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Straight Guys - Truth or Dare

The continuing story of Nick, Matthew, Caleb and Jared:

It was an average Monday afternoon in sunny Florida, sun beating down on the hot black top creating heat waves, humid enough you could fill a jar with it, and the wind just barely blowing enough to tease you. It was seventh period, finally the last period of the day, and Nick is just finishing up a writing assignment for Mr. Colbert, the English teacher.

N: (Five minutes to go, and only one more paragraph, this should be fun) Nick thinks to himself
But sure enough, in five minutes he hurriedly jots down his final thoughts on the assignment “Global Warming, where do you stand?” The bell rings and Nick walks out of the portable (an outside classroom that looks like a trailer, and has a ramp that goes to the door), only to be surprised by Matthew waiting for him outside.

M: “Sup man?”
N: “Not much, how about you?”
They begin to walk to their cars in the parking lot on the other side of the school.
M: “Mmm, I don’t know, I just broke up with my girlfriend last night”
N: “What? Woah dude, what did you tell her?”
M: “Well, I said that I don’t think it is going to work out between us anymore, because we don’t get each other”
N: “You don’t “get” each other, dude really?”
M: “Yeah well, I’m not going to tell her that I think I’m interested in you, I’m supposed to be straight, I’m a linebacker on the varsity football team, I have to keep my rep up man.” Matt whispers, checking to make sure no one is listening
N: “Oh I don’t blame you, I just think you could have thought of something, oh I don’t know, more creative.” Nick chuckles.
M: “Yeah, well whatever, so are we still on for this weekend at my place? My parents are gone for the next three weeks for business meetings and such, they leave me home to take care of things.”
N: “Sure, are we having Jared and Caleb over too, or what?”
They finally get to Nick’s car, parked three spaces away from Matt’s.
M: “Yeah, I thought it would be cool, since last weekend was pretty bangin, no pun intended”
N: “Haha, right. Well, that sounds fine, I’m sure my aunt won’t care, she never does, and I mean you only live right down the street, and we get the whole house to ourselves, awesome.”
M: “I know right, we can do whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want, very awesome”
N: “Alright, well I guess I’ll see you after school on Friday then”
M: “Okay, see you then man.”

Nick gets into his car, and starts it up in hopes of the air kicking in right away, no such luck. He makes a dreadful five minute drive home through town, and the air finally gets cool once he pulls in the driveway.
So the week goes by, and it’s Thursday. The weather is a little bit cooler but not by much, and it’s the middle of fifth period, Spanish II, and Jared passes Caleb a note.
J: “Hey, so you know we are going over to Matt’s this weekend right?”
C: “Yeah, I know, so what do you think we are going to do, other than ya know”
J: “I don’t know, haven’t thought about that, maybe we will shoot some hoops, or watch a few movies, maybe even go hang at the mall, I guess it all really just depends”
C: “Yeah, I mean it’s nice to do, ya know, but we have to rest and do something In between then, but I’m really excited”
J: “ I know right, me too, can’t wait to be there with everyone, hope it is just as good or better than last weekend” :D

Caleb takes the note and stuffs it in his pocket because the teacher is up and about scanning the room. The bell finally rings, and the boys finish off the day at school, and eventually Friday comes.
It’s a blazing hot Friday afternoon, and the final bell for school just rang, Nick and Jared head to Nick’s car, Matt and Caleb go to his truck, and everyone goes over to Matt’s house to start their exciting weekend together.
They finally arrive at Matt’s house, Matt pulls in, and then Nick, and they park their cars in the drive way. Everyone gets out, with their belongings in tow, all packed up and ready to stay until Sunday. They finally all get into Matt’s house, Nick being the last one in, and he turns around and locks the door. Everyone takes off their shoes and socks and lays them by their stuff.

N: “Yes, finally we’re all back together, this is going to be a fun weekend, lemme tell ya”
M: “I know right, I don’t even know where to start”
C: “How about with where to put our things”
M: “Oh, you could set them in my room, it’s the second door on the left, the bathroom is the first on the left, and my parent’s room is the only one on the right.
J: “Okay, so before anything, what is there to eat, school pizza just doesn’t cut it, cardboard isn’t very filling if you ask me”
M: “Nice, well we’ve got some leftover lasagna that my mom made last night, it’s really very good”
J: “That sounds fine, I’m starving”
N: “That’s okay, I am too, let me go put all of our stuff in Matt’s room, and you guys can be getting the food ready”
M: “Alright sounds good”
Nick walks back to Matt’s room, with four bags of stuff on his arms and in his hands, and plops them all on the ground beside Matt’s bed. Nick walks back out to the living room, and into the kitchen, where Matt is microwaving the leftover lasagna, Caleb is setting out the plates, and Jared is staring out the sliding glass window.

N: “The food almost ready?”
M: “It’s getting there, another 2 minutes and it should be good to go”
J: “How come there isn’t anything in your backyard but a chain link fence?”
M: “Haha, well my parents aren’t home enough to do anything with it, and refuse to hire a landscaper, why?”
J: “Oh, just curious, haha”
N: “Hey Caleb, why aren’t you saying anything?”
C: “I’m just thinking”
N: “Yeah, about what?”
C: “Well, what are we gonna do other than, ya know “it”?”
N: “Well we could go to the mall and hang, go for a walk, we could even go see a movie at the theater”
J: “Yeah there’s a few new movies coming out tonight, I work there Monday through Thursday”
N: “See? It’ll all be fine, trust me, I think between us four guys we can think of something entertaining to do other than “it” haha”
C: “Okay, I was just wondering, I mean there is nothing wrong with a good time like last weekend, I’m just saying we’re going to be a little sore if we do it non-stop”

Everyone breaks out into laughter, and the microwave beeps, signaling that the lasagna is ready.
M: “Well then, the lasagna is ready guys”
Everyone grabs a plate, and dishes themselves up some lasagna, and they eat and chat for about fifteen minutes. Matt takes everyone’s plate, rinses them off and sets them in the sink along with the lasagna pan.
M: “Okay, now that eating is out of the way, what next guys?”
C: “Well, I’m really excited to get started on you know what, but I kind of want to wait until tonight, what do you guys think?”
J: “I think we could wait a little longer, we could watch a movie and then see what we think”
N: “Yeah, what movies do you have Matt?”
Matt shows the guys all of the movies, and they all unanimously pick out their favorite horror movie. Matt slips the DVD into the player, and they all sit down on the couch to watch the movie. Starting at the left of the couch if you’re facing it, is Nick, Matt, Caleb, and Jared. They are all curled up on the couch, in the nice air conditioned home, blinds are open letting the sun in, and the sun begins to set. About half way through the movie, at one of the scariest parts, Nick jumps, and Matt “stretches” and puts his arm around Nick’s back, pulling him a tiny bit close. Jared and Caleb are leaning up against each other. The movie ends, and it’s finally sundown, and Matt gets up and shuts everything off, closes all the blinds, and makes sure the door is locked. Matt turns around to face the guys.
M: “So what now guys?”
J: “Well, I think we all know the answer to that, how about some truth or dare”
N: “Yeah, I’m definitely ready for some of that.”

Matt goes over to the coffee table in front of the couch, and moves it into the hallway, and sits back down on the couch. All the guys adjust themselves so they can see each other.
Nick is wearing slim dark wash ripped AE jeans, an AE v-neck shirt, and an AE leather belt, with AE low rise boxer briefs underneath. Matt is wearing some tan cargo shorts, a red polo shirt, a leather belt and plaid boxers. Jared is wearing black basketball shorts, a billabong t-shirt, and Haines boxer briefs. Caleb is wearing dark skinny jeans, a Vurt v-neck skin tight shirt, and bullhead boxers.
M: “Okay, so since it’s my house, I guess I will go first, so Caleb, truth or dare?”
C: “Umm, truth, haha”
M: “Whatever man, okay, so is it true that you really liked last weekend and hope it’s going to happen again?”
C: “Well yeah it was totally awesome. Okay, so Jared, truth or dare?”
J: “I’ll be brave, dare”
C: “Okay, how about I dare you to french kiss me”
J: “No problem”
Jared leans over, and slowly plants his soft lips onto Caleb’s, and their mouths slowly rub together, and they get a little bit faster every second, and Jared reaches over and puts his hand on Caleb’s face, and slowly slides his tongue into Caleb’s mouth, Caleb returns the favor. Jared starts to get a little faster and the start to make out. They do this for about two minutes, Matt and Nick just watching. Caleb gets a noticeable boner in his skinny jeans, and tries to fix himself, once the stop kissing. Jared’s is only at half boner.
J: “Okay so Matt, truth or dare?”
M: “Umm, how about truth”
J: “What? Okay, umm is it true that you have a crush on Nick?”
M: “Well, yeah, I mean he’s my first, and probably going to be my only, forever”
Nick blushes as Matt looks over at him.
M: “Okay so now, Nick, truth or dare”
N: “Definitely dare”
M: “Okay so I dare you to undress Caleb down to his underwear”
N: “Alright, stand up Caleb”
M: “Nope, sitting down”
N: “Alrighty then”

Nick gets up and stands in front of Caleb who is sitting up. Nick bends over and reaches under Caleb’s shirt and pulls it up over his head, now Caleb’s nice swimmer’s body revealed.
Nick then gets on his knees and Caleb spreads his legs apart. Nick reaches in for Caleb’s jeans button, and Caleb watches Nick’s hands as they reach down for him. Nick slowly releases the button from the grasp of the fabric, then reaches down for the zipper. Caleb is now turning somewhat red, and becoming very turned on as he watches Nick. Nick slowly unzips Caleb’s jeans, revealing his boxers, which the hole is slightly open, and you can see the side of his now half hard cock. Nick reaches back behind Caleb, and grabs the top of the jeans and slowly starts to slide them off of Caleb’s nice, round, plump butt, as Caleb lifts up a little, and now the top of the jeans are at his things, and Nick finally gets them off, and drops them to the floor. Nick goes back and sits down.
N: “Okay, so Jared , truth or dare?”
J: “Dare”
N: “Alright, so then I dare you to undress Matt down to his underwear”
J: “On it”

So Jared gets up and walks on over to Matt, whose legs are already spread. Jared gets on his knees, and reaches for the bottom of Matt’s polo. Jared pulls up, and Matt has to help him get it over his head, and Jared throws it on the ground. Matt’s nice built body with a slightly toned six pack, nice muscular arms and firm pecks are showing just arousing the guys more. Jared reaches for Matt’s belt buckle, and un-slips the belt from the loop, then un-buckles the belt from the buckle. He then reaches for the button, Matt watching the whole time, and Matt kind of feels up on his chest, and abs a little, and Jared unbuttons his shorts, and now goes for the zipper. Jared takes the zipper and zips all the way down and folds back the part that was unzipped, revealing the plaid from Matt’s boxers. Jared reaches behind Matt’s perfect, succulent butt, with amazing round shape that sticks out, and Jared grabs the top of this shorts, and begins to pull them off, as Matt lifts up so Jared can get them off. Now you can see Matt’s nicely toned muscular legs, and his boxers look tight on his thighs, and the hole of his boxers have a button, but they are kind of tight so you can see through to his unshaved soft cock, but just a little. Jared then goes back to his seat.
J: “Okay so Matt, truth or dare?”
M: “Dare of course”
J: “Undress Nick to his underwear”
M: “Gladly”

Matt just reaches over and slides Nick’s shirt off his body, and Nick has an average body, just a little definition, not too muscular in the arms. Matt then gets up and gets on his knees and spreads Nick’s legs. He reaches and grabs the belt buckle and undoes the belt, moving it out of the way of the button. He then takes the button and releases it from the fabric hole. He them moves down and slowly unzips Nick’s jeans. He reaches behind Nick’s firm butt, and slowly slides the tight, slim jeans off of Nick, Nick is now sitting in his low rise boxer briefs, with his soft cock, and his nicely toned legs. Matt gives Nick a look like “that was just the beginning.”
M: “Okay so Nick, obviously, go undress Jared”
N: “Sounds like a plan”

Nick gets up and goes over to Jared, and spreads his legs. Nick reaches for his shirt, and takes it off and plops it on the ground. Jared is like Nick, average, not too much definition in his body or arms. Nick then teasingly bends down, and lifts of the leg of Jared’s shorts and looks in to see his boxer briefs. He then reaches to the side of the shorts, and slides them off quickly, now Jared sitting in his boxer briefs with his soft cock. Nick then goes back to his seat and kind of fixes himself.
N: “Alright so now, Caleb truth or dare?”
C: “I’m going with dare”
N: “I dare you to sit on top of Jared, and ride him, still in your underwear, and make him get hard.”
C: “Alright cool”

Caleb gets up and walks up to Jared, putting his knees in the seat. Caleb’s nice plump butt is sitting atop Jared’s nice 5” soft cock, and Caleb’s nice 4.5” soft cock is touching Jared’s stomach and his balls also hanging on Jared’s cock. Caleb slowly moves back and forth on Jared’s dick, slowly riding and moving around on his cock. Caleb slowly goes from back and moves ever so slowly up and rubs his cock on Jared’s stomach, then goes back to going back and forth, Caleb’s soft cock and ball sac rubbing on Jared’s dick. Jared is very slowly becoming hard. Caleb takes Jared’s hands and pins them behind him, still riding him slowly, and begins to kiss him, and eventually making out with him. Caleb tries to get his butt to press down on Jared without hurting him, and let Jared feel it. Jared is now getting arouse more quickly. Caleb sits up on his knees and rubs his soft cock all over Jared’s chest, then sits back down onto Jared not moving.

C: “Almost there is feels like”
Caleb positions his butt so that Jared’s nearly hard cock is right in between the crack, and Caleb begins to ride, a little more quickly. Caleb slows down.
C: “You there now?”
J: “Yeah”
Caleb now gets up and sits back down, now hard himself.
C: “Okay so now, Matt, you make Nick hard”
M: “Okay then”

So Matt gets up, and pulls Nick up off of the couch. Matt walks up and grabs around behind Nick and grabs his butt and pulls him all the way up to him, their cocks now pressed up against each other. Nick reaches and grabs Matt’s perfectly plumb butt, and Matt begins to dry hump Nick. Matt goes up and down on Nick’s cock, waiting for it to get hard.
N: “Do you really wanna make it hard?”
M: “Yeah”
N: “Turn around, your butt is the nicest butt I’ve ever seen or held in my life, haha the only one I’ve ever held”

Matt turns around, and Nick reaches around Matt’s stomach and pulls Matt’s butt right up to his cock. Nick’s adrenaline begins to pump two times faster, and Nick slowly moves up and down on Matt’s butt. Matt grabs Nick’s hands and slowly puts them over top of his cock, and grabs Nick’s hands so that his hands grab his cock. Nick pulls Matt’s but closer and keeps moving up and down, slowly and rubs it with his now almost hard cock. Matt’s cock is now hard, and Nick grabs it and slowly moves his hand up and down on it through his boxers. Matt reaches behind and grabs Nick’s butt and pulls him closer. Nick stops moving and just stands there with his cock on Matt’s butt, and his hands on his cock. Matt then lets go and turns around, and goes back to his seat, as does Nick.
M: “Okay so I believe now that everyone is hard.”
Everyone looks at each other in agreement.

M: “Now, I think we know who we want to be with, so Nick and I are going to my room, you guys can stay here, the couch pulls out into a bed, and already has sheets on it.”
J: “K, sounds fine to me”
So Matt and Nick walk down in to Matt’s room and close the door behind them.
M: “Finally alone time”
N: “I know right, I love it”

Matt and Nick are standing in front of the bed staring at each other. Nick reaches down and unbuttons Matt’s boxers. He reaches in and pulls out his hard cock. Nick gets down on his knees, and stares at his nice, perfect, hard, juicy dick, and puts just the head into his mouth, and sucks on it. Matt is silent moaning and is feeling total ecstasy. Nick then puts the whole cock in his mouth and sucks on it, slowly moving it in and out. Nick can taste the pre-cum, and then starts to suck harder. Nick stops, and takes Matt’s boxers all the way off. Nick goes back to sucking, and sucking harder. He reaches and grabs Matt’s butt, and starts to finger his butt, and suck his cock at the same time. He then moves down and sucks his balls, sucking the whole sac in at one time and sucking the bottom of his cock and balls at the same time. Nick then goes back to sucking his cock hard.

Jared and Caleb fold out the bed from the couch. Jared gets on the bed and lays on his back. Caleb climbs up on the bed and up to Jared. Caleb rubs Jared’s hard cock, and then pulls Jared’s boxer briefs all the way off. Jared’s balls are hanging and touching the bed and his cock sticking up. Caleb gets on his back, and yanks his boxers off, then gets back up. Caleb gets on top of Jared backwards, and Caleb’s face is atop Jared’s cock, and Caleb’s cock is in Jared’s face. Caleb slowly puts his face close to Jared’s nice dick, and starts to suck it, moving just his head in and out. Jared, grabs Caleb’s cock and sticks it in his mouth. Caleb moves his cock slowly in and out of Jared’s mouth, and Jared is just barely moving his cock up and down. Caleb’s nice round butt is slightly open, and you can just barely see his hole. Caleb moves his cock in and out a little faster, and then after about a minute stops. Jared grabs Caleb’s butt and starts to tongue his hole, and move his tongue up and down in his crack, Caleb is slightly moaning, and sucking Jared’s dick. Jared then sticks his finger into Caleb’s hole, Caleb stops and moans, and Jared moves his finger in and out of Caleb’s hole, and Caleb moans more.
C: “Oh, oh yeah, Oh yeah man, Mmm oh oh oh”

Nick stops sucking Matt’s cock and gets back up. Matt takes Nick’s boxer briefs off, now Nick’s balls are hanging down, and his hard cock sticking out. Matt turns around and puts his hands on his bed. Nick gets on his knees and starts rimming Matt’s butt. Matt starts to moan softly. Then Nick stands up and slowly begins to put his hard nice cock into Matt’s butt, and move slowly in and out. Matt starts slowly pumping his cock. Nick grabs the sides of Matt’s butt and moves faster in and out, and Matt begins to moan loudly, as does Nick.
M: “Oh man, come on hit me with your best shot”
N: “Yeah, oh yeah, mmm, oh oh man”
Nick goes harder and harder, and can feel his head start to buldge, and Matt is pumping as fast as he can. Nick keeps going at it, his balls hitting Matt’s but hard, and finally Nick’s cock explodes into Matt, Matt now pumping and his cock erupts with cum. Nick slows down, and Matt stops pumping, both of their cocks now trobbing. Nick finally pulls his cock out.
N: “Wow, that was amazing”
M: “Oh my gosh I know”
Matt and Nick climb into bed, and both lay down, and eventually fall asleep.

Jared now has Caleb doggie style on the bed, and is thrusting his cock in and out of Caleb’s butt, harder and harder. Caleb is jacking off as fast as possible.
C: “Oh yeah man, mmm yeah”
J: “Ugh, uh uh OH yeah”
Jared’s cock starts to explode with cum all inside of Caleb’s butt. Jared pulls his cock out, and Caleb quickly turns over, and his cock erupts with cum all over his body. They go to the kitchen to clean up, then head to the bed. Jared gets in, and Caleb lays behind him, holding him close.