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The Dinner Party


Some old friends had invited me to a dinner party they were holding in Paris. I agreed, as I was going to be there for the weekend they mentioned. They knew I had broken up with someone I was deeply in love with six months earlier, and, being kindly people, they decided to invite some single women along to their party. I must add here that my friends are big fans of the Fetish scene and so they share my shameless deviant nature and attitude.

I got to their house on the outskirts of Paris at about eight p.m. There were a few couples sitting around and two single women who I guessed were in their late thirties. 'John, so glad you could make it,' Carol, my friend Don's lovely brunette wife said as she introduced me to the others. I shook hands with the two couples and sat down opposite the two single women, 'Oh, John,' Carol said, 'this is Patty, and this is Claudia.' I smiled and took their offered hands. Patty was a cute-geek with glasses and shoulder length blonde sixties flick-up hair. She wasn't unattractive and seemed very shy for someone in a black rubber dress that was so low cut her pink nipples were virtually out of it.

Claudia was different...I disliked her from the outset. Maybe it was her big nose, her overlarge red-lipped mouth, or possibly her slightly arrogant mannerisms that, initially, put me off her. She was also French. I have always found the French difficult, especially the women. Claudia spoke at me, not to me. 'So, John,' she said, 'you live in London, yes?' I nodded and sipped the lovely smooth Burgundy that Carol had given me. 'Such an expensive dull place, how do you stand it?' she said with a sneer. I smiled, but inwardly felt annoyed. 'Well, at least it's a creative place, one of the best for that, better than here,' I said.

She smiled and said, 'That's an opinion, I suppose,' and she and Patty laughed knowingly to one another.

Claudia smoothed back her thick black hair and touched the little silver pendant around her long neck. I glanced down as she leaned forward to get her wine glass. She had an impressive pair of breasts that heaved from the bodice of her vintage black taffeta evening dress. They looked huge and heavy and I felt a twinge between my legs as I glanced at them, trying not to seem too obvious. She noticed of course and asked me, with a note of triumph, 'Do you like them?' I laughed and said I did.

After dinner, I found myself out on the terrace with Claudia and Patty. The other couples were dancing close to a slow romantic tune on the CD-player and when Patty went off to get more wine, leaving me alone with Claudia, she said, 'You don't like me, do you John?'

I decided to play it straight. 'I hardly know you,' I said.

She smiled and for the first time that evening I actually wanted to kiss the mouth off her. 'C'mon, why you don't like me. Am I that ugly?' she asked.

I laughed. 'No it's not that, you seem arrogant, so keen to be one up, why is that?'

'Am I? I hadn't thought about it. I am just me,' she said.

'Come over here,' I said.

She followed me to a dark part of the terrace. The moon played on her strangely attractive face as I reached out and unzipped her taffeta evening dress at the back and eased the shoulder straps down over her elbows. She stood silently and let me do it, her eyes on mine, her glossy red lips slightly parted. I got the material down under her breasts. She had a sturdy black-lace bra on and her tits bulged from the elegant wired cups like two giant ice creams in a couple of black cones.

'Good God, they are massive!' I said.

'I've always been large,' she said, 'even at fourteen they were almost this big. Boys would never leave me alone, it was crazy.'

'I can imagine. I'm going to have to get them out,' I said, unclasping the bra at the back, trembling with excitement.

'I thought you might want to,' Claudia said, 'Carol told me you adore women with big breasts.' She stood there, hands limp by her sides.

The bra fell away and I removed it and stood back, allowing myself a view of Claudia's magnificent rack. They hung there like two pear-shaped balloons, swelling out impressively, hanging down, almost to her navel. 'Quite magnificent,' I said, handling them, cupping my fingers around them and bouncing them about a little. Their warmth and soft weight was beautiful to touch. Claudia gasped as I pinched her hard brown nipples. I stretched them out, really long, and held them parallel between us. 'Mm,' she moaned, 'I love having that done.'

A female voice said:

'I see you two have got acquainted.'

It was Patty, bringing a tray with three glasses of red wine on it. 'Please, carry on,' she said, 'I'll watch. I like to see Claudia get what she desires.'

Patty sat down opposite us at a little garden table, crossed her long slim legs and sipped her wine. I let Claudia's nipples go and she thanked me for pleasuring her. These two women were turning out to be a lot wilder than I'd given them credit for.

'John, kiss her, she wants you to,' Patty said in a confident voice, her soft American vowels a real turn on.

I asked her, 'Are you two lovers?'

Patty nodded and said, 'Yeah, we are, some of the time.'

'Are you Domme?' I asked.

Patty nodded and said, 'Mm, only with women though, with men I'm as willingly submissive as Claudia is.'

I went in close to Claudia and held her in a tight embrace, my right hand on her left breast as our mouths met and our tongues flicked and danced. I had a huge erection now and Patty noticed. 'Would you like me to do something with that?' she said, pointing at my groin. I said I did and she came over and knelt in front of me, and as I kissed Claudia again she unzipped my trousers and eased them and my underpants down and started to handle and suck my cock. She did it really well and after a long hot kiss with Claudia I pushed her down too and presented them both with my dick, shoving it first between Claudia's big red lips then feeding it to Patty. I looked down at the pair of them, my fingers tugging their soft hair in my fists, as they sucked and kissed around my cock, leaving trails of spit and slime as they did so.

'Carol was right, you do have a BIG one,' Claudia said looking up at me as Patty deep throated it, her black framed glasses resting on my naval. Claudia closed in with Patty and sucked on my balls. I groaned with pleasure and then heard a familiar voice. It was Carol. 'Ah, good, I see you three have become friends already,' she said with a sly laugh. She was in costume now: black leather corset, garters and stockings, shiny black high-heeled shoes, elbow-length black evening gloves. I knew the BDSM orgy must have commenced already inside.

'John, why don't you take the girls down to our playroom in the basement,' Carol whispered, 'they are very obedient, I've had them both.'

I said I would love to. I hitched my pants back up and kissed Carol on her sweet sexy mouth as Claudia and Patty tidied themselves up. They followed me indoors after. We could hear the sounds of moaning and groaning and the occasional whip lash and yelp coming from the bedrooms upstairs where Carol and her husband were clearly engaged in a hard BDSM scene.

In a minute or so we went down a flight of stone steps to the basement. I flicked a light on when we got in there and the low up-lights on the wall cast mysterious shadows on all the Fetish and BDSM kit that Carol and Don had collected over the years. A whipping stool, a St John's Cross, a Stock's, coils of bondage rope, chains that hung from pulleys set in the stone ceiling, canes, whips, floggers, a rubber-topped hospital examination table, black plastic sheeting on the floor over in the corner around a WC, and a bath on legs. The place reeked of delightful perversion and deviancy.

I laughed and said, 'Feels like coming home.'

I took off all my clothes and sat naked on a high backed leather and wood chair and played with my cock. I watched Claudia and Patty strip. Soon, they were nude and they knelt before me like supplicants, in front of my 'throne.' I smiled and leaned over Patty's cute geek face.

'Open your mouth,' I said.

When she did, I dribbled a wad of spit into it. She held the saliva in a little pool on her tongue until I said, 'Pass it to your friend.' Patty turned to her right and French-kissed Claudia immediately, transferring my spit to her in a long erotic snog that got me even harder than I already was.

'Come here,' I said to Claudia after the kissing stopped.

I put my fingers up her big nose and dragged her to me by her nostrils, her huge tits dangling against me. When she was right over me I let her stand upright and I said to Patty, 'Bring me that bondage rope,' pointing to a hook with a big coil of white rope hanging from it. Patty stood and ran over and came back with the coil and handed it to me. 'Suck my dick,' I said, standing over her.

Patty got on her knees and started to fellate me in an eager pleasing way whilst I took the rope and wound it around Claudia's middle a couple of times, bringing it around her belly, just under her huge udders. 'Soon have them looking the way I like them to look,' I said. Claudia, visibly excited by the attention I was giving her, said, 'Thank you, Master.' It sounded good, the word 'Master,' coming from the big mouth an arrogant French bitch.

Soon, the shibari design was complete. I had roped Claudia's udders around their bases until they swelled out like a couple of over-inflated balloons, reddening now with the pressure. I'd passed the white rope over her shoulders in a sort of halter-neck shape and then knotted all the ends between the middle of her shoulders. She looked more like a sex slave now. I was pleased with my effort and I said to Patty, yanking her off my cock and pulling her upright by her blonde hair, 'What do you think of this big breasted whore now?' Patty yelped in delight. 'Oh Master, quite brilliant!' she said, 'I have roped her melons before, of course, but nothing as cool or elaborate as this.'

Claudia stood there silently, her eyes telling me she enjoyed being objectified this way. 'Fetch me a couple of pairs of those cloverleaf clamps there,' I said to Patty. She ran over and took down two pairs that hung nearby from a wooden rail on the wall. The chains between them jangled as she handed them to me. 'Spread her legs,' I said. Patty smacked Claudia's inner thighs and she put her feet about a metre apart. I knelt and tugged on the brown love lips that hung there. She murmured as Patty stoked her nipples and I touched her cunt. Like her boobs, Claudia's labia were huge, 'the enfolded entrance to her perverse desires,' I thought. Poetry comes at the most strange times, if you are open to it. They were quite the most erotic labia I'd ever handled. I like anything exaggerated on a woman's body: big tits, tiny tits, big clit, big ass, tiny ass, huge mouth, big lips…and so on. Claudia had it all going on and what with that ugly-good-looking, 'Betty Blue,' face of hers, she was beginning to really arouse me.

When I'd prized the love lips apart, I noticed a little drip of love-oil came from within. It stuck her lips together like glue and I had fun opening and closing them, seeing the little silvery moisture strands attaching and breaking as I parted them like a little fan.

'Big udders, big pussy lips, big mouth, this nasty whore has it all,' I said. Patty agreed with me and carried on stretching and teasing Claudia's sensitive brown nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

'Oh fuck!' I gasped as I opened the lips fully, 'she has a huge clit as well.' Staring me in the face was an enormous brown pearl, swollen, erect, standing out at the apex of her outer lips, more like a little hanging brown twig than a clitoris.

'Master,' Patty told me, 'she's very sensitive there, touch it and see.'

I smiled and wet my index fingertip and rubbed it slowly around the tip of Claudia's love bud. Her hips quivered and she gasped out loud and said in French, 'My cunt is on fire, Master…'

I knew a way to put it out.

I held the lips wide apart and spat copiously over the revealed inner lips and slit, covering the clit too. I looked up and said to Patty, 'Come down here and lick her.' She joined me and as I played with her medium sized breasts and fingered her cunt underneath, she chewed and sucked away on Claudia's cunt, causing her to moan, uncontrollably.

'I see what you mean,' I whispered to Patty. 'She is a hot little bitch, isn't she?' Patty pulled off and said to me, 'She's a total nympho, Master, for real.'

That excited me. I pulled her off the cunt and stuck my dick back in her mouth as I attached the cloverleaf clamps to Claudia's nipples. 'Oh!' she grimaced as the first one pinched her half inch left teat in its jaws, then squealed as the second one did the same on the other side. 'Mm, you look horny like that,' I said, teasing the clamps by yanking the chain upwards and stretching the crushed nips higher and higher. 'Oh my God, Master, please, please. It hurts so much!' Claudia squealed. I let the clamps drop back down and she cupped her udders and smoothed her long red nailed fingers over their tips.

I pushed Patty away from my dick and sat down on the high backed throne. 'You,' I said to Claudia. 'Come here and suck me.' She knelt between my legs and as I bunched her hair and watched as she took my cock in both hands and began a wondrous exploration of my genitals that had to be seen to be believed. Everything was licked and sucked generously, the tip of her tongue wound into the eye, under the glans, all down the shaft, front and back, sucking my balls in and out like a porno slut. I was warming to Claudia, even against my silly prejudices about the French.

I handed the other pair of cloverleaf clamps to Patty and whispered, 'On her lips, both sides.' She nodded and went down behind the kneeling, naked, Claudia, and I saw from her strained expression when the painful clamps were in place. After tit-fucking her roped udders for a while I pushed Claudia away and told her to crouch and show us her vaginal jewellery. Patty smiled and watched with me, sitting on my lap and slowly stroking my cock in her soft right hand.

Claudia was quite an exhibitionist and she put on a sensual and erotic display that pleased me a lot, bending and jangling the clamps and the chain that hung down between her slim fit legs. 'Fetch a couple of those,' I whispered to Patty. She went and got two large steel weights with hooks on their ends. 'Hang them,' I said. She knelt and attached the weights to the chain. It bulged downwards and she carefully let them hang without tearing Claudia's poor tortured labia. 'Ah!' she gasped as the pressure reached her love lips. 'Crouch lower!' I said. She gyrated and let the steel weights touch the floor then lifted them again as if she was the champion of a cunt-fitness gym. Patty returned to sucking me as we watched Claudia turn and crouch, bending low and showing us her beautiful humiliation routine.

'We must fuck,' I said, getting off the chair and dragging Patty to the medical bench.

I threw her over it and mounted her cunt from behind right away. Yes, we were bare-backing because one rule of Carol's little sex-soirees is that ALL the guests are tested that day for all STIs and only negatively-charted guests can attend in the evening. It makes the sex so much more spontaneous and free.

I ploughed into Patty's tight schoolgirl pussy, liking the way the pink lips gripped my cock as it dragged out of her and then re-entered. She gripped the medical table's legs and squealed with delight as my big hard dick aroused her to a point of oblivion. Claudia was made to kneel by the side and watch as her friend got what she so clearly wanted. After a while, I spat on Patty's tiny ass ring and smoothed it in with my fingers then pushed hard against it with the head of my dick. Patty groaned and rode against me. My cock soon disappeared into her poop-chute. I stabbed it in slowly, twisting and turning, 'Oh God, Master, fuck my ass, oh yeah,' Patty begged. 'Fuck my ass!' I speeded up, slapping her pink cunt lips with my balls. She groaned and asked permission to play with herself. I gave it. Her hand came under her groin and I could see her rubbing her clit furiously. In minutes she came with a loud tumult of screaming and groaning, thrusting against my erection deep in her ass.

I didn't climax. I had other plans for that. So I pulled out of her gaping asshole and shoved my dick into Claudia's large mouth. She sucked it straight from her Patty's anus without any complaint, cleaning me with her lips and tongue. 'Good whore,' I said and kissed her. She sucked my tongue with a lover's passion that surprised me with its heat and intensity.

I needed to be alone with Claudia so I sent Patty off to join the orgy upstairs.

I placed Claudia on the medical bench, sitting her on the edge as I removed the painful clamps and weights from her love lips. She screamed and held me when they came off, the terrible agony a willing sacrifice she'd made for me. It touched me, thrilled me somehow. I was confused.

She squealed again when I took off the clamps on her nipples. The screams turned to coos of pleasure when my lips soothed them back to arousal once again. I licked up her breasts to her throat and then to her big sexy mouth. Yes, I admit it. I was finding her unbearably sexy! Our tongues flicked and lingered as my prick slipped inside her throbbing pussy. She gasped and her breath was hot on my face as I lunged in and out, her hands on my bottom, squeezing my buttocks, pulling me into her deliciously warm and wet cunt.

'Do you still dislike me?' she asked, holding me close as we fucked slow and deep.

'I'm trying to,' I said, jokingly.

'Is it working?'

'No, it isn't: Not at all.'

'Good, I want you to want me, Master.' 'Why?'

'I want to be your sex slave, your whore, that's why.'

'That's a good enough reason. Are you available, I thought you and Patty were an item?'

'No, no, that's just sex. But I want you to be my real Master, something special, yes?'

'Yes,' I said, falling over a cliff in my mind. 'I would accept you as my slave, Claudia.'

'Oh Master, I am so happy, so happy,' she said, very emotional now, tears in her eyes.

'I'm very perverted, Claudia,' I warned her, '…and very primal.'

'So am I, Master, we can explore that world together.'

'You are not put off by my Extreme desires?'

'No, in fact, I have the same ones, just no one to enact them with.'

'I hate to say it, Claudia, but you are amazing.'

'I will amaze you a lot more Master, if you'll let me.'

We climaxed together soon after, in a welter of emotion and passion, my spunk gushing into her pussy like we'd done it hundreds of times before.

Claudia crawled over to me as I sat on the wooden throne, resting, some time afterwards. She had a big black leather bullwhip between her teeth and she dropped it at my feet and then prostrated herself.

'Master,' she said, 'the journey can begin right now.'

And, you know what?

It did!