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Zack n" Me


"Zack, are you still awake?" I whispered. That night I couldn"t get to sleep, let alone shut my eyes. "Yeah," he replied, coming out of his covers and revealing his laptop. Zack was 19 and I was 18 at the time; we were just discovering what was actually on the internet. "Dude, this crap is so hott," he told me, and I got in bed with him to watch it.

"Have you ever thought about other guys? Like in bed?" Zack suddenly asked. "Yeah," I said, because I often thought of sucking another dude"s dick. He then opened a gay porn sight, and we both got erections. I couldn"t take it anymore, and blurted, "Do you want to like... experiment?" He nodded and set the computer down.

We immediately started making out. I was so fucking horny, and by his dick, I could tell that he was too. Then, he slowly pulled down my boxers and got under the covers. His mouth met my dick, and he licked it up and down. I couldn"t help but moan, it felt so good. I made quiet noises, though, because it was 2 AM and our parents were asleep. "I"m gonna cum," I whispered. Zack was still blowing me, and I jizzed into his throat. He swallowed it.

To repay the favor, I stuck my hand into Zack"s briefs and jacked him off. I slowly slipped down his boxers and put my mouth on his hard dick. "Oh Chris... don"t stop..." he moaned. He cummed in my mouth and I kissed him, sharing the load. Zack"s cum was so warm and pleasing.. I wasn"t thirsty for days.

He told me to lube his asshole, so I got some of our parent"s lube and rubbed it on my dick and fingered his ass. He bent over, sticking his butt up for me, and said, "Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me as hard as you can." I slowly slipped my long cock into his asshole, and fucked him for half an hour. He let me cum inside of him, and didn"t even want to fuck me.

That night, I realized that Zack was gay, and I was too. Keep reading for more Zack or Chris stories.