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What ever you like !!!!!

i wish i could slowly run my hand down your chest an make my way down to the line of your pants an slowly put my hand there an rub your cilt an kiss you at the same time an then when i 'm putting my hand down there an playing with you i put your hand on my hard cock an make you play while i play an kiss you an slowly undress you with the other hand sorry if I'm bugging that's it Mon more now my bad as i slowly undress you i start to make my way down with my tough on your atomic then to your hips making your have goose bumps an then I'm at then top of your cilt slowly licking in curricle's then sticking in a finger or two while i lick your pussy making you want it more an more to the point where you put me up ann tell me to flip you over an do you from behind then i smack your ass an gave your hair a good put making you scream an then you bite me on the arm an say harder don't stop smack my ass then i flip you over an put you on your back an then i start slow an go faster then slow giving you soft kisses then i bite you on the neck an do you harder while i bite your neck you are loving it an wanting more you straiting me on my back telling me i want it so i slow down an start to make slow an passionate sex slowly making you grind on me driving you crazy to the point of orgasm
just for you the part that i drive you crazy a you are about to orgasm an then i stop an pull out of you an kiss u an start to lick Ur pussy an play with it again making you want to cum but not letting u so you get so horny you take an grab me throw me on my back an tell me to close my eyes so i do then you start to run your hands on my body scratching me an then you softly kiss me an then bite my neck then start to go south making your way to my ribs licking an biting as you go down the u are at my tights then you gave a good bite that makes me jumps an you tell me not to move so i don't then you start to slow move Ur hand on my cock an wet cock that just came out of u then you u put Ur mouth on it a n d slowly lick an sux then it slowly turns you on so you climb on top an tease me by putting it in slow an then taking it out an doing that for a bit tell i poke you hard an it slides in easy because your so wet an horny then you grab the blank it an scream OMG an scratch me then you start to ride it slow then fast i still have my eyes closed then you tell me to open them an then you say to me with the look in Ur eyes like hey baby how you doing want more so u start to kiss me an ride faster an faster to the point i grab you an pick you up an throw you on your side then i pull Ur hair an tell not to move so i start to drive you with one leg up an leg in between my legs making you look at me an say baby i love it please i want you to fuck me an make me cum so i drive pulling on Ur hair harder an an then i stop an start to look at you an begin to make passionate love making so we can both cum tougher griding each other then you slow start to have Ur orgasm i let you finish then i tell you i am about to cum so i start to kiss you then you look at me an say baby cum on face so i look at you say OK boo so i get up an grab Ur hair an pull Ur head back holding on to Ur hair an cum on your face making you love it warm on your face when I'm down i lean to you ab kiss you an say that was the best boo an gave you something to clean up i have so mean of these story an these is one so what do you think of that sexy