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There was something about their ad that fascinated me. After reading it several times, I decided to respond. I've trained lots of men in the arts of pleasure-pain. I'm good at it. It's a labor of love. I get turned on when a masculine guy willingly submits to my authority. I love seeing the look in his eyes when I order him to strip down. I love seeing the fear in his eyes as I tie him down and he knows that he cannot escape. I love watching his muscles tense as he feels each new wave of pain. I love the look of determination on his face as he struggles to accept the pain. It is always a hot scene for me -- and I make sure it is a hot scene for my boys.

I've had my share of experiences with those of the female persuasion -- but that was a long time ago. My desire to dominate has always been directed toward men, but there was something about their ad that got my juices flowing and I decided to offer my services to them. I read the ad again: "Young, submissive couple desires to explore the world of s/m, b/d and make their fantasies realities. He is 29, 5'10, athletic. She is 26, 5'7, athletic. Both are obedient and need training from dominant male or female. P.O. Box XXXX."

The Friday after I wrote to them, my phone rang. Mark said that he and his wife had received my letter the day before and had spent the night talking. The agreed that they wanted to submit to me and awaited my orders. I liked the sound of Mark's voice -- a rich, masculine voice with a submissive quality.

I questioned him about their experience in s/m. He said that they taken turns dominating each other but it hadn't really satisfied either of them. Neither of them could really get into the dominant role. Had they ever submitted to anyone before? Mark related one encounter with a professional dominant before he was married. Was it what he needed? It was okay -- but "she didn't get into giving pain as much as I thought she would." As we talked, it became clear that Mark had a need to be punished and Marie, his wife, had a need to be humiliated. I made it clear that if they chose to submit to me, they would be required to do whatever I ordered. He agreed. I gave him my address and ordered them to report at 8:00 p.m. He responded, "We will be there, Sir. And thank you, Sir." I responded by hanging up the phone.

At 7:55, they pulled into my drive. The sun had just set and it was not yet dark. I watched them as they walked toward the front door. Both were very attractive. Marie had an excellent figure that her clothing didn't hide. Her long blond hair framed her face. Mark walked next to her and had the perfect physique. The knit shirt he was wearing displayed muscular shoulders and arms. His tight jeans displayed his narrow waist and muscular thighs -- and a substantial endowment. Their faces betrayed the anticipation (and fear) they felt and their eyes darted nervously at the windows. They held each other's hand, as if to give the other emotional support.

I opened the door just as Mark was about to ring the bell. Their eyes studied me for an instant and Mark was about to speak when I said, "Come in and strip -- one at a time." Meekly, they walked to the center of the room and looked at each other with questioning eyes. I sat down to watch their strip tease. Mark won out and Marie began to slowly remove her clothing. She was obviously embarrassed and her deep blue eyes avoided mine. She removed her shoes and jeans first and then her top. Wearing only her panties and bra, her figure was near perfect. Her eyes looked pleadingly at mine. I remained silent. Finally she managed the courage to remove her bra, revealing full breasts with large nipples. With a look of defeat, her long slender fingers slowly slid her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them. Her hands clasped in front of her in a gesture of modesty. I was enjoying her humiliation.

Without comment, I looked at Mark and he began to strip. He stepped out of his shoes and pulled off his shirt. His chest was well developed and covered light with a mat of hair. His nipples were large and cone shaped. His arms were solid and thick. His fingers unbuttoned the fly of his 501's and he slowly slid them down his powerful, hairy legs. He stepped out of his jeans and was about to slide the white briefs down his legs when I ordered him to stop. He looked puzzled but obeyed. I stood and walked around him. The proportions of his body were ideal. His back was well muscled and his ass was perfect -- the type of bubble butt that athletes so often attain through hard workouts. The thin fabric of the briefs outlined his cock and balls, both of which were impressive. Mark's being allowed to retain his last vestige of clothing seemed to intensify Marie's nakedness, at least in her eyes.

I led the two of them into the basement and, after handcuffing Mark, I secured his wrists to an over head beam next to an old doctor's examination table I'd had for years and, on which, many slaves had suffered. I ordered Marie to suck Mark's toes. Slowly, she sank to her knees and wrapped her mouth around her husband's big toe. A few minutes later, I ordered her to direct her attention to his ankles and made her work her way up his legs until she had reached his crotch. Mark became increasingly aroused until his rock hard cock stretched the fabric of the briefs. She gently nibbled at his cock and he moaned with pleasure.

"Chew on his nipples," I ordered. She looked up and their eyes locked. Slowly, she got to her feet and her mouth touched the masculine, brown nipple. She began to gently chew on his right one and Mark's face registered pleasure. It was clear that her love for him made it virtually impossible for her to hurt him. "You will learn to inflict pain on your husband or you will be the one to suffer," I told her as I handcuffed her wrists behind her back. I attached a clamp to each of her nipples. Pain shot through her and showed on her face. "I said 'chew' on his nipples and I expect to obey me." She quickly put her mouth to his right nipple and Mark's body tensed as her teeth worked on tender flesh. As the pain grew in her own tits, she increased the intensity with which is worked on Mark's until his face grimaced with pain and his breath came in gasps. After several minutes, I ordered Marie to work on the other. She began to gnaw on it until I gave her permission to stop. Mark's nipples were an angry red and obviously sore.

I told Marie to remove Mark's briefs with her teeth. She was awkward in her attempt, but finally succeeded in securing the tight waist band in her teeth and began to inch them down. Mark's briefs strained to hold his endowment and his excitement was obvious. She worked the briefs down over his left hip, revealing his pubic hair. She turned her attention to his right side and was eventually successful in lowering the briefs still more. Finally, she was able to grasp the front and with one gesture, pulled the briefs down his legs, releasing his cock and heavy balls.

"Now, chew on his balls, slave girl," I ordered. She opened wide and took as she sucked the two egg sized jewels into her mouth. Mark's expression was again one of pleasure. I selected a riding crop and gave the nipple clamp she wore a light tap. The shock of pain produced a muscle contraction in Marie that produced a cry of pain from Mark. She immediately went to work on Mark's balls and within seconds, Mark was uttering guttural sounds attesting to the pain she was inflicting and beads of sweat broke out on his body. After sufficient time, I allowed Marie to stop and her eyes, filled with apology and regret, locked on Mark's.

I took off her cuffs and prepared her for her next ordeal. Mark watched intently as I ordered Marie to lay on the table. I attached leather restraining cuffs to her wrists and ankles. Her wrists were then secured to the table and the ankle cuffs attached to chains from the over head beam, leaving her legs spread wide and vulnerable. Her face registered fear and she looked at Mark with pleading eyes. I selected a large dildo, greased it carefully and slowly inserted it into Marie's cunt. She uttered a groan of pleasure. I inserted my finger into her ass and her eyes widened in surprise. It was my guess that Mark had never fucked his wife in the ass -- or she had never agreed to let him. I decided to insert a butt plug and strap it and the dildo in place before turning my attention to Mark. She watched me grease the plug. I touched the tip of the plug to her puckered hole. With slow, steady pressure, the plug began its journey. Millimeter by millimeter, the plug began to disappear as her hole widened to accept the increasing diameter. When half of it was in, she began to plead for me to stop. I made no response but waited. Her skin began to shine with moisture. Mark looked concerned but his hard cock indicated he was turned on. A minute passed and I continued the insertion. She whimpered as the plug widened. I twisted the dildo and she tried to hide her pleasure. The plug was at its widest point and I pushed gently. Marie's body tensed with pain as her hole stretched as never before. Holding the plug securely in place with one hand, I caressed her breast with my other hand and, without warning, removed one tit clamp. It sent a massive wave of pain through her and she strained at the restraints and cried out. I reached for the other and terror filled her eyes. I opened the clamp and again she bucked in pain. I pushed the plug into her and her pink hole quickly sucked it in. She laid there, breathing hard, recovering. I turned toward Mark and read his concern in his eyes.

I took his nipple between my fingers and twisted. A shot of pain went through his body. I whispered in his ear, "Would you like to suck my cock, slave boy?" He did not respond. "Would you like for me to fuck you in the ass, slave boy?" He swallowed hard and shook his head. I twisted his nipple again. His body tightened. I could see fear in his eyes. Fear had diminished the size of his cock, but he was obviously still excited. His cock stood erect and his balls hung low.

Mark watched intently as I strapped a ball stretcher on him and gasped when I attached a weight to it, drawing his balls down still further. His cock twitched and seemed to grow even more. I attached leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles and took off his handcuffs.

I led him over to a padded saw horse, bent him over it and secured his ankles and wrists. From behind, he was a delicious sight. His ass cheeks were round and seemed to invite abuse. The position that he was in caused his cheeks to spread slightly and seemed to invite exploration. The weight suspended from his balls swung freely and his balls seemed even larger. Marie strained to watch what was happening to her husband.

"Did your daddy ever take you out to the woodshed, slave boy?" I asked, mockingly, as I selected a leather strap.

"Yes," he replied meekly.

"Yes, SIR!" I corrected, bringing the strap down hard on his hard buns.

His body tightened and he quickly responded, "Yes, SIR!"

"Did you like getting whipped?" I taunted.

"No, Sir," he answered. I brought the strap down again -- twice. He inhaled quickly but didn't cry out.

"Don't lie to me, slave boy! You looked forward to it, didn't you? You did whatever you had to do to earn yourself a taste of his strap, didn't you, slave boy?" Another hard crack on his ass cheeks.

"Yes, Sir. It hurt, but I liked it..." he struggled.

"And has anyone other than your dad ever whipped you?"

A pause. "My college roommate paddled me a few times, Sir."

"Give me details..."

"We played poker a lot and I usually lost. When I ran out of money, sometimes I continued to play with IOU's. If I couldn't pay back the IOU's, he would cancel them out if I would submit to a paddling. It happened about ten or twelve times, I guess."

"Then this will bring back fond memories for you," I said, bringing the strap down hard on his round buns.

Marie listened intently. It was obvious that she was learning something new about her husband. Again, two more. Only his heavy labored breathing broke the quiet. Another loud crack echoed. A labored grunt. His pain was becoming real. Three more followed in rapid succession and every muscle in Mark's well developed body was tensed. His ass was becoming red and hot. I decided to give him a short break.

My finger traced a path from his spine downward, disappearing into the darkness between his cheeks. I touched his asshole and a shiver went through his body. With my other hand, I raised the weight attached to his balls several inches and dropped it. For the first time, Mark cried out.

While he savored the pain, I greased another dildo. His ass cheeks clenched when he felt the dildo slide between them. Even as muscular as he was, he could not fight it and the dildo slowly began to disappear. Mark only grunted. Further and further it went until its full length had been inserted. After several minutes of fucking him, I decided it was time to resume the corporal punishment and pulled the dildo from him.

Ten more licks with the belt, each spaced several seconds apart and each making contact with a different area of his ass, produced the effect I wanted. Mark's ass was a vivid red and hot to the touch. He was nearing the point of breaking. His cock remained hard.

Now, for the final phase...

I removed the weights from Mark's ball stretcher and released him from the horse. I decided to position Mark on the table, mounted over his wife in a 69 position with his legs spread, securing his ankles and wrists to the table in such a way that he had the freedom to move enough to support himself on his hands and knees but could not escape or move from the position into which he had been placed. Once secured, I attached clamps to his nipples. He watched as the rubber tipped teeth gripped his tender flesh. He drew a breath sharply as they bit into him.

"Do you love your wife, slave boy?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yes, Sir. Very much, Sir."

"Then you would do everything possible to prevent her from suffering, wouldn't you, slave boy?"

"Yes, Sir. Anything, Sir."

"Good," I continued, "Because your ass is right over her face and I am about to give you an enema. I have to give you an enema for your own good," I said mockingly, "because the dildo didn't come back squeaky clean. You want to be nice and clean, don't you, slave boy?" I paused but didn't expect an answer.

"Have you ever been given an enema, slave boy?" I asked.

"A couple of times when I was a kid, Sir."

"And you've never been given one since then?" I pried.

"Once in college, Sir," he replied, obviously embarrassed. His face began to blush.

"And who gave it to you?"

Hesitation. "A fraternity brother, Sir."

I smile. "And why did he give it to you?"

"It was part of my initiation, Sir."

"Tell me about it," I said, enjoying his humiliation.

"While the whole fraternity house watched, I had to strip down and do push-ups while one of my fraternity brother gave me an enema. After all the enema was in me, I had to hold it while I did ten deep knee bends."

"How did you feel?" I asked, already knowing his answer.

"It was the most humiliating part of the initiation, Sir."

"And were you successful?"

"Yes, Sir. It was hard, but I did it."

"Good. You've had some practice. Because if you don't hold this one... Well, you know who will suffer, don't you, slave boy?"

By now, I had removed the harness holding the dildo and butt plug in place on Marie. A look of panic came across his face. He began to say something. I pulled the dildo from her cunt and pushed his face into it, telling him, "Start eating -- and she had better enjoy it or he would face more pain. A childlike whine came out of his throat as he began to tongue his wife's pussy. Marie began to moan with pleasure.

I filled a two quart enema bag with warm water, added a fair amount of glycerine (to produce effective cramps), hung it above the table and attached a new butt plug -- designed to double as an enema nozzle -- to the hose. Marie's eyes grew large as she watched me grease the thick plug and bring it come closer and closer toward the target. She watched intently as the blunt tip of the plug made its way between her husband's fury buns and seemed to disappear as I began the insertion. I decided to make the insertion last as long as possible, giving Mark time to get used to the plug, at least to some degree. As I pushed the plug deeper into Mark's tight hole, I watched the muscles in his arms and back tighten as he struggled to accept its increasing size. When a spasm of pain would shoot through him, he would grunt suddenly -- a grunt of muffled by his wife's crotch. I continued with slow, steady pressure. We were almost to the plug's widest point. Mark was breathing heavily and it was evident that the plug was producing constant pain. Almost imperceptive, the plug continued its invasion and the widest point was reached. Mark's groaning became louder -- almost a cry. His body glistened sweat and he pulled at the straps holding him captive. He had reached his limit and, at that point, the plug suddenly tapered and quickly seated itself. Mark's beautiful cheeks clenched tight and his ass seemed to be greedily pull the plug in as deeply as possible. At that moment, Marie cried out and her body shuttered as an orgasmic wave swept over her. I waited while she enjoyed what appeared to be cosmic experience. The pain Mark had endured had caused his cock to soften, although not to the point of becoming flaccid. He continued to obediently tongue his wife's pussy, obviously enjoying himself now that the pain had diminished.

"Now, slave girl, it's your turn," I said. "I'm going to start the enema and, while it's flowing into Mark, you are going to suck his dick. You are going to suck it better than you have ever sucked it before -- because Mark is going to have to hold the enema until he comes -- and the longer it takes for you to make him come, the longer he will have to hold it."

In the quiet, the 'click' of the stopcock opening seemed very loud, followed by the gentle gurgling sound of water rushing down the tube.

Marie quickly took her husband's cock in her mouth and began working on it, her eyes riveted to the bag suspended above her. I listened to the slurping sounds she made and the muffled gurgle of the enema entering Mark. The bag would empty slowly. I'd made sure of that. I figured that it would take about ten minutes for the full two quarts to be delivered. If she could get him off in that time, good for her -- and good for him. If not, he would have to hold the churning liquid until she was successful. Slaves react differently to enemas. I've seen some shoot when I inserted the nozzle or plug. Others get off on the pain of the cramps and shoot then. A few can't get off at all and I enjoy watching them struggle to come as the cramps get stronger. I didn't know how Mark would react. I stood back and watched.

Mark had his face buried deep between Marie's legs. He seemed to be trying to focus his attention there and away from the sensations of the enema. Marie was working hard in her attempts to arouse her husband and continued to watch the bag, which appeared to be still full. A minute passed. Then another. The bag showed signs of collapse but still held three-quarters of its contents. Marie continued her efforts but it was obvious that Mark wasn't one of those slaves who would shoot immediately. He uttered a grunt, not the one associated with a good blow job, but the kind that a cramp produces. The enema was beginning to work. Another minute passed. And another. The bag had delivered half the enema and Mark was taking it well. Marie watched the bag pensively. Mark continued to eat his wife. Suddenly, another wave crashed around Marie and she again she cried out as she came, more violently than before. It took her a full two minutes to recover and meanwhile, the enema continued to pour into Mark, working its way deeper and deeper into his body. Finally, the bag sounded a final gurgle as the last ounce drained down the tube. Marie was now working feverishly to make her husband come. Cramps began to set in, increasing in their intensity. Mark began to moan as his discomfort increased. His ass cheeks began to flex rhythmically as he struggled to retain the molten liquid. His breathing became labored and deep. I began to wonder if he would be successful in his battle. Minutes passed and the intensity increased. Mark struggled with the pain and pressure. Marie struggled to get him off. Discomfort had turned to agony for Mark. The guttural sounds he produced were those of a suffering man, fighting to maintain control and hell bent on winning the battle. Finally, with every muscle tensed and sweat dripping from his body, he cried out as he filled his wife's mouth with white, sticky sperm. I watched him experience what was surely the most earth shaking orgasms of his life. Marie swallowed his come greedily and was obviously relieved. When his orgasm finally ended, I released the straps holding him in place and gave him permission to dismount. With the plug still firmly in place, I took the bag from the hook and led him to the toilet.

He was weak and walked with some difficulty. When he was safely seated on the toilet, I told him he was free to remove the plug. I knew it would be a painful process. He reached behind him and slowly pulled on the plug. A new wave of pain registered on his face. I waited, knowing that the pressure of the enema would soon win out. Finally, a quick cry of pain escaped his lips and he pulled the plug from his tight hole. As the enema exploded out of him, I removed the nipple clamps and he again cried out in pain. I left him alone and returned to Marie, releasing her and telling her to join her husband.

Thirty minutes later, they came up the stairs and into the living room. They both looked tired but they had a satisfied glow about them that told me they had enjoyed their training. It had been what they had hoped it would be.

"May we get dressed, Sir?" Mark asked.

"In a moment," I replied, wanting to admire their naked forms.

Mark's nipples were an angry red and a bit swollen. They would be sore for a day or two. Marie's were red but had not received the degree of abuse that Mark's had received. Perhaps next time, I thought. Mark's ass was still red and had several welts. Each time he sat down for the next few days he would be reminded of tonight.

I gave them permission and watched them as they dressed in silence. It was an awkward moment for them. As Mark buttoned the top of his jeans, he exchanged glances with Marie. She nodded and Mark turned to me.

"We want to thank you, Sir. If you are willing, we would like to come back again."

"You understand that next time will be more intense?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir. We understand, Sir."

I smiled and told them to report the following week, same time. Both returned the smile. I watched them walk to their car and get in. I smiled as Mark, in the dim interior car light, carefully eased himself slowly into the driver's seat.

As they pulled away, I smiled to myself, thinking about how much more painful the drive would be for Mark next time.