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The First Time Together (Holiday)

This is a true story about me and my friend Simon. This happened a few years ago when we were both about 18 years old and our families decided to go on holiday together.

This Holiday was nothing special, just the 8 of us staying in one caravan - we're not especially rich so what can you expect. Both me and simon were old enough to know that we didn't care about anything this place had to offer us so most of the time while everyone else went out we would stay in the caravan playing cards, watching TV or Just chatting.

One day our parents decided to take our younger siblings down to the beach for the day, both Simon and I both knew this was a boring idea so we decided to stay behind and watch TV in the caravan.

We both sat next to each other and soon we both got bored on the TV and decided to sit and chat. We began talking about sex and the different girls we have fooled around with in the past - this was a short conversation. Simon suddenly changed the subject from girls and said "I Wonder what its like to be with a guy". I Thought he was joking so I Stood up and bent him over and jokingly dry humped his ass. Both of us were laughing. Simon then repeated this action to me. We both found this stupidly hilarious.

Then we turned to face each other and began dry humping each other some more - our crotches rubbing against each other. Again we found this funny, but surprisingly I felt myself getting hard, and I noticed a bulge in Simon's trousers as-well. We stared at each other for ages when we suddenly heard our parents banging on the caravan door. we instantly stepped away and spoke no more about it during the day.

We both shared a room in the caravan and that night was just as normal, to begin with. we started our usual bedtime conversation, we suddenly we just stopped talking and starred at each other in the double bed we had to share - that's all this caravan had was double beds. Suddenly I felt simon begin to stroke my thigh, very gently. We both began breathing heavily - and I Suddenly felt a bulge in my underpants.

Then I Reached out and began stroking simon's thigh. Gently simon moved his hand up my leg - swiftly past my penis, and up my shirt. He began caressing my nipples. One at a time he stoked them gently. Then he moved his hand down my stomach and found the elastic at the top of my underwear. He Pulled it down gently so it was now by my thighs. My Dick was throbbing at this point. Simon then moved his hand and began to stoke my ass slowly, breathing heavily as he went. He ran his index finger slowly passed my ass-hole, before finally moving around and grabbing my penis slowly in his hand as he began pumping away at my dick.

I Then realised I Was still stoking simon's thigh. I Quickly moved my hand up his leg and pulled down his under ware before wrapping my hands around his huge dick. I began to pump slowly at first before getting faster and faster. Simon was still pumping hard on my dick before I Suddenly came all over his hand. Simon soon followed and came all over my hand.

I then got my hand and shoved my cum covered fingers gently into his mouth so he could get a taste of his own medicine. He done the same with me. it tasted so sweet and tender and nice. We then pulled each others hands out of our mouths and we gently moved towards each other and kissed gently on the lips. His Lips were so soft against mine. Then we both fell as-sleep in each others arms.