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Hey, I"m Lee and I"m 21 years old. I have long brownish hair sort of like Zac Efron style and a nice tanned toned body. I don"t really know my height probably 5foot something. My penis size is 7inches and trimmed.

My uncle Graham is 43 years old and has short black hair and looks abit like Scott Maslin from Eastenders he hasn"t got much of a body but he"s not fat. He"s about same size as me and don"t know his penis size lol.

Here"s the story...

My uncle lives in Doncaster and decided to come down to visit us in Hertfordshire for the weekend with his fiance". It was a friday evening and we got the phonecall from my nan saying that Graham and Carley(His Fiance") have arrived so my Mum said we will pop round in a little while.

It"s seven "o" clock and we decide we better go round to my Nan"s where they"ll be staying over the weekend. We get round there to greet them and have a little chat and catch-up alot and have a right laugh.

Nan said to my Mum(Sandra): ""Oh Sandra Carley wants to pop to Asda"s to get some fags for her and Graham would you be able to take us?"" Mum:""Yeah, shall we go now get it out the way? We can have a look at some clothes Carley eh?"" Carley:""Yeah okay"".

Me and my uncle decide to stay and watch the rest of Evan Allmighty why they all go shopping at Asda. The programme finishes and Graham said he"s going to take a quick shower so I go on my Nan"s computer for a little while.

My uncle was taken ages in the shower so I decided to go on a porn website and see what chicks were good lucking to have a quick wank over, I noticed the gay category and felt a little curious so clicked on it and watch some guys blowing each other but unfortunately I didn"t realise the speakers were on!

My uncle comes rushing out of the shower with a towel round his dripping wet body. ""WHAT THE FUCK LEE?! YOU"RE A FAG?!"" he shouted. ""No I clicked on the wrong thing, seriously"". ""You"ve been watching it for three minutes now, don"t lie to me! Tell me the truth?"" he insisted.

""Fine I"m bi but please don"t tell anyone!"". Graham being shocked replies ""My nephew is a fag, oh my word! I bet you like me in just a towell don"t you? Getting a good look are we? I"ll show you a good look!"". He pulls off the towell revealing his unerected penis and moves closer to my me.

""Go on then suck it! Tell me if you really like cock!"" he whispered in my ear ""No, you"re being crazy now stop it!"". ""Crazy? I"ll show you crazy!"" He ripped off my t-shirt and trousers and started rubbing my bulge in my pants, of course it was making me hard and horny so I took off my boxers and allowed him to touch my 7 inch penis.

""You hungry? I have some meat if you like?"" He pulled my head towards his penis and without any hesitation I began to toss him off and then eventually let my mouth do the action.

""Aw Lee, this feels wrong but I"m fucking loving it!"" he shouted.
With my mouthfull I moaned. We climed onto my Nan"s spare bed and made out for a while and then he began to slowly lick my body working his way down to my penis. ""I have never done this before but there"s a first for everything right?"" he asked. ""Try it, you"ll love it - I promise"" I really wanted him to suck me off, I knew this was wrong but he just looked so gorgeous with the water evapurating from his body I couldn"t resist it!

He began to suck me off and I cummed in my mouth without warning him and then he flipped at me and pulled me over and punched me in the cheek. I made it really hurt me and he felt bad so I suggest he"d let me fuck him and we would forget everything, feeling guilty he didn"t refuse.

We began fucking without any lube or condoms and it hurt him like mad for a while but he began to enjoy it and started riding me.

We was getting so carried away we didn"t realise the time until we noticed car headlights shining through the window and realise they was back!