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The Estranger Daughter


My partner, Rachel, is a stripper at Muffs in Watford and she regularly brings home her colleagues to ensure I don’t miss out. One night Rachel calls to let me know she has a guest and will be home within the hour.

Rachel arrives home and introduces me to a very familiar 18-year old raven haired beauty. “Do I know you?” I ask. “I doubt it very much, I have just moved down from Manchester, my name is Jenn”. It clicks and my jaw drops, standing in front of me is my daughter from my first marriage. After I divorced my wife 8 years ago she moved North with my daughter and I lost contact with them. Without thinking I say, “I’m your dad and you can’t be more than 16”. Rachel and Jenn look at me, then each other and together in tandem scream “WHAT”! We sit down and I explain to both girls the situation, at first Jenn is angry at my lack of effort over the past 8 years and Rachel is concerned Jenn is underage. An hour passes and the mood has relaxed, Rachel opens a bottle of wine while Jenn and I catch up. Jenn explained she lied to get the job as a stripper as her mum was made redundant and they had lost everything.

After several glasses of wine Rachel appears in nothing but lace panties with her long blonde hair covering her ample, pert breasts and asks if she may borrow Jenn. I suddenly remember the reason for Jenn being here. “You look very uncomfortable Joel”, Rachel suggests. “Umm, err, what, NO…,” I am lost for words, my partner is asking to have sex with my daughter! “Come on daddy, if I may call you that daddy, you haven’t seen me for 8 years, why don’t you come and watch?” says Jenn as she lays a hand gently on the bulge in my pants and kisses my lips. Before I can reply the both Rachel and Jenn have run off to the bedroom.

Within a few minutes I hear Rachel moaning and curiously go to the bedroom. Rachel is lying on the bed with her legs wide open, Jenn is kneeling on the bed between Rachel’s legs with her face buried deep in Rachel’s pussy. Jenn is wearing nothing but a short skirt and I can see her glistening, shaven pussy. My conscience kicks in and I turn away, horrified to have witnessed the most intimate part of my teenage daughter. I realise my cock is rock hard and my heart is racing. I turn back, throw off my shirt, kneel on the floor and briefly kiss Jenn’s pussy. Jenn shudders, “Don’t stop daddy, I want to feel you tongue inside me”. I remove Jenn’s skirt and run my tongue down the length of her pussy until I reach her hard clit, I take her clit into my mouth and suck gently. “Ahhh, hmmmm”, exclaims Jenn. I part her lips and start to fuck her with my tongue, “ahhh daddy, daddy you are sooo good”. After several minutes Rachel cums and squirts her juices all over Jenn’s face, I sit back and watch as Rachel licks the cum from Jenn’s face and they embrace. I see Jenn’s small but beautifully formed breasts for the first time. Rachel whispers to Jenn and asks her to sit on the edge of the bed for a moment. Rachel then asks me to lie on my back and before I know it the girls have tied me to the bed. Jenn pulls my pants off to reveal my huge, rock hard cock. I am naked in front of my daughter, I am tied to the bed and there is nothing I can do. “I’ll just sit back with my dildo and watch the show”, says Rachel as she slides a the dildo deep inside her pussy.

Jenn climbs on top of me and smothers my face with her dripping pussy, “let’s continue where you left off”, she says, “I want your tongue deep inside me”. Again I fuck Jenn with my tongue, her juices are running into my mouth and down my face. Jenn leans forward and grabs my cock, she gently licks the tip sending shivers through my body. She takes hold with both hands and lowers her face down my shaft, she starts sucking, slowly building up the strokes, she uses her hands and mouth to maximum effect. She deep-throats my cock and is sucking hard now, her face is swiftly moving up and down my shaft, “I want to cum”, I say suddenly conscious that my cum is the reason for her existence, this turns me on more and I am close to the point of no return when Jenn sits up, turns around and kisses me. She thrusts her tongue into my mouth and kisses me hard for a few minutes. She is rubbing her wet pussy up and down my shaft. “I can’t do this to you darling”, I say referring to the obvious next step, “I can’t fuck my daughter, it’s not right”. At this Rachel removes her dildo and shoves it in my mouth and says, “This should shut you up”. I love the taste of Rachel’s cum so happily oblige. Rachel kisses Jenn and sits back down. “Either you co-operate or I’ll rape you”, says Jenn. Before I could spit out the dildo and say anything Jenn was once again on top of me with her back to me slowly lowering herself onto my throbbing shaft. “Oh god”, I said out loud, “you have the tightest pussy I have ever fucked”. “I grew it especially for you daddy”, said Jenn as she pulled my entire length inside her tiny pussy. She leaned forward and raised and lowered herself on my cock, I was watching my cock move in and out of my daughter, my beautiful, sexy daughter. She was fucking me hard, I had no control. “Fuck me hard daddy, I want your cum inside me”, she said as her pussy lips held on to my cock, “I’m cumming daddy, cum with me”. Jenn screamed and at the same time my cum exploded hard inside her. She collapsed in a heap on top of me with my cock still inside her. Our juices were seeping out and running down my butt crack. Rachel came over and lapped up the juices catching Jenn’s clit in the process, it was too much for Jenn and she came again squirting her juices all over my cock and into Rachel’s mouth. Rachel then kissed me followed by Jenn sharing our juices with us. “Wow, the father/daughter combination is really yummy”, exclaimed Rachel, “watching you two was the most sexual thing I have ever seen”. “Daddy we should definitely play more often”, said Jenn, “do you mind if I share you bed tonight?”

That night I slept spooned by Rachel at the back and Jenn in front, I had a constant hard on all night and Jenn kept it warm between her legs occasionally stroking and teasing me. In the morning Rachel went to make breakfast and while Jenn was still sleeping I climbed on top of her. She awoke to my cock inside her, I fucked her hard and came all over her. “I love you daddy, I fucking love you”, said Jenn before she past out again…