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Whip Me Lady Master


Everyone stared as I walked into the emergency room , hunched over .

I threw my insurance card onto the front desk and passed out.

When I came to, I was lying on the emergency room table as a big

bright light shone in my face.

I could see the little green venus symbols that were printed on my

white hospital gown that smelled of bleach.

The sight of stainless steel equipment lying on metal trays and the smell

of the hospital made me nauseous, but I was not feeling well, so I felt I had to get

checked out.

Then the doctor came in, placed my feet in stirrups and spread my legs

as I laid there sobbing.

He started gently pushing my pussy lips apart and said “ what

happened to you ????????”

I felt a speculum and cried out “ no, please.”

He said “ sorry, hon, I got to get some swabs, it‘s procedure, for


He pushed the speculum in all the way, I sobbed and shook as he

stretched my pussy open and began to swab.

He said to the assistant “ recent hymenal tearing, vaginal tearing, torn


I felt the speculum slide out of my pussy as he said “ WHAT did this ?”

I laid there sobbing and said “ can you help me?”

He said “ bear down.” I tried, but I couldn’t.

He slid a finger in my ass hole and started sliding a speculum into my

ass hole and I started yelling, “ take it out, take it out” but he said “ I

have to see what is in there ” so he started stretching my ass hole open.

He looked inside my ass hole and said to his assistant “slight rectal

prolapse, fissures.“

I felt the speculum sliding out of my ass hole and the doctor said “you

don‘t absolutely NEED surgery, but I highly recommend that you have surgery.”

The nurse came and held my hand. I looked up and tears were welling

up in her eyes.

She said “ are you going to report it ?”

I tried to stop crying so hard because every time I sobbed, my pussy

and ass hole would feel the pressure from my sobbing and hurt even


The nurse said “shhhhhh, settle down , we‘re going to fix it” and gave

me some pills to take.

I signed some forms and then I felt the medication running through my

veins as the mask was put on my face, my pussy and ass hole burning

and throbbing.”

Days went by. They were all a painful blur.

I woke up, I cleaned myself up and sat up in my bed, still having a lot of discomfort

from the surgery.

I fumbled through my purse and called the bank to check my account.


I was so relieved, I smiled a little, but it was hard to smile considering

the discomfort I felt .

I turned and looked towards the door and my friend Jackie came in

and said “ what happened?”

I said “ I can’t talk about it.”

She said “ what happened.”

So, word for word, I began to tell Jackie my story….


“I played with my pussy when I woke up , showered, got dressed and

drove to the complex.

It was a set of non-descript buildings in a far away location in

Las Vegas.

The grounds were beautiful.

I went to the front desk and said “ umm……I’m here for the “ exam .”

This was the big day.

I had waited for this for a very long time.

Finally, my name was called.

I followed the nurse and she gave me a gown and said “ put this on, lie

on the table and the doctor will see you shortly.”

I did as she said.

The doctor came in and I was really embarrassed.

I’d never had a pelvic exam before, and this was my 21st birthday.

My doctor was tall, dark haired, dark eyed and Caucasian.

He introduced himself and began to wash his hands.

He asked me if I’d ever had sex before and I said “no.”

He removed one side of my gown and started feeling of one breast.

Then he removed the other side of my gown and felt the other breast.

He put my feet in stirrups, opened my legs, told me to scoot to the end

of the table until my bottom was at the very end.

Then he turned the light on me.

He put on gloves, lubed his hands and lubed my pussy.

He said, ‘I’m going to touch you now.’

He said, ‘ it appears you are still a virgin, your hymen is intact.’

Then he put a finger inside me and pressed around on my thighs and


He put a speculum in and stretched me just a little and looked inside,

taking a few swabs.

Shortly after that, he said ‘I’m going to touch your bottom now, bear


Then he put lube in my ass hole .

I said “ oh, doctor, finger my ass, please…” and he DID !

He said “mmmmmmmm….oh……mmmmmmmmm, what tight little


He peeked over the cover and smiled at me and said “ rub your pussy” so I did.

Then he slid a finger into my pussy and just went crazy.

I started to breathe heavily and he said “ you hush now, while I make

you cum.”

I laid there trying to be quiet while he masturbated me.

He said “ you got a hairy little pussy, I’ve not seen one of those in a long


I was still trying to be quiet as he was masturbating me with his hands.

Finally, I felt like I was gonna cum and when I started to get loud, he

covered my mouth and said

“ hush now, it will be more intense if you hold it in.”

Shortly afterwards, I had a mind-blowing orgasm.

He said ‘ you’re really throbbing, his fingers still inside me.’

I said “ thank you doctor.”

He said ‘good job, now get dressed.’

So I did.

I picked up the paperwork and headed for the next building.

It was the club I always wanted to join.

I walked in, gave my papers to the clerk.

She smiled and said, hmmm. You will go join the other plump virgins in

room 220.

I walked in and there were 4 other girls and they were all like me.

We were all in our 20s. We all had

shoulder length curly blonde hair, gray eyes, were short and plump, had

big titties.

They were all lying around on each other, talking and giggling, fingering

each other, and licking each other‘s pussies.

I eagerly joined them and afterwards we all had a nice snack as we sat around

aquainting ourselves with one another.

Then there was a knock at the door. I looked at the clock. It was 4 PM.

when a man and a woman entered the room.

The woman said “ Welcome to THE CLUB ! We hope you will “enjoy”

your stay here. If you pass our tests, you will

be welcome to stay for up to 1 year, so long as you continue to meet all

the terms. You will be compensated VERY WELL as outlined in your

contracts which are iron clad, legal and binding… and you may leave

any time you wish. “

Then the man said

“Soon, you will be led to another room where there will be things you

probably have never seen before. You will be subjected to testing. The

person to pass all the tests will be awarded the highest honor THE

CLUB has to offer.”

We were led to a mirrored room. Mirrors on the ceilings and on the walls.

Straps, buckles, ropes, tables, mats, swings and other strange looking objects

filled the room.

Then we all looked at each other and held hands.

Then the man said, “allow me to introduce The Stud.”

Then a huge naked man ducked under the door frame and walked through the


His dick was soft and didn’t look so big.

Then the man said “ This is our most valuable client.

He only fucks virgins. That’s why you are here.”

We all looked at each other and gripped each others hands tighter.

The man said, ok, I need a volunteer. I said “ I’ll do it.”

He said, get over here and suck this man’s dick until it’s hard.

Then he ordered me to take off my clothes and said


“you may begin NOW !”

So I dropped to my knees and took his dick into my hands.

I began to suck on it and it slowly began to get hard.

He squatted down and said, “ finger my ass “ so I did.

It took several minutes and my lips were getting sore, but finally, it was


Then the man ordered the stud to turn to the side.

He did.

We gasped as we looked at The Stud.

We could not believe the length and width of his dick.

We giggled as we looked at each other.

The woman walked over and slapped me in the face and said “enjoy

your last laugh honey, cause the testing begins soon.”

Then the woman walked to the stud took out a measuring tape and said

“the stud’s dick measures 10 inches in length. The rim of his dick is 6

inches in diameter. He has the smallest dick in the club, so we let him

fuck the virgins.”

The first person to pass all of our tests will be fucked by the stud.

The fucking possibilities are endless. You could be

soft fucked, hard fucked, slam fucked, drop fucked, gang fucked,

pussy fucked, ass fucked, every kind of fucked. After the stud fucks you

until he smears a cream pie into your ass,

you will collect your million dollars just as the contract specifies. All

sexual contact with the stud is consensual. If the sensations of pressure and

discomfort should simply become too much for you, you may stop him at any

time while he is fucking you, but if you do, you will be taken away from

the complex and you will only earn 5,000. In order to earn the million

dollars, you must let him fuck you till he’s finished cumming, and

history tells us that it takes him anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to

cum. He may even have the urge to whip you while he’s fucking you. He

might wanna clamp your pussy, your ass hole and your titties. He may order me to

wire and probe you.

He may pull your hair, slap your ass, slap your pussy and fuck you till you can’t

even scream anymore. You will try to scream, only to realize, your voice

is gone, but he‘ll probably just keep on fucking you anyway, unless, he

decides to gag you, then will ask you to gesture for each sex act

by shaking your head “ yes or no”.

The medical risks of rough sex have been explained to

you. He‘s a monster, a hedonist ,and he’s the cruelest fuck we‘ve ever seen.

Last but not least, as outlined in your contracts, you will be filmed. ”

My pussy was really hot after sucking his humongous dick, and I

determined right then that I would be the winner, the stud would fuck

ME, not the others.

Then the man said, “ok, everyone strip down, as we will now dress

you in leather and chains.”

Then some more attendants came in and started to dress us.

My attendant was a fierce looking woman. Big, mean and strong.

As she was dressing me, she caressed my titties and smiled.

She said, “ from here on out, you will address me as LADY MASTER.”

Then she rubbed my pussy and said, “uh, there’s a problem. Her pussy

is still hairy.”

The man said ‘shave her.’

I said ‘ no, I can shave myself.’

The woman grabbed me by the arm and said ‘ that’s my job, lay down

and spread your legs.’

2 girls were ordered to pull my legs apart as

the other girls watched as she laid me on the table and shaved my

pussy while the stud watched.

She started by pouring a pitcher of very warm water on my pussy.

Then she applied some shaving cream to my pussy and ass hole.

To protect my clit from the razor, she’d cover my clit with a very warm

wash cloth and gently pull my clit to one side and then the other as

she shaved my pussy lips.

Half way through shaving me, the stud said “ push some of that shaving

cream into her pussy hole” so she started pushing the

shaving cream inside my ass and pussy and it was starting to burn,

but it was also making me really horny so I started rubbing my pussy.

I started yelling “ I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and then

she poured another very warm pitcher of water on my pussy. She was rubbing my

pussy as the water trickled down, fingering my ass and pussy.

Then she got up on the table, and put her ass

in my face and ordered me to eat her pussy while she fingered me and

licked my pussy.

The stud sat and beat his meat as he watched us saying “ gonna fuck a

virgin’, gonna get to fuck a virgin..mmmm……gonna get me a virgin!”

We went to the next room and were ordered to bend over and then we

were tied into position.

Our asses and legs were covered with a thin cloth.

Then the fierce woman pulled out a huge leather strap, swished it into

the air and said ,

“If you can suffer 10 stripes of this strap, you can stay. If you ask me to

stop at any point, you will be sent home. The moment you ask, uh, I

mean , BEG me to stop, you will not be whipped again and you will be

sent home, is that clear ? One by one, you will answer “ yes lady


We all answered her one by one and she began to whip us.

She started with the first girl. She began whipping her as I looked in

the mirror.

She didn’t even bother warming her up, she just whipped her really


After 4 whippings, the girl said “ let me go.” They untied her and sent

her on her way.

The next girl just said “ let me go, I don’t even want to try .”

The next girl said “ whip me.”

The woman began to whip her.

I could see this one better. The strap was making her ass jiggle .

After 6 whippings , she said “ let me go.”

The woman went to the next girl and said “ you ready to go home ?”

The girl said , “no, whip me.”

After 8 whippings, the girl begged the woman to stop.

She was crying when she was escorted from the room.

That was it. I was alone to suffer 10 whippings.

She came to me and tickled my ass with the strap.

Then she stuck the end of it at my ass hole but didn’t push it in.

She said ‘ you ready to go home ?”

I said “ whip me lady master, my pussy is getting hot”

So she walked behind me and with a furious blow, whipped me.

I let out a scream.

She pushed her finger in my ass hole and said ‘shut up you little whore,

shut up’

Then she whipped me 4 more times and said

“ready to go home ?”

I said “ whip me lady master, whip me 5 more times.”

She got behind me and whipped me 3 more times.

My ass was killing me, I thought it was on fire, but I thought if I can

just take 3 more whips, I’ll be fine. I started to cry out loud. She shoved

her finger in my ass hole again and said

“shut up little whore, shut up”

I said “ whip me lady master.”

She got behind me and whipped me 2 more times.

I thought I was going to pass out. I looked down at the floor and

everything was getting blurry.

I said “ whip me lady master, make this last one a good one, I wanna be

fucked by the stud”

One last furious blow and I screamed my head off.

She came and ripped off the self stick cloth and said “ now it’s time for

the alcohol, is it ok if I pour alcohol on your ass?” I said “ please, no.”


She said “ well, then, you’ll leave with only 5,000 dollars.”

They started to untie me and I said “ give me the alcohol.”

I screamed my head off as she poured it on my red, swollen ass , but the

lady master just laughed and said “ I think you could do one more

whippin, but I think I’ll let you go.”

They untied me and carried me to my room.


I was fed a wonderful dinner, but I could barely sit down to eat it, I

had to lay the tray on my bed and while lying on my stomach.

I had a good night’s sleep and when I woke up the next morning, I

looked at my ass. It was red, swollen and bruised.

The lady master came in, pushed my ass apart, slid an enema in and a

few minutes later, ordered me to shit.

Another woman came in to bathe me, and while she fixed my hair and

my makeup, the lady master ate my pussy.

She just kept eating me and eating me and fingering my ass hole saying

“ I love virgin pussy……mmmmm……….little pink hole…tight little

pink hole…never been fucked…..mmmmmmmm……sweet pussy.”

The make up artist just laughed and said, “ stop it, I gotta get her ready

so she can go get her ass busted” and they both began to laugh.

Then I was led to another room.

The stud said “ let me see your ass.” I turned around and he slapped it.

I thought I was gonna die!

He just started laughing.

He said “ I’m gonna be slapping your ass a lot, so get used to it.”

Then he said “ bend over.”

I bent over and he licked his finger and pinched my hymen.

He said “ mmmmm…a thick one !”

I let out a scream because he was pinching my hymen really hard.

He said “ you ready for some more testing ?”

I said “ yes.”

He said, “ from here on out, you will refer to me as MASTER, do you

understand ?”

I said “ yes, master.”

He laid me on a table, put my feet in stirrups and spread my legs open,

strapped them down and then placed straps behind each knee, and

pulled each knee back and hooked the straps to the wall.

He said “ gotta stretch you out…gotta stretch you real good”

He waked to the edge of the table and slapped his half-hard dick right onto my

face and said “ suck it.”

I started to suck his dick and he began to slap my pussy.

I cried out then the stud laughed and said “put a clamp on each one of

her pussy lips.”

The lady master said “ this won’t be too bad” then she showed me the

clamps and said “ you can stop us now, take your 5,000 and go home.”

I said “ clamp me.”

I screamed out as she clamped each pussy lip with the clamps.

Then the master said “ lube her real good, she’s gonna need it!”

The lady master said “ pull your ass cheeks apart and bear down like

you’re gonna shit so I can lube your ass hole.”

I felt the lady master insert an anal lube shooter into my ass hole.

Then I felt her lube my pussy hole, still burning from the shaving cream.


Then he said to the lady master “ clamp her nipples.”

When she clamped my nipples, I started to shake from the discomfort.

Then he said “ probes.”

Then the lady master said “ you will be ordered to squeeze the probes

with your ass and pussy muscles. If you release before I tell you, you

will get receive a shock. There is not enough voltage to actually disturb

your heart rate or kill you, but it’s enough to cause discomfort.”

The stud said “squeeze your ass and suck my dick…..so I did.

He was saying “ oh, yeah, circles

around the head, oh, yeah, I can’t wait to fuck your pussy.”

I squeezed for a minute or two and I couldn’t hold it any longer so I


They began to laugh at me and he said “ give it to her.”

She said “ this is your chance to go home, if you don’t want the shock,

now’s the time to tell me.”

I said “ give it to me.”

And she did.

I started yelling.

The lady master said “ squeeze again.”

I squeezed and then she jerked the probes out, and removed the pussy

clamps, laughing.

The stud said “ you ready ?”

I said “yes”

He slapped my pussy and said “ that’s yes MASTER !”

I said “yes master.”

He went to the edge of the table and the lady master said “ this is your

chance to stop him.”

I said “ give it to me master.”

He rubbed his dick against my pussy hole and started trying to nudge it


He couldn’t get it in, so he tried some more lube.

He tried to nudge it in again but couldn’t .

Then the lady master said “ she‘s got a really thick one, it’s gonna be intense !”

I said “oh, no.”

She said “ you can go now, this is your last chance. He’s gonna tear your hole

open if you don’t.“

Then she bent over and showed me her shredded hole and said , “see?

“he was my first fuck too.”

Then she reminded me again, saying

“We will not force this on you. Do you wanna fuck the stud or not.”

I said “ ok, fuck me.”

He grinned and said “ you sure ?”

I said “ yes.”

He said “ lady master, raise her hips and order her to watch the mirror,

then clamp her pussy again and hold the clamps apart.“

She clamped my pussy lips again.

He said “ hold the clamps apart really tight, stretch her pussy open real


He reached down and pinched my hymen, then rubbed it gently and started

fingering my pussy.

As I looked in the mirror, liquid was

was dripping down my ass hole.

He said “ squeeze “ so I did. Then he grabbed his dick and started rubbing

his dick furiously and

said “ un clamp her pussy…mmmm…I gotta fuck that pussy now…I’m

gonna cream that cherry. “

She unclamped my pussy and then he started rubbing my pussy with his dick.

Then I looked at the mirror above me.

He was trying to shove his humongous cock into my tiny pussy hole.

I could feel it burning and stretching and finally, I saw the head go in

and I felt a tear.

He said “ look in the mirror and watch me ram your pussy.”

My eyes started to water and I said “wait, let me stretch.”

He said “ if I wait, you go, no million dollars.”

I said “ok, fuck me”

Then he pulled back out and said “she’s not tight enough, plug her ass


The lady mistress inserted a small plug into my ass which wasn’t bad.

I reached down to rub my pussy, but the stud ordered the lady master

to hold my wrists above my head.

Then, with a violent thrust, he tore into my pussy and started thrusting

as hard as he could, saying

“ I got me a virgin, I got me a virgin…mmmmmm……. I got me a

virgin…….gonna cream this cherry…gonna cream it real good”

I said, “ my stomach is cramping, please take the plug out of my ass”

He said “ if we take the plug out, you go home with only 5000 dollars”

So I shut my mouth.

He just kept fucking me as the lady master was laughing her head


She said “ oh, honey, you’ve got it easy, he LIKES you !”

He said “ take off her nipple clamps.”

I was so relieved.

Then he laughed and said “ now put them back on.”

He just kept ramming my pussy as they were laughing.

I was sobbing out loud and he said ‘gag her

She said “ I’m gonna gag you. From here on out, you will be asked for

your consent for each sex act. You will nod yes or no. If you nod no, you

will be sent home with 5000 dollars” and she gagged me.

Then he said “ ok, take the nipple clamps off, I wanna suck her tits.”

He leaned down and started sucking my titties really hard.

I just let him keep fucking me, but I was getting so sore.

Then he said “ I can’t get the whole thing in, time to change positions.

Then they laughed and the lady master said “ you got this on camera,

you see her eyes pop out when you said that ?

He just laughed and said “my friends and I will re-live it later, make

me a few copies.”

He jerked his dick out, took my feet out of the stirrups and placed me

on a mat on the floor.

He said “ fetch the men.”

The men came in.

One held my arms down and the other one watched him.

The stud said “ I need help getting all the way in.”

So the men positioned my body so that my ass was in the air.

The stud jerked the plug out of my ass , poured a bottle of lube into my

pussy and started poking my pussy with the head of his dick making a

sloshing sound.

Then the stud stood over me with his ass in my face and from that

position, he started ramming my pussy again.

Finally, I felt his hips against me as he wiggled it all the way in.

He said “ do I got it ?”

They said “ no, fuck her harder.”

So he started fucking me with all his might.

The men said “ you’re shreadding her pussy out.”

The other one said “ yeah, the bottom of her pussy is sticking to your

dick and pulling along with your dick every time you slide it out.”

The other man said “ok , now cock tease her, that should get her.”

So he started cock teasing me.

One of the men said “ take the gag off .”

They laughed while I yelped.

They kept saying “ just tell him you want him to stop and he will.”

I just kept letting him fuck me.

Finally, he jerked his dick out of me.

Then he laid on the mat. The two men picked me up, positioned me over

the head of his dick and the stud pushed the head of his dick in.

Then he said “ lower her a little more, now a little more, then he fucked

swollen pussy whole some more, then he said “ now’s the time to give in

and go home or you’ll be drop-fucked onto my 10 inch dick.

I said “ I‘m staying.“ He said “ drop her” and they did.

I screamed and yelled and cried as he bounced me up and down on his

10 inch cock while the men held me by the arms. They would pull me half way up

and drop me again, laughing their heads off.

Finally he laid me on the table again and started playing with my ass.

I couldn’t watch. All I could do was dread, I was also very excited.

The men said “ you have to

watch, if he tells you to watch, you must watch.”

So I looked above me.

He told the men to push my knees back hard.

He told me to put my chin to my chest and said “push, push !” and

started laughing.

I did what he said.

Then he started lubing his dick.

Then he said “ I could get this over with, but I like suspense, so I’m

gonna do a gradual stretch for her.”

He put an anal speculum in my ass, stretched it and poured a bottle of

lube in it, then popped the speculum out.

Then all of these different sized plugs were shown to me.

He said “ I’m gonna insert them, one at a time. I’m gonna leave each

one in for a while , pull it out and replace it with a bigger one until I get

to the biggest one.”

I felt the first one slide in.

It was not bad.

Then he took the second one and pushed it in.

It was not so bad, but It stretched me more than the first.

Then the third one.

Now it was starting to hurt me.

Then he said “ for fun, we’re gonna skip # 4 and went straight for the

5th one.

He said, this is almost the same diameter as my dick.

You’re gonna hold this one for an hour.

I said “ an hour ?” whimpering.

He said “ an hour.”

I watched him slide it in, it actually had a head on it like a real penis, so

when the rim slipped into my ass hole, I nearly came off the table.

He told me it was 10 inches long and then he started gently shoving it in

until it was all the way in.

Then he started smacking my pussy.

I said “ I need to shit.”

He said “ well, you can’t. You have to lay there with this plug in your ass

so you can stretch enough for my dick, if I have to stop, you go home.”

My ass hole was jerking and pounding and lube was swishing out of my

ass hole as

they all took turns fingering my swollen, shredded pussy.

Then they each took turns poking their heads in my pussy hole

while the stud watched, laughed and took photos.

Finally, a few minutes, he pulled it out, saying he was just kidding about

the hour thing.

Then he pulled a huge dildo out of a bucket of hot water and said,

“ this, my little whore, is an exact replica of my dick.”

I just laid my head back onto the table and tried not to faint.

He ordered one of the men to lube my ass hole with an anal lube


Then he said, “ok, start working into her ass hole.”

They were trying to get it in as the stud and the other man pulled my

knees back.

I was trying to stay calm.

He said “ if he can get the head in, I’ll tell him to take it out, and then I

will fuck you so you can make your money, does that sound fair ?”

Finally, my ass hole stretched enough and they got the head in as my

body jolted.

Then he said “ ok, pull it out.”

The man pulled it out and said “ look, man, her ass hole is gaping

open.” Then he held up the dildo and said “ yep, I see pink.”

He said, ‘well, I guess it’s ripe for fuckin’” ”

So he went to the edge of the table, rubbed my ass hole, stuck some

fingers in it, and twisted them around.

Then he started pressing his dick into my ass hole.

I felt the head start to go in as I felt an extremely intense stretching

Sensation, burning and searing the entrance of my ass hole.

He said “ wanna go home now?”

I said “ fuck my ass.”

So he started fucking my ass.

Then he said “ it’s not tight enough” and everybody started laughing.

Then he said “ I love these little short plump girls, they’re so cushy.”

Then he started pumpin’ me harder.

The other man said “ you gotta get in there and really jam her.”

He said “ I can’t get it all the way in.”

I said “ can I rub my clit ? That will help me relax.”

He slapped my pussy and said “ you forgot to say MASTER” and then said

“ no, you can’t rub your clit.”

Then one of the men said, “come on man, let her rub her clit.”

So he laughed and said “ ok, you can rub it.”

I started rubbing and he moaned as my ass squeezed his dick harder.

He kept pumping and pumping.

Finally, I started to come, but I didn’t tell him, cause I was afraid he’d

stop me.

I tried not to cry out so he wouldn’t know I came, but I couldn’t help it.

I felt a white hot surge through my pussy and ass as I yelled out.

Then my ass hole pounded down on his dick so hard he let out a yell.

He said “bend over” so I did.

The stud gently shoved his dick back into my ass hole and started

pumping, as he slapped my bruised ass.

I started screaming louder than ever as the rim on the head

of his penis was shredding my ass hole.

They said “ want him to stop?”

I said “ fuck my ass.”

They just started laughing.

Then the stud said “ you guys get in front of her and order her to suck


So I did.

Each one of them fucked my mouth and jacked off all over my face.

He said “ lady master, whip my ass till I cum.”

The lady master got behind the stud and started whipping his ass.

The stud said “ I’m gonna cum, get ready , I’m gonna pump

this cream pie into your ass so get ready…gonna cream your ass

cherry….beg me to cream your ass cherry ”

slamming my ass as hard as he could as his 5 pound balls slapped my


I said “ please, please, cream my ass cherry, cream it real good”

They were all laughing at the cum all over my face and then the stud

slammed me so hard I lost my breath. Then he wiggled his dick around

and I could feel his hips against my ass as he twisted a cream pie into

my shredded ass.

Then he jerked his dick back and gently popped the head out and said

“stay on your knees “ then I heard him say “ get some snaps of

this cream pie, I love the pink ones, don’t you?”

They all laughed and said “ yeah, them pink cream pies are great.”

I fell over the bed, my whole body was throbbing.

I looked at the clock and he had been fucking me for almost an hour.

I thought “ it’s over now, I can collect my money and go home.”

Then I heard the stud say “ ok, fellas, you can slosh around in my left


So the men picked me up and laid me on the table again and tied me


Then they rolled something out I’d never seen before.

I said “ what is that ?”

They said “ it’s a fucking machine.”

It had 2 huge dildos on it, but they were not as big as the stud,


They said, “you’re gonna lay there while we watch the fucking machine

fuck your raw holes !”

I said, “ please, all I had to do was let the stud fuck me till he came, I

did that, I did what I was supposed to do.”

They said, “it‘s a requirement in the contract, see ?

( as they showed me the contract )

We’ll stop but you’ll go home with only 5000 dollars if we stop”

So I said “ok, fuck me.”

But I was weak so I could barely talk, but I wanted the million dollars,

so I laid my head on the table and looked in the mirror.

They rolled the fucking machine up to my holes

Positioned them in , and turned on the machine.

It started on slow speed which hurt, but was bearable, fucking both my


Then faster and faster as I screamed.

Then they laughed and said “ push the rotate button.”

Then the friction was tearing at me and I began to cramp.

Then the stud came to me and said “suck my dick whore “

I said “ ok” and he crammed it in my mouth, it was already half-hard.

Then he ordered one of the men to the edge of the table.

The man jerked the machine dildos out of my ass and pussy and said

“ can I fist fuck her?”

He said “ yeah, fist fuck her.”

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and said “ you sure you wanna


I said “fist me”

So the other man was lubed his hand and started twisting his fist into

my pussy while I sucked the stud’s dick. I felt him twisting his hand in .

He said “ I got my wrist in…mmmmm….“

He started pushing and twisting and the pressure was terribly intense.

Then the stud was rubbing my pussy and ass with the head of

his dick and saying “ which shredded hole do you want me to fuck, which one? “

while everyone was entering the room laughing.

He said “ hey everybody, look at this shredded pussy !”

Then he slapped my pussy so hard my hips and thighs jerked .

One woman yelled out “ hey, ya’ll, my pussy looked like that once,


Everybody died laughing and one said “ his real name is Johnny, just

in case you wanna name the baby after him.”

I felt dizzy as I heard more laughing.

One guy said “ fuck her sideways.”

Then he rubbed his dick against my asshole and started pushing slightly

He said …here goes….

I said “oh, no…“

He said “just try to think about the million dollars !”

Everybody started laughing again.

I said “ please, the contract…”

He stopped rubbing my ass and he said “ wanna go on home

with just 5000 dollars ?”

I sobbed and said “the contract”

And he said ‘ you shoulda read the contract more closely, it said you

have to let me fuck you till I finish cumming, and I like to cum


I started sobbing loudly…then more laughter came from everyone as

they watched.

Then he said “ just kidding ! I only fuck virgins, REMEMBER ?

I’m done stretchin’ your ass. Go get your million

and go home, OR…….. stay for up to one year and serve the

customers who like to slosh around in stretched pussy and ass, like these

two guys who fucked you earlier … it’s your call!”

Everyone was laughing as he walked away.

The Lady Master said “oh, there’s just one more thing before you go. You

remember the tatoo outlined in the contract ?”

I said “yes.”

She said “you ready?”

I said “yes”

She said “ ok, it’s time for your million dollar tattoo.“

Followed by more laughing.

One of the men began to tatoo the mound of my pussy.

By then, I didn’t care.

Finally the man stopped and said “ ok, now you can look.”

It said “the stud was here” with an arrow pointing towards my clit.

More laughter filled the room as

The assistants lifted me off the table.

An assistant showered me, clothed me, and fixed my hair

and makeup.

A few hours later, I was led to an office in the same complex.

It was an attorney. He smiled and said “ sit down.“

I sobbed and said “ I can’t”

He nodded his head and said “ Very well. Sign here.”

Then he said “the contract is iron clad, there’s nothing you can do but

take the money and go , you understand?”

I shook my head “yes.”

He said “ the money will be wired to your bank account. It should post

within the next 2 days.”

I stumbled to my car and drove away .”