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The large automobile drove on, the driver silent as if in contemplation. Helen was in pain, the nipple clips tightly squeezing her. But she no longer begged for release, she knew now that it would not happen yet. She cried, almost silently, hurting and knowing at the same time that she would likely hurt much more as this evening progressed. The good Dr. Hudson, on the other hand, was in no pain whatever. As a matter of fact, he was enjoying himself mightily. He had captured this sinner, this sexual transgressor, and he meant to have her interrogated, to know all the illicit details of her sex life, to be told by her in full, living color, absolutely nothing hidden.. These she would be compelled to confess freely, down to minute details. And when the score finally be written down and totalled up, for all to see and all to hear, then some penance would be assigned, some fascinating punishment and humiliation extracted from this naked beauty. No, certainly she was not naked now, but just as certainly she would asked soon to strip stark naked and just as certainly she would quickly be persuaded and would be naked very soon.

And while the automobile drove on, at it's destination Verna Hudson awaited. Right now she was nude, deliciously naked, and aroused. The two men had gone off to fetch Helen, and surely they would have her here soon. In the meantime, she looked at her bare image in the mirror of her dressing area, liking what she saw. She was 40, though often she had been told that she looked 30. That did not impress her especially. She had a good, strong body, quite tall and, if one liked abundant woman, well built. She was very brunette, almost black. Her nipples, standing hard and erect, were chocolate brown, as were the smallish aureoles around them. She had strong shoulders and the arms of an athlete. Very good, large breasts. A small waist, wide hips, full thighs, long magnificent legs, and a beautiful, very shapely, very exciting large behind. Certainly she did not have a model's figure- she was voluptuous in the true sense of the word, looked sexy, felt sexy, loved being sexy, either with a man or woman, and if circumstances were right, sometimes with one or more of each. She felt very comfortable with her own sense of her sexuality.

She had a catalog full of exotic clothing, lingerie ordered from Frederick's of Hollywood, and selected from odd stores here and there on her travels. Tonight, though, she was going to wear what she and her husband simply called "The Corset". It could not have been any more revealing. It had a Victorian, imperious look, like a Queen or perhaps a vicious Russian Countess might wear. She was sure, absolutely certain that when Helen saw it, she would instantly know what to expect. Verna knew what to expect. She was going to conquer Helen tonight, give her a sufficiently thorough bottom basting that there would be no thought, not for a second, of anything less than total obedience. And then Helen would learn about eating pussy at length, and then be introduced to the art of anal adoration. And then the men could have her, could use her however they pleased. Verna had no doubts that tonight Helen would be fucked, very thoroughly fucked in all the regular ways and perhaps in a few new ways. And since Helen liked Porno movies, she should have no objection in being the star performer in one. As a matter of fact, she was going to, like it or not.

Around one more corner and down a long, dark driveway, sheltered by tall trees, stood the house- almost like a medieval castle, forbidding in appearance as if its image almost depicted dark and terrible acts that took place there. The car drove up this driveway, slowed, stopped under a dark portico. The driver- now visible as Jim Seymour- opened the front door, stepped out. He opened the rear door and let Dr. Hudson out, who immediately stepped through the front door of the house and disappeared. Jim pulled Helen by the arm towards the door, took her out of the car while her hands were still fastened behind her back. He pulled up the back of her skirt, thrust his right hand down inside the back of her panty hose, and squeezed the bare cheek of her behind. She squealed in surprise. And screeched out loud as his finger tested between the cheeks of her bottom, found her anal rosebud. The finger searched, slowly wormed its way inward to full depth--- and stayed there. She heard him, in that icy voice, now obviously delighted at being in control, say to her, "Now walk, cunt. Straight ahead. You're going to get your lesson, and I'm going to help teach it."

While the finer wiggled in her rectum, she preceded him through the front door, down a dimly lit hall to the rear of the large house, and into a room that obviously had once been a library or a study but now had been refitted something like a torture chamber. To Helen, the room was a shock, an indication of awful things to come. But even worse was the sight, the other sight that she saw....The imperious, dangerous, and very naked Mrs. Verna Hudson.

Verna looked like she had never looked before. She wore high heeled, patent leather pumps. She wore a form fitting, obviously custom made black corset, that covered her wasp waist and nothing else. Above the corset, her large, naked breasts looked at Helen, their nipples so dark brown as to be almost black--and very erect. Below the corset, Helen could see Verna's stark, black pubic triangle. She could almost see pink lips there, and perhaps peeping out between them, a clit already risen. And when Verna turned around, her full, bare, shapely bottom. She wore black nylon hose, attached to garters on the corset. In her hand, she carried a wicked, black leather riding crop. Her full, shapely mouth was painted with flaming red lipstick. She on mascara. Her eyes were made up in an evil- looking dark blue shade. She looked the very personification of evil, the very personification of pure, unadulterated sex.

She smiled, a satanic smile, and said to the terrified Helen, "We are here together to learn a few things from you. You, of course, are going to tell what we want to know. You are going to tell them freely and openly. We are going to hear what you have to say, and to help you with your confession. Where you have erred, we will correct you. And understand this- you will confess- I promise you that."

On a tripod stood a Video camera, a red light winking on the rear panel, its eye pointed at Helen. Her hands had been untied, the nipple clips removed. Her bra hang loosely from her breasts, the strap unfastened behind her back. Her hair was mussed, unkempt. And she was frightened beyond description. Both men stood at one wall, silent, watching the drama unfold between the teacher and her captor. Verna, the black riding crop in her hand, swinging it almost idly back and forth, looked at Helen, a patrician kind of smile on her face. Helen stared at Verna, at the crop, and at the black triangle on her mons veneris. Verna, her avid sexuality displayed, implied what Helen would be doing soon. She would punish Helen for sins real and imagined, and then take her, use her, humiliate her in marvelous, delicious, hideous ways, require her to do base, ugly things, submissive things that would acknowledge Verna's authority and Helen's acceptance, total acceptance of that authority. But first things first.

"Its a bit warm in here, don't you think?," Verna asked. And getting no reply, slashed the crop through the air, and asked the same question again.

Helen understood. She stammered a bit, but agreed that it was warm. Verna thought that Helen would be more comfortable without the warm sweater on, and suggested that it be removed-- and also the bra. Soon, the two garments lay on the floor and Helen was nude from the waist up. She had no thought of even arguing the order, of resisting in any way. She was ordered to remove the skirt, the shoes. Now she had no clothing save her striped nylon bikini panties. Verna looked at these, snickered, thinking that Helen would have some stripes to show tonight, with or without the panties, some stripes that she intended to apply herself to that marvelous ass, using this very crop. Verna walked around Helen, studied her body, her total physical attractiveness, her lovely full breasts, her fully erect pinkish brown nipples, that gorgeous big ass. She ordered Jim to remove the panties from Helen. The camera recorded Jim yanking them down, Helen stepping out of them, doing as she was told without argument, standing nude now before the others-- and crying softly in fear and apprehension.

Her fears were not at all helped when Jim's hand crossed over her mound, forced itself between her thighs, and a finger fought its way into her vulva- to find, to his surprise, that it was not bone dry but rather fully lubricated as if in excitement. He told her to spread apart- and the camera recorded that, too.

Jim attended to preparing her for interrogation. Her hands were again fastened behind the small of her back. A hair clamp was threaded through her blonde pony tail, a throng attached to it, and that throng fastened through a ring bolt in the ceiling. She stood, basically immobile, fastened by her hair. A leather leash was fastened around each ankle, and each leash attached to the end of a spreader bar so that her ankles were fixed about 30 inches apart. The camera looked at Helen, nude, widespread, at Jim testing her tactile responses as he finger-fucked her. Jim was obviously excited, his cock erecting in his pants. But he was silent. Dr. Hudson stood in a fairly dark place, saying nothing. His excitement was concealed. Verna walked around Helen, looking, watching the interplay with Jim, also saying nothing.

Jim moved up behind her, his trouser front rubbing against her naked rump. She could not see, but perhaps he had opened his fly. Anyway, she felt something warm and hard rubbing on her behind, and it would not have surprised her at all if it was his exposed cock. But she was not certain. His hands came around her, cupping each full breast loosely in a surprisingly gentle, almost caressing motion, his palms lightly massaging her nipples- now fully erect in fright and perhaps somewhat in excitement. He undressed, showed her a very large, thick, and totally erect prick. Now he stood in front of her, holding his throbbing erection in his hand, almost pointing it at her. By bending slightly he managed to get the head partially into her creamy vulva, though certainly not very deep into her-- just deep enough to have good contact with her clit which he massaged with the large, circumcised glans. As he excited her this way, and gently rubbed her breasts, she thought that she was simply going to be fucked in this unusual posture- standing up with the man standing in front of her. But no, Verna was there.

Verna was holding the riding crop. And Verna, without saying a word, slashed the crop through the air so that with a sickening SPPPLLLLLLLLAAAAATTTTTT!!!! it cut ferociously across both full cheeks of her beautiful naked behind. She screamed at the sudden and furious, almost nauseating sensation. And Jim, at that instant holding both her nipples just pinched them- not especially hard but hard enough to concentrate all her sensations so that she was feeling this unusual combination of intense pain and extreme pleasure at once in all of her erogenous areas.

Long moments passed. Jim's cock was in her slightly deeper than before- perhaps two or three inches, but stable, not pumping back and forth, simply staying in one place, as he continued his play with her nipples. The horrible, burning sensation had almost totally disappeared from the crowns of the cheeks of her bottom. She was feeling incredibly excited at this treatment, over which she had absolutely no control. She was naked and being fucked by a man she detested, being spanked by a beautiful but evil woman that she, if possible, hated even more, and being watched by yet a third person whom she did not hate, whom she absolutely abominated. And worst of all, that terrible camera was taking pictures of all this happening!!!! And that thought, coupled with the sensations she was feeling, took her close, remarkably close to orgasm. She would have cumm, she was sure, except that at that instant, TTTTTHHHWWWWAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!. Verna, to be sure that she had not been forgotten, had firmly cracked her again across both cheeks of her bare ass with that awful crop!!

JIm had not totally finished his preparations for her. He stepped away, returned with a saucer filled with something greasy, with red specks suspended in the grease. He took a gob of this on his finger, found Helen's anal opening, thrust the finger in, greasing his way as he went. Another gob and yet another went in. Soon, the way was lubricated for the insertion of a thick, rubber butt-plugger, a conical shaped dildo device designed to force its way past the anal sphincter and then lock itself there. It went in with a bit of difficulty, but with Jim providing the force, there was no way Helen could prevent it going in, and once it went in it was guaranteed to stay in until forcefully pulled out. At first it was not really uncomfortable, but as time passed, it did seem to generate yet another burning sensation that seemed continually to get slightly worse.

Now Jim stepped back away from her, stepped back into the shadows against the wall. Dr. Hudson spoke, also from the shadows where she could not see him. He asked her about her previous sex life, small questions, intimate questions that no one had ever asked. Each time he asked, she answered, trying not to say too much. And each unsatisfactory answer produced a second question, much like the first. And if THAT question generated an unsatisfactory answer, it also generated another scalding stroke of Verna's fiery crop across her bottom. It seemed that the questions were so spaced that by the time the awful sensation on her naked ass would subside, another question would be asked that would earn her another scalding shot.

After her hot rump had been kissed by the crop more than half a dozen times she was crying hysterically, begging for the opportunity to confess everything. Anything devious was forgotten. She talked freely for the camera eye, trying to imagine the answers that her interrogators wanted to hear, and then telling that answer, no matter if it was true. No detail of her sexual background, even back to early girlhood, was off limits to inquiry. She told everything about early masturbation, loss of her various virginities, recent infidelities. She told everything, in full living color, embellished in flaming, sexy detail, as much detail as they seemed to want. They wanted it all. Finally, she begged for release, she would do absolutely anything they wanted her to do.

They knew she was conquered. She was released, ordered to lie naked on the floor, her legs spread, her pussy pointed towards the camera's eye. A dildo was tossed to her, a thick, black, rubber cock. She was ordered to pretend she was the lady in the film at the theater, to pretend that the dildo was her black lover, to masturbate with it all the way to orgasm, to do it with abandon, to hold nothing back. As a kind of joke, she was told that for the moment her lover was Walter, the black janitor in the school. She was to pretend that she was with Walter, that he was giving her the glorious fucking that she had always wanted. She was to compliment him on his huge, black prick. She was to call out his name, tell him how much she wanted him, tell him all the things she wanted him to do to her. She specifically was to ask him to call her, to please come over and fuck her. She did, as the camera watched and recorded, raising her level of both fear and excitement which was already incredibly high and soon bringing herself off with wild movements of her hips and her bottom as the dildo fucked deep into her.

Later, on instruction, she turned over, raised her hips and showed her upraised naked ass to the camera, the blunt end of the butt plugger in clear sight. Jim Seymour pulled it out, tossed it on the floor, and handed her a much thicker rubber dildo, now lubricated with the same speckled grease that he had used on her before. He reminded her that the lady in the porno movie had been getting fucked in the ass by the black guy on the screen. She was to play that part now, to fuck herself in the ass with this thick dildo- again as if this was Walter giving her an incredible hosing out with his huge length of ebony gristle. Now, as that whole part of her body was upraised, right in front of the camera. Slowly she inserted the dildo, and saying out what they wanted to hear- that she wanted Walter to come to her, to ream her out so deeply that his marvelous prick would come out her ear. She stroked it deeply back and forth. It was larger than anything she could have imagined ever fitting in there, and it did hurt. She remembered thinking about Walter, wondering if he really was this big, and if he had ever really fucked a woman in the ass, this very way. The stuff in the lubrication was rather more uncomfortable now, burning her in a strange way. She could not hold still, wiggling wildly as if she were being fucked by a huge, hot iron. That, too went into the record.

A short while later the large dildo was taken out of her bottom and the butt plugger put back. She lay on the floor on her back, her knees raised and spread. Verna kneeled over her, the juicy black triangle just over her face. Helen stared upwards, between Verna's thighs, looking directly into the open cunt just above, a sight she had never seen from exactly that perspective, a sight of such devious perversity, of such hideous sexuality that for the moment she forgot the insidious burning in her rectum. Just then, all she wanted to do was to please Verna, to bury her face in that cunt, to kiss it and suck it. Helen put out her tongue on command, licked the delicious cream from that vulva, sucked the erect clit. She sensed that Verna was smoking hot, that she would come very quickly. So when Verna gasped, reached down and held Helen's hair and seemed to pull her face even more tightly into her smoking pussy, Helen knew that the moment had come for Verna. What she did not expect was that she had an orgasm, too, a simultaneous orgasm brought on by Verna's response.

For a little while, Verna seemed to relax above her. Then, when ordered to open her mouth wide, Helen did so without even thinking of refusal, without thinking of what would happen next. Perhaps she was not even especially surprised when Verna's golden stream began to flow into her mouth. She simply swallowed it down, a gulping mouthful at a time, acknowledging by doing so that she was totally conquered, that she was willing to eat with relish Verna's marvelous, demanding box, even willing and eager to drink her new mistress' piss. And if there were watchers, an avid, interested audience who saw this, and a camera that recorded it, there was no help for it, she would do it anyway.