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Spencer and me

My friend Spencer and I were not very close but he was having a party and invited me. Spencer is 19 and is about 6'3 and has a 9in cock. Me i'm 19 also and about 5'11, with a 7-8in cock. AT his party was just me that showed up and i asked him why is it just me and you did no one else come? HE replied "no i just invited you here tonight..... its just us alone" I said "OH so just you and me."

he showed me inside and took me on a tour of his house which was a normal looking home about average size. The last room he showed me was his room, he said he has pictured me over at his house more than once before. So i said why dont we make it for real this time. We took off our shirts revelaning our muscels. Spencer then worked slowly down to my cock and moved his mouth up and down in slowly.

I began to moan with pleasure, slowly i moved down to his and attempted to deepthrought him but was very chalaging, he then pulled a condom out of his dresser drawer and said we would only do it if i wanted it. I said yes in joy not being able to wait for him to be inside of me. He place be on the bed face down and butt in the air for him to get a good point at me.

HE slowly pushed his cock into my as little by little soon i was moaning with pleasure. HE began to get a little rougher and a little faster going deeper and deeper with each thrust. I felt like i was in heavan and he was moaning louder and louder, he soon said he was going to cum, and he sliped out of me, took his condom off and stuck his cock right back in. HE then began to thrust hard and deep pleasure filled my whole body with the last final thrust a warm liquid filled my ass full. Then he kept thrusting harder and harder agian and came another time. Staying hard in me i fell asleep and he did too.

WE both woke up about an hour later and i started to ride him, this was giving him alot of pleasure how he just moaned and moaned, he said he was going to cum and i rode him harder and went down farther with every bounce on his dick he grabed me and thrusted up as far as he could go and came all at once in me i kept bouncing and jerked my self off all over his chest. Spencer and I often have sex at his house and some at mine, its very pleasurablale.