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WOW - Sleepover

My name is Brian Williams 19, 175lbs swimmer well this happened when i was 18.

Well it was my first year of swim and i wanted to invite one of the guys over to kinda break the ice with him, i really didn't have any friends on the swim team yet. So i asked him to come over and stay the night, well i figured that it would be a normal sleepover we play video games, talk about girls. Well it was like that in the beginning.

Well it all started when it was time to go to sleep we were both really tired from practice that day the coaches decided to work us really hard today. So we walked home and we both instantly fell asleep on the floor i had a few blankets on the floor for padding.

He dosed off first and then i fell asleep. Well when i woke up i saw a huge bulge in his pants. Well of course i wanted to know what he was thinking about, and how big his dick was so out of curiousness i pulled down his boxers and a huge 9in dick falls out. I was so at a loss of words i just had to take it all in my mouth. I got at least a good 7in in my mouth but i had to stop because he was waking up. But i had to get a few more licks in, but by then he was awake and in shock. Then he was like don't stop that was the best blowjob i have ever gotten. I Just smiled and started again.

So for the next 5min i sucked him off and he came in my mouth. I just savored every moment of it. Then i wanted to fuck him in the ass he was a little resistant to it but i talked him into it in the end. So i put mu raging hard 8.5 in dick in his ass, in the beginning he let out a few cries of pain, but after a few minutes he liked it ALOT . So did i and now he was letting out moans of pleasure and so was i and i was reaching the point of about to cum and i think that he was to. So i Blew my load into his ass and he let out cries of pleasure and he cummed all over his chest and i spent the next few minutes licking the cum off his chest.

Well we looked at each other and we realized that we were going to have to have more sleepovers.