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This is the Day I'm Going to Jump her Bones


I'm a live in apartment property manager for senior’s apartment building

My staff does it daily, but every month I have swim pool maintenance contract to thoroughly clean and service an Olympic size swimming pool. I can set my watch when to the regular serviceman Bart; he's always here on time.

Service for July was late. I called the service company. I was told that Bart wasn't working there any longer. You do have another tech, but she is running behind, she'll be there.

A week later I looked out the window and seen the serviceman working on the filter system, while in the pool. I went out. "Excuse, Bart checks in with me before he starts. The service tech turned around, (Holy Shit) this tech was a fox! She said, "I'm Holly” I’m sorry Ms. Ah?" Mrs. Stanley I said. Nice to meet you mam. Well Ms. Stan.... I stopped. "Hey look, Names Robin” Ok then Robin, nice to meet you.

I stared down bikini top. She knew it. She moved in such ah way the top opened over her left breast. I could almost see her nipple. Living near the beaches in Florida the eye candy is pretty plentiful. Holly was a little / a lot different. She was brunette, green bedroom eyes & a figure to tell daddy about. Slim waist, long legs that met at the prettiest camel toe you've ever seen in swim suite.

She said, "Now that you're finished checking me out. I have some bad news. The filter system hasn't been maintained properly for several mouths. The extractor is shot. The pump motor has bad bearings & you need new filter housings. Our system has been neglected for some time.

"How much is all that going to cost me

" I'll have to see if I have all parts. She jumped out of my pool and headed to her vehicle. Holly came back and said, "I can bring it up to spec’s at a Cost of $450.oo with a 2 year warily on work and parts"

"Ok, fix it" I was in my apartment when she had finished. It took her about her about 4 hours. She brought me the bill. "Come on in Holly"

My nipples hardened & my pussy became wet when she stepped in. My sexual emotions took over my body.

"Ok Holly, what's the damage for the repair work you did?"

"It came in a little higher, its 526.25. The system needed some adjustments on chlorine dispenser"

"Oh wow, I called the management company. They give me an ok for the 450, I can't pay any more than your first quote" She said, "We have to work something out"

Holly laid her invoice down. I wrote her a check to cover the 526 and change, she thanked me & left.

I couldn't wait for next month’s inspection. I just knew I was going to jump her bones.

June came around Holly was due again. I called her company and asked she was coming. I told them I wanted some notice of her coming. A couple days later. Holly called & said she would first thing Monday. Ok I'll be expecting you.

All weekend I had hard time keeping my fingers outta my panties, I did it though. Monday came I dressed suggestively. I had shorts showing the lower cheeks of my butt and a thin silk T-shirt. Today I'm going to jump her bones, I kept thinking.

Holly's vehicle pulled up. She got out & she was having trouble standing up straight. "Good morning Robin, How are you"

''Just fine now'' I said.

"Now? She asked.

"It's great to see a pretty woman. This building is full of senor citizens. The people here are all and wrinkled up and out of shape"

"Well, thanks. Ms.Oops, Robin.

I'll get busy servicing your pool” She went out; she was back in 2 hours. She knocked on the door. "Come in Holly" She came in acting like her neck was bothering her. "All done Robin, it better when everything is running like it should. She thanked me.

“Holly, you seem to have a stiff neck. Can I help you”?

Yeah I woke up this morning with a stiff neck.

“What did you do swallow viagra and it stopped right there” We both laughed.

I walked up to her & put my hands on her naked shoulders & massaged her shoulders and her neck.

She is sighed, "Oh that feels good. A little lower Robin. Yeah right there! That's great"

I moved her swim suite straps down over her shoulders.

I looked down at her nipples had become hard. She moaned louder. I moved my hands down her sides. She reached around and un-hooked her bikini top & exposing her breasts. Her nipples stood out to my touch. She moaned and said, "Robin That feels good. If I didn't know better I would think you were trying to seduce me"

I reached over to her titties and kneaded them tenderly, lightly pinched her nipples. Holly sighed, "Oh Robin!" I walked around and knelt down facing her. I took her breasts in my hands & took her breast to my month, licking & lightly sucked her thimble size nipple.

"Holly said, "Robin. Suck'em deeper. Suck my breast in your mouth, bite my nipple" She pushed my face tight against her breast. She reached my thigh. I opened my legs. She knew right where go like she'd done this before. She moved my panties away, reaching in to the peddles of my flower & she slid her fingers between my labia moving her slender fingers in my wet pussy.

"Oh Robin make love with me" I took her by her hand and headed to my bed. She sat down leaning back, I pulled her bottoms off. Her womanhood was so pretty. She was completely shaven. Her shaved smooth kitty was glisten. I kissed her pussy lips and lightly rubbing her clit. She began moving her hips & fucking my fingers. Holly moved around to 69 with me. Suck my pussy Robin, lick my clitoris. She was really coming on to me.

"Robin, sweetie come and sit on my face. Let me suck your kitty"

I moved up lowering myself down on her mouth. She licked & sucked me off. I was hitting heights I had never known. Holly knew how to eat pussy. She had me in orgasm in just ah few minutes. My hips were thrusting with her movements as she was licking and sucked my labia & inserted her tongue while pinched my clit. I couldn't hold back any longer. "Holly, HOLLY. Make me Cum. Yeah! Suck Me, Bite Me. Lick my slit! I'm Cumming Holly, I'm Cumming sweetie" She bear down her face and stayed there and shook her head vigorously. My orgasm lasted for several minutes. Holly looked up at me, She smiled and said. "Did I do good?

Did you get your nuts off?"

"Oh Yeah, Holly. You did just fine & yes I busted my nuts"

"Robin, I do have to tell you something, I am 100 % Lesbian, I have been lesbian for years. I was attracted to females back in jr. hi. School. I have tried males ah few times, but they cannot handle a good horny, hot woman. Their lovemaking is Wham Bam then the SOB goes to sleep. That's BS!

Now, for you Robin. You are going to fuck me. She opened her purse & pulled out a plastic bag holding a double-headed dildo with a large bulge in the center of it. She looked at me smiling; "Come here baby" She aimed on end of this dildo at my cunt & hers. She scooted in close and penetrated her and then me.

"WoW Holly" I said. "She I'll show you something later" She pushed tight in me, then her. Me, her me, her in unison. She was trusting up in me faster & deeper with every motion. She flicked a switch on this rubber cock it began to vibrate. "GD Baby that does feel good. The pressure built to the point that I was on the verge of another orgasm. Holly also started to moan as she thrust in her and then me.

She began to speed up her movements & she took ah deep breath. "Robin, I'm gonna cum. Just hearing her say that triggered my orgasm. I moved my hips in & out on this rubber dick faster. Holly hollered, "Robin "I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming. Holly Cum with me! Cum with me! Fuck me hard, Ohhhhhhh.........pleaseeeeeeee,,,,,,,

During our climax she reached the center bulge and squeezed it "Gawd Holly what's that?" My body began to jerk out of my control.” Holly That feels amaizing. What is that" As our union orgasm subsided.

Holly smiled and said, "Sweetie that is was a thrill huh? It bulge i a reservoir holding warm water. It feels like ah male ejaculation" We lay as our breathing returned too normal. I was looking at that rubber cock with ah nut sack.

Both of us said together, "That is pretty cool" We still have encounters.