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Trixie, Mommy, and I


I can remember a time when I was just a little girl, no more than 7 years of age, and I remember being obsessed with masturbation.

I know it seems a bit odd for a little girl of that age, my chest hadn't even started growing yet – my nipples were all that protruded from my otherwise flat chest, but I remember even then they were just as sensitive as they are now, and loved attention just as much. But my real curiosity and exploration was always focused between my legs to that wonderful spot I called my ginny.

Mommy had told me that's what it was called when she saw me masturbating sometimes. She never panicked or tried to stop me, she knew it was normal and healthy for me to be curious about my body and to want to explore myself. In fact, whenever she caught me touching myself, all she'd do is say things like “Good girl. That's your ginny you're rubbing, it feels good doesn't it?” She used to watch, no matter what else she had been doing, but she never tried to touch me.

I think I wanted her to, but it never happened. Just constant praise for my actions.

I remember one time I rubbed myself so much that I got very dry and got very red from all the rubbing, and it stopped feeling good. Mommy had seen how raw I was and that's when she taught me to wet my finger first. She showed me how much better it felt if I stuck my fingers in my mouth before I'd start touching my ginny, and it made it all slick and not irritate myself so much.

“Once you've begun to rub yourself honey, you can wet your fingers inside your ginny. It'll get all wet and slippery and it works even better that way.” She'd told me. She was right, that was much better. Now I could masturbate much longer, so I did. Sometimes my body would seize up and even though I didn't know what it was at the time, I was already orgasmic at that age. Not like I am now, but it was very intense for my little body when the electric shivers and tickles would come.

One day when I was masturbating in my room and watching cartoons, our little puppy got very curious. She's a papillon, a small lap dog that looks kind of like a chihuahua, but with ears that looked like butterfly wings. She was mostly white but she had black spots too, like her ears. Her name was Trixie.

Trixie got all excited when I touched myself that day, and she came over to learn what was going on. She kept trying to smell my ginny and her cold nose bumped into it more than once. It was cold and wet and very tickly, and made me laugh. She licked my fingers off, lapping at it with her tongue like she'd sometimes kiss my face. She must've liked the way my ginny tasted. I didn't blame her, when I wet my fingers inside my ginny so I could rub myself more, I always took a lick of my fingers myself. I tasted good.

After Trixie licked my fingers clean, she began to lick herself. She was licking her own ginny! I remember wishing I could do that, but I couldn't reach, no matter how much I tried. I was very flexible and was able to get my legs behind my head and I could pull my head up towards my ginny but could never quite reach. I tried again when I saw Trixie licking her own, and then I think she understood what I was trying to do, because she came over and tried to help me.

She licked my ginny for me! Her tongue was wide and bumpy, rough and drier than I'd have thought. It felt real good though, especially when she hit my pokey. That's what I called my clit back then because it was always poking out between the folds of my little ginny lips. I started to moan a lot as Trixie kept licking and licking me. I thought she'd never stop, and I didn't mind if she didn't! Mommy must've heard me, because she came in to check on me. Usually she'd check on me after I had one of my little girl cums, and tell me I was being a very good girl, but this time, she was very shocked to see Trixie and I playing like this. For a while, she didn't say anything, and I was worried something was wrong, but eventually she told me I was being extra special good that day, and started asking me a bunch of questions like how it felt to have Trixie giving me special kisses, and how long had she been doing that with me, things like that.

As she watched and asked me questions, Mommy started playing with her own ginny. She sat down on the floor right next to me and she took off her sweatpants and her pretty tiger-striped panties she wore, and she started touching herself on her ginny, and inside too.

“Don't forget to wet your fingers, Mommy!” I told her.

“I forgot baby, thank you. Would... would you like to wet Mommy's fingers?” she asked me.

“Okay!” I said, and I took her fingers into my mouth and played with them with my tongue, making them all nice and wet so she wouldn't hurt her ginny. She would touch herself a little bit, and then tell me she needed me to wet her fingers again every couple of minutes, I think she just liked it when I licked her fingers or something.

She asked me if I would play with her ginny then. She wanted me to put as many fingers as I could inside her, and I thought it sounded fun, and I knew it'd feel pretty good, so I agreed. Guess what? I was able to get my whole hand inside her ginny cause her ginny is really big and my hands are so tiny. I used both hands and played with her ginny real nice and good, and Mommy started moaning too like she was going to have a little cum. Hers was different than mine. She grabbed my arm and helped me push deep deep inside her body and told me to press hard on a certain special spot she said she had. It must've felt real nice because her body started rocking like crazy and she started breathing heavy and moaning more. I pushed as hard as I could on the spot she showed me, and suddenly her whole body clamped down tight on my arm, and started squeezing and then relaxing over and over again, and Mommy was saying all kinds of things I'm not supposed to.

Then, she had me pull my hand out and she gushed this clear liquid all over the hardwood floor. I thought she had peed but she said it was something else, something yummy, and she needed me to help clean her ginny up. She wanted me to give her ginny kisses! I was excited!

I helped her get real clean. I licked her ginny on the outside first, and she tasted different than me, but I liked it okay. I still liked my own taste better. Then I pushed my tongue deep inside her as she held herself open for me so I could get extra deep. She pulled my head into her body and helped me get the best spots for her. I liked that a lot. She was sitting spread eagled on the floor and I was on all fours licking between her legs, and Trixie came around to lick my ginny again! That was fun, licking my mom as Trixie licked me.

Mommy asked me if I had ever licked Trixie before and I told her I hadn't. She asked if I would if she helped, and I said I'd love to try it.

Mommy got up and started playing with Trixie, petting her and rubbing her head, then had her lie down on her back and scratched her tummy. Trixie gave Mommy kisses for that, and Mommy opened her mouth and kissed her back with her tongue too, it looked silly, but fun, I had to try it too.

Mommy let me kiss Trixie with my mouth opened, and it tickled and made me giggle. Usually her breath smells bad, but now it just smelled and tasted like my ginny, which I liked.

Mommy told me to be very careful not to hurt Trixie, and showed me where her ginny was. She wet her fingers and then started rubbing it very slowly at first, rubbing up and down the doggy's slit. She put a little more pressure on it, and her finger slipped between Trixie's ginny-lips. Soon, I could see that inside the dog's slit was a pool of thick white stuff, and as soon as it was there, Trixie tried to clean it up, and we watched her.

When she was done, she laid back down on her back and spread her legs. She definitely wanted more attention on her ginny and that's when Mommy said I could have a turn rubbing her. I liked touching her, knowing how nice it must feel. I slipped a finger inside her ginny and Mommy told me to be very very careful, she might not like it, but she did because she started helping me move in and out. She humped against my finger, and started breathing faster and panting almost just like I do, and I knew she was close to a doggy orgasm. Her ginny was making squishy noises and I could smell her sexual aroma in the air, and it was intoxicating.

Soon, a puddle was forming inside Trixie again, and she was going to try to lick it up, but I told her “I'll get that for you.” and I tried licking her instead. She had some soft fur right on her little lips and I didn't like that too much, but I was able to pull that part back with my fingers, and lick her ginny-hole real good with absolutely no fur in the way. She liked that and she tasted real good. I pushed my tongue as far up her hole as it would go and I moved it around in circles, and then I lapped at her in long straight lines.

I'm now in Junior High, and a lot of things have changed. I've got nice breasts now and I've started having my periods. Trixie passed away, but we have a yellow lab now, and she likes the same things that Trixie did, and Mom and I play with her all the time. Mom's stopped dating, saying that being with me and the lab is all she needs to be satisfied, and I couldn't agree more. I'm not interested in the boys at school at all, and I'm kind of interested in this one cute red-headed girl in my chorus class, but she'd never understand the relationship I have with my mom and my dog, and I'd never do anything to jeopardize it. Friends will come and go, but I'll always have my mom and my dogs.