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Unadulterated Animal Lust


She was... dripping with sex appeal to say the least. She had beautiful thick hair which just passed her shoulders and massive bambi eyes with a colour that reminded me of the ocean. The most attractive thing about her was her heart and the fact that it could never be tamed. Needless to say she wasn't short of admirers. I knew her free spirit wasn't down to her being untamed. I knew there was alot of hurt and need going on behind her blue eyes but I never questioned it because she had a strong approach going on.

I lusted over her strong approach. She knew I wanted to fuck her, I had told her before. It was never a good idea we were left alone together. I didn't want anything more then for her to bend me over and fuck me until I came on her fingertips. She looked so forceful, I was sure I could be her fuck bunny because I knew she would keep me there for hours. There was no paticular chemistry, just pure lust on my part. Pure unadultarated animal lust. I just wanted her to fuck me. I'd been thinking about it for months and whenever I did i'd get shivers going right down my body straight to my pussy. You know you really want someone when you think about them and feel that.

I met up with her one morning because she was at a pub with friends near to where I lived. I was heading her way when she called so I decided i'd go and see her. She couldn't even finish her drink because she was so hungover. I wasn't feeling amazing myself since we'd both been out the night before. We didn't stay at the pub long because we had such a walk back to hers. I wasn't on planning to go to hers, she just lived near where I was headed. She didn't say much on the way back. She was just complaining about how hungover she was. I wasnt thinking much myself. I felt a bit better once we both got on the bus. This is where my lust flared up again being sat so close to her. I noticed her arms. I loved her arms because they looked like they'd be able to plow into me hard. She had scars on her right arm and I asked where each one was from. She told me where she had got each scar. As soon as she told me how she got them i'd forgotten the moment after. I couldn't concentrate on anything else except her body. He hands were big and strong, her breasts were huge and her lips were gorgeous. We both came to our stop and got off the bus, she asked if I wanted to pop into hers to get something to eat before I went. I said I could do with something and followed her into her house. As soon as we got in we stood staring at each other amused as she slammed the front door. It suddenly became very hot and it must of showed on me because I looked really uncomfortable at that moment. I went to take my cardigan off but before I knew it I had help. The next thing I knew my top was coming off, I tried to protest but there was no point. My jeans dropped to the floor as she forced me up against the wall.

She spread my legs moving her fingertips against my thigh just below my pussy. It was driving me crazy. I was already moaning like a bitch for her to fuck me. She pressed her whole body against me and I thrusted trying to move her hand closer to where I was so wet. I could feel how wet I was without touching myself. I tried to force her hand onto my pussy but she just held it away with force, she was so much stronger then me I was helpless. She then kissed me passionatly slipping her tongue between my lips and I tensed a little as she slid her fingers down my naked body towards my pussy. I groaned as she moved her finger on my clit circling it and sliding it inbetween my entrance to my pussy. I moaned for her not to do that, it was making me want to cum and she hadn't even begun to fuck me. I begged her to put me out of my misery. She said I would have to do her a favour if she wanted me to fuck her. I moaned i'd do anything and she stood back and told me to get on my knees. I did it straight away like a little bitch. She undid her belt then unzipped her jeans whilst breathing heavily. I could almost taste her already. I pulled her jeans down revealing her panties, I stroked her pussy through them. I could feel her clit getting tense. I pulled them down before sliding my tongue across her clit and sucking on it. My mouth was already dripping wet with her cum and as I inserted my tongue into her pussy she told me to swallow it. I did as she said. I kept sucking and fucking her with my tongue as she groaned and pushed my head in further. She grinded my face as I sucked her clit and locked my head in that position whilst she made herself cum in my mouth. I felt her thighs shake and heard her let out alot of short moans before she told me to swallow it again. I swallowed it loving having the taste of her in my mouth.

By this point I was so wet I could feel it dripping from me down one side of my thigh. I stood up my legs shaking. She looked at me as though something like desire had taken over her and forced me back up against the wall with a passionate kiss. She raised her leg inbetween my thighs and let me thrust against it for a couple of minutes before she slid her hand between the lips of my pussy again and had me begging her to fuck me. She spread my legs before sliding her hand up and down my pussy. Up and down. Up and down. I kept begging her, whispering in her ear to fuck me. She slid her fingers into my pussy finally and I moaned with relief as she fucked me up against the wall. She kept fucking me harder and harder until I came on her fingertips and she didn't stop until she was satisfied i'd cum hard on her. She didn't draw her fingers back out until a minute or two after as we both caught our breath. We stood for a second before sliding our underwear back on and then getting dressed.

I asked if she cared to explain what just happened. But I just got the question of "What would I like to eat?"