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The Strangest Stranger


This happened about thirty years ago and I have never told anyone. It is so bizarre that no-one would believe it anyway.

I was twenty seven years of age and struggling to keep my garage/gas station open.

My first marriage had ended in a divorce, when my ex-wife discovered that I am a Dominant. She was horrified and wanted me to seek professional help in order to be “cured.” I felt that a real Master/slave relationship is much stronger than a marriage. (I still believe that.) But we were at an impasse and I was not going to argue with her every day.

So I readily agreed to a divorce and moved out the next day.

One day a female that I had never seen came to my garage. Business was slow and I was cleaning and reorganizing the work area.

I heard a soft voice say, “Sir, could you help me please?”

I turned to see a stunning brunette in a short skirt, with a blouse that was too small. Her large tits looked as they would explode out of that flimsy material. began doing a slow scan of that beautiful body and it was something to scan!

Those long, muscular legs, with sheer black stockings and spike heels.

Her lipstick was blood red and applied to a perfect mouth along with startling blue eyes. This female had the whole package and it was put together right!

I was standing there gawking and had not said a single word, but damn it’s rare to see something that looks that good.

She smiled and spoke, “Sir, are you alright?”

I cleared my throat and replied, “uh yeah, sorry but I……….”

She laughed showing white teeth and dimples then said, “oh it’s ok sometimes I get lost in thought, myself.”

Chapter Two

I asked, “you said something about getting help?”

She answered softly, “yes Sir, I really need your Dominance.”

I gasped and answered, “damn baby, you are straightforward!”

She lowered her eyes and spoke, “I need your Dominance, your pain and your control…………I promise to make it worth your while if you would show me this kindness.”

I thought, “how does she know that I a Dominant?”

I was surprised again when she sank those lovely knees onto that grimy floor. She lifted her arms over her head and bowed until her forehead touched the floor.

That is the only time in my life that I hesitated to take a slave. Especially the most beautiful slave that I had ever seen.

She spoke with her head on the floor, “please Master, I will beg, suck your toes, lick your ass, please I have the strongest need for your powerful body.”

My cock was already semi-hard and when she said that it sprang out full length causing me to reach inside my pants and pull it up against my stomach.

My mind may have hesitated, but my cock was screaming “FUCK HER!”

I ordered her to remain as she was and she replied sexily, “yes my Master with the wonderful cock.”

I rushed around and closed the shop, to hell with business today!

But in the back of my mind I still had that niggling thought., “how did she know that I was a Dominant.”

But my cock had control right now, so I finished securing the shop.

When I returned to the work area, she was standing at the work bench with her hands holding the edge. She had removed all of her clothing retaining only the stockings and heels.

I spoke, “slave you were ordered to stay as you were!”

She replied demurely, “yes Master, I am disobedient….oohhhh nooo Master will punish me now!”

I answered my dominance rising, “yes bitch that is exactly what I am going to do!”

She did not move as I used duct tape and secured her wrists. I forced her legs apart. I did not have any toys at the garage, so I would have to improvise. I selected a drive belt made of hard rubber, the belt was frayed.

I spoke to her beautiful back and said, “count each stroke and thank Master.”

I swung the belt fairly hard and she did not flinch nor did she count.

I spoke angrily and said, “I told you to count!”

She answered, “Oh I am sorry Master, I did not realize that you struck me.” adding “tell me when you strike and I will count.”

I went livid, this arrogant fucking tramp drags her ass into my shop and begs me to dominate her ass. Then she has the nerve to belittle my punishment?

I said harshly, “Ok fuckmeat, let’s see if you feel this, you uppity cunt!”

Chapter Three

I had to twist my body around to get the maximum swing, because I intended to lift her feet off the floor.

I unleashed the strike and the belt sank deep into her ass cheeks.

She counted that time, but I intended to make this a lesson. I became winded when the count reached eighty-three strikes.

I saw that while her was ass red, there was not a single drop of blood.

She was moaning and twisting her wrists, saying “take me with that wonderful cock, please Master oh please.”

I spread her ass cheeks and drove my nine inch cock into her ass, she squirmed against me. I was deliberately being brutal, but she seemed to love it.

Saying huskily, “rip me open Master, hurt me, use that cock on my ass.”

She didn’t need to say a word as I was in full stride.

I was ramming into her as fast as I could and she met every stroke.

I gave her an order, “squeeze my cock fuckmeat.”

Immediately I felt her ass-hole tighten and then her ass muscles began to feel as they writhing, the sensation was amazing. My balls instantly tightened and my cock got harder. I began to pump cum into her ass that was doing such wonderful things to my cock.

I leaned back against my tool box and studied her, she was not sweating, not even breathing hard.

I thought, “this is one strange slave.”

She turned around removing the tape from her wrists.

I was incredulous because that tape is tough, I asked, “how did you get the tape off?”

She hesitated and said, “I am sorry my Master, would you like to tape me again?”

I said , “no, but I would like you to tell how you removed that tape!”

She answered, “my thoughtful Master left the tape on one wrist so that I twist my hand out, thank you Master you are so kind and thoughtful.”

I did not say anything but that was total bullshit.

To change the subject I said, “where did you learn to use your ass muscles like that?”

Those little dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth as she replied, “does Master like that? Then she pouted as she said “but now my pussy is jealous, it has not had the privilege of being used by Master’s cock.”

I had to admit she could talk you hard!

I spoke, “well give me a few minutes and I will use that cunt, but right now I need a soda.”

She looked confused as she spoke, “soda Master?”

I replied, “yes, you know a cold drink.”

She said, “

Oh, oh yes, may this slave get her Master’s drink?”

I sent her to the soda machine and then sat on the work bench.

She returned empty handed and looking crest-fallen.

I asked her gruffly, “where is my drink bitch?”

She answered timidly and in a small voice, “Master please forgive this stupid slave, I pressed all the buttons but nothing came from the machine.”

I asked, “how much money did you put into the slot?”

She looked puzzled, but quickly recovered and said, “stupid slave has no money, Master”

I gave her some coins and she ran to the machine then ran back with

my drink.

Chapter Four

I had her play with her cunt as I finished my drink.

Then I spoke, “follow me fuckmeat.”

She complied, walking behind and to my right. I took electrical wire and tightly bound both tits, tightly. I had her suck my cock as we waited for her tits to change color.

She was good with her tongue, but what shocked me was that she could deep throat me for fifteen straight minutes and I am sure about the time. There was a clock located on wall in front of me. She actually kept her lips against my stomach for the whole time. Her tongue licking, exploring my cock with her hands gently massing my balls.

I was totally intrigued by this bitch, now.

I checked her tits and said mostly to myself , “that’s odd they should be blue by now.”

I went to get a coat-hanger to whip her tits and upon my return she spoke, “they are blue now Master, does that please you?’

I replied, “very much.” But it was another question mark, also.

I secured her hands with the wire and then secured her ankles. I was determined that she felt my first blow. I swung hard, striking both tits above the nipples. She counted and thanked me.

But at no point did she complain or flinch, I continued until my arm got tired. Again there were angry red welts but no blood.

I released her and she sprawled back spreading those gorgeous thighs. When I dropped between them she reached for my cock and gently inserted it into her wet cunt. She wrapped those stocking clad legs around my waist and began the task of pleasing me. I was determined to make it last, her pussy was doing those muscular contractions that felt like nothing that I have ever experienced.

Then she grabbed my waist and said, “Master please don’t move, let your whore do all of the work.”

She stopped moving also and that magnificent cunt went into high gear. Pulling and pushing my cock, massaging it, even rocking it a tiny bit from side to side.

It was the greatest fuck that I have experienced and it was disturbing, also.

As my cock softened, I looked down at her, thinking, “who the hell are?”

She looked at me levelly and said, “I am Amartix.”

I stammered “what.”

She grinned and said, “I am a figment of your imagination!”

I blustered, “do not make fun of me cunt.”

She was instantly contrite, “I am terribly sorry, it was not my intention to upset a Dominant, there is no excuse for that….please I beg you to beat me.”

I replied, “I will, but first what are you again?”

She answered, “I am an Amartix, I come from far, far away.”

Again that mischievous smile and said, “you go the crossroads turn left and keep going straight for 300,000 light years.”

A smile appeared on my face and I said, “that is a nice story but I stopped believing fairy tales a long time ago.”

Chapter Five

She replied, “Master’s wonderful cock feels so good inside of my worthless pussy……..but will Master allow me to show Him something?”

She gently pushed me away.

She stood and the air around her began to shimmer with colors swirling around. My skin began to feel as if I had ants crawling all over me.

Then the air cleared and there stood a creature, with sickly yellow skin. It’s face was scarred horribly and it had no body hair that I could see. The fact that is was bipedal was the only similarity to a human.

The thing spoke, “does Master like His slut now.” and then it giggled.

I was speechless and my cock had shriveled up inside my stomach.

The thing continued, “on my world all the females are submissive, it is in our physical make-up.”

Then she continued, “I am sorry Sir, but misleading you was necessary, as my Life-Master is very ill.” and “I put him into cryogenics and hopefully he will be cured when we get to our base.”

The thing continued, “my needs became so powerful that it became impossible to ignore them. And when I found your home world and the instruments gave me the necessary information about your race, I selected you.”

She picked up a piece of pipe and said, “may slave have this, please.”

I replied, “sure, why do you need it?”

She answered, “my instruments tell me that I am seventeen times stronger than the strongest man on this planet.” adding “I want to see if they are accurate……could a man do this?”

Without any visible effort she bent the pipe double!

I mumbled, “not many could!”

I was not going to piss them thing off, that was for damn sure!

She laughed and said “when I tell my Life Master about you he will be so very angry and ferocious……..oh I will get such a beating!” then she said sadly, “if he gets cured.”

I managed to say, “I hope he does get better……….I know you need…..him.”

She looked at me and spoke softly, “if his time ends………..what you call death, then so will mine.”

I asked incredulously, “why do you have to………..why does your time have to end.”

She replied, pride was evident in her voice, “because it is our way and I would never accept another Life Master!”

Then she said brightly, “ALL HAIL TOM, the first intergalactic Master.”

The End