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The Night I Took You


As I sneak into your room I find you sitting at you vanity brushing your hair, you are only wearing your Bra and Panties with a Garter Belt and Stockings, thinking that I would be visiting you tonight you chose my favorite set. You have always enjoyed the feeling of the brush on your hair so much, your eyes are closed in pleasure. I step forward to you, and grab you from behind, covering your mouth so you cannot scream. I look at you in the mirror eyes wide in terror, whispering in your ear I tell you to stand up and move to your bed, I can hear you whimper behind my hand and I smile enjoying the knowledge that in a few short minutes you will be screaming in a mixture of pain and pleasure. As we reach the foot of your bed I place a ball gag into your mouth and fasten it onto you head and I tie your hands to the bed with you still standing, but, face down on the bed so that your perfect ass is in the air. Now is when I have to decide how I am going to take you. As I look around your room I see you left out some of the object that you hoped that I would fuck you with tonight, I see a very large strap-on dildo, two sets of nipple clamps, and a large set of anal beads. Standing there looking at your waiting backside i decide to start with the anal beads, I start inserting them in one by one until they are all inside of your ass, from there I will take the nipple clips and attach one set to your nipples and then from there I will take the second set and attach one clamp to the middle of the chain and then after I open your pussy lips I will take the second clamp and attach it to your clit. Now I am left with the strap-on I take my time putting it on all the while using one of my hands to stroke you wet pussy.

Once I have the dildo in place I begin to rub the tip against your waiting pussy, teasing you and gently tugging against the chains attached to your nipples and clit causing you to moan through your gag. I see you straining against your bonds trying to wrap your pussy around my hard latex cock, I decide to give your chains another little tug as I enter inside of you, I slide all the way in and pull all of the way out until only the tip is left inside, and then, I start ramming in and out. Harder and harder I fuck you faster and faster I build up speed, continuing to fuck you I reach out and begin to pull the beads out of your ass one by one I pull them out while I still fuck you faster and faster. I feel you explode all over my thighs as I am continuously ramming you from behind. Once I have removed the final bead from your ass I reach up and begin to fuck your asshole with my fingers while I listen to you attempt to scream out in pleasure, once I have felt your body finish quivering from your second orgasm I pull my dildo out of your pussy and remove it and as I walk around to where your head is I take off your ball gag and lay down in front of you with legs spread I lift your head, slide under you and push your face into my hot and wet pussy and make you eat my pussy until I have cum again and again and again. As you lick my pussy juices up I reach over and remove the restraints binding your hands and have you play with my tits while you finish licking all of the juices from my lap and thighs
I have you roll over onto your back on the bed. I turn around and straddle your face and as I lower my pussy down onto your mouth again I lean over and begin to begin to eat your pussy, We will continue to bury our faces in each others pussies bringing each other to the point of ecstasy until the sun rises and we have no more energy to continue.