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The Undercard

The locker room was deserted today. And only a few people were around the gym at all, none of them currently training or working out. I guess Jax decided he could have free reign with me. He did just that. I gasped as Jax pounded his turgid, black cock into my tender teenage tush. I reached up, holding onto the neck of the shower head for dear life as the fantasy stud of my dreams stripped my virginity from me. I now was receiving that which I desired most, a sexy older black man to dominate and brutalize me. Hot water cascaded down on us both, creating a humid, misty steam that built up in the tiny shower stall. I had just finished sucking off Jax for about the hundredth time since our sordid relationship began, but on this particular day, the stud prize fighter decided that cumming in my mouth was just not enough. And that’s when he decided to stake his ownership claim to my boipussy.

Jackson Bishop was a man’s man. A rising star in the world of mixed martial arts fighting, Jax, as he was known, was not a man to be trifled with. He lived his life the same way he fought: hard, vicious and usually victorious. He had done some time in Joliet Prison in Illinois when he was in his early twenties and it had hardened him into the colossal thug that he was now. He was 32 years old and 6’5”, 250 pounds of pure chiseled muscle. His chest was partially covered by a short, wiry matte of black hair. He was plastered all over his biceps, neck, shoulders and back by a multitude of aggressive looking tattoos. Snakes, knives, skulls, dragons, pot leaves, tribal and gang symbols were all represented. His head was shaved bald to the scalp. He sported six pack stomach and abs. His biceps bulged with protruding veins. His legs were like tree trunks. His ass was perfection personified. And his cock, you’re wondering? Well, it’s soundly proportioned to the rest of his physique. Nine inches long and six around. Jax was a man who takes what he wants and now, he had set his sights on me.

My name is Cody, I just turned eighteen and I’m a locker room attendant here at the Gold Medal Gym in suburban Milwaukee. Having grown up in the predominately white suburbs, I had little contact with or exposure to black people or other minorities. But I can recall growing up, many times of finding porno magazines with layouts of interracial sex and wishing that I were the one underneath those beautiful African or Brazilian gods, taking them into my body. I knew from an early age that there was a major sexual appeal and attraction to black men, even though in all other aspects of my life I am straight. I find women and girls attractive and never find myself looking at men…except for black men. I took the job at the gym at the behest of my mom, who kind of wanted me out of the house, so she and her new asshole boyfriend could fuck. I’m not a fighter myself although I do participate in a couple sports, cross-country and swimming. As a result, I have a very toned, but not overly muscular figure. I’m 5’8” and about 175 pounds with my defining attribute being my sublime buttocks. They are perfectly rounded, blemish-free and resemble a grapefruit split right down the middle. I have received various compliments about it from both males and females and must admit to admiring it myself in the mirror more than a couple times.

I was crying out, loving and yet scared of my newly found subjugation to this dark brute. Jax was not gentle with me; he pushed me up against the mirrored wall of the shower stall in the otherwise vacant locker room. Jax told me to look at him in the mirror. Our eyes met. He was roughly kissing and biting the back of my neck and whispering extremely dirty things in my ear, telling me what a slut I was for black dick and how I was going to be his bitch and his slave, all the while holding my eyes captive with his own longing, lustful gaze. He told me he had seen me looking him over and knew that I was just a typical white boy, getting all wobbly kneed around superior black men. I felt ashamed and saw in the mirror my face growing hot with a bright red blush as I heard his words and knew they were absolutely true. I wanted a black man, a black master more than anything I had ever wanted in my life. I heard the loud tear of fabric as his strong hands quickly tore off my skimpy, lightweight terry cloth shorts. He then pushed my tank top briskly up and over my head and just like that I was completely naked. I suddenly felt very exposed and tried vainly to struggle out of his brutish grasp, but it was to no avail. He merely chuckled and he held me firmly up against the wall and somehow, I felt like he enjoyed my attempts to break free. Those attempts were pointless as my slim build going up against his linebacker physique was a certain losing proposition for me. He placed his feet next to each of mine and forced my legs apart a bit. He used his left hand to hold my wrists together above my head and I started a little when I felt his right middle finger gently scrape against my untouched puckered rosette. Just as suddenly he pulled away and then his fingers were roughly shoved into my mouth. He told me that this was the only lube I was getting so I better get those fuckers wet with my spit.

My heart was racing as I did as Jax instructed, terrified to disobey him but also terrified at the feelings he was bringing out in my teen aged body. I didn’t think I wanted this, yet my own cock was betraying me, standing fully erect in excitement. Jax was softly cooing out encouragement to me, telling me what a good girl I was and how proud he was of his little kitten. He took his fingers out of my mouth, slowly and held them in front of my face so I could see my saliva dripping from them. Then his hand was gone and I felt a tiny pressure on my butt hole. I instinctively pinched shut against this new intrusion but Jax would not be denied. I was starting to moan as he first pressed one finger then a second one past my protesting sphincter muscle. I began to gasp as new sensations stole very quickly through the nerve endings in my bowels and my prick, spreading out to the rest of my body and then I squealed out loud as he roughly added a third digit into my rectum. He plunged them into me as deep as he could go, and then pulled back out. He continued this anal assault for several minutes, sometimes stopping briefly to jam his fingers back into my mouth for more spittle. He called it frigging my pussy, which was his name for my asshole. Suddenly Jax pulled his probing fingers all the way out and I felt him push my legs a little farther apart as he repositioned himself behind me. Despite my virginity, I knew what was to come next and started crying, begging him to let me go. Jax just laughed at my protestations, telling me how moist and ready I was for him and how he could tell that I wanted to be made into his girl. He told me that just the way I had arched my back into his nasty finger fucking told him all he needed to know about what kind of bitch I would make. He said he had turned out all kinds of white punks when he was inside. They all pretend they don’t want it, he whispered in my ear, but the next thing you know they’re riding my cock of their own accord and begging me to let them be my girl. He related to me how many of his prison bitches willingly wore lingerie, make-up and perfume for him. I felt his hot breath as he mouthed his next words very carefully and very quietly. I again felt myself blushing as he told me how much he would like to see me in a tiny lace bra and panties or a sheer, silk nightie or a tight, sexy corset with a garter belt and stockings and heels. I remembered a couple times in years past when I would find some lacy, frilly underwear or lingerie that belonged to my sister or one of her friends and recalled the feelings I got when I had those unmentionables in my hands. I was turned on, but always figured it was because I liked the idea of the girls wearing them. I now realized that it turned me on so, because I wanted to be the one wearing those sexy undies. My boner got even harder as I imagined these scenarios in my mind’s eye. My common sense screamed at me that this was all wrong; that I didn’t really want all the things he was talking about. Yet something I can only describe as animal lust coursed through my veins as I listened intently to his descriptions of all the things he had planned for me. At that moment, the most important epiphany of my life occurred to me, as I realized that this whole prospect was exactly what I had wanted almost since I had started masturbating when I was about twelve. I wanted this magnificent black man, needed him to dominate me, desired to be his girlie-boy dressed in the finest laces, silks and satins. I would grow my hair out for him in a feminine manner, if he wished, and in all ways I would strive to keep him happy as a mistress would, or even…a wife.

He barked out an order for me to look in his eyes; said he wanted to see my face as he took my cherry. I flushed bright red again. Not only was this brute taking me sexually, he had no qualms about humiliating me while he was doing it. I suddenly felt as the wide corona of his manhood pressed against my dainty pucker and just how my pink flower teased and tasted that substantial piece of dark meat. Suddenly I felt a sharp jabbing pain and I screamed as my sphincter tried in vain to keep out the desperate intruder. I squeezed the tiny ring of muscle against the onslaught but it was to no gain. Jax was by nature a conqueror, and indeed, I was soon the conquered. His flesh lance soon slipped past my meager defences and then it was my rectum’s turn to feel my black master’s ferocity. Jax groaned as his entire cock slid into and was massaged by the silky hot interior of my intestines. I was crying uncontrollably as my innards tried frantically to adjust to the unfamiliar feel having a man inside me; a sensation I had for so long desired more than anything and now that it was upon me, I found my self unsure if this was going to be so great after all. I was sure my sphincter was never going to close again after this beast had his way with me. I was going to die during this rape, undoubtedly, and would be found on the shower room floor with a gaping asshole and Negro sperm all over me and in me. But Jax was in total control and as I felt him tilting my face around with a firm hand under my chin, enabling us to come together for an erotic kiss, I realized I was most certainly not the first young boy whose cherry he had taken. He seemed to have an innate knowledge of just how this initial penetration was going to happen, how I would resist and how he would slowly overcome my dissent.

Now I couldn’t stop myself from returning his impassioned kisses and did so with an ardent fervor I had rarely known before, giving myself up to this incredible black man and his overwhelming masculinity. Meanwhile I felt his hands starting to explore my youthful features, one of then cupping and kneading my buttocks slowly and erotically, while the other hand began to pinch and squeeze my tender nipples. I was mewling like a kitten as his cock continued to plunder my previously virgin “pussy”, his tongue and lips took ownership of my oral cavity and his hands made me very aware of who was in command in this situation. He was fucking me very slowly, his cock sliding in as I learned to push out with my pucker and then dragging back out, touching every nerve in my rectum as I frantically clamped down, wanting to keep him inside me. I heard his deep chuckle as he enjoyed my trying to keep him from pulling out. He kept going anyway, bringing his flared cock head almost out of my quim, and then quickly thrusting back in to graze my prostate, my boi-clitty. My nipples were on fire, turned into aching pinpoints of blazing desire as his fingers possessively tweaked and twisted them.

All the while, we continued with our sensuous, oral lovemaking simultaneous to our heated fucking. I tasted his spittle and wanted more. I felt his manhood breaking down all my anal resistance and I wanted more. With my hands gripping the hot and cold handles, my big black brute continued his utter dominance of me, and a whole new world opened before me; a world in which I served him as his pussyboi. I continued my howling and mewling, none of it in pain as much as pleasure. How I longed for his man-root to sustain this incredible sexual stimulation, this hard rectal reaming before we would be carried off into ecstasy. I felt his virile manhood plowing into my intestines, the silky entrails erotically massaging and undulating around this black-helmeted assailant. I was whimpering, shaking in Jackson’s inflexible embrace, loving my complete and utter surrender to my ebony warrior. Not knowing if someone would disturb us at any moment made it all the hotter. It excited and scared me to think of being seen and heard while impaled on a huge ebony prick, gasping as I pressed back into his every thrust wanting all of him inside my gripping tushy hole.

A few more minutes of steady, grinding intercourse and I suddenly became aware of a creeping sensation in my balls and then it hit me. I came. I came so hard I started to cry. My jizz rocketed up my piss tube so violently, that the initial seconds of my first coitus-induced orgasm actually hurt. Tears were streaming down my face as I experienced the uninhibited pain and pleasure that only blazing sex can offer, simultaneously. My sphincter compressed tightly around Jackson’s erection at the same moment that my rectum also spasmed around that thick, menacing black fuck-spike. I called out for Jax as my insides contracted involuntarily, causing the orgasmic feelings to linger in my young body. After about 30 seconds of my frenzied squealing, he told me in a commanding voice to look at him again. I did as told and locked eyes with my master and with his brawny paws cupping and kneading each of my buttocks, he jammed his African love spear to the hilt in my gaping rectal canal and blasted his massive load of sticky, searing hot sperm into the aching depths between my spread apart, upturned buns. I felt his seed coating my bowels and loved the sexy feeling of being impregnated.

Our breaths came in hard, gasping torrents as the afterglow of our incredible butt-fuck washed over us both. The rank scent of sweat, ass and cum hung in the air, filling our nostrils. I was trembling, shaking in Jackson’s crushing embrace, loving the feeling of his huge arms surrounding me. I was still shedding some tears as well; the emotional toll of my cherry being taken so forcefully was almost overwhelming. I could feel Jax grunting out the last few squirts of his jizz into my well-stretched bung. I fully expected to feel my conqueror pulling out of me, leaving behind a trail of cum and butt-slime, and that is just what the black bull did. Jax was amazingly, still hard and apparently ready for more sizzling action. He turned me around, exhausted though I was and pushed my back up against the same wall I had just been facing. When I was up about a foot higher than him he motioned for me to wrap my legs around him, which I did. I felt him arrange himself under me and then felt his fingers inside me once again. They squelched some in the sperm-filled cavity, but it made me very much aware of how far my ass lips were gaping open. He brought two fingers full of cum up to my mouth and I slurped it off like a good little whore, smiling seductively at him all the while. The smoldering look he gave me as I erotically licked the salty man sap from his fingers caused my little prick to stiffen up again, engorging with blood at the thought of intercourse with my black stallion.

And then he was back in me again, his veiny rod engulfed in my steamy rectal womb. I gasped and cooed as I slid down on him and we were joined together once again, my fingernails digging into his biceps and shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist. He started talking dirty again, calling me a sissy and a faggot and telling me how pretty I’ll look in the tiny pink, frilly babydoll nightie he had for me to wear. He was still pounding into me though and I responded the way he wanted, apparently. Tears were again streaming down my face as the mixture of physical pain and pleasure mixed with the emotional toll of losing my virginity to this ghetto thug and coming to grips with the fact that I loved it and would surrender myself to him again and again. His manly, pungent scent was arousing and irresistible; I couldn’t get enough of this ebony fighter on me, inside me, surrounding me. With his rhythmic cadence, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to climax and I was right. In just a couple minutes of sexing I started to feel the dark desires begin to creep over me again, leaving me awash in unfamiliar feelings and emotions. I started to call out to Jax again, calling him black master and daddy, my nails leaving jagged blood-streaked trails across his broad back and shoulders as my sphincter started to spasm around his cock once more. And to my surprise, he was ready too. We both hit the shocking, shattering orgasm almost simultaneously, my nut covering his six-pack abs while his scalding sperm blasted into my intestines. We sank to the floor still entwined and joined together. The climax had weakened even sturdy, all-man Jackson Bishop. I lay happily under my new ebony god, wondering where my life was going now.