licked each and every millimeter of it. She was moaning loud when I was sucking her hard. She came once with shuddering. Her pussy was vibrating. Then I went on top of her, held my hard cock in my hand and rubbed her pussy with it. Slowly I thrusted the entire length of my cock
in one shot into her wet pussy. It was heaven inside. The heat of her pussy made me go wild and stroked her with all my mite. By this time she was moaning loudly. I gave her a hard fuck that she deserved and we both came together with shudders. I felt the vibration of her shudders in my cock. I kissed her and consoled her that I will take care of her. from that day onwards, I make sure that I fuck her at least
twice a week and satisfy her needs.